Gotan stared coldly at Ash. For the first time in his entire life, he truly and utterly hated another person. Even before this day, he did not hate Ash, in fact he respected her for her power. But, now that has changed. Now he has the power, and his heart is cold, and he will show no mercy.


Ash: "Are you ready to face me at full power?"

Gotan: "You must be stupid to think I'd back down from a lesser opponent".

Ash: "Lesser opponent? Who do you think you are? You may have changed some, but you are still no match for me".

Gotan: "I'm going to kill you, you can bet on it. If you could sense ki's, then you'd know that I am indeed stronger".

Ash: "Only one way to find out eh?"

Gotan: "Let's go then".


Gotan darted towards Ash with lightning speed. Ash easily leaps over Gotan's attack and realeases a fireball down at him, but Gotan appears behind her and kicks her in the back. Ash recovers and spins around, catching Gotan's face with her foot. Gotan spins himself and backhands Ash away. Ash tries to do the same, but Gotan blocks her punch. Ash and Gotan look at each other and grin, the battle has begun. Ash pushes Gotan away and re-sets herself.


Ash: "Impressive. I wasn't expecting this much out of you".

Gotan: "We Saiya-jins are full of surprises".

Ash: "So I see. Let's get back at it shall we?"


Ash charges at Gotan and throws punch after punch at Gotan. Gotan retaliates whenever he can with his own flurry of attacks. The two fighters exchange blows, soon every attack thrown lands on each fighters bruised bodies. They back away to catch their breath, and to escess each other's injuries. Both are badly beaten and bruised. Blood drips from cuts on both of their faces. They struggle to get air into their depleted bodies. Gotan stands straight up and chuckles.


Ash: "What the hell are you laughing at?"

Gotan: "You're almost out of power, while I've still got a lot left".

Ash: "Impossible! You're just as beaten as I am!"

Gotan: "On the outside, I'm practically dead, but inside, my heart is strong. I will never give up, and will do whatever it takes to win. Unlike you".

Ash: "You fool! I am the same!".

Gotan: "No, you'd rather run and live, then stay and die at my hands".


Gotan: "To bad I won't let you run".


Ash prepares to fire a fireball, but Gotan flashes in front of her and grabs her arm.


Gotan: "I've had enough of you".


Ash swings her free hand at Gotan, but he catches her fist, and begins to squeeze her hand. Ash screams in pain as the bones in her hand start to break. Gotan lunges forward, kneeing her in the gut.


Ash: "Damn...damn you. How can you still be this strong?"

Gotan: "I told you before, never underestimate the heart of a Saiya-jin".


Gotan raises both of his fists into the air and prepares to deliver the final blow, and end it all. Suddenly he stops.


Gotan: "What is that?"


Gotan looks up and a huge flash of light appears. The light is bright, and Gotan is forced to cover his eyes. A hole grows from the center of the light. From the hole, a figure appears. He steps through the rift, and it disappears behind him. Gotan looks up to see what happened. Before him is an armored figure, purple in color, menacing in design. He wore a helmet, at least Gotan thinks it's a helmet. The firgure looked more like a robot then a man. Ash stirred and looked at the newcomer.


Ash: "Finally. Vendek!"


Gotan glared at the figure. It took a few steps forward and stopped. He looked down at Ash's fallen form.


Vendek: "You have failed me".

Ash: "I'm sorry master. He is a formidable opponent".


Vendek raised his eyes to look at Gotan.


Vendek: "So, you are this...Saiya-jin I've been told about".


Gotan said nothing and glared at Vendek.


Vendek: "Well, what can you expect when you send a human to do a demon's job".

Gotan: "Human? What are you talking about?"

Vendek: "The woman you just defeated is merely a human girl who I took control of with my power".

Gotan: "You bastard. Why do that?"

Vendek: "I had other more important things to take care of, so I thought if I could set up a pawn on Earth, and empowered him with enough power to destroy anyone who would stand in his way, I could gain yet another world in my empire".

Gotan: "I don't give a shit about your empire. You are NOT getting this one, or any other one for that matter. I'm going to end your reign once and for all".

Vendek: "Do you really think you can measure up to my power?"

Gotan: "Of course. Were evenly matched".

Vendek: "How dare you compare yourself to my power! You aren't half the warrior I am!"

Gotan: "You have no idea of the true power of a Saiya-jin".

Vendek: "Fine. If you want to throw your life away along with the rest of the pitiful inhabitants of this pathetic world, then so be it".


Vendek raises his hand and points his fist at Ash. Suddenly Ash starts to glow. She yelled as Vendek removed all the power he had given her. Now she was back to normal, just a regular human with no recolection of her previous life, or what she had been through.


Girl: "Where...where am I?"


Vendek raised his other hand and was ready to kill her, but Gotan stopped him.


Gotan: "NO! Let her go! This is between you and me".


Vendek lowered his arms and nodded.


Gotan: "DENDE!"


Dende flew by his side and stared at Vendek.


Dende: "Who is this guy?"

Gotan: "Nobody. Take her and find someplace safe out of the way of our fight".

Dende: "Okay, but first".


Dende again reaches into his pouch and pulls out another senzu bean. He hands it to Gotan and he eats it. Gotan's power once again flows through him at it's max.


Gotan: "Thanks".


Dende nods and picks the girl up into his arms, and takes off.


Vendek: "Ready?"

Gotan: "Yep".