Jupiter's Knight

By Kitty

Lita was ten minutes late for her interview, after apologizing for her tardiness they started. The job she wanted was a part in a movie. She auditioned and had been called back. Walking back to her apartment she noticed someone behind her, she turned but found no one there. “Maybe my imagination?” she thought, and kept walking.
The next day she was talking with Serena, Raye, Amy, and Mina and told them the story of the day before. “Why didn’t you get his phone number!!!” Raye yelled.

“I had to get to that interview, I wish I had though, he was dreamy” Lita gave a goofy smile.

Then Mina noticed someone peeking from the side of a tree and said “Hey look someone is spying on us!”.

The person then scurried away. “That is so weird, that is the second time that has happened!” Lita thought but then sluffed it away.

At her apartment after getting home from being with her friends, she heard a ring of the doorbell.  She answered it and found Keith at the door. She looked up (because he was a little taller than her, which she liked allot) at his face. His soft features accented his piercing green eyes and died blonde hair. “Um hi” Lita said kinda scared. "How did you know where I lived?”

“I found it in the yellow pages” Keith said, which was a lie.

“Well would you like to come in?” Lita asked with a smile.

“No I am sorry I cannot, I just wanted to see if this was the right house.” Keith said quickly.

“Well, I guess I'll be seeing you then,” Lita said a little disappointed.

“Uh, yeah, do you think I could have your phone number?” Keith said, not realizing this conflicted with  his yellow pages lie. To his luck though Lita had not noticed and scribbled her number on a little scrap of paper. “Thank you, I'll call you” Keith said and started to walk away.

Lita suddenly remembered she did not have his number, but he was already gone. The next day she received a letter in the mail, telling her she had gotten a part in the movie and she called all of her friends. “It might be a small part but, hey am I complaining” she said to Serena.

“This is great Lita, you will be fantastic!” Serena said sounding more exited than even Lita was. On the way back from rehearsals the next week she noticed again someone duck behind an and come out a bit later and follow her again. She had a 6th sense that this wasn’t good, so she turned around and started running after the person. As she chased the person down another allay, the stranger jumped over a fence and Lita lost track of this stranger.  Lita noted that he looked male but could not get anything else because of the huge trench coat he was wearing. She started walking again not noticing the figure in the next side street hiding as best he could.  The man slid down to a seated position taking out a handkerchief and whipping his brow “Man, I am getting sloppy,” the man thought as Lita disappeared from his view.

Lita got home a little worried. “Why was that man following me, what did he want?” she thought as she pressed the button on her answering machine.

“You have 3 messages” it said. "Message one:  HI, this is Keith, I just wanted to call and make sure this is the right number, I guess ill try again later bye. BEEP!"

"Message two: Hi its Keith again, its been like an hour where are you? BEEP!"

"Message three: Hello? Are you just ignoring me or something? HELLO? BEEP! End of messages."

“Oh no, I hope he calls again, I do not know his phone...” Lita’s thinking was cut off by the phone ringing. “No it can't be,” she said as she picked up the phone “Hello?” she said.

“Um hi, is this Lita?” a voice asked.

“Yes it is” she said.

“HI it's Keith, I was about ready to give up,” he laughed.

“Before anything else happens, what is your phone number?” Lita asked and there was silence on the other line. “Keith? You still there?”

“I can't give you my phone number,” he said.

“Why?” she asked confused.

“I'll tell you later, I have to go”  Keith said.

“Oh OK, I'll see you around,” Lita said quietly, and hung up. “Well, that was weird,” she thought and went off to bed.

The next day she was at a coffee shop and noticed the same trench coated man sitting by the cash register, his face was covered by a hat and she could not recognize him. She went to the cash register and paid for a muffin and then started for the man, he got up quickly and left with her following. Running down the street the man disappeared behind a truck and Lita could not find him anywhere. “DAMN” she said as loud as she could. “Oops...” she thought and quickly went to her rehearsals.

That night she talked to Keith for a long time telling him about the man and how her day had gone. “Wow what an adventure!” Keith said sweetly, “Lita, do you think you could join me for dinner sometime, like tomorrow?”

“HELL YEAH! I mean, if you want to it would be fine with me” Lita said really embarrassed.

“Good, I'll come over at 8, be ready!” And with that he hung up.

Lita was dancing around the phone rang again. “Hello” she said.

“Hello Jupiter” she heard an unfamiliar voice say.

“Who are you, and who is Jupiter?” Trying to sound like it is not her.

“Oh I know it's you, don’t try to pretend. stop trying to catch the trechcoated one, he is there to protect you!” the voice said.

“You are one messed up guy you know that?” Lita said she then hung up the phone.

Lita called everyone the next day, told them about Keith and the other call.

“That's very weird” Amy said, “You did not *69?”

“I didn’t think about it” Lita said.

That night at eight, Lita was waiting for Keith  in a long green dress her hair tied in a half pony tail and curled, which was unusual for her. She kept her hair up in a high pony tail most of the time.  When Keith came to the door he looked at Lita mouth open. “You look gorgeous” Keith smiled.

“You do not look that bad yourself” Lita said eyeing Keith’s black suit.

Keith took Lita's hand as she walked out the door. He kissed it lightly as she entered his car.  Her face flushed red as he got into the driver's seat.   He smiled as he took off in the car. On the way there all Lita talked about was the movie.  When they got to the restaurant, and were seated Lita brought up about his phone number.

“Oh,” Keith said, thinking quickly, “my phone does not take calls in, it's screwed up.”

Lita frowned, looking threw the menu.

After dinner Lita and Keith were standing in from of her apartment. “I had a wonderful time” Lita smiled.

“Me too,” Keith said kissing her on the cheek gently.

“Keith...," Lita said softly, “would you like to come in?”

“I do not know if I should...” Keith said slowly.  But as he said this he looked at her seeing the look on her face. “Oh o.k.” Keith smiled.

“Yeah!” Lita giggled as she went in. Once inside, Keith sat on a couch. Lita asked him if he would want anything, like a glass of water or something. Keith said no and Lita sat down next to him. Lita scooted closer to him trying to look inconspicuous. He did notice, but did not mind and scooted closer to her. She turned to him smiling sweetly. As they both leaned in to kiss they heard a crash outside. Lita jumped up. "Maybe I should check it out...” she said.

“I'll go too” Keith said not really wanting to go.

When they got outside they saw a giant octopus looking thing with people in its tentacles sucking the energy out of them. “Oh no!” Lita said quickly, “Keith...go call the police.”

He knew what she was doing and went inside.

Lita transformed into Sailor Jupiter and confronted the beast. After a call on her communicator to the other scouts she started to fight it.  In a couple of minutes the octopus overpowered her and she was wrapped up in one of its tentacles and started to suck out her energy.

Suddenly a bold of lightning came out of nowhere and struck the tentacle.  It dropped Lita from a few feet in the air  and she landed on the ground with a thump and a groan. A man in green armor and a big sword with a green hilt over to Sailor Jupiter.  “Jupiter,” he said softly, “are you o.k.?” She just groaned. He stood up clutching his sword hilt. “How could you hurt her, you ugly piece of crap.” he said.

The octopus looked at him scared, “I did not mean to, I really did not!”

He unsheathed his sword and said: “Kinoka sahimo BLAST!” and a green bolt of lightning hit close to the octopus

“Uh oh!” the thing said and disappeared.

He went over to Sailor Jupiter and asked her if she was o.k. again. “The monster,” Sailor Jupiter said trying to sit up but falling back again.

“No, do not try to get up, it's gone, the monster is gone,” he said as the other scouts got there.

“JUPITER” they all sceamed and ran over to where she lie.

“What happened, where is the monster?” Sailor moon yelled.

The man in green looked up at her the only thing seen was his eyes looking worried and full of tears.  “Ill tell you after we get her inside, hurry."

Sailor mars then said, “Wait, who are you?”

“Mars, no time!” Sailor mercury said.