Chapter 5: A Father/Daughter Moment

Stevie walked into the kitchen and saw Bulma working on dinner. "Bulma-san, do you need help?" she asked.

Bulma looked at Stevie, and smiled. "For Vegitaís daughter, sheís really sweet," she thought. "No, thatís okay. I used to cooking a lot. Iíve know how much Saiyajins love to eat for years."

"You have?"

"Yeah. I have a friend whoís also Saiya-jin. He can eat a ton if his wife lets him. His two sons are the same way." Bulma lowered her head in memory. "Trunks is like that too."

"Heís my brother, isnít he?"

Bulma nodded. "Yeah. Heís at Dende-samaís now..."

"I know. Bra told me." Stevie looked out of the window, and sighed. "Tomorrow Iím going to be heading out there myself." She folded her arms, and lowered her head. "I have to help the little one train."

"What about Trunks?"

"What about him? Heís my brother, and Iíll be meeting him for the first time. I canít train him. Heís beyond that. From what Bra tells me, heís already reached the second level Super-Saiyajin."

Bulma nodded with pride, her eyes then turned thin and bitter. "Yes. He almost killed himself doing it too."

Stevie laughed. "You remind me of my mother. She was so happy when I reached Super-Saiyajin. I overworked myself to the point that I was out cold for a month. She threw four fits when I came to."

Crossing her arms, Bulma shook her head. "You are related to Trunks," she sighed.

Out of the corner of her eye, Stevie saw a small dish towel catch fire. She ran over to Bulma, and pulled her away from the stove. "You should really watch where you put these things."

Bulma looked at her with wide eyes. She shook her head as Stevie ran cold water on the towel. "Iíve never seen anyone move that fast," she whispered.

"Itís a defensive habit," Stevie said lowly. "When itís just you, and your partner, you become very quick at moving around them."

"What is your partner like?"

"Lia? Sheís silly at times. Then thereís times where sheís deadly. When you find her in a strangely dark mood, anything can happen," Stevie laughed. She then sat on the counter next to the sink, and looked at Bulma. "Iím the more, logical one. But Iím also a lot colder than Lia."

Bulma looked at her, and frowned. "What makes you say that?"

Stevie looked at her with a straight face. "Iíve killed enough people to make Vegita seem like a nice guy. Iíve wiped out twenty different star systems, all without looking twice. I wonít even say how many other times that I calculated the deaths of other Shitarian Nobles."

"But youíre not Shitarian. Youíre Saiya-jin."

Stevie un-curled the tail from around her waist, and lifted it. She gazed at the tip of it, and sighed. "Actually, Iím both." Stevie looked at Bulma, and laughed. "I can be looked at as a full-blooded Saiya-jin. But my mother was part Shitarian. I donít know which parts. And I donít know how she wound up as a slave for Vegita. I do know that I was raised as a Warriorís child, and then rose to the class of a Noble. Thatís what counts to me... I guess."

"Then why do you want to know your family?"

Stevieís eyes widened as she lowered her head. "I was taught to always respect family."

"Then why do you treat Vegita the way you do?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?" Stevie snapped.

Bulma lowered her head, and sighed. "I donít know. I guess Iíve always wondered about things, and people."

Stevie lowered her head in guilt. "Because I know that Vegita never wanted me as a child." She sighed, and lowered her tail back around her wait. "Thatís why I treat him like that."

Bulma looked at her, and sighed. "Maybe the old, cold Prince Vegita wouldnít want you. But maybe the kinder, but still cold at times, Vegita would want to get to know his daughter." Bulma smirked as she stirred some rice. Out of the corner of her eye, Bulma saw a hand reaching into a pot of dumplings. Without thinking, she sung her wooden spoon. "Out," she said sternly.

As the spoon snapped in two, Stevie looked at Bulma in shock. "Okay, you donít have to hit me you know," she said still startled.

Bulmaís eyes widened as she looked at Stevie. "I didnít mean to," she said. Her eyes then narrowed as she heard Vegita laughing at the doorway. She looked at Vegita, and sighed restlessly. "What are you laughing at?"

"For once you broke a spoon, and you canít blame it on me," he answered smugly.

Stevie looked at the broken spoon and raised an eyebrow. "Next time Iíll ask," she said jokingly.

Bulma sighed. "You are related to Vegita at least," she mumbled under her breath. She opened a cabinet, and pulled out another spoon. "I think I might have to go to using iron spoons."

Stevie smiled as she walked back over to the window. "Vegita, can I ask you something?"

Vegita looked at her strangely. "What?"

"How did my mother come to your service?"

Vegita looked at Stevie with widened eyes. He glanced at Bulma, who was watching her also. "That was a life time ago. Why would you care?"

"Because I do. My mother was my closest friend I had until she died. She taught me how to fight, and how to use all of my powers, and she was one of the strongest women that I have ever met. How could a woman like that start out as a slave for a prince?" Stevie asked as she looked out of the window.

"She was proud, and she was always strong. She was one of the leaders of a rebellion against Freeza. When she was finally caught, she was given the choice of a life as a slave, or death." Vegita leaned against the doorway, and crossed his arms. "She chose death. But there was something in her that I saw, and I refused to let her go until I found out what it was. I took her as my personal slave."

"So you damned her." Stevie crossed her arms, and sighed. "Whatíd you do when she escaped? Try and hunt her down?"

"No. I knew she was carrying you, and I also knew that she was going to the Shitari home planet. I left her alone. I thought she, and you would be dead within a year."

"How thoughtful," Stevie sighed. "What did Freeza say when she escaped?"

"He never knew. I told him that I killed her."

Stevie looked at Vegita bitterly. "More than you know you...." Out of the corner of her eye, Stevie saw Bulma. She then walked out of the kitchen.

Vegita turned and looked at Bulma, and sighed. "Why did she want to know about her mother? She grew up with her."

"She was trying to find out what kind of man her father is," Bulma said. "Stevie thinks that you never did, and never will want her as your daughter."

Vegita turned and walked out of the kitchen also.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stevie sat on the roof of the Capsule Corps. main building. "He didnít even come looking for his own child," she thought. "But he didnít tell Freeza that we were still alive. That should count for something. Then again, Iíve heard about the mighty Prince Vegita. He was probably waiting to come look for me, and challenge me. To see if I was truly worth the title of heir." She turned around when she felt Vegita watching her. "What do you want?" she asked.

"To explain something to you," he said.

"No, you listen to me for once," she quickly said. She stood, and turned to him. "For the past twenty-five years, Iíve lived with the fact that you were my father. Iíve also lived with the facts that because you my motherís dead, and you didnít even give a damn to come after her."

"She was a slave."

"Let me finish, you lying Saiya-jin fuck," Stevie yelled. Tears were streaming down her face as she looked at him bitterly. "You have the balls to stand there and tell me that you told Freeza that you killed her, when my mother, the woman you say you killed was thrown into a mortal combat match with the queen, by Freezaís order."

"What?" Vegita whispered.

"Iím saying that Freeza knew exactly who, and where we were."

Vegita lowered his head as he thought. "But how could he? I told him that I... Dulcia," he whispered.


"After Dulcia and I had our... relations..."

"After you two shacked up."

Vegita looked at her, and rolled his eyes. "She and Zarbon had a relationship."

Stevieís eyes narrowed as she heard Zarbonís name. "I didnít know he worked for Freeza. He pretended to be my friend when Dulcia killed Okaasan. Then he had to leave. And he never came back.

"That might be because heís dead," Vegita said coldly. "I killed him on the planet Namek."

"Well, at least you did something right. Or are you hiding him too?"

"Listen to me you little..."

"No, you listen to me. I may be your daughter, but you were in no way, shape or form my father. The man who raised me died ten years ago. You may think what ever you want about me, but you should remember, Iím the daughter you canít over power."

Vegita looked at her. "Then why are you so worried about if I wanted you or not?" he asked.

Stevieís eyes widened, then narrowed. "Because, familyís always been important to Okaasan. I needed to see why it wouldnít be to you."

"It is important to me."

"To your family now. To Bra, Bulma, and your boy. Not to a slaveís child."

"You are my child also."

"I never have been."

"You are now."

Stevie looked at Vegita strangely. She watched him as he looked at the setting sun, and lowered her head. She then sat down.

"Besides. I think Bulma would like the idea of another daughter."

Stevie felt Vegita turn and start to leave. "Vegita," she said softly.


"Sayoka," she said simply.


Stevie turned and looked at him. "You wanted to know my real name. Itís Sayoka."

Vegita looked at her and nodded. "Thatís better than Stevie," he said lowly. "And thank you." He smirked as Stevie looked at him strangely. "For talking your sister into wanting to kill me. Within a few months, I believe that she could almost do it," he said.

"Does she know that?"

Vegita threw her a sly smirk. "Do I look like a fool?"