Chapter 6: Loopholes

Lia sat on the front steps of Dendeís palace, and sighed. "She should be here in a little while," she whispered. Lia held the side of her neck as she cracked it.

"Who should be here?" Gohan asked.

"My partner," Lia answered. "Stevie stopped to see her father, and meet her sister and brother."

Gohan nodded as he sat next to her. "So, sheís coming here too?"

"Yeah, she has a score to settle with the queen. So, she wants to show the little one as much as she can."

"Will she be able to show Sierra and Dori enough?"

"Stevie will be able to show them plenty. If they live through it that is." Lia saw the strange look Gohan was giving her. "Stevie was our planetís best assassin. She became the Noble for the assassinís clan as well. She lives by the term: ĎWhat doesnít kill you makes you stronger. But if I donít kill you, Iíll make you wish that I had.í" Lia looked at Gohan and sighed. "I guess itís the Saiyajin in her."

"What?" Gohan asked in shock.

"Oh, Stevieís only part Shitarian. She mostly Saiyajin. Her father is the Prince of the dead race."

"Vegita had another daughter?" Gohan asked in shock.

Lia looked at him strangely. "Do you know him?"

Gohan stood and nodded. "You could say that," he said. "My father and I fought him a couple of times, and heís also Trunksí father."

Her eyes widened as well. "The human looking boy?" she asked silently.

Gohan nodded. "As a matter of fact, Goten and I are also Saiyajin," he said.

Lia almost fell over. "I thought all of the Saiyajin died, except Nappa, Radiz, and the Prince."

"Nope. Radizís little brother who was sent here...." Gohan started to tell the story of his father, and some of their adventures.

Neither noticed a bright flash in the far distance. "Hey, Lia!" Stevie called as she reached the palace.

Gohanís eyes widened as he looked at Stevie. He saw that she was tall, and had a small, but muscular build. He also noticed that she didnít have typical Saiyajin hair. It was long, light brown, and soft. It easily flowed in the breeze, he figured that it was her only Shitarian trait. His eyes lowered down to her waist, where her tail was wrapped like a belt.

"Stevie, what are you wearing?" Lia asked.

Stevie laughed as she looked at the red skirt she wore. She then fixed the matching jacket that she wore over a black half-shirt. "You like? My sister picked it out," she said. "Actually, itís a lot more comfortable than it looks," she smiled as she landed.

Gohan nodded. "That looks like something Bra would pick up," he said.

Lia looked at Gohan, and then Stevie. "This is Son Gohan. He and his brother are helping with the little ones."

Stevie nodded. "I take it that you know my family," she said as she and Gohan shook hands.

"Yeah. I can take you to where Trunks is, if you want to see him," Gohan smiled.

"Just call me Stevie," she said. "And thank you. I would like to meet my brother."

Gohan looked at her strangely at first. He then shrugged. "If it has anything to do with Vegita, I know itís a long story. It just has to be," he said lowly.

Both women laughed. Stevie and Gohan walked into the palace, down to Sierraís room. "Is he sick?" she asked.

"No. Heís just taking care of Sierra. Lia really let her and Dori have it yesterday. She said something about them reaching something like Super-Saiyajin, too."

"Yeah, itís called Advancing. They had to reach that level to stand a chance against Dulcia. Now all thatís left is getting them to the annihilation level."

"Whatís that?"

Stevie lowered her head, and sighed. "Thatís when your emotions are so out of check, but in control, that all you are is pure power. Dulcia was working up to that level when Lia and I left. I doubt sheíll reach it by the time she gets here. But I donít want to take any chances."

Gohan sighed. "Do you think youíll be able to do it?" he asked.

"Yeah. I was able to reach it. Iíve been trying to get Lia to it, and sheís almost ready. And I know how to push all the wrong buttons with people." Stevie watched Gohan as he opened the door to Sierraís room.

"Trunks, thereís someone here you have to meet," Gohan called in.

Trunks walked to the door, and looked at Stevie, and Gohan. "What?" he asked.

"This is Stevie, Liaís partner."

"Iím also your older sister," she said flatly.

Trunks looked at her in shock. "What?"

"You heard me."

He looked her over, and saw exactly what Bulma saw. "A female version of Father," he said mostly to himself.

Gohan looked at the pair, and sighed. "Iíll leave you two alone," he said before walking away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dori slowly opened her eyes, and saw Goten sitting next to her. "I have a headache," she mumbled.

"You should. You went through a lot a few days ago," he smiled as he placed a cold compress on her forehead. "But besides that, how are you feeling?" he asked.

"I feel like Iíve been put through rock, thrown around like a rag doll, and had wings shoot out of my back."

"Good," Goten smiled. "Thatís what happened to you."

"Not funny. These wings hurt," she said as she felt for them. Her eyes slightly widened as she didnít feel them.

"Lia said that once you calm down, theyíll go away. Only now your backís really sensitive."

Dori noticed that she was on at least three pillows. "So, what do I do for now?"

"You let me wait on you hand and foot," he smiled.

"No Goten, I mean really. When do I get back to training?"

"In a few days. After you and Sierra both feel better."

Dori sighed. "What can I do to get out of here?" she asked.

"Youíre not going anywhere."

"Please?" she whined.

"No. Thatís final. Youíre staying here, and Iím staying with you."

Dori smirked as she took Gotenís hand into hers. "Well, I can think of worse. Just imagine how Sierraís gonna react."

"Yeah. I feel bad for Trunks."

"Donít. Sierra likes him too much," she said.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A year later, Sierra and Dori both stood outside of the palace, with Lia, and Stevie. Sierra sighed as she felt her wings wrap around her neck. "What are we supposed to be doing today?" Sierra asked.

Stevie looked at Lia, and sighed. "Sheís determined."

"And strong," Lia added. "My neckís still sore from where she hit me last time."

"Are you sure youíre not just getting soft?" Stevie asked teasingly.

Lia looked at her friend, and smirked. "Just wait. Iíll show you whoís soft," she mumbled in response.

Stevie looked at Sierra, and smirked. "Come with me. Try and keep up." Stevie doubled over as a pair of wings shot out of her back as well. "You coming Lia?"

"And watch you almost destroy these two?" Lia looked at Stevie, and smiled. "Why not?" she said as she jumped up in the air. Lia looked at Sierra and Dori. "Use your wings to move faster," she called out to them.

Stevie took off. She was out of sight within seconds. Stevieís eyes narrowed as she took off after Stevie. Lia was about to take off, when she noticed Dori just standing in place. "Todayís your test. Either you two are partner, or your not."

Dori nodded as she watched Sierra. Dori then thought about her six months of training with Trunks, and her father. She doubled over as her wings grew into place again.

Lia smiled at the girl. "Now lets get going. Stevie and Sierra could be killing each other by now."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stevie spun around, and kicked Sierra in her chest. She felt Sierra grab her leg, and toss her in the direction of Dendeís palace. Stevie passed Lia and Dori, and grunted as she used her wings to slow her down. "That little shit," she grunted. She then looked at Sierra, who was waiting for her. "Iíll take that little smirk off your face," she whispered.

"Told you," Lia said as Stevie disappeared and reappeared in front of Sierra.

Stevie grabbed Sierra by her throat, and the pair crashed into the earth at top speed. Sierra kicked Stevie off of her, and released a blast of energy at her. Stevie barely dodged that blast, just to be hit with another.

"Weíre gonna have to join them, arenít we?" Dori asked.

"Let those two go at it for awhile. When Sierra needs help, you go in. Thatís what partners do. At least thatís what Stevie and I do," Lia said lowly.

Sierra felt a whip wrap itself around her throat. As she struggled to her feet, she was able to draw her daggers. She quickly cut the whip, and charged Stevie. As she threw countless punches, slashes and kicks at Stevie, the elder warrior dodges most of them. Sierra was able to open Stevieís defenses with a kick to her face. As Stevie turned around, Sierra cut her across her body ten times with her daggers.

"Well, nice talking with you Dori," Lia said as she drew a saber. She then dove to Sierra, from behind.

Dori watched, and shook her head. She quickly drew her staff, and caught up with Lia. As she stopped Lia from striking Sierra, they also fell to the ground. "Attacking isnít fair," Dori said as she pinned Lia to the ground.

Lia smirked as she kicked Dori off of her. "Youíre learning. I should be proud," Lia said jokingly. The two stood, and looked at each other. "Friendly combat Dori?" she asked.

Dori smirked. "Why not," she smiled.

As they charged each other, Sierra crashed into the ground between them. As the dust cleared, Sierra rolled out of the way as Stevie crashed down, at top speed. Sierra jumped to her feet, and blocked the swings from Stevieís weapon. Stevie was able to wrap her whip around Sierraís wrist, and sent a hellish amount of energy through it.

As Sierra screamed, Dori jumped over Sierra, and tackled Stevie to the ground. As Dori was thrown over Stevieís body, Dori struck Stevie in her chest with her staff. Dori then focused her energy, and threw it at Stevie. Stevie jumped in the air to dodge the attack, and found Dori in the air, just in front of her. Doriís eyes glowed a deep green as she hit Stevie four times in her face with her staff. As Stevie fell to the ground, Lia hit Dori with an energy blast. Dori was knocked back a few feet, but easily recovered. She then turned, and saw Lia attack her with her sword. Just as she was about to be struck, Sierra used Stevieís whip and wrapped it around Liaís ankle. Sierra pulled on it, and sent Lia crashing into the ground. Sierra was about to attack Lia, when Stevie punched her in her face, side, and stomach. Sierra wiped the blood from her mouth, and looked at Stevie. She charged her, and attacked again. Sierra threw more punches and kicks at Stevie, who avoided all, except the last one. Sierra jumped upside down, and kicked her four times, before dropping to her knees, and punching Stevie in her jaw. As Stevie fell to the ground, Sierra heard Lia about to charge her. As she was about to turn around, Dori brought an axe-kick right down at Liaís back. As they fell into the ground, Stevie appeared over Dori, and threw an elbow between her wings. As Dori screamed in pain, Sierraís eyes widened. Dori fell to the ground, and her wings vanished.

Stevie looked at Sierra, who was now glowing in a bright lavender light. "Oh shit," she sighed.

Lia pushed Doriís body off of her, and her eyes widened. "You had to hurt Dori, didnít you. I told you that only pisses her off to no end."

Sierraís wings grew double in size, as he skin turned to a stone grey. Her lavender hair came out of its braid, and pony tail as she radiated in a huge aura of power. Without thinking, Sierra jumped onto Stevie. As they both fell back, Stevie threw Sierra off of her body. As she stood, Stevie increased her power until she had the same appearance as Sierra. Stevie then felt Sierra beginning to charge her. She then unleashed all of her powers, knocking Sierra deep into a far mountain. As Stevie opened her now midnight black eyes, she looked at Lia. "Sheís only a step away from this. You were right. She is determined."

Lia stood, and picked up Dori. "Are you going to bring her back to the palace yet?"

"No. Weíll be there in the morning. If Trunks asks, tell him that sheíll be okay." Stevie then changed back to her normal power level. "Take her back. Goten and Gohaníll want to take care of those cuts you two have." As she heard Lia turn, Stevie smiled. "Hey Lia, I told you so," she said.


"Youíre getting soft."

Lia rolled her eyes. "Letís not forget, you were getting your tail kicked too. Whoís getting soft Assassin?" she teased.

"Get out of her Thief. Iíll see you in the morning."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bra kicked Vegita in his side, and continued her attack. She missed him with a roundhouse, but nailed him in his jaw with a following kick. As her father fell back, she pulled her hand in front of him, and fired a shot of energy into his stomach. As Vegita fell to the ground, the gravity roomís generator was shut down. They powered down, and looked at the door, and opened it. Braís eyes widened. "Stevie, what are you doing here?" she asked.

Stevie looked at Bra, and smiled. "I came here to check up on you. Howíve you been?"

"Iíve made it to Super-Saiyajin level two. Iím catching up to Trunks."

"And me. Iím only at that Saiyajin level." Stevie looked over Braís shoulder, and saw Vegita standing with his arms crossed. "How are you.......Otoosan?" she said.

Vegitaís eyes slightly widened. "Iím fine Sayoka."

"Bra kicked your tail royally, didnít she?"

"Sheís getting better." Vegita looked at the stern look in Stevieís eyes, and the hopeful look in Braís eyes. "But Iím very pleased with her training so far."

"Thank you Papa," Bra said before kissing his cheek, and running out of the gravity room. Once she was past Stevie, Bra flew inside.

Stevie saw the slight smirk on Vegitaís face, and smiled. "Feels good doesnít it?" she asked.


"Being a good teacher." Stevie then saw Vegita looking at her strangely. "What?"

Vegita pointed to the blood stains on Stevieís clothes. "You were hurt?" he asked.

"Iím fine. I have a friend in the regeneration tanks though. Sheís the one that Dulciaís after."

"You brought her here?"

"Relax, she wonít come after Sierra."

There was an explosion inside of the house, and both Stevie, and Vegita flew top speed to it. Once there, they found Bulma in the kitchen unconscious. Vegita went to her side, and Stevie powered herself up to her Advanced level.

"Well, well, well. Hereís where youíve been hiding Assassin," a female voice said.

Stevie looked around. "Where are you Warrior?" she called out.

A woman with short black hair appeared behind Vegita, and Bulma, holding an unconscious Bra. "Iím right here."

"We have another year and a half," Stevie said.

"Queen Dulcia said that about the little one. Not about the Prince."

"Whereís your honor Theadra? Dulcia went mad years ago."

"And she has the Prince to thank. By taking his youngest, sheís only starting to pay him back."

"If you hurt her, I swear youíll all die regretting it," Stevie said bitterly.

"Thatís what you think. No one can beat the Queen. Especially you. Youíre just a warriorís daughter."

Stevie balled up her hands, and looked at Theadra as she put a sword to Braís throat. "Keep telling yourself that."

Theadra laughed as she and Bra disappeared.

"Ready or not, weíre pushing the deadline up," Stevie thought as she looked at Bulma, who was just coming to.