Gotan, Brand, and Sara traveled for hours trying to reach the first dragonball. But they tired and decided to stop. They stopped by a little lake.


Sara: "This place is so beautiful, so peaceful. It’s nice to see the Ash hasn’t trampled over everything".


Soon night fell and Sara had gone to sleep. Gotan and Brand were sitting by a fire.


Brand: "So what’s with this vendetta against Ash anyway, I mean everyone’s got something against him, but not everyone wants to fight him".

Gotan: "He murdered my family, my friends, and my teacher".

Brand: "Damn".

Gotan: "We were just like everyone else. We trusted him, just like he wanted us to when he first arrived from his dimension. Then more of his kind came, he said they were for our protection, and we believed him. But he betrayed everyone, and before anyone could blink, he destroyed the world’s military and it’s leaders. At first he said he just wanted to be the ruler, and that we could go about our normal live. But then came the quarantines, and well, the rest isn’t worth talking about".

Brand: "And your family?"

Gotan: "I was training at Master Visho’s when I heard they had been killed trying to escape the quarantine area. I left to see, and while I was gone, Ash’s men attacked Visho. I returned to find him barely alive. He lived long enough to tell me your father’s name, and that he would help me".

Brand: "What about your father?"

Gotan: "I never really knew my father. My mother tells me he died when I was very young".

Brand: "Ash has ruined too many lives".

Gotan: "Yeah… too many".


Back at New Haven, a figure sat on a throne high above a tower in the center of the city.

Brock: "My lord".

Figure: "Have you found him?"

Brock: "Not yet my lord".

Figure: "You’d better find whoever it is and get rid of him, I want this matter resolved before Vendek arrives".

Brock: "Yes my lord".


Brock left the room.


Morning came, and the three were once again ready to resume their quest.


Gotan: "The first dragonball is north. Let’s go".


Gotan picked Sara up and flew off with Brand right behind him.