Chapter 9: Secrets & Reasons

 Sierra sat on the roof of the Capsule Corps. looking out across the landscape. She lowered her eyes as she heard clicking from the small robots who were repairing the large hole over the kitchen. She then looked out toward the area where the battle had taken place the day before. The voice of the first assassin was still ringing in her mind.

 "She has to die."

 She closed her eyes as she tried to block out the screams that started to echo in her ears. The screams of her father and his wife, as they were killed; Dori when she was thrown into the ground; Lia when she lost her sword in that first battle; their enemies as they were each killed; herself every time she lost control; but the one that seemed to hurt her most was Trunks, when Bra attacked and cut him with only her fingernails. Sierra looked at her hands, and sighed.

 "She has to die."

 Sierra felt her eyes fill with tears as she watched the sun set. "I caused all of this," she thought. "I trained until I dropped, I fought with everything I had, and everyone I care about still hurts." As the sky faded from orange to a pale violet, she stood. The assassin was right. "She has to die." But Sierra smirked to herself. "I'm not the ‘she' he was talking about. At least I won't be."

 "What you're thinking won't work either," a voice said from behind.

 She turned and saw a small child sitting behind her. "Who are you?"

 The child looked up at her with huge grey eyes, and smiled. "I'm you... sorta."

 Sierra stepped back, and almost off of the roof. "What?"

 "I....  am.... you," the little girl repeated. "Another form of you. But still you."

 "I don't understand...."

 "That makes two of us."

 "What do I call you? I can't just call you Sierra. That's my name."

 The little girl crossed her arms, and sighed. "Well, it's mine too," she said stubbornly.

 Sierra sighed stubbornly, and turned away. "I don't have time for childish games."

 "Really? Then why were you thinking about going after your aunt the way you were? Huh? Answer that."


 "Dulcia, the queen. She's our.... your aunt. I thought you knew that?"

 Sierra grabbed the girl by the collar of her shirt, and shook her. "What else do you know?" she demanded.

 "I'm your youth. I know everything from it, even to what went on around you when you were sleeping. In your quest for revenge, you managed to leave me behind. The Room separated us, but only you aged. If you want to know what I do, I suggest you put me down."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Bulma walked into the room with the regeneration tank, and saw Trunks sleeping next to Bra's tank. She walked over to the monitor console and saw that Bra's injuries were far more than anyone realized. "What did they do to her?" she whispered.

 "Stevie said that it's called conditioning," Trunks said as he sat up. He looked over to Bra, who was still sleeping. "They bend and twist your mind until it's perfect to serve them."

 "Will she ever be the same?"

 Trunks lowered his head. "I don't think so Mom. She was coming here to kill you and Father. She fought me, and was about to kill me. If she remembers what happened to her, it'll be a miracle if she's still sane."

 There was a moan from the tank. Bra slowly opened her eyes, to see Trunks and Bulma watching her. She closed her eyes and waved to them. She slowly pointed to her mouthpiece.

 "Open the microphone Trunks," Bulma said quickly. As Trunks did as he was told, Bulma smiled at her daughter.

 "It's on," Trunks said into the microphone next to him. He looked at Bra and smiled at her. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

 Bra looked at him, and tilted her head. "I'm in this thing, how do you think I feel?" she asked. She looked at Bulma strangely. "Mom, what happened?"

 Trunks frowned. He watched as Bulma walked over to the microphone herself.

 "You were in a fight, and you were hurt really badly," Bulma said.

 Bra looked at her clothes and saw they were ripped in a number of places. "Where's Papa?" she asked.

 "He's where he always is," Trunks answered. "You know you'll have to stay in there for a while."


 "I don't want to hear it. You're staying in there, even if I have to stay in here with you. Do you understand?" he said.

 Bra lowered her head and shoulders. "Fine," she mumbled. "Can I at least get out to get something to eat?" she asked.

 "You'll be fine Bra. I'm going to activate the sedative in here so you can go back to sleep. Okay?" he asked as he pressed a few more buttons.

 "Times like this, I really don't like you Trunks," she said as she tried to fight off the sedative.

 Within a matter of minutes, Bra was asleep again. Trunks looked at his mother, and sighed. "If she doesn't remember what happened to her, she might still be a threat. I'll stay here and look after her. I want you to go, and leave everything to me."

 "But Trunks..." Bulma started.

 "He's right," Stevie said as she stood by the door. "She's still a threat to you. But I'll stay and look after her. Trunks you need to go and check on Sierra."

 As Trunks lowered his eyes, he folded his arms. "Why? She seemed fine the last time I saw her."

 "Yeah, just before you brought Bra in here. Trunks, she's fought before, but this was in no way shape or form just another fight to her. She'll need you," she said.

 Trunks looked at Bra as he remembered Lia's words.

 "She'll need more of you, than you think you can give."

 He looked at his older sister and sighed. "Fine, I'll go. Just look after Bra," he said before walking out of the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 "So, what you're saying is, I'm the rightful heir to the Shitarian empire?" Sierra asked in shock.

 Chibi sighed as Sierra sat next to her. "For the fourth time, yes. Mommy was first born, that makes her true queen. She died, now you're the only one who can challenge her murderer."

 "She was killed in a car wreck...."

 "After what happened to Daddy? I don't think so. You and I both know that he told you that to try and protect you."


 "Think. After as many times as she's been hurt, and as many ways she taught you how to fight, and handle the daggers, do you really think that she'd die in a simple car accident?"

 Sierra covered her ears, and closed her eyes. "I won't listen to you. It's not true," she shouted. She felt a hand touch her face, and she jerked back. She looked at Trunks with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Trunks," she whispered.

 Trunks looked at her with concern. "Sierra, are you alright?" he asked softly. "Who were you talking to?" he asked.

 Sierra turned to her side, and saw that her smaller half was gone. "No one," she said as she roughly wiped away her tears. "I was just thinking about something."

 He sat next to her and looked into her eyes. "What?"

 "Nothing," she said shaking her head. As they watched the moon rise, she put her head in his shoulder. "What if I really am the next in line..." she thought.

 Trunks lowered his head as he felt Sierra move closer to him. "Bra's still under their control, I think," he said lowly.

 "Feed her," Sierra said. She looked to the ground strangely.


 She shrugged. "Just give her something to eat. She needs a lot of rice. That should absorb the chemicals they put in her."

 Trunks looked at her strangely as he turned to her. "How do you know that?" he asked.

 "I.... I don't know," Sierra whispered. She looked at Trunks, and another tear fell down the side of her face.

 He caught it. "It's okay if you don't know. You don't have to cry."

 "It's not that. I'm starting to remember things.... things that my real mother taught me. And I also know why Dulcia and the others are after me."


 Sierra looked into his eyes, she lowered her face and sighed. "I'm their princess."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 "What was Stevie's mother like?" Bulma asked Lia. They sat in the kitchen with Isa, and Twyla, both of whom were eating about as much as any full blooded Saiyajin Bulma's ever seen.

 Isa stopped chewing on a dumpling, and looked at Bulma. He then lowered his eyes. "She was.... different," he said lowly.

 "Ma did have that quality," Lia said lowly. "I only met her a few times though. She was from a different clan than Twyla and myself."

 "I didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable," Bulma said lowly.

 Twyla looked at Isa, and saw that he continued eating at a very slow pace. She sighed. "She was a lot like Stevie," she said.

 Isa looked up, and into her eyes.

 "Stubborn. Always ready to fight for what's right. But most of all, she did anything for her children," Twyla continued. She looked at Isa, who had lowered his head again. "All of them." Twyla then glanced at Lia, who was shaking her head. "Including us," she added looking at Bulma.

 Isa stood up, and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Thank you for dinner Bulma-san. If you'll excuse me," he said before walking out of the kitchen.

 "I really didn't mean to upset him," Bulma said lowly.

 "He gets like that some times. It really has nothing to do with you," Lia said. She looked at Twyla, and sighed. "Twyla, why don't you go and see what's wrong with him," Lia ordered.

 Twyla saw the look in Lia's eyes, and quickly wiped her mouth. She then stood, and smirked. "Sure thing," she said before running after Isa.

 Bulma laughed as she sat at the table. "They sure seem like they like each other."

 Lia shrugged. "They're in love. But they refuse to admit it to anyone. Even themselves."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 The monitor on the regeneration tank read normal as Stevie checked it again. She sighed as she sat back in her chair, and rubbed her eyes. "Well kid, it looks like it's just you and me," she said lowly. She sighed as she tilted her head to the side, cracking her neck. "Don't worry about a thing Bra. In the morning everything should be fine."

 "Are you sure?" Vegita asked.

 Stevie turned to face him, and smiled. "What are you doing here? Isn't it after midnight?"

 "After two," he said. He walked over to the tank, and looked at Bra. He then looked at Stevie. "Why don't you tell me why Dulcia wants that child Trunks is involved with?"

 Stevie sighed as she cracked the other side of her neck. "What'd you care?" she asked. "It's not your fight."

 "If you haven't noticed, it is."

 "What makes you think that?" she asked. "Because of Bra, and Trunks?" Stevie leaned back into her chair. "If you haven't noticed, they can take care of themselves."

 "That's why your sister is in the regeneration tank?"

 "I had nothing to do with it. If I recall it right, Dulcia went after Bra, because of you, and not me," Stevie smirked. She said Vegita's eyes narrow and smirked. "If you must know, Sierra's the Shitarian princess. Her mother was Dulcia's older sister Deliyla. That's why she wants the child so badly.

 "You already know that I was the Noble for the assassin clan. I also had friends who were intelligence gatherers. Through them, I found out Deliyla's entire plan for escaping and finding herself a whole new life. She came here, found a mate, and had Sierra. Three years ago, Dulcia got her hands on that information as well. She came here, and challenged her sister, and killed her." Stevie looked at Vegita, and smirked. "That was around the same time myself and the others all came here. Dulcia went mad when she learned that since her sister was older, and even though she wasn't on the planet, Dulcia wouldn't be queen."

 "Why did she take your title away from you?"

 Stevie smiled. "I was the only noble who didn't do what Dulcia said. She wanted me to kill families for no more of a reason than to serve an example of how her shoes should be polished, that in itself is wrong. So, she branded me a traitor, and sent a
squad of my own assassins to kill me. You can see that they failed."

 "What about your mother?"

 "What about her?"

 "When she died, you said she was in a lower clan than you..."

 "Not lower. Just different."

 "Did she ever have another family?"

 Stevie's eyes slightly narrowed. "Yes. What do you care? You have another one too."

 "I just wanted to know if you had any other brothers or sisters."

 Stevie looked away from Vegita to the console, and sighed. "Yes, I do. I had another set of siblings. They were twins."

 "What happened to them?"

 "One's dead."

 "And the other?"

 "Don't worry about it."