Part 4:



Gotan and Brand touched down in front of a huge temple.


Gotan: "This is the place. We should find the dragonball here".

Brand: "Letís go inside. Sara, you.."

Sara: "I know, I know, wait out here. Man this sucks".


Gotan and Brand walked up to the double doors in front and knocked. A beautiful young woman answered the door.


Woman: "Welcome to the great house of Shokuki. What is your business here?"

Gotan: "We are looking for something that we think is here. Could we speak with the master of the house please?"

Woman: "Come this way".


She led them down a long hall and into a huge chamber with a bunch of guards forming a path in front of them to an old man sitting on a throne.


Woman: "Wait here please".


The woman went to the man and whispered in his ear.


Shokuki: "Come, I will speak with you".


Shokuki motioned them forward. Gotan and Brand approached him, and just as they reached him, a young man stepped in to make them stop.


Man: "That is close enough".

Shokuki: "Sho! These are guests. Please forgive him, he is a very good bodyguard, but sometimes he is too protective".

Gotan: "No forgiveness is needed".

Shokuki: "Good. Now, my servant has informed me that you are looking for something that I have. What is it?"

Gotan: "It is called a dragonball. It is small golden ball with stars on it. Do you know of it?"

Shokuki: Why yes. That is one of my most prized possessions, I do not part with such an item easily".

Gotan: "What will it take to get it. Itís important that I have it".


Shokuki thought for a moment and then turned to speak.


Shokuki: "Here is my proposition. Since you have treated me with honor since your arrival, I will give you the dragonball on two conditions. One, you promise to bring it back to this house in the future. You see, it has become a symbol of this house, and I want my son to have it."

Gotan: "Sure, but what about the second?"

Shokuki: "Second, you must beat my Sho in combat to prove yourself worthy."

Gotan: "Agreed".


Outside, Sara was sitting on a rock, kicking dirt, when Gotan, Brand, Sho and Shokuki came outside.


Sara: "Hey Gotan, whatís going on?"

Gotan: "Sara stay back".

Sara: "A fight, cool".


Gotan and Sho stood about 15 yards apart while everyone stood back.


Sho: "I hope you like pain my friend".

Gotan: "I donít want to fight you Sho, but getting that dragonball means everything to me. So bring it on!"


Sho and Gotan began powering up. Sho then charged at Gotan. Gotan flipped over Shoís attack and then launched a kick into his back, knocking him into some trees. Sho got up and wiped his mouth.


Sho: "That was good. You are a better fighter then I thought. This is going to be a great challenge to my skills".


Sho again charged at Gotan. Gotan jumped back with Sho following. Gotan stopped and launched towards Sho as fast as he could. Sho saw Gotanís attack, but he wasnít fast enough to dodge Gotanís fist as it hit him in the jaw. Sho landed hard, struggling to get up. Gotan landed next to Sho.


Gotan: "Are you alright?"


Sho suddenly flipped up and kicked Gotan in the jaw, and launched a flurry of punches and kicks at him, all were landing. Suddenly Gotan caught Shoís fist.


Gotan: "Now youíve pissed me off!"


Gotan angrily launched his own assault on Sho. He threw his elbow into his gut, then thrust his knee upward into his face. Sho was unable to withstand the brutal attack and fell to the ground defeated. Gotan stood over Sho with anger in his face.


Gotan: "This fight is over".


Gotan walked over to Shokuki.


Gotan: "There, I have won. Now keep your word and give me the dragonball".

Shokuki: "Servant, go get the ball".

Gotan: "Thank you".


Sho got to his feet and walked over to Gotan.


Sho: "You are a great fighter friend Gotan. I would like to come with you so that I myself can be as powerful".

Gotan: "Sho, I intend to go against Ash and his hordes. Are you sure that you want to go?"

Sho: "Yes".

Gotan: "Then welcome aboard, we can use all the help we can get".


The servant arrived and showed the dragonball. It was the 4-star dragonball. She then handed it over to Gotan.


Gotan: "Awesome. The first dragonball is ours".


Sara ran over to Gotan.


Sara: "Cool. Now letís go after the next".

Gotan: "Hold on Sara. Shokuki, I have a favor to ask you".

Shokuki: "What is it".

Gotan: "Could you take care of this girl Sara until I return?"

Shokuki: "It would be my pleasure".

Sara: "What! I want to go with you!"

Gotan: "Sara, it could get dangerous and I donít want you to get hurt. Besides, Iíll be back to get you when this is all over".

Sara: "Promise?"

Gotan: "I promise".

Sara: "Ok, Iíll stay".


Gotan, Brand, and now Sho took off in search of the next dragonball.


Far away from the House of Shokuki, Brock flew. He is looking for Gotan, and he wonít stop until he does.