There's enough power here to destroy, or save the world.

Welcome to the search for the Dragon Balls!!

Here's where all of all of my dragon ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Drgaon Ball GT stuff will be. For right now, there's a few images that I'm just plastering around, so, have a look-see. Ja-Ne!

Wanna Make a Wish??

Click Gohan if you want to read a story by me Yoake Halo.

Trunks can take you to Nora's stories.

Here's where Sean's stories are.

At the time...
He was the only hope for Earth.
And he was only 11.

When saving the world,
send the best.

The angry, and really angry sides of Vegita and Bulma's son.

Here is a young man that can handle himself.

Future Trunks' private saga.
Because of this, he's brought into
our lives as an adult, and a child.

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