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Friend of Mine


    "It's better this way" the older boy assured his younger brother.
    "I know," he replied. He looked at his older brother, with love, and yet somehow, with a pang of jealousy. He hid his feelings as he spoke up. "It's agreed then?"
    "Ten years" he said softly. If anyone was listening to their conversation, they would probably be surprised at the weight of maturity and seriousness of the tone these two young boys were using. Tones that would usually come from determined, matured adults with firm goals in their minds. Both boys had long blond hair. Both had blue eyes. It's obvious that these two were related. While both were young, both had matured, brought by a tragedy in their lives, a tragedy that will perhaps, shape their future.
    "We'll meet here in ten years. You'd better be here, Terry."
    Terry looked at his younger brother. "Of course I'll be here. I won't forget."
    "Neither will I." Both were silent for a moment. "Where will you be going?"
    Terry shrugged. "I'll go wherever I can learn something new. What about you, Andy?"
    "I think I'll go to Japan. Master Tung said he knows someone who can teach me," Andy replied. "So, I guess I'll see you in ten years...."
    "Good-bye Andy. Take care of yourself"
    "You too, Terry" both brothers looked at each other in silence. Terry made the move first and hugged his brother, who hugged him back. When they parted, both had a determined look in their eyes. With a final good-bye, they turned their backs from each other, and walked separate paths.