Chapter 8: Battle 2- The Rescue??

 Isa sat watching Twyla as she pulled her hair away from the back of her neck. He sighed as he saw a small cut across her back. "What happened?" he asked.
Twyla looked over her shoulder, and sighed. "A reopened cut. That's all," she said. As she finished pulling her hair up into a tight bun, she looked at Isa, who was still watching her. "What?" she asked.

 "Nothing," he said quickly. "I just thought you were hurt, that's all." Isa folded his arms, and turned away from her. "Guardian," he sighed. "If a guy doesn't care, he's called an ass, if he does try and show the slightest ounce of concern, he's shot. I wish you'd make up your mind."

 As she was about to saw something, Twyla watched Isa walk away. She looked at his back and noticed that he was limping. She looked at the bottom of his leg, and saw a large cut going up it. "Isa, wait," she called after him. Twyla ran after him, and grabbed his arm. "You're hurt," she said softly.

 He sighed. "So? I was a warrior. I got hurt a lot," he said.

 "Let me take a look at that," she said.

 "It's fine Twyla." Isa fell onto his back when she pushed him. "What do you..."

 She held his legs with both hands. "Will you please shut up, and let me work?" she asked.

 "But only Healers...."

 "I wasn't a Thief from the beginning you know," she said shortly. Her hands glowed in a faint light, and soon the cut on his leg was nothing more than a scar. "My father was a Healer," she said as she stood. "My mother was the Thief." Twyla lowered her head as she remembered her parents. "My father always joked that she stole his heart right from under him too."

 Isa sat up, and looked at Twyla. "You never talk about your family," he said lowly.

 Twyla looked at him as if she forgot he was there. "So, you don't talk about yours," she said shortly. She then walked towards the Capsule Corps. main building.

 Isa looked at her with stubborn black eyes. "I'll get through that shell of yours Twyla. Even if I have to beat it out of you," he thought as he stood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Stevie looked at the group around her, and sighed. Lia was standing to her left, while Trunks was on her right. She then saw Twyla, and Isa walk over to stand in front of her. "Okay, here's the plan," she said as she felt Sierra walk up behind her. Stevie stopped, and sighed. "I can't stop you little one. Stop hiding," she said over her shoulder.

 Sierra walked over to Trunks' side, and looked at Stevie.

 "The plan," Stevie said again. "We have to go and get Bra, and get out."

 "Where could she be?" Trunks asked.

 "That's a good question. There's dozens of places that she could be," Lia said.

 Stevie sat on the ground, and sighed. "I've thought of that," she said lowly. "Cosse said that there were three..."

 Her sentence was cut off when she felt a strange power level advancing to them. "Scatter," she said lowly. "Trunks, you and
Sierra make sure nothing gets inside of that building. Team two, A formation. Lia, let's go to work," she ordered.

 As everyone did as they were told, Stevie narrowed her eyes. She drew her axe from her side, and lowered into a crouch position. "Only one," she said lowly. As she felt the chi of the person come closer, she glanced at Lia. "You ready?" she asked.

 Lia drew her sword, and sighed. "Yeah. But can't it be..."

 "Stevie, this is Base. There's been another surge. Someone came through with enough power to almost fry the scanners. I think it may be your sister," Cosse's voice said over Stevie's communicator.

 "I kinda got that feeling already Base, thanks." Stevie felt the chi come even closer. "Lia, change in plan."

 "I know what you're thinking. No."

 "That was an order Lia. Tell Trunks that Bra's here, and to get his family out, now."

 "Sayoka," Lia said sternly.

 "Alexia, please, I'm asking you. Go."

 Lia looked at Stevie and sighed. "Be careful," she said lowly. Lia stood from her crouch, and ran over to where Trunks and Sierra were in hiding.

 Stevie took a deep breath, and sighed. She then shot up into the sky. Stevie reached cloud level, and saw Bra looking at her with cold blue Super-Saiyajin eyes she stood with her arms crossed, and a grin of pure evil across her face. Stevie looked at Bra, and saw another figure standing just behind her. "Theadra," she whispered. "Let her go. She has nothing to do with this," Stevie shouted.

 "Lady Vegita, go and destroy the other like the Queen wanted," Theadra said. She then chuckled as she drew her sword, and smiled. "I'll take care of your sister."

 Bra looked at Theadra, and nodded. She then rocketed to the ground.

 As Theadra watched Bra, Stevie released her whip, and tightened her grip on it's handle. "What have you done to her?"

 "She's gone through the best conditioning by order of the Queen," Theadra smiled. She then looked at Stevie and smiled. "You now, I think she did it so she could get back at you, and your father at the same time."

 Stevie was going to attack her, when Lia flew up behind them. "What does she want?" Lia asked.

 "What are you doing here?" Theadra asked in shock. "I saw you fall into the...."

 "You handle this, I'm going after Bra," Stevie said.

 Lia tilted her head over her should, and smirked. "Stay here. Trunks has her."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Trunks threw Bra into the side of the building, creating a large dent on impact. She then looked at him with bitter eyes. "Bra, stop it," Trunks said. "I will hurt you if I have to," he said sternly.
 Bra looked at him, and smiled. "You can try," she said before she launched after him again. She threw a flurry of punches and kicks which he blocked and dodged. As he grabbed her arms again, Bra kneed him in his stomach. As he released her, Trunks punched her in the side. Bra jumped to her feet, and jumped into the air. As she turned to face Trunks, he was gone. She then turned around, and threw her hand into his stomach. As a blast of energy left her hands, Trunks was blown almost a hundred yards away. She looked at him, and smiled.

 Trunks shook his head, and looked at Bra. "I'm not letting her get in there like this," he thought. As she turned to go into the building, Trunks shot after her. He grabbed her hair, and tossed her away from their home. As she corrected herself, Bra launched after Trunks again. This time, she pulled her fist back, ready to drive her hand through his skull. Trunks held out his hand, and sent a blast of energy at her, and a blinding speed.

 Bra was hit in her chest, and fell to the ground like a rock. She laid still, barely breathing.

 "Bra," Trunks called. He flew down to her side, and gently shook her.

 She opened her eyes, and smiled. She then hit him with a blast of energy in his eyes. As he fell onto his back blinded, Bra jumped to her feet. "You worry too much," she said as she readied another blast. One that would kill him.

 Another blast hit Bra in her back, making her fall over. Sierra stood about two meters off of the ground, with her wings at full span. She balled up her fists as she changed into the level she reached just before with Stevie. She looked at Bra, and smiled coldly. "He might care if you live. I don't," she said sternly.

 Bra looked at her, and smiled. Without saying a word, she attacked.

 Lia just dodged a shot to her face as Theadra swung her sword. She then lifted her sword and blocked the lunge. She kicked Theadra in her face, and stomach. As Theadra moved back, Lia smirked. "I know you've got more than that," she said.

 "Yes. You're brother would know." Theadra rushed Lia again, and the two locked swords again. "Do you remember this sword?" she asked.

 Lia grunted as she backed off, and attacked again. "What difference does it make?"

 Theadra found an opening, and used it. She stabbed Lia in her right shoulder, making her drop her sword. The Warrior smiled as she leaned closer to Lia. "Look at it. I used his own sword to kill him..." she laughed, "...and you."

 Lia's eyes widened as she watched Theadra pull the sword out of her arm. Her eyes were wide with shock. She screamed as a red aura engulfed her. Theadra backed away as Lia broke all of her levels, and entered the annihilation level. "You...." she said with her voice dripping with hate. "He was just trying to survive..." Lia rushed Theadra at a speed that the latter didn't have a chance of seeing. She then grabbed the sword, and put it to Theadra's throat. "I'm going to make you suffer," she whispered before diving into the ravine.

 Stevie followed the pair, and watched as Lia threw the Noble Lady of the Warrior Clan into jagged walls, one after the other. Lia then tightened her grip on the sword in her hand, and looked at Theadra.

 Lia stood over Theadra, and smiled. She leaned down, and picked her up by her neck. "Tell Van that I said hello," she whispered before ripping her throat out.

 "Lia?" Stevie asked as she stood with her arms crossed. "You done yet?"

 "One more thing," Lia said as a ball of energy gathered in her hand. She then fired it at Theadra's body. As she looked at the crater that Theadra's burnt corpse laid in, she smirked. "Now I am," she said before looking at Stevie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Sierra and Bra both crashed into the ground below. Sierra spun onto her back, and kicked Bra in her face. She was about to make another move, when she realized Bra wasn't fighting back. Sierra turned Bra over, and saw that she was now out cold, and blood was pouring down the back of her neck. Sierra picked Bra up and carried her to Trunks. "Here you go," she said lowly.

 Trunks lowered his head as he carried her inside.

 "Little one!" Stevie called. As Sierra looked up, Stevie and Lia landed in front of her. "Where are Trunks and Bra?"

 Sierra lowered her head. "He took her inside. To the regeneration tanks I guess," she answered lowly.


 "Can you please stop calling me that?" Sierra asked sharply. "My name is Sierra Cro. Not Little One. I call you by your name, you can at least do the same for me."

 Stevie looked at her and nodded. "Alright... Sierra. What's wrong?"

 "I stopped Bra from killing Trunks, and killed his honor in the process."

 Twyla and Isa ran over to Stevie and Lia. "We have a small problem," they said in unison. Twyla looked at Isa, and then to Stevie. "I just got a transmission from base. That surge that brought your sister..."

 "And Theadra," Lia added as she folded her wings.

 Isa looked at Lia, and noticed the sword on her leg. "Well, it didn't stop until just now," he said.

 Sierra looked at everyone. "What does that mean?" she asked.

 "We made a whole lot of people really, really pissed," Twyla said simply. She then turned to Stevie, and smiled. "You know, I love when we have to rescue someone."