Gotan grimaced as Vendekís leg found his side. He lifts his arm to block Vendekís punch, then drives his elbow into the tyrantís jaw. Gotan then swung around and kicked his enemy in the face, driving him into another ruined building, bringing in down on him. Seconds later, Vendek burst from the rubble, blasting it away as he raised his ki even further. He launched himself at Gotan, who didnít have enough time to react to the attack, and was slammed into as Vendek rammed into his gut. Vendek drove Gotan through a huge slab of stone. Suddenly, from beneath the rubble, Vendek came hurdling from the pile, with Gotan in close pursuit. Vendek turned himself as he hit a wall, and pushed off, flying right at the chasing saiyajin. The two fighters threw incredible blows at each other. Each landing with devastating ferocity. Gotanís knee drove into Vendekís side, and was followed by his hands pounding Vendekís back, forcing him down to the ground. Vendek quickly bounced up but was nailed from behind by Gotanís foot. Vendek skidded along the ground, forcing up the earth as he went. Gotan stood and waited to see if his attacks were working. Vendek struggled to his feet, then turned to face the young warrior.


Vendek: "You are very strong, stronger than I expected".

Gotan: "Do you realize that you canít win yet?"

Vendek: "Oh I will win, it just is going to take a little creativity on my part thatís all".

Gotan: "Iím prepared for anything you can throw at me Vendek".

Vendek: "Are you sure".

Gotan: "Oh yeah".

Vendek: "Then follow me. Iím going to get the power to defeat you".

Gotan: "I donít think soÖ"


Gotan couldnít finish as Vendek burst into the air and soared towards Ashís tower at full speed. Enraged, Gotan sped after him.


Vendek (in thought): "This saiyajin is too powerful for me to defeat. I have to gain more power".

Gotan (in thought): "What the hell did he mean by gaining the power to defeat me?"


Suddenly Gotan remembered how Vendek had absorbed Ashís power and his ki elevated when he did. Then Gotan remembered just who was back at Ashís tower.


Gotan: "Oh no! Kyler!"


Gotan flew as fast as he could, but Vendek had already approached Kyler as he touched down. Gotan tried to stop him, but it was too late. Vendek had already absorbed Kyler into his form. Gotan looked in shock as Vendek grew almost another two feet, his muscle mass increasing dramatically. Gotan could sense Vendekís incredible ki, and knew that he was now too powerful for him to handle.


Vendek: "Now my little saiyajin. Itís my turn to knock you around".


Gotan could barely open his mouth when Vendekís foot slammed into his face. Vendek then flashed behind him and drove his knee into his back. Gotan yelled in pain as Vendek kicked Gotan in the stomach, lifting him into the air, and then driving him through some rubble with a punch to the jaw. Gotan tried to clear his head but was suddenly blown back as Vendek fired a ki blast at the pile. Gotan slammed into the ground. He got to his feet and searched for his foe. Suddenly Vendek appeared in front of him, and punched Gotan in the gut, then kneed him in the face. Smiling, Vendek then reared back and drove his foot into Gotanís chest, forcing him once again into a fallen building. Gotan struggled to even sit up as he tried to clear his head and defend himself. He could barley see, as one eye was swollen shut and the other was blurred from the beatings. He heard a figure land next to him and looked up to see a green skinned man. The figure leaned over and placed his hands on Gotanís bruised chest. Suddenly all of Gotanís strength once again coursed through his body.


Gotan: "Whoah! How did you do that?"

Dende: "I have the power to heal".

Gotan: "Really? Then how come you didnít do it before?"

Dende: "Iím not as good as I used to be. It is very hard for me to summon the strength to do it now, plus Iím out of senzu beans.

Gotan: "I need to ask you a favor. Go and summon the eternal dragon and wish Brand back. Vendek has become incredibly powerful, and I could sure use his help in case I canít do it alone.

Dende: "Alright, Iíll go as fast as I can".


With that, Dende launched into the air as Gotan got to his feet and burst out through the wall and faced Vendek.


Vendek: "How is it that you are unhurt?"

Gotan: "Iím very tough to hurt. Shall we resume?"


Vendek smiled as Gotan launched at him. He was surprised at how fast the saiyajin moved. Gotan threw everything he had at Vendek, who blocked every attack, but not easily. Suddenly, Vendek whirled back and fired a huge ki blast at Gotan, who disappeared as the blast was released. Vendek was suddenly knocked in the back, and then in the head as Gotan attacked. With his renewed strength, Gotan was actually starting to hold his own. But that thought was crushed as Vendek ignored the blows and backhanded Gotan away. Gotan skid along the ground, and bounced back up, but was driven into by Vendekís knee. Blood poured out of Gotanís mouth as Vendek shot his fist into his gut. Gotan blocked an attack to his face, but was nailed with another. Vendek continued his onslaught as Gotan soon was unable to block any of his attacks. He fell to the ground, Vendek standing over him, laughing.


Vendek: "Ha! You put up a valiant effort, but like hundreds before you, you have fallen to my power".


Gotan tried to get up, but Vendek dropped his foot onto his back, pinning him down.


Vendek: "You know what, I so admire your skills, that I am going to let you live a little longer. Just long enough to see my armies enter into this realm!"


Vendek walked away from Gotan and brought his hands together. Gotan looked up as Vendek started to glow with energy. Slowly, Vendek pulled his hands apart. A small disk of energy formed between them. Gotan looked on as the disk continued to get bigger as it gained energy.


Vendek: "This is an energy portal. Within minutes it will have drained enough energy from this miserable planet to allow my entire army to pass through".

Gotan: "No".


Vendek released the disk into the air behind him as he stood in front of it laughing.


Gotan: "No, IÖwont let youÖrelease other murdering bastards like you".


Gotan struggled to his feet, and gathered all of his remaining strength. Glaring at Vendek, he reared back and started to gather ki. Vendek looked down at the saiyajin.


Vendek: "What, your not giving up? What do you have left?"

Gotan: "Just this. KA..ME..HA..ME..HAAAA!!!"


Gotan thrust his hands forward, releasing an incredible ball of energy at the laughing Vendek. Vendek fires his own ki blast and the two streams of energy meet head on. At first the blasts stay still, but Vendekís blast is starting to force Gotanís back. Gotan grimaces under the strain. His kamehameha isnít strong enough. He doesnít have the power left to beat Vendek. Vendekís blast continues to overwhelm the weakening Gotan, when suddenly, just as Gotan was about to collapse, Gotanís blast starts to gain power, forcing Vendekís back. Gotan turns to see Brand standing next to him, adding his own restored power to Gotanís blast. Vendek suddenly starts to buckle under the immense force he now feels.


Vendek: "What the hell? HowÖis itÖpossible?"


Vendek lets out one last cry as he finally gives out. The incredible blast tears through his armored body, killing him instantly. The blast continues one, and slams into the forming portal. Overloaded with such an incredible amount of energy, the portal vanishes. And exhausted Gotan topples over, but is caught by his friend. Wearily, he lifts his head.


Gotan: "What the hell took you so long?"

Brand: "Hey, I died alright, give me a break".


The two warriors laugh as they enjoy the happiness of the day.


Brand: "Whoops! I almost forgot!"


Brand leapt into the air and headed for Ashís tower. A couple of minutes later he returned with a little girl in his arms.


Gotan: "Sara! How did you get here?"

Sara: "Brock came and kidnapped me".

Brand: "Brock told me that they had taken her before I killed him. I figured she was here".


The three heroes headed for the sky palace where Dende and the young lady waited.


A year later, the dragonballs were used to restore the cities and all the people. The young lady who was Ash, was given the name Ashley, and over the years time, she and Brand had a son named Ryo. Brand, Ashley and Ryo, went and lived with Vejita in the now restored mountain temple, while Gotan once again stayed with his family. As for Dende, well, now he can go back to the little job of being God of Earth.