Dynasty Ladies

The story of who the girls



Coming of Age


Decades after Katerina was brought into the Dynasty, all of the Warlords stood in Talpaís throne room with a slave just behind them. Kayura looked at the Warlord named Backao, and saw Nicolea. She looked as if she was just beaten, or something worse.


"All of you came here at different times. Today, you will all be given the reason why you are now here," Talpa said.


Each of the girls began to glow in a faint color. Tabitha was surrounded by navy blue, as Kayura was in grey, Mai was in red, Jasmine in orange, Nicolea in purple, and Katerina in teal. "You are all now old enough to become Dynasty Ladies. I hope you all will not disappoint me," Talpa said as the glow around the room disappeared.


"Yes Master Talpa," all of the girls said in unison.


"You may all leave, except for Mai."


Everyone walked out of the room, leaving Mai alone with Talpa. Mai looked around, and then looked at Talpa himself. "Y.....you wanted to speak with me?" Mai asked as Talpa took a human form.


Talpaís red eyes glowed as he looked Mai over. "I wanted you to stay. I didnít say that I wanted to talk."


Mai took a small step back. She looked at Talpa with tears in her eyes. "Ma......Master?" she whispered.


Talpa grabbed Mai by the back of her neck, and pulled her to him. "If you try to fight me, youíll lose," he said bitterly. He then forcefully kissed Mai. He felt Mai try to pull away from him, but he pushed that much harder. Talpa then ripped open Maiís kimono. He looked her over, and smiled his evil grin. "The years have been good to this one," he thought. He took Mai into his arms, and pulled her closer to him. He then laid her onto the cold stone ground.


Mai closed her eyes tightly as she felt Talpa run his hands all over her body. Her eyes jerked open as Talpa opened her legs, and forced himself into her. Mai looked away from Talpa as he moved inside of her roughly, and forcefully. Tears escaped her eyes as he tasted her breasts. She let out a small cry of pain, which made Talpa moved that much harder.




That night, Mai, and Kayura sat in their room. "Are you okay?" Kayura asked.

Mai sat silently. She then stood, and walked out of the chamber. Mai thought of a small spring just on the other end of the Dynasty realm. She often went there when Anubis granted her some time alone. Without another thought, Mai was there. She walked over to the water, and looked down into it. Her reflection almost frightened her.


Just behind her, Mai heard a twig snap. She jumped to her feet, and spun around. She looked at a dark figure walking toward her, and silently cried. "Mai, are you all right?" he asked.


Mai fell to her knees crying uncontrollably. The young man walked over to Mai, and touched her shoulder. "Get away from me," she sobbed.


"Mai, whatís wrong?" he asked. He lifted her face, and looked into her big brown eyes. "What happened?"


Mai backed away from him. "You wonít understand Hariel."


Hariel looked at Mai with concern. "Tell me," he said softly.


"He.....he...." Mai stuttered.


"Anubis?" Hariel asked.






Mai nodded. Hearing his name made her flinch.


Hariel saw this, and his tiger blue eyes narrowed. "What did he do to you?"


Mai opened her mouth to speak, but only cries came out. "I didnít want to," she cried. Mai then felt Harielís gentle arms around her. Without realizing she had done so, she fell into his chest, and wrapped her arms around him.


"If it takes me a thousand years, Iíll get you for this night Talpa," he silently vowed. He then looked at Mai. Her red hair covered the youthful face he had come to love. Only now, Hariel knew why she would hide it. The pain she went through, the agony of knowing she was brought here to be a mere plaything. Hariel only wondered what the other girls went through, but he knew Mai wasnít made for the life she was thrown into. "It will all be alright," he whispered.


Maiís cries slowly began to soften the longer she stayed in his arms. "If only I could stay with him forever. This must be tearing him apart." Mai then pulled herself away from Hariel. "Iím sorry," she said.


Hariel looked at her strangely. "What do you mean?"

"I should not be here. Lord Anubis will be looking for me soon."


"Donít go back," Hariel said. He touched Maiís hand, and looked into her eyes. "Weíll leave this place, and go far away."


Mai shook her head. "We canít. Heíll find me, and punish me even worse than before." She stood, and began to walk away.


"I love you," Hariel said as he watched Mai walk towards Anubisís lair.


Mai looked at him, and ran into his arms. "And I love you," she whispered as she hugged him.




Nicolea sat in her chamber, holding a small baby. "I know you miss your mother, I do too," she whispered as the door to her chamber door opened. She looked up, and saw a tall, handsome young man with blue hair walk in. "Oh, hello Nock," she smiled.


Nock looked at Nicolea, and then the baby. "How is he today?"


Nicolea looked at the baby, and smiled. "Do you want to tell your brother how you are? Or do you want me to do it?" she asked. Both began to smile as the newborn yawned, and began to close his beautiful blue eyes. Nicolea looked at Nock, and smiled. "Little Lord Touma is fine. He misses his mother though."


Nock lowered his head. "I just got word from Father. She will be killed in one cycleís time, Nicolea."


Nicolea looked at Nock, and stood. "No, they were only going to punish her," she said in a panic.


"Calm down. Everything will be fine. I can still protect you."


She began to shake her head wildly. "Not from him. Your father will never let me go."


Nock walked over to Nicolea, and took Touma out of her arms. He laid the now sleeping baby on her bed, and looked at Nicolea. "I may be able to get you and the others out of here. But I need you to calm down."


Nicolea looked at Nock. She was about to say something when her room door opened again. Without saying a word, Nock kissed Nicolea deeply.


Backao looked into the chamber, and saw his eldest son, and Nicolea. He then raised an eyebrow. "They are like this often. But, thereís something about this I donít trust." Backao walked into the chamber, and sat on a far chair.


"Nicolea, Iím sorry. But I have no choice," Nock whispered as he kissed her neck. He then ripped the lavender kimono she was wearing open. Nock ran his hand down her body, as he laid her on the ground.


Nicolea looked at him as he inserted himself into her. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes, as she and Nock gave Backao the show he wanted. With each of Nockís thrusts, she let out a tiny cry of pain. Nicolea made sure she was never loud enough to wake Touma, who slept through it all.


Backao sat on the other side of the room, watching the pair. He looked at the look in Nicoleaís face, and frowned. "She appears to be enjoying herself. Iíll change that."




Katerina walked through the halls of Daisís lair.


"Katerina," Dais called.


"Coming Father," she said. Through her years in the Dynasty, Katerina was always told that her mother died when she was born, and that Dais was her father.


Dais sat in his study, with a young man. "Katerina is a trusting one. But she is still a spirit. Remember that Aaron," Dais said.


The young man bowed his head as Katerina walked into the study.


"You wanted to see me Father?" she asked. Katerina then saw Aaron. "Hello Lord Aaron," she said politely.


"Katerina, Master Talpa has instructed me that you are to become Lord Aaronís Lady," Dais said. He then stood, and walked over to her. "Listen to everything he says, just as if he were me." Dais looked at her, and then turned to Aaron. "You can leave when every your are ready."


"If it is all right with you Lord Dais, we shall leave in the morning," Aaron said. He then walked over to Katerina, and looked her over.


Dais smirked to himself. He then nodded, and smiled. "Katerina, take your Lord up to your room."


Katerina looked at the coldness in Daisís eye, and became frightened. "Ye.....yes Father." Katerina showed Aaron to her room, and let him in. "Are you hungry Lord?" she asked.


"Shut the door," he said ignoring her.


She did as she was told, and stayed a good distance away from him.


Aaron looked at her grey eyes, and smiled. He then sat on her bed. "Take off you kimono."


Katerina turned her eyes to the ground. She then slowly removed her teal kimono. "Is this all Lord?" she asked.


Aaron smiled to himself. "She listens to everything sheís told, and no matter how terrible it is, she still has her pride. Dais did well with her." He then looked at her long dirty blonde hair which covered just about all of her features. Aaron stood, and took off his clothes. As he sat back on the bed, he noticed that Katerinaís eyes were turned to the ground. "Is there something interesting on the floor?" he asked.


Katerina looked at him. "No Lord," she said.


"Come here."


She reluctantly did as she was told. Once she was standing next to the bed, Katerina felt Aaronís hand sliding up her thigh. She clenched her teeth, and closed her eyes as she felt his fingers enter her.


"Whatís the highest honor a woman can be around here?" Aaron asked.


"A Lady," Katerina answered as he played with her.


"Well, you are at the final step of becoming a Lady did you know that?" he continued.


"No, Lord," she whispered.


"Do you know what that final step is?"


"To please my Lord in any way he sees fit." Katerina looked at the far wall of her room as Aaron turned to face her.


"Thatís right." Aaron made Katerina look at him. "Do you know what I want right now?" he asked.


Katerina looked at him as she felt her stomach twist. She then knelt in front of him. Her eyes locked with Aaronís as she kissed his penis.


"Oh, no, not that." Aaron smiled as he made her stand. "Not yet anyway." He looked at her body, and smiled. "Lay down," he ordered.


She laid on the bed, next to him, and felt his hands down between her thighs again. "Does this please you Lord?" she asked.


Aaron stood and looked at her. "Itís beginning to," he answered. He looked at Katerina, and laid on top of her. He then kissed her cheek. "It would please me if you enjoyed yourself," he whispered. "As long as you do what I tell you, I wonít hurt you."


"Yes Lord," she whispered. Katerina looked at him and took a deep breath. The others told her about what the Lords enjoy doing with their slaves, but she never experienced it herself. She looked down as he kissed her neck. Aaron then moved from her neck, to her breasts. Katerina licked her lips as she felt him taste her entire body. Katerina looked at Aaron as he tasted her thighs. She then gasped for air as she felt his tongue enter her. At that one moment, all of her muscles tightened, and then relaxed. She looked at Aaron, who was clearly enjoying himself, and smiled. Katerina then felt Aaron pull away from her. "Lord?" she asked.


"Shhh," he said putting his fingers against her lips. Aaron then returned to tasting her breasts. He heard Katerina moan in pleasure, and looked at her. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.


"Yes," she answered.


Aaron pushed her further back on to the bed. "Now, I want you to enjoy yourself, but donít scream."


Katerina looked at him strangely at first. Her eyes then widened as she felt his hard penis enter her. She closed her eyes in pain as she felt his powerful thrusts inside of her. Katerina then opened her eyes as she began to move in the same rhythm as he was. She moved and began to kiss at his neck as he became more and more powerful. She let out small cries of passion as they moved together. Katerina arched her back, pressing her chest against Aaronís. She felt Aaron wrap his arms around her body, and hold her tightly. She then moaned as Aaron kissed her for the first time. She then began to move with Aaron, just as powerful, just as fast.


Aaron opened his eyes, and looked at Katerina. "Dias did really well with this one. Sheís not afraid to try things that she has no knowledge of."


The pair went at it of hours. It was nearly midnight when they both fell against the bed, exhausted. Katerina looked at Aaron, and sat up. "Are you pleased now, Lord?" she asked.


Aaron looked at her, and smiled. "Yes, I am Katerina." He sat up, and pulled her hair to one side. Aaron then began to kiss her neck.


Katerina moaned as she felt Aaronís arms wrap around her. "Lord, I thought you were tired?" she asked.


"I want you to stay here."


"In the bed?"


"In my arms," Aaron whispered. He then looked in her grey eyes again. "Milady Katerina."


Katerina looked at her lord, and gently brushed his hair away from his face. "Yes Lord," she smiled as she laid down in his arms.




Tabitha looked around her chamber, and sighed. "Well, at least I havenít been taken away yet," she said to herself.


She laid on her bed, and looked at the candle burning next to her bed. Tabitha then sat up as she heard her door open. "Lord Cale, what can I do for you?" she asked.


Cale walked over to her, and sat on her bed. "Youíll be leaving in the morning," he said. "Master Talpa has instructed me to give you to Lord Andrew."


Tabitha looked at Cale with her proud Scottish eyes. "Aye, Lord Cale. You know that Iím only doing this for my life."


Cale looked at her, and smiled. "Yes, yes. I know all too well Tabitha."


Tabitha looked at Cale, and sighed. "Is there anything you want me to do before I go?" she asked. She gazed into his eyes, and saw a familiar look. "Aye, he wants to try to fuck my brains out one more time, is what he wants." She looked to the other side of the room, and opened her kimono. She then moved behind Cale, and opened his clothes as well. Tabitha pulled Caleís shirt off of his shoulders, and saw a fresh scar. "Lord, whereíd you get this scar from?" she asked.


Cale raised his head, and looked at Tabitha. "I got it training Lord Duncan. Itís nothing for you to worry about."


"Aye," she said simply. Tabitha then began kissing his neck.


Cale leaned his head back and grabbed Tabitha. He pulled her closer to him, and kissed her. He then laid down, and pulled her on top of him.


Tabitha closed her eyes as she performed the way she was taught. She moved powerfully with Cale inside of her. She then ran her hands down his chest. Cale took her hands, rolled on top of her, and pinned her arms over her head. He moved forcefully inside of her, as he bit at her neck. Tabitha lost her breath as she felt Cale move in a way he never had before. He then turned, pulling himself out of the young woman. Tabitha caught her breath, and noticed Cale sitting still on her bed. "What type of trick is this? Heís never like this." She gently touched his back as she moved closer to him. "Lord Cale, is there something wrong?" she asked.


Cale looked at her, and sighed. "No Tabitha. Everythingís fine," he said.


"Are you sure?" she asked. "You donít seem to be your normal self."


Cale looked at Tabitha, and smiled. "Really? What is my normal self like?"


"Well, you usually leave. And youíve never..."


Cale laughed as he listened to her reasoning. "Yes, I know." He looked into her eyes, and touched her face. "I wanted to be here, to tell you something."

Tabitha looked at him strangely. "Aye Lord?"


"I would say that Iím sorry for bringing you here. And for what I did to your clan. But the truth is, I had my orders."


"Are you trying to apologize, Lord?"


Cale looked at her strangely. He then smiled. "If you think that, it is so."


Tabitha looked at him, and kissed him. "Then, I thank you for apologizing."


Cale looked at Tabitha, and stood. "In the morning, you will be going with Andrew. Obey him, just like you do me. Do I make myself clear?"


"Aye, Lord Cale."




Mai walked down by the spring the next day. She looked at the shy, which always seemed to be some type of green, or purple, and sighed. "At least I donít have a new Lord telling me what to do," she said to herself.


"But you still canít be with me, am I right?" Hariel asked as he sat in a tree.


Mai looked at him, and smiled. "Hello," she smiled.


Hariel jumped from the tree, and looked at Mai. "Are you alright?" he asked.


Mai looked at him, and nodded. She then kissed him gently. "Iím fine." She looked into his eyes, and pushed his black hair away from his face. "What about you?" she asked.


Hariel looked at her. "What do you mean?" he asked.


Mai hung her head. "I know you hated hearing what happened."




"Hariel, donít lie to me."


He hung his head, and sighed. "I am upset with what Talpa did to you. He had no right to do that."


Mai put her arms around his neck, and hugged him. "Iím of age Hariel. If he wants to do that, he can. Thatís why heís Master." Mai watched as Hariel looked at her with disapproving eyes. She then kissed his cheek. "I love you," she said.


Hariel looked at Mai, and sighed. "We will get out of here Mai. Weíll be away from all of the fighting, and hatred. Weíll be away from Anubis, and Talpa, and the Dynasty. But the most important fact is that weíll be together," he said hugging her.




Jasmine walked into the bed chamber of her new Lord, and saw him sleeping. She walked over to the bathroom, and began to draw a hot bath.


Lord Adam woke to the sound of the water being poured into the tub. He sat up, and saw Jasmineís shadow moving about. "Is that for me to bathe in, or to drown in?" he asked.


"Frankly, I do hope you drown," she thought. "Uh...I remember you telling Lord Seckmet that you were training hard as of late. I took the liberty of fixing you a bath this morning," she said as she walked out into the bed chamber.


"Very good." Adam climbed out of his bed, and walked over to Jasmine. He then smiled at her beauty, and size. She appeared to be in her late teens, but Jamsine was no taller than five feet, and no heavier than one hundred pounds. "You can look at me you know," he said.


Jasmine lifted her head, and looked into his face. He was handsome, just like his brothers. Only, Adam was different somehow. "Yes Lord?" she said.


Adam laughed as he walked into the bathroom. "Will you wash my back?" he asked.


"If that is what you wish."


Adam stripped down, and climbed into the tub. He then looked at Jasmine. "That is what I wish," he smiled slyly.


Jasmine looked down, and bit her lip. She removed her kimono, and walked over to the tub. She climbed in, and sat behind Adam. "What ever you say Lord," she said as she began to wash his back. "I should drown you right here," she thought. Jasmine then felt his hand rubbing her thigh. She bit her lip harder as she knew what would happen next.


"You seem uptight Jasmine. Is it something that I did?" he asked as he turned around.


"No Lord," she answered without looking into his face.


He then removed his hands from her, and turned around. "Fine," he said simply.


Jasmine looked at him strangely as she continued to wash his back. Without any warning, Adam quickly turned around, grabbed Jasmine by her throat, and slammed her head back into the edge of the tub.


"I can feel you stares on my back. Now, you can look at me with respect when Iím not looking at you, and in the eye when I am looking at you, or, if you prefer, Iíll cut out you damned eyes right now," he said as he choked her.


"Yes Lord," she managed to say as all of her air was leaving her.


Adam released her throat, and looked at her bitterly. He then punched her. "Never disobey me. Unlike Seckmet, I will kill you."


"Yes Lord," she whispered.