Chapter 4: Shitari-vs-Shitari-vs-Shitari. Lesson 2

The morning everyone was back at the palace, Dori walked into Sierraís room. She saw the young woman standing by the window, and smiled. "He kissed me," she said quickly.

Sierra turned around, and looked at Dori. "Who? Goten?"

"Yeah," Dori walked over to the bed, and sat on it. "Yesterday. We were out by the park, and I kissed him on impulse. I was so embarrassed, that I ran to the docks, and was about to come back here when he caught me, and he kissed me," Dori said quickly.

Sierra laughed as she leaned against the window.

Dori looked at the smile on Sierraís face, and her eyes widened. "Sierra, whatíd you do yesterday?" she asked.

"I just went out.... with Trunks," she answered.

"What?" she asked in shock. "You went out with Trunks? Good looking guy, light lavender, almost silver hair, carries around a sword. That Trunks?"

She nodded.

"The same guy who kicked me around for half a year?"

"Yes Dori," Sierra laughed. "Whatís so shocking about that?"

Dori looked at Sierra, and shook her head. "But heís Trunks. You donít know when heís serious, when heís joking, and when heís pissed. Hell, for all we know, itís all the same."

"I can tell," she said softly.

"So, whereíd you go?"

Sierra looked out of the window, and smiled. "Flying," she said simply.

"And? Then what?"

"We went to this small island that had the most beautiful waterfall, and we swam."

Dori raised an eyebrow. "Did anything happen?"

"We kissed a few times, thatís it," Sierra shrugged.

"With Trunks?" Dori fell back onto the bed. "Iím gonna have to look at him in a different light now."

Sierra shook her head. "He wouldnít want you to. I really havenít been looking at him in a different light."

There was a knock on the door, and Mr. Popo looked in. "Girls, there is someone Dende-sama would like for you to meet."

"Hai," both girls said in unison. Dori looked at Sierra, and sighed. "You think itís someone else who can help us?" she asked.

"It may be. With Dende-sama, you never know."


Dori and Sierra walked out into the main yard, and found it empty. Both girls looked around strangely. "Whatís going on here?" Dori asked.

Sierra instantly drew her daggers from her belt. "Somethingís not right," she said lowly. She looked into the distance, and saw a small flicker of light. "Dori, get down!" Sierra yelled. As she grabbed Dori, and threw her to the ground, Lia appeared out of no where, tackling the two. Sierra quickly spun onto her back, and kicked Lia in her throat. As she continued onto her shoulders, Sierra used one of her daggers to cut Liaís chin.

Lia looked at her, and smirked. "Well, you were taught something," she said lowly. She then wiped her cut with the back of her hand, and stood. "But letís see how you picked it up." With that statement, she charged Sierra. She grabbed Sierraís arms, and kicked the girl in her stomach.

Once Sierra fell to her knees, she forced herself to stand. Her eyes narrowed. She then attacked Lia, at a blinding speed. Her eyes narrowed as Lia seemed to dodge and block every blow. Sierra then saw Dori standing behind Lia, and her eyes became a cruel void. Sierra jumped back into a somersault, slamming her feet into Liaís jaw.

As Lia stumbled back, she felt two hands in her back. She turned her head, and saw Dori in a type of combat stance. As Dori smirked, her eyes narrowed. A hot white light shot out of her hands, blasting Lia back over to Sierra. Before she reached the other fighter, Lia jumped up, and looked at the pair. "They work well together," she thought. "Letís see if they can get hurt together," she mumbled to herself. Her eyes narrowed as both girls disappeared. Lia let herself fall a few feet as the pair barely missed each other with an attack meant for Lia. Lia smirked as she saw Sierraís eyes glowing slightly. She then attacked Dori.

Dori did her best as Lia moved faster than Trunks ever did. She was able to turn, and kick Lia in her jaw. Dori then followed with multiple punches and kicks. She then smirked as Lia fell to the ground of the courtyard.

"Are you okay?" Sierra called over to Dori.

"Yeah. Iíll be fine," she said.

A blur then grabbed Doriís throat, and threw her to the surface of the Earth. As Lia appeared, Sierraís eyes glowed brightly. Without a second thought, Sierra dove to Doriís aid. As she caught her friend, a few feet from the desert stone, Lia appeared over them.

"I donít think she can handle herself well," Lia said smugly.

Sierra looked at Dori, and visions of her father, and step-mother flashed before her eyes. As she laid Dori on the ground, Sierra felt something inside of her snap. It was more than pure hate, or rage. Sierra then hunched over in pain as a pale violet aura surrounded her. She screamed as she felt two large, leathery wings ripped out of her back. She looked at Lia, and she tightened her grip on her daggers. Sierra crouched down, and attacked Lia at a speed new to her. Sierra was able to grab Lia, and slam her into the ground, just like she had done to Dori. But Lia crashed through the stone.

As she opened her eyes, Lia saw Sierra attacking with her daggers ready to rip her insides out. Lia quickly jumped out of the way, as Sierra crashed into the hole her body made. "Shit," Lia sighed as the small body imprint was now a crater. She then hunched over, and screamed. Two wings grew from her back, making Sierra stop in mid-attack. "You see, youíre not the only Shitarian here Little One," she taunted.

Dori slowly sat up, and saw both Sierra and Lia fighting with wings. Her eyes widened for a moment, until she saw Sierra being thrown through the mountain just to her right. Dori looked at Lia, who was laughing. "Bitch must pay," she whispered as she pulled a small stick from her boot. Dori jumped to her feet, and ran over to where Lia was floating. She jumped up, and the small stick extended into a full grown staff.

Lia easily dodged all of Doriís attacks. She then grabbed Doriís face, and smiled evilly as she looked into her eyes. "Go away little girl. You donít know what you really are, and I have no time for those who are worthless." Lia easily flung Dori over her shoulder.

"I am good enough!" Dori screamed as her eyes glowed brightly. A bright green glow surrounded her as a pair of wings shot out of her back as well. She then charged Lia, attacking full force. Dori kicked Lia in her face, and felt the presence of Sierra coming up behind her. Dori fell to the ground as Sierra charged Lia, elbow first.

As she coughed up blood, Lia started falling to the ground. She looked at the pair, and her eyes narrowed. "I wonít let these two beat me like this," she thought as she stopped herself from falling. She then focused large amounts of energy in her hands, and looked at the pair. "But, they are good," she added as she saw them charging her. Once they were in reach, Lia closed her eyes. "Paybacks are hell, arenít they," she whispered to herself. She then threw both blasts at the girls.

Once the bright light faded, both Sierra, and Dori fell to the ground unconscious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trunks looked out across the main yard, when Goten walked out of the palace. "That Lia person knows what sheís doing. You gotta trust her Trunks," Goten said.

He sighed his response. "I donít like this. Especially after what she said to me yesterday."

"Whatíd she say?"

"That Sierraís going to need me. More of me than I think I can give," he answered.

Goten was taken back slightly. Trunks was never one to talk about his own feelings. As his friend looked out across the sky, Goten was hit by a powerful discovery: Trunks is in love.

Trunks ran over to the edge of the palace, and his eyes widened. Lia flew up to the palace, holding Dori in one arm, and Sierra in the other. As she landed, Trunks gently took Sierra into his arms. "What happened?" he asked as he noticed the wings on her back.

Lia wrapped her wings across her chest, as if they were a cape. "She woke up her sleeping powers. The other one did too."

Goten pushed Doriís hair away from her face. "Will they be okay?" he asked.

"In a few days. Itís like they both reached your Super-Saiyajin, in a day. It just over-loaded them for the time being."

Trunks picked Sierra up into his arms, and looked at Lia. "You did this so theyíll be ready for the fight. Didnít you?" he asked.

"Just because they reached this state, doesnít mean that theyíll have a chance against the Queen, and her Lieutenants." Lia walked to the palace, and looked over her shoulder. "Those two girls may be this planetís only hope," she called back to them. "Make sure you take care of them."