Gotan and Sara traveled deep into the night, careful not to be seen by any of Ashís patrols. They soon reached the outskirts of the city, and Gotan flew with Sara in his arms to the top of the mountains. Gotan glanced over the area to look for any sign of this Vejita he was looking for. He soon spotted a small temple in the shadows of the tallest mountains.


Gotan: "There. He must be in there".


Gotan headed toward the temple and touched down in front of it. The temple was mostly in ruins. Only the central chamber still stood, but barely.


Gotan: "Wait here Sara. Iím gonna check it out".


Gotan walked into the doorway and looked in. There was a large hole in the ceiling that allowed a small ray of light to shine in. In that ray of light there was a man sitting on the floor doing what looked to be meditating. Gotan stepped in and took a couple of steps forward.


Gotan: "Vejita?"


The man looked up.


Vejita: "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Gotan: "My name is Gotan. Iíve come to find out how to gain great power so I can defeat Ash".


Vejita again lowered his head.


Vejita: "I donít know what you are talking about. I know of no such thing".

Gotan: "Please. My master, Master Visho told me that you would help me".

Vejita: "Visho? How is that old man?"

Gotan: "He is dead. Ash had him killed because he was training students, and Ash wants no opposition from the humans".

Vejita: "I am sorry. He was a good man".

Gotan: "Ash also had my family killed. That is why I want to gain power. I want revenge".


Vejita paused for a moment, then lifted his head and looked at Gotan.


Vejita: "Come and sit, I will tell you all I know".


Gotan called Sara in and the two sat in front of Vejita and listened to his story. He told them of the legendary dragonballs, and how they could grant a wish to anyone who recovered all seven. He told of how they had been used many times in the distant past to save the world numerous times. After a while, the story ended.


Gotan: "So these dragonballs still exist?"

Vejita: "Yes, they do. Only two men on Earth know about them, one of us is dead".

Gotan: "Visho? Then why didnít he tell me about this instead of making me come here?"

Vejita: "Visho vowed along time ago that he would never speak of the dragonballs again, and Visho never breaks his vows."

Gotan: "So if I find all seven dragonballs, I can wish to have great power?"

Vejita: "All youíd have to do then is wish for immortality and then kick Ashís @$$".

Gotan: "Well I donít want to be immortal, I just want to be as powerful as my ancestor Gokou was".

Vejita: "Ancestor? Gokou? How do you know that you are of Gokouís bloodline?"

Gotan: "Master Visho told me, he says he knew my father Goran, and he was definitely of Gokouís bloodline".

Vejita: "So youíre Goranís son. Well I am sorry but it is impossible for you to be as powerful as Gokou, only a full blooded Saiya-jin could reach that amount of power, and you have very little Saiya-jin blood, if any".


Gotan paused for a moment and looked up.


Gotan: "Then Iíll wish to be a Saiya-jin".

Vejita: "But even if you find all of the dragonballs and make the wish, youíd still have to train enough to reach Super Saiya-jin 3 before you would even stand a chance against Ash".

Gotan: "Yeah well, my vengeance can wait. Besides, Master Visho told me of a place where you could train for a long time inside, and little time would pass outside. I can go train there, but what is this Super Saiya-jin?"

Vejita: "Super Saiya-jin is the next level of power for a Saiya-jin. There are 3 known levels of Super Saiya-jin, but I know there is a fourth."

Gotan: "How will I know once I reach each level?"

Vejita: "Oh youíll know donít worry."

Gotan: "Then how do I find the Dragonballs?"


Vejita walks over to a chest and takes something out.


Vejita: "Here use this. Itís a dragonball locator. Donít know why I kept it".


Suddenly a voice rang out from behind.


Man: "Who are you? Father is this man hurting you?"


Gotan turned to see a young man about the same age as him, with short purple hair that was spiked.


Vejita: "Know my son, this is Gotan, he is...a friend. Gotan, this is my son Brand".

Gotan: "Hello".

Brand: "What do you want with my father?"


While Gotan talked to Brand, Vejita turned and looked into the sky. He could sense a great power approaching. He knew who it was. He turned to Brand and asked him to come to him. Brand did and Vejita struck Brand in the back of the head, knocking him out. Vejita turned to Gotan.


Vejita: "Take him and get out of here. There is someone coming that none of us can defeat. He will kill us all if you are here. Please, donít question it and go!"

Gotan: "Alright, but what about you?"

Vejita: "I can take care of myself. Just make sure you kick Ashís butt for me".


Gotan nodded and picked Brand up and had Sara get on his back and he flew off. Soon after A large man appeared in the doorway of the temple. Vejita was once again sitting in the center of the room.


Brock: "Hello Vejita, I doní t want to turn this into a fight, so just tell me who has been attacking my men, I know you know who it is".

Vejita: "Youíre right, I do know, but Iíd rather die then tell you Brock".

Brock: "I didnít come here to kill you Vejita, but I will if you donít tell me".

Vejita: "Go to hell".

Brock: "Youíll be there first".

Brock launched himself at Vejita and kneed him in the gut, causing him to drop to his knees gasping for air.


Brock: "Come on old man, just tell me what I want to know and youíll save yourself a lot of pain"


Vejita growled and lunged at Brock, unleashing a fury of moves, but all were easily avoided. Brock backhanded Vejita, knocking him into the wall.


Brock: "You are pathetic Vejita. You could have been one of Ashís best men, but you were to weak".


Vejita lowered his head.


Vejita: "Youíd better succeed Gotan".


Vejita suddenly rushed at Brock and grabbed a hold of him.


Brock: "What the Hell?"

Vejita: "If it is my time to die, donít think Iím not taking you with me!"


Vejita then self-destructed himself causing a tremendous blast of energy that easily destroyed what was left of the temple.

Far off in the distance, Gotan, Brand, and Sara can see the blast from atop a cliff.


Brand: "Dammit father. Why did you do it?"

Gotan: "He had to, or youíd be dead to. The only way to honor him now is to succeed in finding the dragonballs, and defeat Ash and his army".


The three looked on, with even more determination then before.


Far off in the distance, Brock stood amongst the rubble laughing.

To be continuedÖÖ