Chapter 3: Testing The Waters

Trunks and Sierra flew away from the city at sunrise. He glanced over his shoulder, and smiled at Sierra. "Come on, I know that you can keep up," he called to her.

Sierra tried to speed up, but no matter how hard she tried, Trunks stayed just out of reach. "Trunks, Iím getting tired. I donít think that I can keep up with you," she called to him.

Trunks slowed down, and looked at her. "Youíre giving up already? We have another five miles to go," he smiled.

"I donít think I can make it," she answered.

"Give me your hand," he told her. As Trunks felt Sierraís hand in his, he pulled her into his arms. "Was this the fastest youíve ever flown?" he asked.

"Hai," she said nodding. She looked into his eyes, and saw him smiling at her. "What are you up to?"

Without saying a word, he let Sierra go. As she began to fall, Trunks caught her on his back. "Hold on tight," he said just before taking off.

Sierra screamed as she heard the sonic boom around them. For a few moments she buried her face in his jacket. "Are you insane?" she yelled at him.

He just laughed at her. "Whatís wrong? You said youíve always loved flying." He lowered himself down to sea level.

Her eyes widened as she saw the water below them part. "Where are we going?" she asked. "The Palace is up."

Trunks pointed to the far north. "Thereís a small island up ahead. Dende-sama was going to give us today to just relax, you donít mind do you?" he asked.

"No," she said as she loosened her grip around his jacket. "I like begin with you," she thought. "Maybe we could get some training in while weíre there," she said slyly.

Trunks smirked and quickly slipped out of his jacket, dropping Sierra into the water a few yards below. He laughed as she began to curse him. "Weíre using today to relax. Not train. Weíll be getting enough of that later on. Okay," he said as he lowered himself to pick her up.

"Okay," she said as he reached out his hand. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him into the water to her. As Trunks emerged, Sierra handed him his jacket, laughing. "Turnaboutís fair play," she laughed.

"Oh really?" Trunks swam over to her, and pushed her under the water. His eyes widened as she grabbed his shirt, and pulled him under with her. Out of reflex, Trunks wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her over to him. Sierra looked at him, and smirked. She then kissed his cheek, and exploded from the water. Trunks watched her wide eyed as she left him under water. He then shook his head. "She kissed me. But she also left me. Two can play this game," he thought just before he shot out after her. Trunks saw Sierra about to reach the island he told her about. He soon caught up with her, and tackled her into the sand. As they stopped on the small beach, Trunks looked at her. "You left me. After I was nice enough to take you flying and everything," he teased playfully.

Sierra smiled as she looked into his eyes. "You dropped me too. And I havenít forgotten about that fight we had."

Trunks stood, and helped Sierra to her feet. "What happened in the fight was your own fault. You tried to gather too much energy, and it blew up in your face." Trunks walked away from her, and sighed. "Thereís not that much to do except swim around here. I find it a good way to relax..." He looked at Sierra, and saw her eyes locked on the sunrise. He walked over to her, and touched her hand. "Thereís a better view from up here," he said lowly.

The pair flew to the top of a near waterfall. Sierra caught her breath as she looked at the sunrise. "This is beautiful," she whispered.

"Iíll be right back up," Trunks said. He jumped down from the waterfall, and seemed to disappear. He landed a few feet about where the fall emptied. He looked to the cliff, and saw Sierra now sitting, and watching. "Maybe this is what you need..." he thought out loud.

"Itís exactly what she needs," a female voice said from behind.

Trunks quickly turned around, and looked at the speaker. "Who are you?" he asked sternly.

"My name is Delia. You can call me Lia," she said. She walked over to Trunks, and looked up to Sierra. "She must have been in the room," she thought. "Iím Shitarian. Like the Little One up there."

His eyes narrowed. "We were given two years," he said bitterly.

"I know. Iím here to help her learn about her powers," Lia answered. She looked at Trunks, and smiled. "You love her donít you?" she asked out of the blue.

Trunks almost stumbled back. "Excuse me?" he asked in shock.

"Iíve been watching you. And from all of your actions, and reactions, I can only come to the conclusion that you love her." Lia looked at Sierra, and then turned to Trunks. She gently touched his face, and smiled. "Sheíll need you in the next two years. Sheíll need more of you than you think you could give.... but you have to do it for her."

"Or else?"

"This planet will be wiped off this plane of existence."

Trunks lowered his head. He then looked up at Sierra, and sighed. "I canít just come out and tell her."

"Then do like your father did. Show her."

Trunks looked at where Lia was standing, but she was gone. He then shook his head, and walked behind the waterfall. "Never thought Iíd be bringing someone to a family vacation spot," he thought as he picked up one of Bulmaís bathing suits. I hope thisíll fit her. I know Braís things are too small."


It was fifteen minutes before Trunks flew back up to Sierra. He looked around, but she wasnít to be seen. "Sierra," he called. He landed on the ground, and started to worry. "Sierra, where are you?" he called out. He was about to take another step, when something hit him in the back of his head. He turned around, and saw a small rock on the ground.

"Hey, Trunks!" Sierra called from the bottom of the falls.

He knelt down, and smiled. "Sheíll always make you worry," he thought to himself.

Sierra flew up to where Trunks was, and smiled at him. "This place is beautiful," she said. She landed on the cliff, and walked over to him. She noticed the two piece swim-suit in his hands, and smirked. "Is that for me?" she asked.

"Yeah." Trunks gave her the suit, and sighed. "Itíll be better if you changed. Itíll give your clothes a chance to dry."

Sierra looked at Trunks. "If you say so," she said lowly.

Trunks noticed Sierra lower her eyes. "Whatís wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said as she looked at him again. "I was just thinking about everything. I guess thatís why I threw myself into training the way I did. I donít have the chance to think about whatís going on."

Trunks stepped closer to Sierra as she turned her back to him. He gently wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her. "Everythingís going to work out for the better, okay?" he asked softly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dende looked out across the sky line, as he felt a powerful force coming to his palace. He smirked as he saw Lia land right in front of him. "I was waiting for you."

"I got held up. My partner wanted to see her father," she said. "I give it three days, and Iíll have to go and get her."

"She can be very difficult." Dende looked at Liaís pink hair, and red eyes. "So, youíre going to help her?"

"Yes sir," she said. "I spoke with the young man you told me about. You were right. He does love her." Lia crossed her arms, and smirked. "A Shitarian and a Saiya-jin in love," she sighed. "I guess stranger things have happened."

Dende smirked. "The others should be getting up soon. I would also like you to train another young woman. Sheís another of your kind. Only her father was Shitarian, and his powers were never really developed."

Lia nodded. "Just make sure she knows that I wonít take it easy on her."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trunks was resting with his eyes closed when noon came around. He laid out next to base of the waterfall, while Sierra looked around carelessly. Before Trunks could react, he was hit in his chest with a water-balloon. He sat up, and saw Sierra laughing from the pathway holding an armful of water-balloons. "I knew I shouldíve got rid of those," he grunted to himself. He quickly got up, and ran over to Sierra, who jumped up, and out of his reach.

She laughed as she hit him with another balloon. "You mustíve been a little devil growing up," she said as a carelessly tossed balloon hit Trunks in his head.

"I was," he said with a sinister smirk on his face. He quickly flew up to Sierra, and grabbed her arms. As he stood behind her, Trunks crushed most of the balloons all over her. He then dove down to the spring, still holding Sierra.

Under water, Sierra turned around, and looked at Trunks. She pinched his arm, and pushed him away from her as she swam up to the surface. She was able to push her hair away from her face, before she head Trunks laughing at her. "You..."

"What?" Trunks challenged. "You started it. I just finished it," he said simply.

Sierra swam closer to Trunks, and looked at him bitterly. "You didnít have to soak me," she said.

He smiled at her, and gently ran his hand through her hair. "I think you look cute this way," he said lowly.

She nodded. She then grabbed his hand, and flipped him over her body, back into the water. She looked at his angry face once he surfaced, and smiled. "And you look cute that way," she teased.

Trunks raised an eyebrow, and shrugged. He dove back under the water, and swam around. He then grabbed her legs, and pulled her under the water with him. Before she could protest, Trunks covered her mouth with his. He felt Sierra wrap her arms around his neck, and pulled her to him. When they surfaced, their kiss grew deeper. He ran his hands all over her back, until he reached two scars that he never noticed before. One was on each shoulder blade, and when he touched them, Sierra gasped. "Iím sorry..." he said quickly. "I never saw those marks before."

Sierra lowered her head slightly. "My backís been like that since I was little. I asked my mom about it, and she made up this whole story about me being an angel, and thatís where my wings were." Sierra looked at Trunks, and saw him frown. "What is it?" she asked.

Trunks swam behind her, and looked at the marks. He raised an eyebrow, and sighed. "Well, these marks look like the one that Gohan, Goten and I all have."

She turned around, and looked at her strangely. "But you donít have any marks on your back."

"Thatís because the mark is where my tail used to be."


Trunks looked at her, and nodded. "Saiya-jinís are born with tails. Most kept them their entire lives. Mine and Gotenís were removed when we were infants."

"So you think my mom was right about me having wings?" she asked.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dori and Goten walked in the city just miles away from the palace. "So, you donít think thereís anything to worry about?" she asked him.

"Nah, Trunks will look after her." Goten looked at Dori, and smiled. "You want to catch a movie? My treat?" he asked.

She looked up at the sky as they walked past the park. "I guess," she said lowly.

"You sound like you donít want to go," he said.

Dori looked at Goten, and without thinking, kissed him deeply. As he wrapped his arms around her waist, Dori ran her hands through his thick hair. The pair slowly pulled away from each other, and Dori blushed. "Goten, Iím sorry. I shouldíve never done that," she said quickly. As her cheeks turned bright red, she turned, and ran down the street.

Goten looked at her as she ran off. "Thatís Yamuchaís daughter all right," he thought before running after her. He finally caught her at the pier. "Dori, itís okay," he smiled. Goten turned her around, and looked into her still blushing face. "You didnít have to run away like that," he smiled.

Dori lowered her head, and sighed. "Iím sorry. Itís....."

Before she could finish her sentence, Goten kissed her deeply. He ran his hands through her short, soft hair, and pulled her close to his body. As he pulled away, a massive downpour started. "We should get back," he told her.

They both took off, headed for the clouds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bra walked out of the main house, and was about to walk into the gravity room, when she felt someone watching her. "This is where Iíve been training," she said out loud. Bra turned around, and saw Stevie watching her. "Thatís why you were watching me, right?"

Stevie looked at Bra, and shook her head. "No. I was just remembering how much I was like you when I was your age."

"Where you and your mother close?" Bra asked.

"In most ways. We didnít argue, or fight all of the time. I guess our major difference was that she was treated like a warrior, and I wasnít."

"What were you treated as?"

"A noble." Stevie leaned against the side of the gravity room, and crossed her arms. "Itís ironic because, I was one of the nobles of a race who was always fighting my true race."

"Did others think you were a traitor?"

"Yes. But after they saw me fight, they would hold their tongues."

Bra looked at the ground, and gently bit her lip. "You said your mother died in a fight when you were my age. Who was she fighting?"

"The queen." Stevie tightened her fist, and sighed. "But I plan on handling that in a little while."

"Are you going to fight when they get here?"

"Yes I am."

Braís face brightened. "Can I go?" she asked.

"No," Stevie said quickly. She then lowered her head. You donít know what fighting a war is like. Let it stay that way Bra. Enjoy your childhood, beat the shit out of your father..."

"Heís yours too."

"Not by either of our choices." Stevie looked up at the sky, and closed her eyes. "I had gotten word that Vegita had a family here, and that I had a little brother, and sister. I also gotten word about everything thatís happening with the Shitarians. I came here to make sure you and my brother are safe."

"Trunks was one of the fighters that Dende-sama asked to fight in the battle. Heís been training at the sky palace for the past six months."

Stevie looked at Bra, and gently touched her face. "If you like to fight, fight. But donít lose your child hood because of it. Okay?"

"Kay." Bra looked at Stevie, and nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trunks sat on the cliff watching the sunset. He smiled as he felt Sierraís eyes on his back. "You want to get going soon?" he asked.

Sierra walked over to him, and looked into his eyes. "Can we stay here a little bit longer?" she asked. She sat next to him, and sighed. "I just donít want to go. Not just yet."

He looked at her, and nodded. "Weíll wait until the moon starts to come up. Okay?" he asked.

"Hai," she whispered. She then felt Trunks take her hand into his. As she looked at him, she smiled. She leaned over, and gently kissed him. "Thank you for today," she whispered as she slightly pulled away.

Trunks kissed her deeply as a response. He laid back, pulling her on top of him. As his lips moved from her mouth, to her neck, Trunks felt Sierra straddle him. He gently tangled his hand into her hair, and pulled her head back. As he kissed as her neck, he heard Sierraís breath quicken. He released her hair, and kissed her passionately. Just as he sat up with her in his lap, a storm started. Trunks lowered his head as Sierra pulled away from him. "Damned weather," he thought as he stood. He looked at Sierra, and sighed. "Do you want me to carry you back?" he asked. "Weíll get there faster," he said.

She shook her head. "I want to try and keep up," she said.

Trunks took her hand into his. "This is the easiest way to do it," he said to her. "Try your best to keep up," he said just before kissing her again. As he pulled away from her, they both took off for Dendeís Palace.