While Gotan and Brand train within the Room of Spirit and Time, Ash is growing impatient with the fact that they haven't heard from our two heroes in some time.


Ash: " Where are those two? I can't have them ruining Vendek's arrival. He will be here in 7 days, and if I haven't destroyed all opposition on this miserable rock by then, he will kill me for sure, and if I'm going to die, you can be sure that I'll kill you first Brock!"

Brock: "Why don't we send the Saiya-jin to wreak some havoc, they would try to protect the people, that's when we take them out".

Ash: "Good Idea. Kyler!"


The now loyal Saiya-jin emerges from the shadows.


Ash: "Go! Kill all the humans!"


Kyler nods in obedience and leaves.

Brock: "Are you sure your power over him will hold?"

Ash: "Probably not, but he is no threat to me. When the time comes, I will deal with him myself. Now go and find those two fighters".


Brock turns and leaves. As he leaves the room, a thought comes into his head.


Brock: "I just remembered something. That guy I killed, he was one of Shokuki's men. Why was he with those fighters? I think I need to pay Mr. Shokuki a visit".


Brock leaves and heads for the House of Shokuki to get some answers.


An hour later, Dende turns to see the Doors to the Room of Spirit and Time open. Gotan emerged first with Brand right behind. Their hair golden, and Dende could feel how powerful they had become.


Dende: "Welcome back. Are you ready?"

Gotan: "Ready as we'll ever be".

Dende: "I have some bad news I'm afraid. Someone big and powerful has been destroying Earth's cities and killing off every human in sight".

Brand: "We should take out Ash first, we can beat Kyler and repair the damage with the dragonballs later".

Gotan: "Alright. Let's get to New Haven now".


Brand nodded and they blasted off as fast as they could. Dende glanced at them as they left and noticed something hanging from behind them. It was so fast that Dende didn't really get a good look at what they were.

Elsewhere, Kyler fires another fireball, destroying what remained of the city that was once Utopia. He suddenly stops as he feels two people of high power level. He smiles and Blasts towards them.

A few minutes later, Dende is looking down from the sky palace to see what is happening. He looks up into the sky as it is starting to darken. Suddenly he gasps.


Dende: (Thinking to himself) "Oh no! Those things were tails! The moon is going to be full tonight. Damn!"


Dende runs back into the temple, and a few minutes later, emerges with a bag under his arm. He races to the edge of the ground and jumps off and heads toward Earth.


Dende: (Thinking again) "Two Oozaru's at their power level! The Earth will be destroyed! They can't control themselves in that form!"


Gotan and Brand speed across the sky. They are close to New Haven. But something is wrong, New Haven isn't there. All that remains of the great metropolis is a huge dark tower surrounded by crumbled buildings and ashes of its inhabitants. Gotan and Brand come to a halt and touch down about a hundred yards from the tower.


Gotan: "Raise your power level enough to get their attention, but not all the way. I want to surprise them with how much stronger we've become".


They start powering up and within seconds Brock and Ash both emerge from the tower and land twenty yards in front of them.


Brand: "I know that piece of crap, but who the hell are you bitch?"

Ash: "Foolish boy. I am Ash, the ruler of this disgusting planet".

Gotan: "You're not Ash. Ash is a man, I've seen him before".

Ash: "Male, Female, whatever. I can take whatever form I need to achieve my goals".

Brock: "You'll not mock Lord Ash again!"

Brand: "Kiss my A..."

Ash: "Hey now, there is no need for insults. As soon as my servant has returned we can get started. He should be here right about...now".


From out of the sky, Kyler dropped to the ground. The Earth seemed to move as he landed.


Gotan: "Damn".

Ash: "Now then, you two show our guests a good time and I will enjoy the show".


Kyler and Brock stood side by side and prepared to attack.


Brand: "I want Brock".

Gotan: "You'd better hurry up and beat him then. I don't know if I can beat Kyler, but I'll hold him off as long as I can".

Brand: "Gotcha. Ready?"

Gotan: "Ready".


Gotan and Brand exploded in energy as they powered up into Super Saiya-jin. Then they both launched into the air to separate themselves. Kyler followed Gotan and Brock went after Brand. Brand touched down after seeing that he and Gotan were enough distance apart. He looked over at Brock and grinned.


Brand: "You are ready to die now right?"

Brock: "Foolish boy, do you not remember the last time you tried to fight me?"

Brand: "That was then, this is now. I'm much stronger this time".

Brock: "Alright then, let's get this over with".


Brock flashes in front of Brand and throws his fist at him. Brand however catches it in the palm of his hand. He himself throws a punch at Brock, but his punch is also caught. Brand lunges forward and head-buts him in the forehead. Brock is knocked back, but spins around in time to catch Brand in the face with his foot. Brand is knocked into the ruins of one of the buildings and it collapses on him. Brand suddenly jumps from the rubble and lands in front of Brock. The two grin at each other, and lunge at each other once again. Gotan however is not fairing well. Kyler throws his knee into Gotan's face and drives him into the ground with his fists. Gotan leaps from the crater he was pounded into and lands away from Kyler.


Kyler: "You have gotten stronger since our last battle, but unfortunately for you, so have I".

Gotan: "How, how have you gotten so strong? I though Saiya-jins didn't exist anymore before me".

Kyler: "Oh no my boy. You see, my ancestors also survived the destruction of their homeworld. For many years they traveled through space, searching for a new home. Each planet they encounterd, the natives were stronger and stronger. They got incredibly powerful and that power was passed down from generation to generation. Then I was born".


Gotan, unknown to Kyler, was using this time to gather his strength and come up with a way to defeat this opponent.


Kyler: "I was super strong. So strong that I was feared by my own family. Imaging a Saiya-jin, born a Super Saiya-jin. They used me to revitalize the old planet trade. They sent me to Earth in a capsule to prepare it for their arrival. Then I encountered a strong fighter. He looked just like you. He imprisoned me in that rock, where I slept, until you let me loose. You know the rest. Now, if you're finished gathering your ki, we can resume my entertainment".


Gotan whirled around and fired a huge fireball at Kyler, catching him by surprise. The blast lit up the sky and shook the ground. Gotan poured every ounce of energy he had into the blast. The light dimmed and the ground resettled, and there standing with his arms covering his face, was Kyler. Gotan gasped.


Gotan: "That's it. I don't have anything left".


Kyler looked at Gotan with anger.


Kyler: "That surprised me, but it was not nearly enough to stop me".


Kyler shot at Gotan and punched him in the face, then the gut. He kneed him in the face, and thrust his foot into his chest, knocking him into some crumbled buildings. Suddenly the sky went dark, and the moon had reached the sky, it was round and full. Kyler started walking toward the building, but was halted by a roar coming from the building, Then another one even louder. Suddenly the building was blown away as a huge creature burst from it's walls. It roared in rage, it's fists in the air.


Kyler: "Oh shi..."


The creature's fist came crashing down on Kyler, who barely jumped out of harm, but was smacked from behind by it's other hand. Kyler was knocked far away from the creature. He struggled to his feet and a large shadow crept over him. He turned and looked up to see another ape-like creature standing over him. It raised it's foot and tried to step on Kyler, but Kyler got out just in time. He flew up into the air above the creature. He turned to see the other one.


Kyler: "This is bad".


The two Oozarus looked over at Kyler and Brock who joined him. They roared with rage and headed toward them.


Kyler: "Very bad".