Gotan and Brand sped upward as they seemed to travel faster and faster, for now time was not on their side. Gotan gritted his teeth in anticipation. Brand was right behind him. Doubt crept more and more into his mind the higher they traveled without any signs of, well, anything. Suddenly, something appeared in the distance above them. As they flew, it got larger and larger, and it began taking form. Gotanís face gleamed with excitement.




Brand looked and the doubt cleared. He didnít think it was possible for something to be floating this high in the sky. Then again, it is called the Sky Palace. They flew until they reached the surface, and touched down on the marble ground, and glanced around. Brand took a few steps forward and then swung around to look at Gotan.


Brand: "Okay, where is this room you were talking about?"

Gotan: "I donít know, Iíve never been here. Letís split up and look around".

Voice: "That wont be necessary".


They looked ahead and there in front of them was a tall, well built, green skinned man. He had two antennae like things protruding from his head. He seemed very wise in his stance and showed no fear.


Man: "My name is Dende. What is your business here?"

Brand: "Hey, arenít you aÖ"

Dende: "Namek? Yes, I am. How did you know?"

Brand: "My father told me about your people, but I didnít think they still existed on Earth".

Dende: "True, I am the one and only Namek left on Earth, but one Namek has to be here in order for the dragonballs to exist".

Gotan: "But why would you care if the dragonballs existed anyways, I mean, couldnít you just leave and forget about this place?"

Dende: "Iíve thought about that many times over the many years I have been here, but I long ago fell in love with this place. That is before Ash came. And besides, I always hoped that one day someone would discover the dragonballs and return this world to itís past glory".

Brand: "So your like the keeper of the dragonballs or something?"

Dende: "Not exactly, more like an anchor. Plus, I did create them over a thousand years ago".

Gotan and Brand: "A THOUSAND YEARS AGO?!"

Gotan: "But you donít look old at all, in fact you look my age!"

Dende: "We Nameks live many years longer than humans. I also cheated a little by using dragonballs to make myself immortal".

Brand: "If youíre immortal, then why donít you take Ash out yourself?"

Dende: "I may not be able to die, but I am nowhere even close to him in fighting power. You two even dwarf my own abilities".

Gotan: "Well I hate to break up this conversation, and Iíd love to hear more about your past and all, but right now we desperately need to reach the Room of Spirit and Time. Do you know where that is?"

Dende: "Of course, but why do you want to go in there?"

Brand: "We want to train in large amounts, but we only have a couple of days. We have to raise our power enough to defeat Ash".

Gotan: "Yeah. Plus we have this Kyler guy who might be even stronger than him. Iíve already reached Super Saiya-jin, but I was still beaten to a pulp by one of his men".


Dendeís eyes widened in amazement.


Dende: "Super Saiya-jin? Did you say Super Saiya-jin?"

Gotan: "Yeah".

Dende: "But how?"

Brand: "Weíre ancestors of the Saiya-jins Gokou and Vegeta".

Gotan: "At first we didnít have enough Saiya-jin blood to become Super Saiya-jins, but we recovered the Dragonballs, and wished to be full-blooded Saiya-jins".

Dende: "Ancestors of Gokou and Vegeta? I should have known. Only Gokou and Vegeta would go through so much trouble to beat an opponent".


Gotan and Brand lit up at the remark.


Brand: "You knew Gokou and Vegeta?"

Dende: "Yes. I didnít know Gokou all that well; I was good friends with his son Gohan. Vegeta never really liked anyone so I didnít know him very well. I only know that they were both incredible warriors, and would sacrifice themselves in an instant to save the Earth. And they did".

Gotan: "Wow. Now I definitely want to hear more, but we have to get to the room. Please take us there".

Dende: "Alright, follow me".


Dende turned and walked towards the building behind them. Dende looked back as he walked.


Dende: "The doorway to the room was destroyed many years ago, but it has since been repaired. Here it is".


Dende stopped in front of double-doors.

Gotan: "This is it?"

Dende: "Yes. Inside there is everything you will need. Beds, food, everything".

Brand: "Well then letís go".


Brand walked over, opened the door, and went in. Gotan went to follow but stopped at the doorway. He turned to Dende.


Gotan: "Were gonna spend one day in here. After that, itís up to us".


Dende nodded and Gotan went in. The door shut behind him. Dende smiled, then walked off. Gotan walked entered what basically looked like a normal house. There were two beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and other stuff. He looked out another doorway and saw Brand standing.


Gotan: "Hey Brand, what are you looking at?"

Brand: "Uh, nothing".


Gotan went and stood next to Brand. He was amazed at what he saw, or what he didnít see.


Gotan: "Thereís nothing here, and is it me or did I just gain like 100 pounds when I got here?"

Brand: "It feels like the gravity is higher here. Itís hotter too".


Gotan flew up to get a better look.


Gotan: "Empty. There is no end in sight to this place".

Brand: "Itís perfect for training. I think we should get started".

Gotan: "Okay! But letís get away from the house so we donít damage it. Follow me".


Gotan took off with Brand right behind him. They flew until the house was out of sight, then touched down.


Gotan: "This place looks good".

Brand: "Yeah, letís go!"

Gotan: "Not so fast, first we have to power up to Super Saiya-jin".

Brand: "No problem".


Brand erupted in a ball of flame as he turned into Super Saiya-jin form. Gotan was amazed at the sight.


Gotan: "Wait a minute. You couldnít turn Super Saiya-jin earlier".

Brand: "I know. Every time a Saiya-jin fights, he gets stronger. I guess fighting Brock pushed me over the edge".

Gotan: "Cool".


Gotan himself powered up into Super Saiya-jin form.


Gotan: "Look Brand, if weíre gonna get strong enough to beat Ash, we have to go all out, without pulling punches".

Brand: "I understand. Come on!"


Gotan and Brand charged at each other and their training began. Gotan blocked an onslaught of punches Brand threw at him, but was hit in the jaw by a vicious kick to the face. Gotan flipped back and kicked Brand on his way up. Gotan lunged at Brand with a kick that he side-stepped. Brand thrust his elbow, but it was caught in Gotanís palm, and he was pulled into Gotanís knee. Brand hunched over at the force of the blow, and was immediately launched into the air by a kick in the same area. Brand recovered in mid air and gathered a huge fireball and shot it in Gotanís direction.


Gotan: "Holy shiÖ"


Gotan dived out of the blast of the fireball and was blown back by the impact. He stood up and looked up at Brand.


Brand: "You said donít hold back".

Gotan: "I just wasnít expecting it thatís all".

Brand: "Well we have to expect anything when we fight Ash so letís go".


Brand appeared suddenly in front of Gotan and punched him in the face. Gotan recovered and backhanded Brand away. They stood there about ten yards apart, with grins on their already bruised faces. They went on and on, fighting all out for hours before finally deciding to rest. They went back inside and ate a big meal.


Gotan: "Weíll sleep for a few hours and then get back at it. No use injuring ourselves now, we have an entire year to train".


Brand nodded and they climbed into their beds and went to sleep. Soon they were awake and back at it once again, this time even more fiercely then the previous session. As it was for every session. They fought harder and harder with each passing moment.


Meanwhile, Ash is dealing with a visitor.


Ash: "With this brute under my control, no one can stand up to me. I owe it all to you Brock. How can I ever repay you?"


The cloaked figure walked over to Brock. The figure removed the cowl to reveal a womanís face, young and beautiful in appearance. She inched towards Brock and kissed him passionately. She stopped and smiled.


Ash: "I knew I kept you here for something".


Again they kissed, but in the shadows, a powerful Super Saiya-jin sat. He no longer had any thoughts of his own. He was now completely loyal to his new master, Ash.