Gotan and Brand flew as fast as they could. They did not know if they were being followed or not. Gotan looked over to Brand.


Gotan: "Just a little farther".


Brand nodded. He has no idea where Gotan is leading him. Suddenly Gotan stops. Brand flies passed him then stops. He looks back to see Gotan looking up.


Brand: "What are you looking at?"

Gotan: "We have to go up there".

Brand: "What? Up in the sky? Thatís where this place youíve been telling me about is?"

Gotan: "Yeah. Master Visho used to tell me about a huge palace in the sky that contained a room where you can train for a year and only a day will pass".

Brand: "Really?"

Gotan: "Thatís what I was told. These are the coordinates. Now we go up".


Gotan took off, heading straight up. Brand shook his head and followed.


Meanwhile, Brock and the Super Saiya-jin were almost at New Haven, and Brock was contemplating how he and Ash could use this behemoth to rid them of their own enemies.


Brock: "If Lord Ash can harness this guy, then he can conquer the entire universe. If not, well then, Ash will take care of him after he has dealt with those two humans or Saiya-jins or whatever they are".


But, unknown to him, his follower is growing more and more impatient with him.