Part 5:




Our three heroes tracked the second dragonball to a very small deserted island in the middle of the ocean. They touched down and scanned the area.


Brand: "Well, let’s look around".


The three split up and looked around. Brand soon came to a small cave entrance, and went in. He flew along a dark passage until he reached a huge cavern lit by torches. In the center of the cavern was a pedestal with a dragonball on it.

Brand: "The dragonball!"


Brand ran to the dragonball, reached out to grab it, but stopped suddenly. He saw some writing in the face of the pedestal: "He who removes this dragonball must face the challenge of the legendary super-saiyajin".


Brand: "Legendary super-saiya-jin? My father taught me about that once, but I don’t remember much about what he said. I should wait for the others, but we don’t have time. Ah screw it!"


Brand removed the dragonball and nothing happened.


Brand: "Damn, and I thought something would happen".


Brand started to leave when a bright light appeared behind him. Brand turned, ready for anything. The light started to take the form of a man. Brand looked on, not knowing what to expect. The light dimmed and a large man stood in its place.


Brand: "Oh shi…"


Brand couldn’t finish because the man dashed at him, driving his knee into Brands face, and grabbed his neck before he had a chance to even fall back. He lifted Brand into the air and laughed. Brand charged up and went to kick the man, but his leg was caught and he was driven into the ground, the man started punching him continuously.




The huge man was blown back to the wall by Gotan’s powerful attack, who felt the tremendous ki energy and found the cave.


Gotan: "Brand, how you doin, you ok?"

Brand: "I’ve…. been…better. Be… be careful Gotan. This guy’s….powerful".


The huge man looked at Gotan and suddenly started to growl.



Gotan: "Kakaroto? What the…"


He launched at Gotan with a barrage of fireballs. Gotan was able to dodge them but was hit by him who rammed into Gotan. Sho launched a kick at the guy, who caught him and threw him away like a doll. Sho turned and landed on his feet near Brand.


Brand: "Hey Sho. This guy is the Legendary Super-Saiya-jin. He is super powerful. We won’t be able to stop him, we’re not strong enough. We have to find a way to trap him long enough for us to find the dragonballs and get Gotan to Super-Saiya-jin".


Sho: "Well how the hell are we supposed to do that? We can’t even hurt him, not to mention he’s beating the crap out of us!"

Brand: "Maybe we can trap him down here if we cave it in, were at least a mile below the surface, it should hold him for a while at least..

Sho: "Well it’s worth a shot. I got to let Gotan know our plan. If I can get that asshole off him".


Sho launched at the huge man who was occupied with Gotan. Sho kicked the guy hard, knocking him away from Gotan.


Sho: "Hey Gotan, were gonna cave this place in and trap him. So move already".


Gotan: "Okay. I’ll…Distract him long enough for you to get it started".

Sho: "But you could get trapped to, I mean you’re not exactly holding your own against him".

Gotan: "Just do it!"


Sho reluctantly ran back to Brand. Gotan stood up to face the Saiya-jin warrior in front of him.


Gotan: "Alright you bastard. It’s my turn to kick some ass!"


Gotan began powering up as much as he could. He charged up more than he had ever powered up before. He yelled as he ran at the Saiya-jin as fast and as hard as he could. The Saiya-jin threw a punch at Gotan, but he ducked under it and uppercut him, and then blasted him in the chest with a fireball launching him into the wall. By this time, Brand and Sho had already started firing fireballs into the ceiling and the place started coming down. Sho turned to see where Gotan was.


Sho: "Hey Gotan, we got to get out of here NOW!"


Sho and Brand headed out of the cave as fast as they could. Gotan reached the passage and turned around. The Saiya-jin had already recovered from Gotan’s attack and was heading toward him.


Gotan: "Oh no you don’t. KAH…ME…HA..ME..HA…HAAAAAAAA!"


Gotan’s attack blasted the Saiya-jin all the way back into the wall he just pulled himself out of. Gotan turned and flew out down the passage as fast as he could, with the ceiling caving in right behind him as he flew. He exited the cave just in time. He collapsed in front of Brand and Sho.


Brand: "You think it’ll hold him?"

Gotan: "I hope so. I through everything I had at him and it didn’t faze him. Besides, it only has to hold him long enough for us to get the dragonballs and reach the room of Spirit and Time.

Brand: "Room of Spirit and Time?"

Gotan: "I’ll explain later".

Sho: "Hey, where is the dragonball anyway?"

Brand: "Right here. No way I’d lose it after what we had to do to get it. I’ll put it in the bag with the other one".

Gotan: "I don’t know about you guys, but I hope the rest of the dragonballs are not as difficult to reach as this one was".

Brand: "Let’s just get out of here, that guy will be out of there in no time. Were just lucky he hadn’t reached full strength yet".


The three took off as fast as they could. They now have two of the dragonballs. But far below the Earth where they just left, a Saiya-jin warrior begins his climb to the surface.