Chapter 2



    Raye walked into the Kin Ko Kai Restaurant wearing a long black skirt over her maroon bodysuit. She also wore eight pieces of gold jewelry. She looked around as the mater'd walked over to her. "May I help you?" he asked.

     "Yes, I'm Rachel Mackenzie. I have reservations for a table for seven," she said.

     The mater'd nodded. "Yes two others are waiting for you at the bar. I'll go get them, then I can show you all to your table."

     Raye slightly nodded her head as Andy, Mai and Joe walked into the restaurant. Terry slowly walked followed as he wrestled with his tie. Raye turned around and smirked. "I'm glad you made it Terry," she said.

     "Yeah, well, I didn't want to leave things they way they were at the docks," he said. Terry then shook his head and let go of his tie. "Can I ask why you picked the most expensive place in all of Hong Kong to eat?"

     "I missed this place. My mother and I always came here and had swallow's nest. I think all of you should like it." Raye looked at the strange look on Joe's face. "Relax Mr. Higashi. Swallow's nest is made out of seaweed. It's actually very good."

     Terry mused at Joe's expression also. "Oh, guys this is Raye Mackenzie. The woman I was telling you about. Raye, this is..."

     "I know who everyone is Terry," she cut in. Raye then noticed how badly Terry's tie was tied. "Come here," she sighed. Terry looked at Raye strangely as he stepped closer to her. Raye took his tie into her hands, untied it, then tied it correctly.     "There, that looks a lot better," she smirked.

     "Hey, you made it," Reny smiled.

     Joe smiled as she walked over to the group. "Hi Reny," he smiled.

     "Hi Joe," Reny smiled. "Raye, Ryo's going to meet us at the table. He has a phone call."

     Raye looked at Reny. "Who knows that we're here?" she asked.

     Reny shook her head. "I don't know. Tabby maybe, why?"

     "Shit," Raye sighed. She then walked over to Reny. "Go and get him off of the phone. Hang it up if you have to. Tabby's working for Max and Lee, she tried to get the ring and the tiara in New York," she whispered.

     Reny's face turned white. "Are you sure?"

     A young man walked over to Reny and put his arm around her. "That was very strange," he said.

     Raye noticed the smile on Joe's face quickly disappear. "What do you mean?" she asked the young man.

     "I got a phone call from Tabby saying that you were going to try to kill her, and she wanted to know where we all were."

     "Ryo, please tell me you didn't tell her," Raye said.

     "Why? Is she in some sort of trouble?" Ryo asked.

     "Hiroshi, you told her didn't you?"

     "Yeah, there was no harm in it. Why are you getting so upset about it Mac?"

     "When we started this, we all agreed that no one was supposed to know where we all are. Now that Tabby knows, Max and Lee are going to be coming after us. I hope you know that."

     Ryo looked at Raye strangely. "What are you talking about? Tabby won't tell Max, or Lee."

     The mater'd walked over to the group and looked at Raye. "Ms. Mackenzie, this way," he said.

     Raye looked at Ryo and shook her head. She then began to follow the mater'd to their table. Andy, Mai, Joe and Terry looked at each other strangely as they also walked over to the table. Reny looked at Ryo and removed his arm from her shoulder. "Tabby was the one who attacked Raye in New York," she said.

     Ryo's face turned pale. "What?"

     "You dear baby brother, just gave our enemy, the knowledge to kill us all before we can hide the armor," Reny said before walking away.

     Ryo stood alone in shock. He slowly turned around and looked at Raye. He didn't know what to say to her. A simple I'm sorry could never make up for putting not only their lives in danger, but the lives of four strangers as well. He hung his head and began to walk to the table.

     Joe helped Reny to her seat and sat next to her. "What was all of that about?" Joe asked.

     "I'm sorry about that," Raye said. "I get a little bent out of shape when things don't go as planed."

     Terry slightly smiled as he rubbed his cheek. "Don't I know it," he said.

     Raye looked at Terry and shook her head. "Let me explain everything. Terry, did you tell your friends everything I told you?"

     "Yeah, why?" Terry asked.

     "Mac's fatal flaw is that she hates explaining things more than once," Ryo said as he sat between Reny and Raye.

     "Something that you're still learning," Reny sighed.

     "Any way, there is a myth that's in both Greek and Roman mythology. It has to do with the Armors of Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno," Raye began.

     A waiter then walked over to the table with a huge covered pallet. He uncovered it to reveal a huge dish. "Swallow's nest with crab claws. Will there be anything else?" he asked.

     "Do any of you want anything different?" Raye asked.

     Joe looked over to see what swallow's nest looked like. "Hey that looks pretty good, what the hell, I'll try it."

     Andy and Mai both nodded in agreement. "Yeah, why not," Mai said.

     Terry looked at the dish and shrugged. He then turned to the waiter and shook his head. "Nothing else, thank you," he said.

     The waiter began to serve every one, beginning with the women. Raye looked at her dish and smirked. She then looked at Ryo and sighed. "What am I going to do with you and your sister?" she asked.

     "Wait a minute, when we started this, the plan was for all of us to do this. Not just you," Reny argued.

     "Reny, don't argue. This is too dangerous for you and Ryo. I made the mistake involving you two in the first place," Raye responded.

     "Excuse me, but what are we involved in?" Andy asked.

     Raye looked at Andy. "Again, I'm sorry. The myth of the Armors goes something like this.

     "Just before belief in the Gods fell, Mars went to Vulcan, the blacksmith of the Gods and demanded that he forge the most magnificent Armor ever seen. It was. Mars began to attack towns, cities, kingdoms all alike.

     "The other Gods became worried, not for the people, but for themselves. So Jupiter and Neptune, two brothers who never stopped fighting, were forced to put their differences aside and stop Mars together. They both went to Vulcan and had their own Armors made.

     "Together, Jupiter and Neptune were able to defeat Mars, and take away his armor. After that, Jupiter and Neptune went back to their old ways. Only this time, they each had a powerful weapon; their armor. When they fought, the heavens would almost fall on to Earth. This disturbed Juno very much. She enjoyed being Queen of the Gods, and hated her husbands constant fighting with Neptune. She also feared for the lives of the lowly humans. So she went to Vulcan, had her own armor forged, only this one would be even more powerful than those of Jupiter and Neptune combined. And for reward, Juno would give Vulcan what ever he wanted.

     "Juno then fought both her husband and brother-in-law. She defeated them by a narrow margin, but it was done. She then had each armor, Jupiter's, Neptune's, and Mars', broken into six pieces, and hidden in that God's temples. Out of tremendous fear of someone acquiring her own armor, she had it broken into ten pieces, and transformed into gold.

      "Then the day came to grant Vulcan his wish. When she made him this promise, Juno knew Vulcan only wanted to look normal. But that wasn't what he wished for. Instead, the great blacksmith wished for the exact same powers the other Gods have. Juno was surprised by this, but granted his wish.

     "Now that he was a God, Vulcan took his new role very seriously. He remembered what he created in all four armors, and knew that any human with half a brain would go after the armors. So, against the orders of Jupiter, his king, and all the other Gods not including Juno, he cursed all four Armors. If any one found the Armor of Mars, their entire blood line would suffer until a twin would sacrifice life and love to end it." Raye stopped speaking and looked at Terry. "Who ever found the Armors of Jupiter and Neptune would become bitter rivals, and let loose the powers of the heavens. And any woman who puts on the Armor of Juno in its battle form for any other reason than love, will risk opening Pandora's box, and releasing all human hope."

     Joe looked at Raye and swallowed his mouthful of food. "So, where do we fit it?" he asked.

     "I usually work with my foster brother and father. About two months after Reny, Ryo, and myself found out about the legend, Max and Lee each found one piece of the Armors of Jupiter and Neptune," Raye said.

     "The three of us have been trying to keep them from finding the other pieces, but it hasn't worked. Max and Lee have each found five out of six pieces of the armors," Reny added. "The only thing that can stop them from getting those last two pieces is the Armor of Juno."

     "So you want us to help you find all ten pieces of the Armor of Juno?" Andy asked.

     Raye slowly looked at Reny and Ryo. "No," Raye sighed. "We need your help with trying to stay alive until Max and Lee find their headpieces."

     Terry looked at Raye strangely. He had never met anyone like her. She seemed like a good person, but he noticed she never smiled. This made him wonder even more about what she said on the docks. "Why don't you need help finding the Armor?" he asked.

     "She's wearing eight out of the ten pieces right now," Ryo said as he finished his plate.

     Andy, Mai and Joe looked at Raye in shock. Terry just leaned back and sighed. "You seem like you don't need help," he said.

     Raye nodded in agreement. "I don't need help. Reny and Ryo insisted that we all come here and find you all."

     "So what's stopping you from putting on the Armor now?" Mai asked.

     "I can answer that," Reny said. "It's also written that the only person who can wear the Armor of Juno has to be a woman who lives without happiness, only after she can find it again."

     Again Terry looked at Raye. "Are you happy Raye?"

     Raye looked at Terry and raised an eyebrow. "Are you?" she replied.

     At that moment, an explosion went off, blowing the front door of the restaurant in. The group of seven stood as a large group of men charged into the restaurant. Raye's hands turned into fists. "Every one, they're after me. Get out of here while you have the chance," she ordered.

     Reny shook her head. "No way. We all got into this together, we can get out together."

     Raye looked at Reny and gave her three of the four bracelets she wore. "Shut up, put these on, and get out of here. That's an order Serena," Raye barked. She then took off the two anklets and the last bracelet and handed them to Mai. "Mai, don't let anything happen to them. Just get out of here," she said.

     Raye looked at Ryo and Reny. "Split up. Ryo, go with Andy and Mai to your hide out. Reny, you take Terry and Joe to yours. I'll meet up with you both when the time is right."

     Ryo and Reny reluctancy nodded. Reny grabbed both Joe and Terry and was about to run to the kitchen. Terry then pulled his arm away from Reny. "What about Raye?" he asked.

     "She'll be fine. She can take care of herself, come on." Reny reached for Terry's arm again, but Terry backed away. "Terry, what are you doing?"

     "Joe, take care of her. I'm not leaving Raye here alone," Terry said.

     Joe nodded as Terry ran back to the table. He then took Reny's hand. "They'll be fine," he said as he pulled Reny into the kitchen.

     Terry ripped his tie off as the group at the door began to walk to Raye. "Like it or not, I'm not leaving you behind," he said to Raye.

     Raye looked at Terry and shook her head. "Get out of here Terry."

     "What's the point of asking for my help, if all you're going to do is tell me to run away?" he asked.

     As Terry spoke, Raye saw a man about to attack Terry from behind. Raye quickly jumped into the air and kicked the attacker in his chest. "Well then, if you're gonna stay, watch your back," she smirked.

     Terry smiled just before he was tackled by another man. The two went crashing through the huge window, and landed on the street. Terry stood and took his fighting stance. The other man was soon joined by two others. Terry ripped off his jacket and looked at them bitterly.

     Inside, Raye was also fighting three men. She tore off her black skirt and jumped onto the table. Just as two of her adversaries ran up to the table, Raye back flipped off of it. She then jumped into the air and kicked the two at the same time. She then looked at the last man at the other end of the table. Raye's eyes widened as he drew out a pair of daggers. He then charged Raye, ready to strike.

     Terry grabbed two of his opponents by the hair and slammed their heads together. He then looked at the last one and took his stance again. The man began to punch and kick Terry. As he was about to knock Terry into the wall, Terry landed one hard right to his ribs, making him stumble backward. Terry then stood and walked over to him. Terry balled up his fist and punched him in the face. The attacker fell onto his back when another man fall on top of him. Terry looked back into the restaurant and saw Raye, still in her fighting stance, looking at her fallen attacker. "Are you okay?" Terry asked.

     Raye looked at Terry and lowered her arms. "I'm fine. But I could have sworn there were more," she sighed. Raye walked over to Terry and shook her head. "I hope everyone got away alright."

     Terry walked over to Raye and saw a deep cut on her right arm, just under a gold arm-band. "That looks deep. Maybe we should get to a doctor or something?"

     "I'm perfectly fine Terry." Raye ran back into the restaurant and grabbed her skirt. As she ran back to Terry, another pair of men were attacking Terry. Raye jumped into the air, and as she came down, she kicked one of the two in his chest. "Back off," she said bitterly. She took her fighting stance again and dropped her skirt.

     Terry looked at Raye in amazement. He was then kicked extremely hard across his back. The man who kicked Terry then ran over to Raye. He was about to strike her from behind also, when Raye turned around, kicking him in his stomach and chest.

     As Raye knelt down, the first man she kicked tried to sneak up behind her. Raye rolled onto her back and kicked him in his chest again. She stood as he stumbled back, and began to punch him in his chest and face. She ended her attack by quickly turning and jabbing her left elbow into his jaw.

     As the man hit the pavement, Terry heard his jaw break into pieces. He tried to stand, but the shot to his kidneys seriously hurt him. Raye saw this as she turned to the other man, who was now standing. She looked at him bitterly and jumped into the air. The man jumped out of the way far enough for Raye to miss with her first kick. But she was able to nail him when her left foot touched the ground, and she spun around and slammed her right foot into the man's nose. As the final man fell, Raye ran over to Terry and helped him stand. "Are you alright?" she asked.

     Terry looked into Raye's electric blue eyes and became enchanted by them. "Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?" he responded.

     Raye walked over to her skirt and picked it up. "If you ask me that once more, I'm going to hurt you." she said.

     Terry smiled as he walked over to Raye. "Okay, then answer this, why don't you smile?"

     "What?" Raye asked in shock. She then shook her head and began to walk away. "I don't smile because I don't want to. Is that good enough for you?"

     Terry sighed as he walked with Raye. "All right. It's just you and me now. I hope you know where we're going."

     Raye looked at Terry, then saw her car. "I told everyone where to go. Of course I know where to go." She then opened the passenger side door. "Get in. Let me get you someplace where I can get you some help."

     "What about your arm?" Terry asked as he got into the car.

     "I'll be fine Terry. You don't have to worry about that."

     Reny drove at about one hundred miles an hour into the Hakandi Woods. Joe sat next to her silently. "You know Reny, Terry'll make sure Raye's all right. You just have to wait and see," he said trying to comfort her.

     Without saying a word, Reny turned a corner, barley missing a tree. She then drove up to a cliff. Just before reaching the cliff, Reny slammed on the brakes. The car stopped five inches away from going over. Reny got out of the car and walked over to a large tree. She then looked back to see if Joe was following her. She didn't see Joe at all. She walked back to the car and found Joe still in it, frozen in fear. She then began to laugh.

     Joe slowly turned his head and gave Reny an evil look. "You could have killed us, and you find this funny?" he asked.

     Reny tried to stop laughing, but was unsuccessful. "I'm sorry, sometimes I forget that other people aren't used to the way I drive," she laughed.

     Joe got out of the car and looked at Reny. "Next time, I drive," he snapped.

     Reny began to laugh even harder when an old man appeared from behind the tree. "Serena, what is funny about almost driving off of a hundred foot high cliff?" the old man asked.

     Reny looked at the old man and stopped laughing. "I wasn't going to drive off the cliff Grandpa. I just wanted to get here as soon as I could."

     Joe looked at Reny and the old man together. He then took off the jacket he wore and was about to put it into the car. "How high was this cliff again?" Joe asked.

     "One hundred feet," the old man said again.

     Joe's face turned pale. He looked at Reny, who began to laugh again. "Are you out of your mind?" he asked. "You could have killed us."

     All of a sudden, Reny stopped laughing, and Joe stopped moving. They both began feeling a strange presence in the woods. "Reny, I think you and your grandfather should get to someplace safe," Joe said.

     Reny looked at Joe. "I ran from the resturant, I'm not running away again," she said.

     Joe grunted as a large man ran toward him. Since the man came from the left, Joe couldn't see him, but Reny did. She jumped into the air and threw a small throwing star at him. Joe looked at Reny as she became surrounded by a large white bubble. The classy suit she wore was then replaced by a lavender catsuit. Joe looked at her in amazement. "And Raye doesn't want her to fight?" he thought.

     A huge man then ran over to Reny and picked her up by her throat. As she was being choked, Joe ran over to them and threw his ‘Tiger kick' into his side. Reny then fell to her knees and quickly jumped up. She looked behind her and saw three men about to attack. She flipped backward to them and jumped into the air. As she fell to the ground, Reny began to spin around. She was able to kick each of the three at least four times before landing on her feet. She turned and saw Joe, who was fighting another three men.

     Joe was fighting for just about all of his worth. He was still recovering from his beatings from both Wolfgang Krauser, and Laocorn Gaudeamus, yet both fights were years ago. The largest of the three landed a solid kick to Joe's left eye, knocking him close to the edge of the cliff. Joe's right arm then began to glow in a bright yellow light. "Screw-upper!" he shouted. A huge yellow light barreled to the attackers. It was able to knock all three back into the woods. Joe smiled as he fell to his knees, tired. "Take that," he whispered.

     Reny smiled as she began to walk over to him. Then, out of nowhere, a huge man appeared just in front of her. He then punched Reny in her face, throwing her back a few feet. Reny looked at the man, and her face went pale. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "You're dead," she said.

     "Well, that just goes to show you that things aren't what they appear," he laughed.

     "Joe, get inside," Reny called. She took her fighting stance and stared at the dead man. "This is between Alex and me."

     Alex turned around and looked at Joe. "Joe, eh?" he asked. "Who is he? A new boyfriend?" he laughed. Alex then disappeared, and reappeared right in front of Joe. "Well, you have a lot to learn Joe," he said as he picked Joe up by his shirt. "Earth rise," Alex said. At that moment, all of the little rocks and sticks within range began to attack Joe.

     As Joe's painful scream echoed through the woods, tears began to full Reny's eyes. "Stop it!" she yelled. Alex's laugh at her order, only enraged Reny. She then balled up her fists and closed her eyes. "Ken, I'm sorry. There's no other choice," she whispered. Reny then opened her glassy eyes and began to glow. Her fists became surrounded by pure energy as she pulled them to her left side. "Fire-ball kioken!" she screamed. A fire ball flew from her hands and hit Alex in his back, throwing both him and Joe over the cliff. Reny ran to the edge of the cliff and was able to grab Joe's arm. She looked at Joe and saw that he passed out from the pain. Reny began to pull Joe up when her grandfather began to help her. "I had no other choice. If I didn't kill him, he would have killed Joe," she said.

     "I know Serena. And I approve. The training of you and Ryo was for such a day when you both care for someone so much that you would give your lives up."

     At that moment, Joe opened his eyes and looked at Reny. "I love you," he said just before passing out again.

     Reny's eyes widened as she and her grandfather got Joe on top of the cliff. "Grandpa, we have to get to someplace safe. But he's too hurt to travel," she said.

     "Take him to your cousin's house in below. When he is well, then you both can leave for Alaska."
    Reny bowed her head. "Thank you Grandfather Yung. Can you get word to Ryo. Tell him what happened. It's likely that he is also in danger."

     Yung nodded as Reny began to pull Joe to the car. "You just take care of your self. Your young man there went threw a lot to prove his love to you."

     As she sat Joe in the car, Reny looked into Joe's face. "No doubt that he expects me to fall in love with him too, huh?" she asked. Reny looked at Yung, and smiled. "If he makes me happy, I will," she said as she stood. She closed the car door and bowed to Yung again. "Good-bye Grandpa," she smiled.

     Reny ran over to the other side of the car and climbed in. She turned on the ignition and sped off of the cliff, just as quickly as she drove up.

     Ryo lead Andy and Mai into a large cave deep in the swamps. He walked until he saw a rock as big as the cave. "All right. We can take this passage to the airport and be there by morning. Or we can wait till morning and drive out to the train. You two can decided," he said.

     Andy looked at Mai and shrugged. "It really doesn't matter to me. Mai, what do you want to do?"

     Mai looked at Andy, then Ryo. "How far is the train station from here?" she asked.

     "Three, maybe four miles. Why?" Ryo answered.

     "We don't have to wait for morning then. We can run there now," she said. "The swamp is great cover, and even if those guys try to stop us, we can handle them."

     Andy nodded in agreement. "It's better than just sitting around here and doing nothing."

     Ryo smiled as he began to hear someone coming. He placed the torch on the wall, and walked over to where the foot steps were coming from. He then jumped into the air and kicked whoever it was, in their face. As Ryo landed on his feet, he saw a bright light which blinded him, Andy, and Mai.

     Mai felt a hand grab the bracelet Raye gave her, and she grabbed the arm in return. She then threw whoever held her into the cave wall. "Andy, I can't see," she said as she fell to her knees.

     "Be careful Mai," Andy replied. Just then, Andy felt a sharp blow in his back. As Andy fell, he began to regain some of his vision. Andy then stood and saw the figure who attacked him. He took his fighting stance and quickly threw his right elbow into the man's face. As the man fell, Andy heard Mai scream. "Mai!" he called.

     "Andy!" Mai called back.

     A tall man held her in the air pinned against the cave wall. She tried to break free of his grip, but was unsuccessful. She then kicked the man in his stomach. As the man fell close to her, he tore Mai's blouse open. Mai fell to the ground and spun away from the man. When she stood, Mai wore her Ninja fighting outfit. She felt a gentle hand touch her arm, and she quickly threw a punch to the owner.

     "Are you okay?" Andy asked.

     Mai tried to look at Andy but couldn't see. She reached for his face as he eyes filled with tears. "I can't see Andy," she said. "Go and help Ryo. Then all of us can get out of here."

     Andy looked at Mai and gently pressed his lips against hers. "Stay right here Mai."

     She nodded as Andy walked away.

     Ryo was on his knees and covered in his own blood by now. He fought four men at once, and was losing. Ryo was then punched square in his face. His head was forced into the wall behind him, and all four men began to walk away. Ryo then stood, looked at the men, and became surrounded by a white glow. "Finished all ready? My, I thought that you guys were supposed to be the ‘World's Best'. What a load of shit,"  he smirked.

     All four men turned to Ryo and were about to charge him when the light that surrounded him shot out straight to them. Ryo and his attackers then fell to the ground at the same time. Only Ryo was on his knees trying to catch his breath, and the attackers were on their backs trying to get up.

     Andy ran over to Ryo and knelt at his side. "Are you okay?" he asked.

     Ryo looked at Andy and smiled. "Never better. How are you and Mai?" he replied.

     "I'm fine. Mai's sight isn't back yet. Come on. We better get out of here before we get more visitors."

     Ryo nodded as Andy helped him stand. "And to think, Tabby works with these guys?" he thought.
    Andy noticed the strange mood Ryo was now putting himself in. "I wonder what that's about?" he thought as he walked back over to Mai.