Dynasty Ladies

The story of who the girls



An Un-rightful Heir/A Tragic Day


Nicolea sat alone in her chamber when Nock walked in. She looked at her friend with tears in her eyes. "They killed her this morning, didnít they?" she asked. Nicolea looked at Nock as he nodded. She then began to cry even more.


Nock walked over to Nicoleaís bed, and sat next to her. "It will all be fine. You have to believe that," he whispered. Nock put his arms around her, and began to rock her back and forth. "Every thing will be fine."


"Nicolea," Backao called through the lair. "Bring Touma here."


Nicolea looked at Nock, and quickly wiped her face. "I must leave. If I donít do what he says...."


"I know," Nock cut in.


Nicolea walked over to Toumaís crib, and picked up the baby that was just beginning to walk. "Come here little one," she smiled.




Nicolea carried the young baby into Backaoís main chamber, and saw Backao, Anubis, Cale, Dais, and Seckmet. "Hello Lords," she said as she bowed.


The four main warlords nodded to acknowledge her, but Backao rolled his eyes. "Has he been fed, and changed?" he asked.


"Yes Lord."


"Have you made sure he has been kept happy?"


"Yes Lord."


"So that should mean that his powers have been activated, and he can begin his training. Right?"


Nicolea hung her head in shame. "No Lord."


"Even with the death of his mother hasnít brought out his powers?" Dais asked.


Anubis looked at the baby, and how Nicolea was holding him. "Could it be, that it is who the child thinks is his mother, instead of who is his mother?"

"What do you mean?" Seckmet asked.


"Nicolea, how long have you been taking care of little Touma?" Cale asked.


"Since he and Milady Michelle were brought back," she answered meekly.


Anubis walked over to Nicolea, and the child. "Donít you see? He thinks that Nicolea is his mother. Given time, his powers will grow to serve her, instead of Talpa." Anubis looked at the terrified look in her eyes. "Relax Lady Nicolea. Talpa will make sure that no harm comes to you, or to the child."

"Thank you," she whispered.


Backao looked at Nicolea with narrow eyes. "Take him away."


"Yes Lord," she said before taking Touma out of the room.




That night, Nicolea, and Nock sat in her chamber. She told him about everything that was said to her, and how it also frightened her. "We canít let this happen," she said. "Talpa will kill Touma, the first chance he gets."


Nock heard something coming down the hall. He quickly grabbed Nicolea, and kissed her. Nicolea fell into his arms, and onto the bed. As Nock kissed her neck, Nicolea noticed her door open, a figure step into the room, and then the door close. Nock removed both of their clothes, and climbed on top of her. "If only she felt the same about me, that I do about her," he thought as he began to thrust in and out of her.


Nicolea looked into his face, and saw the regret in his face, but the wanting in his eyes. "Why does he look at me like that? Itís like he doesnít want to do this, but he really does."




The next morning, Nicolea sat in Milady Michelleís garden, with Touma. "So, little one, what are you going to try and do today?" she asked playfully.


Touma looked at Nicolea, and stood. He then began to walk over to her. Once he reached her feet, Touma fell.


"Very good Lord Touma," she smiled as she sat with him. "Pretty soon, you will be walking, and training with your brother and sister."


Nock looked at Nicolea, and smiled. "You really care for him, donít you?" he asked.


Nicolea looked at Nock, and sighed. "He is the only member of this house that listens to everything that I say, with out question."


"He is also the only member of this house who cannot speak to ask you," he teased.


Touma looked at Nicolea, and climbed into her lap. "Mama," he said.


Nicolea and Nock looked at each other, then to Touma again. "Did he just say something?" she asked.


Touma looked at Nicolea, and put his head on her heart. "Mama," he said again. The little baby then quickly drifted off to sleep.


"He thinks that youíre his mother," Nock said.


Nicolea then began to shake her head wildly. "No, he canít think of me as his mother," she said. "If he does that, thereís no telling what will..."


"I have all of that under control." Nock looked at Nicolea, and saw a glazed look in her eyes. "Lady Nicolea, are you feeling alright?" he asked.


Nicolea looked at Nock, and shook her head. "Iím fine Lord," she said.


Nock took Touma into his arms. "Come, you need to rest."


She looked at him, and stood. Nicolea then followed Nock back to her chamber.




Days later, Nicolea sat with Mai in the garden. "Iím with child," she said lowly.


Maiís eyes widened. "Is Backao aware of this?" she asked.


Nicolea shook her head, then hung it. "It is not his child that I have inside of me."


"Then who?"


"Nock." Nicolea looked at Mai. "Itís strange. Aging here in the Nether-Realm, itís so slow. But bearing a child is so fast."


"How long have you been here?"


"All of my life." Nicolea looked at Mai, and sighed. "Nock took me out of this God awful place a few times before. But every time, it seems like only minutes passed here, but out in the Earth-Realm, decades can go by."


"I know." Mai then looked at her hands. "I remember what my old home looks like. It probably doesnít even stand anymore."


Nicolea looked at her friend, and then saw Toumaís blue hair, hiding in the grass. "Come out here and say hello to Lady Mai," she said gently.


Touma looked at Nicolea, and stood. "Mama," he smiled. He then walked over to Nicolea, and fell into her arms.


"I thought you were with your brother?" Nicolea asked.


"Iím right here," Nock said as he appeared next to Nicolea.


"What did he do today?" Nicolea asked.


Nock brushed a blue forelock of hair away from his face. He then looked at Touma, and saw that Touma, had the exact same lock of hair. "He lifted himself off of the ground, and he also threw Lord Anubis in the river."


Nicoleaís eyes widened, as did Maiís eyes. "Touma, you should know better," Nicolea said. She looked down, and saw that he was sleeping again. She then laughed. "Mai, I think Lord Anubis will want you to wait on him when he gets to his lair."


Mai nodded. "Good bye Lord Nock," she said.


"Good bye Lady Mai."


As Mai disappeared, Nock sat next to Nicolea. "He really missed you today."


Nicolea looked at Touma, and her eyes began to tear. "Nock," she said lowly. "Thereís something that I have to tell you."




"Iím with child."


Nockís eyes widened. "Iím going to have a new sibling?" he asked.


"No. Youíre going to become a father."


Nock looked at Nicolea in disbelief. His look then softened. "Then I shall go to Lord Anubis tomorrow, and ask him to speak with Master Talpa on my behalf."


Nicoleaís eyes widened. "That means your father will find out."


"He will soon enough. But at least he wonít be able to hurt you anymore."



"Father," a young pink haired girl said as she ran into Backaoís main chamber. "Father, Nicolea is with child," she said.


Backao looked at his daughter, and sighed. "So what Noelle? Are you upset that you will have yet another younger brother, or sister?"

"But Father, itís Nockís child," Noelle answered.


Backao looked at Noelle as his eyes began to glow. "What did you just say?"




"Do you think Master Talpa will let us take Touma with us?" Nicolea asked.


"Nicolea!" Backao screamed.


Both Nock, and Nicolea jumped. Nicolea looked at Nock, and handed Touma over to him. "Take him to my chamber," she said.


As Nock took Touma into his arms, Nicolea disappeared.




Nicolea reappeared in Backaoís main chamber. "You wanted to see me Lord?" she asked.


Backao walked over to her, and slapped her. "How dare you. I shouldíve killed you a long time ago," he said bitterly. When Nicolea opened her mouth to ask what was wrong, Backao hit her again. This time the blow knocked her to the ground. "For over a hundred years Iíve taken care of you, fed you, put clothes on your back. And this is how you repay me? By giving my son an heir?" he yelled as he kicked her in her side.


Nicoleaís eyes widened as Backao beat her savagely. She then felt Backao grab her throat, and throw her into the wall. As she fell to the ground, Nicolea began to feel a cool liquid flowing from the back of her neck. "Please, donít make me lose this child," she thought as she felt Backao pick her up, and throw her across the room again.


"How dare you. I didnít say any thing when he had you, time after time. But for you to now bear his child? Iíll make you pay for that," he said kicking her again.


Nicolea bit her lip as she tried to stand. She looked at Backao with pleading eyes, then felt him hit her again. "Do not let his evil over take you," a strange voice said in Nicoleaís mind. "You must be strong, for Touma, and your own future. Do not let him see you hurt, do not let him strip away your Honor."


An hour passed before Backao finally stopped beating Nicolea. He looked at her bitterly. "Get out of my sight," he said. Backaoís eyes widened as he watched Nicolea stand, bow, and exit. He was convinced that she would have to be taken back to her room. "Iíll have to keep an eye on her. Sheís too strong willed."




Nock sat next to Toumaís crib, and played with his little brother. "In a few days, you will be an uncle," he smiled.


Touma looked at Nock, and smiled. As he stood up in his crib, Nicolea stumbled into the room. "Mama," he smiled brightly. Touma then looked at Nicolea, and saw that she was covered in blood. "Mama," he said lowly.


Nock walked over to Nicolea, and touched her shoulder. "What happened?" he asked.


Nicolea looked into Nockís blue eyes, as tears fell down hers. "Iím sorry," she cried before passing out.


Nock picked Nicolea up, and carried her to her bed. As he laid her down, Touma appeared next to her. "Come on Touma, back to bed."


"No," Touma said sharply. He looked at Nicolea, and touched her forehead. His little hands began to glow in a blue light. "Mama?" he asked.


Nicolea slowly opened her eyes, and saw Touma. "What are you doing little one?" she asked.


"Mama!" he said happily.


Nock smiled as he looked at Touma, and Nicolea. "Now, can you go back to bed?" he asked Touma.


"No," Touma smiled. He then leaned over, and laid his head on Nicoleaís side.


Nock watched Nicolea close her eyes, and absently rub Toumaís back. "Nicolea, what happened?" he asked.


Nicolea looked at Nock, and her eyes filled with tears again. "Your father found out."


Nock looked at Nicolea. "He beat you that badly?" he asked.


"Nock, Iím so sorry," she said.


Nock looked at Nicolea, and took her hand. "Stay here and rest. Iíll visit you in the morning."


Nicolea watched as Nock left her room. She then looked at Touma, and smiled. "Your sleeping all of the time is going to plague you for the rest of your life," she thought. "My little Touma," she whispered.



Nock was down in the grave yard, carving into a stone. He then heard something behind him, and turned around. "Whoís out there?" he asked.


"Itís only me," Lord Duncan said. He walked over to Nock, and looked at the stone. "Whatís this?" he asked.


Nock hung his head. "I hate my father, right at this moment. Thatís what this is."


Duncan looked at the stone, and read it. "You mind explaining that?"


"No, at this time, I donít."


Duncan looked at Nock, and shook his head. "Alright. If you speak to Nicolea, tell her I said hello," Duncan said strangely.


As Duncan disappeared, Nock planted the tombstone into the ground. He wiped away a single tear. "This was supposed to make me feel better. But I donít."