Brock dived in time to avoid being swatted by the incredibly large beast attacking him. Brock had no time to catch a breather, because the monster slammed his foot down onto the ground, causing a huge crack in the ground. Brock slips down into the crack, but flies out at top speed. Brock turns to see where Kyler is, and is greeted by his hurdling body as it slams into him. The two are flung back into a nearby hill. Brock clears his head and desperately turns to Kyler.


Brock: "You're one of them aren't you? How the hell do we stop these things?"

Kyler: "Their tales. We have to cut off their tales. Then they'll return to normal".

Brock: "Why the hell didn't you do that in the first place?"

Kyler: "It's hard to accomplish that feat when they’re knocking me around like a bitch!"

Brock: "Fine. You take one and I'll take care of the other".


The two blast off into the direction of the two apes. Kyler reaches Brand and positions himself out of reach of the beast, and summons up an energy disk. Suddenly he is interrupted from behind as the second ape has found him.


Kyler: "Shit!"


Kyler leaps into the air, but is backhanded by the ape. In mid air he twists himself around to face the beast and releases the blade of energy that hovered over his hand. The disk travels along the sky and suddenly dives down and cleanly slices off the Oozaru's tale. The great beast roars in pain and collapses. The other Oozaru is distracted by it's fellow beast, and it two is struck from behind, and feels the same pain. The ape falls right next to the other. A lone figure touches down next to them. It is Dende. The two beasts start to shrink and their fur recedes. Soon the forms of Gotan and Brand replace the once destructive Oozarus. Dende runs to their side and reaches into a pouch on his belt. He pulls out two small seeds, and puts one into each of their mouths. Seconds later, energy surrounds them as their strength is returned. Gotan sits up and looks down.


Gotan: "Whoosh! Where's my close"?

Dende: "Here, I grabbed these before I left. I think you'll find them to be rather appropriate".


Dende reached into a pack he had slung over his shoulder and pulled out to sets of clothes. To Gotan, he gave a blue doji, with an orange under-shirt, and black boots. To Brand, he gave a gray doji with a blue under-shirt, and the black boots. They put on their new clothes and were amazed.


Brand: "Wow! These things are light as a feather!"

Gotan: "Rather stylish too. Dende, what was that you gave us that restored us?"

Dende: "They are called senzu beans. They are extremely helpful when it comes to situations like this".


Suddenly, Brock and Kyler touch down near them and start to laugh.


Brock: "Now that you are back to normal, why don't we resume our battle?"

Brand: "Any time!"

Gotan: "Hey Brand".

Brand: "What?"

Gotan: "Take out Brock as fast as you can. I know you think it might be a little difficult, but don't worry. He's strong, but you're stronger".

Brand: "Alright, but what are you going to do?"

Gotan: "I'm taking this fight to the top".


Gotan leaps into the air and blasts into the direction of Ash's tower.


Brock: "Kyler! Get him!"


Kyler grins and launches after him.


Brand: "Alright. Now it's just you and me".

Brock: "Just the way I want it".


Brand powers up incredibly, he is obviously stronger then their previous fight just minutes ago. The two warriors prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, Gotan lands in front of Ash's tower, and standing on one of its ledges is Ash herself.


Gotan: "ASH!"

Ash: "What do you want, you couldn't have defeated Kyler".

Gotan: "Why send your men to do your job. Why not fight me yourself?"

Ash: "I need not lower myself to fight the likes of you".

Gotan: "What, you're not afraid of a Saiya-jin are you?"


Gotan: "Then prove me wrong. Fight me".


Kyler lands behind Gotan and is ready to attack.


Ash: "KYLER! I want this one myself".


Kyler obediently backs away.


Ash: "You have made a foolish mistake boy".

Gotan: "We'll see (I guess its do or die this time)".


Ash removes her cloak to reveal a trim body and a bladed suit. She leaps down to the ground.


Ash: "I'm only going to use half strength, and you still won't stand a chance".

Gotan: "Don't ever underestimate the power of a Saiya-jin bitch".

Ash: "Huh. Brave words for a dead man".


Ash begins powering up greatly. Gotan is amazed at how strong she is, stronger than he is.


Gotan (thinking): Damn. I wasn't expecting her to be this strong. I don't think I can beat her. I just have to hold her off long enough for Brand to get here.


Gotan is surround in power as he raise his ki to it's max.


Ash: "Let's begin shall we?"


Gotan begins the battle by trying to catch her form behind by moving fast, but is thwarted when ash backs her elbow into his stomach. Gotan falls to the ground gasping for air.


Ash: "Hurts doesn't it? Well it is but the first amount of pain I'm going to inflict upon you".


Ash kicks Gotan again, lifting him into the air. She then follows it with a punch to his face that knocks him through the tower and into the ground.


Ash: "Damn. All well, I needed a new place anyways".


Ash went through the hole in her fortress and found Gotan struggling to get to his feet.


Ash: "Silly boy. You are no match for me. You should have realized that. But no, you had this fantasy of becoming some legend. What was his name? Goku was it? You see, I did a little research looking through my private library of various stuff I gathered when I first arrived here. I learned of this...hero you so admire. I learned every single detail of his life and battles, everything down to his very face. Gotan raised his head to face his opponent, and gasped in horror. For there before him, was Gokou himself.

Elsewhere, Brand sends Brock flying with a kick to the face. Brock rebounds off a rock and flies at Brand. Brand ducks under his attack, and uppercuts Brock in the gut. Brock hurdles to the ground in pain.


Brock: "If...If you kill me...your little friend will be killed".

Brand: "Gotan can take care of himself".

Brock: "Not...not that ...not that friend. A little girl who I picked up at Shokuki's house".

Brand: "Sarah?"


Brand picks him up and dangles him in the air.


Brand: "WHERE IS SHE?"

Brock: "I'm not telling you".

Brand: "That's too bad. I guess I'll just kill you now".


Brand throws Brock to the ground. Brock is backing away in fear.


Brock: "What do you mean? If you kill me, you'll never find her".

Brand: "No, I'll find her. I was just hoping you'd tell me to save me the trouble. To be honest with you, I was going to kill you anyways. I won't show mercy to the one who killed my father".

Brock: "Damn you!"


Brand raises his right arm and opens his hand in front of him.


Brand: "This is a technique my father taught me. It's called the big bang attack. Good bye".



The thunderous explosion that burst from Brands hand drowned brock’s cry out. Brock was killed instantly as the blast tore through his body. The dust settled and Brand was at peace.


Brand: "That was for you father".


Brand turned to locate Gotan's ki, and felt it getting fainter and fainter with every moment. He launched in the air and headed towards him.

Gotan hurdles back, slamming into a slab of fallen stone. Ash walks to him slowly, laughing with each step.


Ash (Still morphed into Gokou): "Come on boy, and you call yourself a Saiya-jin? You're a fake, a fraud. You'll never be like me".


Gotan struggles to his feet, his body badly beaten and bloodied. Too weak to talk, to strong to give up. "Gokou" raises his fist, ready to attack, but is suddenly struck in the face. He is knocked back and lands hard on the ground.


Brand: "Who the hell are you?"

"Gokou": "I'm the one who is going to kill you for interfering".


"Gokou" charges at the young warrior and droves his knee deep into his gut. Then hits him in the back of the head with his fist. Then kicks him into the air.


"Gokou": "Now you die!"


Gotan looks up in time to see Brand's body pierced by a blast emanating from "Gokou's" hand.


Gotan: "BRAAAAND!"


Brand's now lifeless body falls to the ground. Gotan lowers his head, shocked and enraged.


"Gokou": "That was fun, now, where were we?"

Gotan: "Damn you".

"Gokou": "What was that?"


Gotan rises to his feet; his head still lowered to the ground.


Gotan: "Let me repeat myself. I said DAMN YOU!"


Gotan erupted with a tremendous flurry of power as his rage consumed him. His attacker was even startled at the tremendous power he felt.


"Gokou": What the hell? Where did all this power come from?"


Gotan raised his head. He was different, and he knew it. Vejita mentioned that there were other stages beyond the Super Saiya-jin. He knew that he had reached it.


Gotan: "You have no right to wear that face".

"Gokou": "What are you going to do about it?"


"Gokou" chuckled but was surprised as Gotan suddenly appeared in front of him. Gotan threw one punch that landed on the enemy’s face. Ash was injured so much by the blow that she reverted back to her normal form.


Ash: "How?"

Gotan: "I'm going to kill you. For Brand, for Sho, for every life you've taken".

Ash: "I don't think so. You see, I've only been fighting at half strength. Now you'll face full power!"

Gotan: "Will this take long? I have things to do".


Ash powered up to full power. Her armored suit disappeared, and was replaced by a slick black suit that covered every part of her body except her head.


Ash: "Now, we fight for real".