Chapter 7: Battle 1- The Assassination Attempt

 Bulma tried to stop her tears as Vegita told her that their daughter was taken. She looked at Stevie, who was standing with her arms crossed, and an unreadable expression on her face. "How are you going to get her back?" she asked Vegita.

 Before he could answer, Stevie broke in. "He's not."

 Vegita looked at her with narrow eyes. "What do you mean? She's my daughter."

 "And as soon as you're gone, Theadra will send some one here to kill Bulma. She's taken my clan away from me..."

 "What is that supposed to mean?" Vegita asked growing angry.

 "I was the Noble for the Assassin clan. The members of that clan know how to get past every single race we've come across one. The Saiyains. You're her only hope if you want your wife to live."

 "What if you can't do it?" Bulma asked Stevie almost silently.

 "I will."

 "How can you be sure?" Vegita asked.

 Stevie sighed. "I'm more powerful than Theadra. I can kill her with out even going past my Advanced stage." Stevie closed her eyes as if in pain. "But if she took her to Dulcia, then I'd have to push myself to the limits. But I'm still more powerful."

 There was an uncomfortable silence in the kitchen. Bulma slowly stood and walked to the stove. "I guess I'll fix dinner," she said lowly.

 "You don't have to. I'm sure Otosan isn't too hungry, and I'm not staying."

 Both looked at Stevie. "What are you talking about?" Bulma asked. "I'm sure you don't mean you're going after them now."
 Stevie finally turned away from the window, and looked at Bulma, and Vegita. "No. Not yet. In a few hours, yes."

 "What are you going to do until then?" Bulma asked.

 Stevie walked to the door, and sighed. "I'm going to pick up a few people." Stevie smirked to herself. "When Lia and I left, we didn't leave alone."

 "Sayoka," Vegita said sternly. Once she turned to him, and he stood. "I won't go with you. But Trunks needs to know what happened. Let him go with you."

 "He'd get a hard lesson in Shitarian mortal combat."

 "Those are the only lessons that he knows."

 Stevie looked at Vegita, and nodded one. "Look after the little one," she said. They both nodded, and Stevie looked at the hole in the ceiling, leading to the open sky. Without a thought, Stevie opened her wings, and jumped to the sky.

 Vegita lowered his head as Bulma silently cried. "I'm going to check on the girl."

 "Is Bra going to be okay?"

 "If her sister has anything to say about it. Yes." With that Vegita left the kitchen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stevie flew to a large cliff fifteen miles west of Capsule Corps. She landed on a rocky ledge, and walked into the wall next to her. She passed through the hologram, and saw a young woman sitting at a large computer. "So, has anything happened that I should know about?" Stevie asked.

 "Does the whole space fleet surrounding a planet in the Toska Sector and blowing it out of existence count?" the young woman said.

 "No." Stevie walked over to a large door. "Keep me posted Sherrie. Where are the others?"

 "Isa and Twyla are doing their thing in the practice cavern. And Cosse's finding something to eat... like always." Stevie went to open the door, when Sherrie turned to her. "Did something happen Stevie?"

 The Saiya-jin closed her eyes trying to block the memory of Theadra taking Bra. "That Warrior bitch just made a big mistake. That's all," she said simply.

 As Stevie walked through the door, she clenched her fists."Yeah, a very big mistake," she thought. Stevie walked to a large cavern, and saw a small woman in a combat position. "What are these two up to?" she asked herself.

 In the shadows, a young man quickly ran over to the girl from behind, and was met by a fury of punched and kicks. He stumbled back, and recovered. Jumping in the air, he noticed Stevie. He softly landed, and punched the woman in her side, and chest. "Hey Stevie. What's up?" he asked.

 "Pay attention to what you're doing," Stevie said sternly.

 As he turned his attention to his opponent, who punched him in his eye.  She then grabbed his arm to keep him from falling to the ground, she continued to punch him across his face. She finally kicked him in his jaw, sending him into the air, and then to the ground.

 "You're getting better Twyla," Stevie laughed. "And you Isa, you have to get passed your ego. You are stronger than she is, but she still knocked you on your ass."

 Isa lowly grunted as he felt his eye beginning to swell. "I didn't want to hurt the little Thief."

 Twyla's pink eyes narrowed. "But I'll still kick the ass of any Warrior that crosses me. Or I'll die trying," she said bitterly.

 "I have a problem," Stevie said quickly. She knew that Isa and Twyla were partners, but the would never admit it to anyone. Their fighting was something that happened very often, and took too long. "My little sister was taken."

 Both looked at her. "You have a sister?" Isa asked. When Twyla elbowed him in his side, he remember that was why Stevie left in the first place. "Oh yeah, I forgot," he said lowly.

 Stevie pulled Isa away from Twyla before he could pull her hair. "Theadra is the one who took her. Do you two want to come with me to get her back?" she asked.

 "Yes," both said quickly. "That was a really stupid question," Twyla smirked. She then jumped up, and floated to her private cavern.

 Stevie looked at Isa, and sighed. "Go and get ready. I leave for the sky palace in five minutes."

 "Flying Advanced?" he asked slowly.

 Stevie sighed. Isa reached his Advanced level a year before she did. But he never revealed it to anyone except in battle. His breaking point was watching his family slaughtered by another Assassin. She respected his hatred of her clan, and never pushed when it cane to matters of his power levels. She lowered her head and sighed. This would be the first time she'd even come close. "Yeah. You don't..."

 "I'm going," he said sternly. "I'm no longer a Warrior, just like you aren't an Assassin. You're the most powerful, so you're our leader. I pledged my loyalties to you; not Theadra. If I have to go through a few bad memories, so be it."

 Stevie looked at him, and smiled. "You should have been a Noble. We needed more like you."

 "No. You needed more like yourself. And less like Theadra." Isa saw Stevie lower her head, and sighed. "I better go and get my things," he said before flying off to his own cavern.

 Stevie walked back up to the main computer cavern, and saw Sherrie sitting with a young man, just older than Bra. She smirked to herself as he ate a rather large sandwich. "Is there anything going on in this sector?" she asked.

 "Yeah, the strangest thing too," he said around a half chewed bite. He leaned over to a large console, and typed in a strange code. "You see, there's been these different kinds of surges all through the area. Three happened at that building that your family lives in."

 "Three," Stevie repeated strangely. Her eyes then widened. "That dishonorable bitch," she whispered. Stevie then walked to the exit, and looked at Sherrie. "Contact Lia, tell her to get Trunks and meet me at his home. She'll understand. And when Isa and Twyla get out here, give them the location of Capsule Corps.," she said before taking off.

 Sherrie looked at her brother, and shook her head. "She's getting stranger and stranger," she said as she opened a channel to Lia's communicator. "But, she's the boss."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Bulma placed the last dish on the table, when she felt someone watching her. She walked over to the intercom, and opened a wide channel. "Vegita, dinner's ready. Get up here," she said.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Vegita sat in the room watching Sierra as she slowly woke up. "So, you're the last hope for this planet, huh?" he asked lowly. He say her look at her surroundings wildly. "Don't worry, you're safe," he said into a special microphone. "Sayo... Stevie left you here so you can heal. I take it you know my son, Trunks."

 Sierra nodded. She watched Vegita as he shut down the tank. The green-yellow fluid drained from around her, and the hatch opened. She took the oxygen mouthpiece out, and sighed. "How long have I been in there?" she asked.

 "Not long. But you weren't as damaged to require more time," he said carelessly.

 "Vegita, dinner's ready. Get up here," Bulma's voice echoed.

 Vegita looked at the intercom strangely. Bulma was never one to call Vegita to dinner, only the kids. His eyes then widened as he remember what Stevie said about the assassins she once lead. "Stay here," he told Sierra. Before she could protest, Vegita was in Super-Saiyajin mode, and out the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Bulma screamed as a knife destroyed the intercom. "Who are you?" she asked with her voice shaking.

 She looked at a young man, who was no older than Trunks, as he smirked at her. "Don't worry about that," he said smoothly.

 Bulma tried to take a step back, but realized she was already against the counter. She slowly made her way to the hallway leading to the pantry. "You're one of those assassins aren't you?" she asked.

 He smiled a smile that put Vegita's own cruel smile to shame. "How do you know about us?" he asked.

 "I was told," she said as he slowly started to follow her. "Stevie told me."

 "Stevie? Oh, you mean Lady Sayoka. Our former Lady, I should say. She's changed her name has she?" He then looked at the table, and looked at the food. "Well, Lady Theadra and the Queen will be happy that I didn't kill you right away." He looked at a dumpling, and picked it up.

 "Try it if you want," Bulma said nervously. She took a deep breath, as he looked at her with cold green eyes. "Please get here soon Vegita," she thought.

 As if he knew her thought, Vegita appeared just behind her. "Bulma, get behind me," he said lowly.

 The assassin looked at Vegita, and his eyes slightly narrowed. "So, you're the used to be prince. I'm not impressed."

 Vegita kept his sight and anger focused at the intruder. "Get out of my house, before I throw you out," he said sternly.

 Bulma stood behind Vegita, and was grabbed from behind. She was about to scream, when she saw Sierra standing behind her.

 The young assassin looked past Vegita, and saw Sierra. His eyes widened as he looked into her eyes. "She has to die," he said lowly.

 Vegita attacked the youth at a speed that couldn't be seen.

 Bulma turned her face as Vegita slammed his fist into the boy's stomach.

 With the youth still on his fist, Vegita flew up to the outside, and continued to fight--- or play with him. After a few moments he was attacked by a large group of Shitarian warriors.

 Bulma lowered her eyes to the blood on her floor, when ten more figures attacked her and Sierra.

 Stevie flew past Vegita as she went into the kitchen. She looked at others, and saw Sierra doing her best to fight off the attackers. "She's still weak," Stevie thought. Her eyes widened as one of the attacking assassins grabbed Bulma and was about to slit her throat. "Enough," she yelled.

 The power of her voice was so strong that it shook the entire building. The assassin that held Bulma let her go and watched as Stevie powered herself up, beyond any of them have ever seen.

 "Sierra, get Bulma, and get out of here," Stevie said. She looked at the other assassins below her, and smirked. "And to you, I formally challenge all of you, and your warrior friends to armed combat."

 "You will never win," one of the assassins shouted. She dared to fly up to Stevie's level, and look her former commander in her eyes. "You may be strong, but you will never be able to defeat all of us."

 "So you decline. I'm sure Dulcia will not be happy to hear this."

 "We did not," the assassin said quickly. She looked at Stevie with bitter eyes. "You want death so much Saiya-jin, make sure you welcome it," she said drawing a scythe.

 "Mind if I play too?" Lia asked.

 Stevie glanced over her shoulder, and saw her friend, and smiled. "You sure you want to? It's armed combat," she warned.

 Lia drew her sword, and smiled as she wrapped her wings around her. "Lady Sayoka, there would be no greater honor..." she threw her wings open, and gave Stevie a devilish grin. "Or greater fun."

 Stevie looked at the assassins, and smiled. "Let's go," she said before flying out of the hole in the roof. As they reached the clouds, Stevie saw Trunks and Vegita handling themselves fairly well against the Warrior clan. She then stopped as she saw Isa and Twyla coming in closer to them.

 "Should we tell them what's going on?" Lia asked.

 "They'll get in our way," Stevie said. Once they were high enough, she stopped. Stevie drew her axe-whip, and looked at the group following her.  She smiled cruelly as she dove back into the small squad, slicing everyone in the center of the group.

 Lia smiled. "Time to work," she sighed as she attacked the four that came after her. She pulled her sword back and lunged it into the throat of one of the attackers. She then pulled it to the side, cutting most of his neck off. She then turned, and swung at the shoulder of a large woman. She raised her eyebrow as the woman looked at her in horror. She then shrugged. "You should know that thieves are hard to kill," she smiled before she finished cutting off the woman's arm. Lia then quickly spun around, and sliced the woman's stomach open.

 Stevie looked at the six bleeding assassins around her, and smiled. She then swung her whip at the girl who must have been leader, wrapping it around her throat. As she pulled the girl to her, Stevie smiled coldly at her. "You have guts. I'll make this quick," she said before slitting her throat with the axe.  As she let the girl fall, Stevie shot her whip out to another young assassin. As she tightened her grip, she sent a large amount of energy through the whip. One of the other assassins jumped on to her back. Stevie kicked the man on her back, and released the now dead man from her whip. She turned around, and cut him five times across the face. She then threw him to the ground.

 "Stevie!" Lia screamed.

 Stevie turned to see fourteen of the thirty warriors beating on Lia. Her eyes then widened as she saw one of them about to strike her with her own sword.

 Out of nowhere, Sierra cut the warrior seven times, and grabbed the sword. "Watch out!" she called.

 Stevie turned and saw the three assassins on one side of her. She smiled as she curled her whip. "I'm getting really sick of this shit," she said to herself. Her eyes glowed brightly. She charged the three.

 Lia fought her way free, and smiled as she held her sword tightly.  A warrior charged her, and she blurred out of sight. She appeared just behind the large man, and cut off his wings. As he screamed in pain, Lia stabbed him in his back. She put both feet on his back, and pulled her sword out of it, and flipped over to another. She turned her sword around, and sliced the nearest woman down her chest.

 Sierra sliced the throats of the four warriors surrounding her. She was about to charge another group, with she was struck between her shoulder-blades.

 Stevie saw Sierra falling, and a small group of warriors following. She quickly pulled off the head of the last assassin, and followed. She shot out a huge ball of energy, and killed on of the warriors. As Sierra's body left the clouds, Stevie said that she was heading towards a rocky ravine. She shot her whip out, and slit the throat of another warrior. The last two turned, and faced Stevie. One carried a short sword, and the other held a whip of his own. Stevie smiled to herself as she retraced her whip into her axe. She then attacked the two without mercy.

 Lia turned to the last three warriors, and smiled. "Oh come on," she taunted. "I haven't even broken a nail," she teased. "Why don't you three give it your best. Stop holding back."

 The three looked at her, then each other. As their attention was elsewhere, Lia jumped up, and in between their lose circle formation. She swung her sword at a speed that was almost blinding, and put it back in its seethe at her left calf. "I thought Theadra would train her underlings better," she sighed as she flew away. Lia didn't bother to watch the three warriors fall to the ground, one with no head, one with a slit throat, and the other with his entire intestine visible.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 "Sierra!" Stevie called as she flew to the rocky ravine. She flew to a small ledge, and landed. She took a deep breath as she started to feel the effects of her battle. She sighed as she pushed her unruly hair away from her face. "Sierra!" she called again.

 Trunks flew down to Stevie, and sighed. "What are you doing?" he asked.

 "I'm looking for the little one. She was falling, and I didn't see her afterwards..."

 "She's inside," Trunks said. "I caught her before she fit the ground and took her inside. Sierra's in the regeneration tank."

 A sign of relief passed Stevie's eyes. She then lowered her head. "I take it you heard?"

 "About Bra? Yeah. Mom just finished telling me." Trunks lowered his head also. "You think we'll be able to get her back?" he asked.

 "How did you handle yourself against the others?"

 "I held my own. Why?"

 "You'll have to get through a lot more than them, to get to Bra."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Theadra walked into a large chamber, and smiled. "My Queen, we have the Saiya-jin half-breed," she said.

 A tall lean woman looked at her and smiled. "Good. What about her mother and Vegita?"

 Theadra lowered her head. "There's no word. I'm beginning to think that they failed."

 Dulcia nodded as she stood. "Take the child, put her through the conditioning."

 Theadra nodded. "Yes my Queen."

 As she walked down to Theadra, Dulcia pushed her short dark green hair away from her face. "If that rebel comes here, send the child to me, and I will finish what I started with her mother."