"the Summoning of the Dragon"


The rest of the dragonballs were not nearly as hard to find as the first two. One was at the bottom of a lake, another in an abandoned building. There was one at the top of a mountain, another one was dug into the side of a cliff. Eventually the others were found and Gotan, Brand, and Sho landed in an open area far away from New Haven so they couldnít see any of what could go on.


Gotan: "This should be ok".


Brand opened his bag and emptied the dragonballs onto the ground.


Sho: "Now what do we do?"



Nothing happened.


Brand: "Great. After all the trouble we went throuÖ"


Suddenly the sky went dark and lightning crackled in the air. There was a huge flash of light that blinded the guys.


Brand: "What the hell is going on!?"

Gotan: "I donít know!"


There was a huge bang and the light disappeared. They looked up and there before them was the dragon.


Dragon: "You who have summoned me will be granted two wishes and two only. What is your first wish?"


His voice boomed like thunder, Brand and Sho stepped back.


Gotan: "Two wishes? I thought there was only one".

Dragon: "Two wishes will be granted and two only, now make your first wish for you are wasting my time!".


Gotan: "Hey Brand, we can wish for both of us to be complete Saiya-jins. Then there will be two of us to fight".

Brand: "I would like that, but I wouldnít want to waste a wish if it can be better spent then on me".

Gotan: "Donít worry, I can wish for us both with one wish".


Gotan turned to the dragon.


Gotan: "Dragon! I wish for all living ancestors of Gokou and Vegeta to become full-blooded Saiya-jins!"


Dragon: "Your wish has been granted".


Gotan and Brand turned to each other.


Brand: "Wow. I feel stronger already".

Sho: "What about the second wish?"

Gotan: "I think we should save that wish for now. We donít know what could happen later on".

Dragon: "Very well!"


The dragon suddenly disappeared in a flash of light.


Brand: "What? No goodbye?"

Gotan: "Come on, weíve got to get to the Room of Spirit and Time as soon as possible".


A loud thunder burst through the air. Gotan and Brand turned around in time to see a beam of light pierce Shoís back and erupt through his chest.


Gotan: "SHO!!"


They looked up and saw Brock floating in the air.




Brock looked down and snickered.

Brock: "I am Ashís most powerful warrior, and you I presume are the one who is supposed to defeat my master, at least thatís what Vejita thought".

Brand: "VEJITA! How do you know about my father? I demand to know!"

Brock: "HAH! I sort of gathered the info as I killed him just as I killed your friend".


A look of anger Swept across Brandís face.


Brand: "GOD DAMN YOU!"


Brand yelled as he powered up. Energy burst all around him, blowing Gotan back a few steps. It even made Brock blink.


Brock: "What the hell?"

Brand: "You will pay for killing my father asshole!"

Brock: "You will soon join him my boy".


Brand exploded as he launched at Brock. He thrust his elbow into Brockís stomach then threw his fist into his chin. He put his hand onto Brockís chest, and fired a huge fireball, blowing him into the ground. Brand paused and watched to see what happened.




Suddenly Brock emerged from the hole with a few bruises but was virtually unscathed.


Brock: "Impressive. You are stronger then I thought. But you are still no match for my true power".


Brock disappeared suddenly.




Brand looked back in time to see Brockís knee drove into his back. Brock flipped over Brand and pounded his fists into Brandís chest knocking him to the ground. Brand struggled to get up but was once again nailed by a knee to the back as Brock attacked.


Gotan: "DAMMIT!"

Gotan began powering up, and like Brand, energy burst all around. This got Brockís attention away from Brand.


Brock: "His power level is even higher then this oneís. But how is it possible, no human should be this strong".


Gotan Continued powering up, he knew that he would have to be at his max to defeat this opponent. He suddenly erupted in a loud roar as his hair suddenly spiked up and turned yellow. Gotan stopped and glared at Brock.


Brock: "What the Hell are you?"

Gotan: "Me? Iím a Super Saiya-jin".


Gotan suddenly appeared behind Brock and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him away from Brand. Gotan looked down at Brand.


Gotan: "Hey man are you alright?"

Brand: "Yeah. So this is what Super Saiya-jins look like huh? You just wait until I reach it. Anyway, just kick this guys butt so we can get out of here".


Gotan turned to Brock.


Brock: "HAH! Just because youíve got cool hair doesnít mean you can beat me kid. Even with all that power, you still canít defeat me in my true form!"


Brock suddenly bulked up to twice the size he was before. His hair grew long and his eyes were red.


Brock: "Now face my true power!"


Brock flew at Gotan at incredible speed. He through a punch that Gotan blocked, but was hit in the face by a following kick that stunned Gotan. Brock backhanded and then punched Gotan into the ground.


Brock: "You see, you caní t defeat me, even in this Super Saiya-jin form. YouÖ"


Brock was interrupted as he sensed an incredible Ki coming towards them.


Brock: "Who is that?"


Brand stood up and looked in the direction Brock was.


Brand: "SHIT! Itís that Legendary Super Saiya-jin guy that we trapped".

Brock: "Legendary Super Saiya-jin? Who the hell is that?"

Gotan: "He is more powerful then all three of us put together".

Brock: "Impossible!"

Brand: Believe it. Itís true. Unless we get out of here now, Weíre all dead".

Brock: "HAH! I run from nobody. You two can go, I can kill you later. I want to meet this legend guy and find out for myself".

Gotan: "Donít let us stop you".


Gotan got up and flew over to Brand.


Gotan: "Letís get the hell out of here!"

Brand: "Yeah, just let me get the dragonballs".


Brand ran and gathered the dragonballs, then flew off with Gotan.


Brand: "Where we headed anyway?"

Gotan: "Just follow me!"


Brock stood there waiting to meet the incoming challenge.


Brock: "He canít possibly be as powerful as they said".


Suddenly the Super Saiya-jin appeared and crashed down in front of him. Brock was terrified at how much power he felt within the man.


Brock: "You must be the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. My name is Brock and I wish to propose a partnership".

Super Saiya-jin: "No partner. I want the one who bleeds like Kakarat, tell me where he is or die".

Brock: "Sure Iíll take you to him, follow me".


Brock took off and the Saiya-jin followed.


Brock: "I must show lord Ash how strong he is, then maybe he can convince him by other means".


Meanwhile Brand and Gotan headed for the Room of Spirit and Time, they know that they do not have much time.