The Ash Series

Part 1

"A New Hope"


The night was still, and the only sound was a small echoing sound of footsteps amongst the ruins of the great city that was once New Haven. The footsteps got louder and louder, and from around the corner, a small girl ran frantically. She was crying, her body covered in bruises and cuts. The girl turned to look behind her; she could see the shadows of her pursuers on the wall. Suddenly she crashed into what felt like a brick wall. She wearily looked up to see a figure standing over her. He was completely covered and had a hood shadowing his face from her eyes.

Girl: "PleaseÖPlease help me. The bad men killed my mama and papa".

The strangerís head lifted to look for the girlís pursuers. Suddenly they rounded the corner. There were two. One was a huge purple skinned guy dressed in black armor, while the other was a much smaller version.

Bix: "Well what do we have here. It seems our little escapee has found a friend".

Brute: "I donít know who you are mister, but you better back off and let us take the girl or your in for some major hurtin".

Brute walked towards the girl. The stranger stepped in between the two.

Stranger: "Donít touch her".

Brute: "HAH! We got us a tough guy here Bix. Guess Iím gonna get a workout tonight after all".

Bix: "What ever, just hurry up ok, itís getting late and Iím hungry".

Brute backed off a couple of steps and started powering up.

The stranger pushed the girl off to the side and stepped back a couple of steps himself.

Brute: "Youíre in deep trouble mister. Take THIS!"

Brute suddenly unleashed a massive fireball at the stranger causing the entire area to light up. The girl was blown back and into some trash, while Bix covered his eyes but moved little. As the dust began to settle from the blast, Brute began to celebrate.

Brute: "HAH! Thatíll teach ya to mess with ÖhuhÖ.what the?"

The two are shocked to see that the stranger still stood unscathed from the blast. The hood that was once covering his head and face was gone, revealing a 20 or so year old man with short black hair. A smirk was evident across his face.

Brute: "Impossible! How can you still stand after such a blast?"

Stranger: "If that was your best shot, then this is going to be easy".

Brute: "Bastard! Iíll show you easy you jerk!"

Enraged Brute charged at the stranger, unleashing a flurry of lightning quick punches and kicks, but none came even close to landing. The strangerís fist suddenly flew at Brute and hit him right in the jaw, knocking him back through the building behind them.

Bix: "Who the @#$& are you?!"

Stranger: "I am the man who is going to destroy your master, Lord Ash".

Bix: "Lord Ash, Impossible. You may be powerful, but you are no match for the power of Ash. And donít think youíre the first punk to think he had the goods to take him out either. Many have tried, and all have failed. Youíll just be another addition to his countless victories. You should get out while your young".

Stranger: "Iím not just another guy. I am a descendent of the legendary Gokou".

Bix : "Gokou! HAH! Just because youíre a descendent of some storybook character, doesnít mean youíre powerful enough to take on Ash".

Stranger: "You just tell him that Iím coming for him, and he will pay for murdering my family".

Bix: "What makes you think I wonít kill you right now?"

Stranger: "Because I can read your power level, and itís nowhere near mine. You wouldnít stand a chance. So I think you should just get your friend and get the hell out of here."

Bix: "Oh, youíre not even worth my time. Feel lucky that Iím not in the mood to kick your @$$".

Bix retreated, knowing that what the stranger said was true, he wouldnít stand a chance against him. The girl crawled out of the trash and walked up to the stranger.

Girl: "Thank you sir".

Stranger: "Donít mention it. What were they after you for?"

Girl: "I escaped the quarantine area with my mama and papa, but they were killed by the bad men. Are you really going to fight Ash mister?

Stranger: "Yeah, but first I have to see someone"

Girl: "Please take me with you, I donít have anywhere to go and the bad men will kill me if they find me. PLEEAASSE?

He looked at her and couldnít possibly say no. He agreed and the two set off to the man he was looking for.

Stranger: "Say, whatís your name anyway?"

Girl: "Sara. Whatís yours?

Stranger: "Gotan."

Sara: "Cool. So whoís this guy youíre looking for?"

Gotan: "His name is Vejita. Iíve been told that he lives in the mountains beyond the city."

Sara: "Vejita? As in Vejita from the stories?"

Gotan: "Sort of. Same bloodline, different generation."

Sara: "What do you need with him? It seems youíre strong enough to take Ash, why wait?"

Gotan: "I may be strong, but even I know that Iím not strong enough to defeat Ash. I was told that Vejita knows a way to gain super power beyond even Ashís imagination".

Sara: "Cool."

The two set off in search of the man named Vejita.