Chapter 12: Warrior Clan Attacks

 Lia slowly opened her eyes, and saw Kyoya looking down at her. She looked down as she felt the sun beginning to rise. "I guess I should be getting ready to go, huh?" she said as she sat up.

 "This isn't fair," he said as she started to put her clothes back on.

 She closed her eyes as she lowered her head. "We both knew it wasn't. Please, let's not get into this."

 He looked at her. "I won't fight you. Not after last night."

 "It will be just like every other battle we fought for Dulcia. The fact that I'm...."

 Kyoya stood and walked over to her. "Listen to me, you can't fight today," he said looking into his eyes.

 Shaking her head, she looked into his soft violet eyes. "I have to." She pulled away from him as she fixed her pants. "What happened last night was an accident. You can't expect me to just give up everything that I've worked for just because now I'm carrying your child."

 "Alexia, please listen to reason. I don't want to see you get hurt. You're all that I have left, besides my army."

 "And you know that you'll have to choose which one you're devoted to more. But I'm not going to force you to make that decision now. Today carries too much weight, and you're not thinking right." As he turned away, she lowered her head. "I said that I wouldn't change you. I still won't." She heard him turn around, and closed her tearing eyes. "I expect the same from you, to me."

 "You may not change me, but between us, everything has changed. You're carrying my child."

 "I know that." Lia looked up to the sky and sighed. "And in a few hours, your army is going to attack our true princess, and my Lady's family. I won't allow you to kill all of them without a fight."

 Kyoya lowered his head. "Lia," he said softly. As she looked at him, he saw the pain in her eyes. "I just don't want anything to happen to you."

 "Nothing will. Be careful, and promise me..."

 He nodded cutting her off. Walking over to her, Kyoya removed a blue charm that hung around his neck. "I'll come back for you and the child. Just make sure you and the child are there."

 As he put the charm around her neck, Lia gently kissed his cheek. "I love you," she said softly.

 Kyoya wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly. "I love you too." He pulled away from her just enough to look into her eyes. He leaned over, and kissed her deeply. He felt the warm tears running down her face, and reached up to wipe them away. As soon as his hand touched her face, more tears seemed to flow from her eyes.

 "I have to go," she whispered as she regretfully pulled away from him. Lia looked at him, and jumped into the sky. She waved to him before flying away.

 He lowered his head once she was out of sight. Kyoya started to dress, and wiped a tear away from his eyes as well. "This is wrong," he whispered. As he put his uniform back on, Kyoya felt someone watching him. "Who are you?" he asked not turning around.

 "No one of consequence," a male's voice said. "A Thief; and a cute one at that."

 "Isamu, leave her alone." Kyoya turned around, and looked at his brother. "Or I swear that I'll kill you myself."

 "Now, would I hurt someone you love so much?" he asked innocently.

 Kyoya looked at him bitterly. "I know you. You wouldn't think twice."

 "So, let me have my fun. The Queen will reward us both if we kill all of them."

 "I don't care about the reward," Kyoya said sharply.

 Isamu raised an eyebrow. "Fine. Just remember that she's one of the bad guys. Her, Sayoka, the others. Even that brat they're protecting. She'll change our way of life and destroy everything that you hold dear." Isamu knelt down and jumped into the sky. "I'll meet you at camp, Niichan."

 As Isamu flew away, Kyoya lowered his head. "Would a change in our way of life be that bad?" he asked himself. He sighed as he picked up his shirt and continued to dress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Lia flew into her room, and saw Stevie sitting on the bed. She looked at her friend, and lowered her eyes. "I'll still fight today," she said lowly.

 "Even if it comes down to you and him?" Stevie asked. Lia raised her head, and Stevie stood. "I know that you love him. But if he harms Sierra, or Bra, I will fight him. And you know that he won't stand a chance."

 "I know," Lia answered silently. She turned her back to Stevie and held herself. "That's all I could think about on my way back here."

 Stevie nodded as she walked to the window with Lia. "I'm releasing you from your word," she said simply.

 "What?" Lia asked finally looking at Stevie's face. She was shocked to see that Stevie also wore the same upsetting expression she did.

 "I'm not expecting you to fight in this battle. You and Isa both have reasons not to fight, and I respect that. You don't have to stay."

 Before Lia could say anything to respond, Stevie walked out of the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 At 9:00 am., Twyla and Isa both stood on the roof of the Capsule Corps. Building. "Look over that way," Isa said as he pointed to the north.

 "There's two more coming this way," Twyla said as she looked to the east. "Sherrie and Cosse," she said.

 "I don't know. There's three of them. Better tell Bra or Trunks to come up here."

 Bra flew up to the roof, and looked at the pair. "You can come and get breakfast if you want...." she said as she glanced out to the north. "Goten-niichan? Gohan?" she whispered. She then jumped off the roof, and flew top speed to Goten, Gohan, and Dori.

 Goten laughed as Bra nearly tackled him into an embrace. "It's nice to see you too Bra," he said trying to catch his breath. "Are you okay?" he asked.

 She nodded. "I'm fine." Bra then looked at Gohan, and hugged him as well. "Okaasan and Otosan went to your family's house last night."

 "I know. That's why we're here," Gohan said. "Why didn't you go with them?" he asked.

 "Stevie left it up to me. I chose to stay and fight." Bra looked at Dori strangely. "I take it that you're Dori?" she asked.

 Dori nodded as they all flew to the main building. "You're Bra?" she asked.

 "Hai." Bra turned to open the door, and saw Trunks and Sierra about to walk outside. Her eyes widened as Sierra walked out into the open.

 "Breakfast is going to be canceled," Sierra said. She looked at the others and sighed. "They're here."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 "Alright," Isamu said lowly to his one of his soldiers. He looked ahead, and saw that Kyoya was well out of hearing range. "When you hear the signal, kill the Thief."

 "But Milord, there are two of them. One with blue hair, and the renegade..."

 "Kill them both. But the renegade on signal." Isamu looked ahead at his brother, and sighed. "And make sure you make what you've done known to Commander Kyoya," he said slyly.

 "Ye..... yes Major Isamu."

 As the solider flew away, Isamu smirked to himself. "This is too easy," he thought.

 Kyoya looked ahead of him, and saw the Capsule Corps. Main Building in the distance. "There has to be some way to stop this," he thought. He slightly lowered his head as he told himself of the thousandth time that there wasn't. Drawing himself back into the present, Kyoya stopped flying, just as an arrow passed as where he was supposed to fly. "They brought the fight to us," he whispered.

 "ATTACK!!!" Isamu shouted.

 Kyoya watched almost in horror as his thousands of troops attacked the hidden group of eleven. He was knocked back into reality when a bright flash just missed his face. He looked over to see Gohan staring at him. "We don't have a problem with you, human. Leave this fight," he said coldly.

 "This is my home, and you're after my friends. This is a problem that I have with you," Gohan replied. With that as the only warning, Gohan attacked.
 Sierra fought four Warriors, as she noticed Bra being thrown into a tree. She quickly knelt down, and released all of her power. She looked across the field, and saw Stevie and Lia, both upgrading into the annihilation level. She smiled as looked at all the shocked troops. "Well, the odds look about even now," she thought with a smirk.

 Bra looked up and saw Isamu about to plunge toward Trunks and Goten. "No way," she whispered. With ease, she blasted into Super-Saiyajin, and then beyond that. She looked at the Warriors attacking her, and gave them a smile more chilling than her father's could ever be. "I think I've found a new dance partner," she said as she lifted her left hand to them. She held her palm flat out to them, and smiled as her thumb crossed over it.

 Trunks and Goten were both thrown back a few feet as Bra unleashed her attack. Trunks glanced at her, and smiled. "Leave it up to training with Father," he whispered as he stabbed another Warrior.

 "She was training with Vegita?" Goten asked as he knocked someone off of his feet. "It shows."

 Bra then quickly attacked Isamu. She threw her fist into his side, and quickly followed it with a powerful kick to his kidneys.

 Isamu looked at her, and grabbed her legs. As if she were a rage doll, he threw her into the ground.

 Stevie glanced over as Bra's body formed a crater as she landed. "Bra!" she called over.

 Lia ran another warrior through with her sword and stood back to back with Stevie. "She can handle herself," Lia said quickly.

 "My father gave me this outfit," Bra said as the dust settled around her. She sat up and looked at Isamu, who was smiling at her.

 "What? Did I rip your clothes?" he laughed.

 "He's in for it," Trunks grinned over his shoulder.

 Goten looked over to Bra, and saw that her she wore a large baseball jersey, over a torn Saiya-jin body-suit. "Didn't your father...."


 "This guy's toast."

 Bra took her jersey off, and sank into a combat crouch. "Yaro. I WORKED HARD FOR THIS!!!!" she yelled as she jumped after Isamu.

 The two exchanged a series of punches and kicks before they flew apart. Isamu looked at Bra, and allowed a large blast to shoot in the sky. He then looked at her, and attacked her again.

 Gohan punched Kyoya in his stomach. As the commander doubled over, he saw four of his troops about to attack Lia from behind. "No," he whispered. Kyoya pushed himself away from Gohan, and dove as quickly as he could to Lia.

 Gohan looked at him strangely. As he was about to follow, he saw Sherrie, Cosse, Twyla and Isa in a circle fighting for their lives. He smirked as he started to gather energy into his hands. "Ka... Me...."

 Sherrie drove her sai into the throat of a young woman and saw Gohan. "I don't think that's good," she said lowly.

 "Ha.... Me....."

 Her eyes grew as she looked at the growing ball in his hands. "Squad B, Cosse, down, now!" Sherrie called.


 Gohan released the attack just as Sherrie and the others allowed themselves to fall. He shook his head as he himself dove to where most of the fighting was taking place.

 Lia heard Kyoya's voice as she sliced off some man's arm. She turned just in time to see him, fighting his own squad. As she went to help him, Lia saw Stevie use her whip to pull one of the attackers off of him.

 "He'll die!" a young female voice shouted.

 A bright green blur pulled the young girl away from Kyoya, just as another purple blur slammed into a man's side.

 Dori held the girl by her hair, and looked into her eyes. "Not today," she said, before breaking her hand. Dori caught the large knife that the girl held, and looked it over. "This might come in handy. Thanks," she said before slamming her fist into the girl's face.

 Sierra looked at Kyoya as she kicked another attacker off of him. "I take it you're a friend?" she asked.

 Kyoya nodded once and drew his sword. "Yes. And you're our princess?" he asked as he stabbed a man in his chest.

 "I guess so," she smirked.

 Bra was knocked back as Isamu hit her at point blank range with a powerful blast. She started to recover when he came after her with a pair of twin kitanas. Bra jumped over his head, and slammed her elbow into the back of his neck. She then grabbed his shoulders, and rammed her knee right between his shoulder blades.

 As Isamu screamed in pain, he turned his sword around, and swung at her arm. Bra grunted as she backed away from him, holding the fresh cut on her arm. "You actually dare to harm me?" she spat. If she were a little taller, and a male, anyone could have mistaken Bra, for Vegita. With a rage completely foreign to her, Bra attacked him again. She grabbed his arms, and pulled him towards her. Once he was in reach, she slammed her knee into his stomach five times, and grabbed his falling swords. She quickly threw him back, and rushed him with the swords ready to strike.

 Stevie and Lia both looked around the field, and saw only a few Warriors left. Stevie looked at Kyoya, and sighed. "They were all kids," she said lowly.

 "I know," he replied.

 Cosse looked over his shoulder, and saw six more attackers. He raised his staff, and was about to defend himself, when he felt a sharp pain in his back.

 Sherrie looked at her twin, and her eyes widened. She tighten her grip on her sais and ran over to him as he fell to the ground.
"NO!!" she screamed.

 Twyla and Isa both turned to look at her, and saw Cosse falling into her arms. "Isa, cover them," she said as she fought two young men.

 Isa turned around, and readied his bow. He carefully aimed three arrows at the attackers, and fired. He readied another set, he faintly heard him name being called. Isa let the arrows go, and turned to Twyla. His eyes quickly widened and filled with tears.

"Twyla," he whispered as he looked at her fallen body.

 Trunks jumped up, and unleashed a bright hot flash at the Warriors attacking Sherrie. He then saw Isa walking over to Twyla. "Oh no," he whispered.

 Stevie heard Bra's faint scream and jumped to the sky, above the clouds to her sister. She slowly pulled her whip back into her axe, when she saw Bra standing almost stomach to stomach with Isamu. Stevie took a deep breath as she saw two swords sticking out of his back. "Bra, let him fall," she said lowly.

 Bra looked at her sister, and then Isamu's dead body. In horror, she released both swords, and let him fall to the ground. "What did I do?" she asked almost silently.

 Isa knelt next to Twyla, not caring if, or even that the entire warrior clan was lying around them either dead, or on their way to death's door. He gently touched her face, and lowered his head to look at the dagger sticking in her heart. "I told you to be careful Love," he said lowly.

 Dori, Sierra, Goten and Trunks walked over to Isa and stood around him. "Isa," Sierra said softly crouching next to him.

 "Forgive me Princess, but I don't want to hear any of it," Isa said lowly. He took Twyla's body into his arms, and held her.

 Trunks looked at Sierra, and touched her shoulder. When she looked at him, he shook his head. "Let's leave him," Trunks said.

 Dori looked across the field and saw Sherrie trying to help Cosse to his feet. "They look like they could use some help," she said giving them an excuse to leave.

 Goten nodded as he held her hand. "We've gotta do something about this," he thought. "She shouldn't've died. Not like this."

 Stevie and Bra landed by where Lia and Kyoya stood. Lia lowered her head, as Stevie looked around. "Twyla," Lia said lowly.

 "What?" Stevie asked.

 "Twyla didn't make it. And Cosse is hurt."

 Stevie looked around, and saw Isa. Now he appeared to be crying over Twyla's still from. "Damn it," she whispered. She looked at Kyoya bitterly.

 "Please," Lia pleaded as she grabbed Stevie's arm. "Don't say it Stevie. He knows."

 She pulled her arm away from Lia, and looked at Kyoya again. "I should hope he does know what his queen has sent him to do. And I hope he figures out who's the good guys, and who's not real soon."

 "I already have," Kyoya said in his own defense.

 "Then you know that your piece of shit brother is dead."

 Bra lowered her head, and held herself. She jumped when a gentle hand touched her shoulder. She looked at Trunks wide eyed, and quickly hugged him. "I didn't mean to," she whispered.

 Trunks looked at Stevie and held Bra. "It's okay Bra-chan," he said lowly. He noticed that Stevie was shaking her head as Bra broke down and cried uncontrollably. "It's okay."