Jupiter's Knight

by: Kitty

The man put a hand under her neck and on the back of her legs, lifted her and carried her inside her open door.  As he lied her down she muttered, “Keith....Is that you?” But only he could hear and ignore it.

“OK, now who are you?” Sailor mars said.

“I am Sailor Jupiter’s protector, Jupiter Knight.” He said rising giving a low bow to Sailor moon “my queen” he said slowly.

“Oh, thank you” Sailor Moon said.

“Protector?” Sailor Venus said.

“Yes you all have one, they will come when the time is right, Sailor Moon I believe you have already found yours.”

“You mean, tuxedo mask? she asked.

“Yes,” he said glancing at Sailor Jupiter.

“Hmm I bet he is very cute under that helmet” Sailor Mars thought (she had always been jealous of Sailor Jupiter’s luck with men).  She walked over to him and asked, “Why don’t you take off your helmet, big boy (ha ha)” with a trying to hard sexy smile.

“Uh, no, I cannot” he said realizing what she was doing and backing away from her. She smirked and sat on a chair. Sailor Jupiter then groaned again.  Jupiter Knight kneeled down by her side and clutched her hand. “We need to do something” he said.

Luna spoke up. “I still have the healing wand,” she said  before getting it for Sailor moon.

“MOON HEALING MAGIC” Sailor Moon yelled as she pointed the wand at Sailor Jupiter.  The wand worked and she was  sitting up within minutes.

She instantly looked at Jupiter Knight. “Who are you?” she asked looking at him. He explained what he had said to the other scouts. “My protector? Wow cool!” Sailor Jupiter said happily.

“Well I have to go, I am not needed any more” he said standing bowing to them all and lifting his helmet, just slightly, to kiss Jupiter’s hand.  After he left the scouts did the same and Jupiter transformed back into her street clothes and remembered about Keith. “Keith? Where are you?” she asked looking threw the house. She found him passed out on the floor. “Keith?" she said shaking him. He awoke and sat strait up.

“What happened, all I remember was coming in her and hitting my head..”

“ It's o.k.” she said helping him up. She explained to him all that had happened avoiding saying she was Jupiter.

“Protector?” Keith said with a frown, “does that mean your done with me?”

Lita burst out laughing. “Of course not!” she said with a grin. “You will never getting rid of me.”

“Before anything else happens I have to do this...” he said grabbing her neck and kissing her.

“Wow” she said slowly her eyes starting to glaze over. He wrapped his arms around her and led her to the couch. He let go of her slowly letting her slip away from him and onto the couch. Then he sat next to her again.  She looked at him “ Keith” she said softly.

“Yes, Lita” he said as softly as her.

“Thank you” she said.

“What did I do?” he asked.

“Shhhh leave it at that” she said leaning on him.

He put his arm around her. “Well your welcome.”

They talked for a few hours and Lita slowly fall asleep in his arms. A little while later he took her out of his arms and laid her on the couch.  He touched her cheek softly and slowly walked out the door.

When Lita woke up the next morning she reached out for Keith, finding him not there. “Keith?” she said slowly sitting up. Looking at the table she found a note. “ Dearest Lita, I will talk to you soon, I am sorry I had to leave. I will call you when I can, thank you for everything. Love, Keith.” She read out loud from the note.  “He should have woken me up,” she thought and went out to rehearsals.

When she got home the phone was ringing. She picked it up and said “Hello?”

“Hi, Lita?” Keith said.

“That's me” she said.

“Hi its Keith.” He said laughing “I hope you remember me.”

“How could I forget?” she said smiling. “So what’s up?”

“Oh, well I wanted to see you again.” Keith said happily.

“Oh, when?” Lita asked.

“Um tomorrow, how about 6?” he asked.

“That sounds great!” Lita said.

“O.K. Tomorrow then” Keith said.

“Bye,” Lita said and hung up. “Oh this is so exiting,” she said happily.

The next day the director, Marty, asked Lita to come into his office after rehearsals.

“Yeah, Marty” she said walking in.

“Lita, I know how good you are at acting, and you are doing wonderful with the part you have now, but this isn’t about that. This is about us, you and me, I have wanted to be with you sense we started.  You are so beautiful, and I am drawn to you.”

Lita sat there with her mouth open. “Marty...I cannot, I am seeing someone...I am sorry,” she said softly.

Marty wasn’t that bad looking he had a sturdy body and icy blue eyes, but she knew she could not do it. He went to her and took her hands. “But Lita I want you. you are everything to me, Please!” he said with a sad look on his face.

“Marty, no, I do not want to be mean about this but, I really cannot,” she said sternly.  Then he looked into her eyes and she suddenly realized that Marty was not Marty, he was not even human, he was that octopus guy. But before she could do anything he had hypnotized her and she could not move.

“Do not be fooled, Lita, I do like you, and if you had said yes, we could have had something, something great, but look what you did. Now I will have my fun and then ill take your energy,” he said laughing.

She narrowed her eyes but could do nothing else.

“Now Lita, come here,” he smiled opening his arms.

She moved slowly to him thinking "No, why can't I stop myself.”

He hugged her slowly dragging his hands on her back.

Keith then came into the building talking to some of the other cast members, asking where Lita was.

“Lita went into Marty’s office,” Erin, one of the cast members said, pointing to his office.

Marty was now kissing Lita on the neck as she stood as still as she could.

Keith burst through the door. “ LITA? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” he screamed.

“Oh this is the one you were seeing hmm?” Marty said breaking away from Lita. “Lita dear tell this that you do not want to see him anymore,” Marty said turning to her.

“Keith.....I... .I. ..do..don't want tooooo .......Heehe” closed her eyes trying to stop herself . “ ....Help me.... see you anymore.”

Keith looked at her then at Marty. “What have you done to her?”

“Oh nothing, just a little hypnotism, you know,” Marty shrugged moving over to Lita again.

“You get away from her” Keith said stepping toward him.

“Ha, she is mine now, she does not want you anymore, right Hun?”

“Ye..N...ye..Nno....yes.” Lita stammered.

“I thought so” Marty said wrapping his arms around her.

“Let her go,” Keith said glaring at him.

“Oh? And what are you going to do about it?” Marty smiled.

“You do not know what I can do,” Keith said smiling evily walking toward him.

Marty backed up slightly letting go of Lita. He then put up his hand as blue light slowly appeared. “Now you will feel my wrath,” he said in a deep voice. Then he blasted a hole though a wall. Keith looking scared ran out the hole. “What a weakling,” Marty said going back to Lita “Now where was I?” He grabbed her and pulled her close with a evil grin on his face.

“What breath”  Lita thought. Suddenly a lighting bolt came through the hole in the wall.

“ Let her go” a deep, hurt voice said.

“Oh no, who is it now?” Marty said. “Lita go sit down.”

Lita went over to the couch, happily.

Jupiter Knight came out from the hole sword in hand.

“Ack, it's you!” Marty said stepping back. “Wait a sec..., Lita could you kill this for me, thanks' sugar.” Marty then disappeared as Lita got up and walked to Jupiter Knight.

“Lita no!! I am a friend” he said.

“T...t...tell me...what ...to...do.....” Lita said concentrating.

“Tell you what to do?” Jupiter Knight asked.

Lita steeped toward him again “ T..the...the spell works...works on any su...sugg...suggestion."

“Lita, uh, stops being hypnotized” Jupiter Knight said.

Lita suddenly snapped out of it.  “Thank you so much, my knight," Lita said slowly.

Jupiter Knight then wrapped his arms around her. “You know we must be together.”

Lita open her eyes widely “But, I can't...” she said softly moving away from him. “ I am already with someone...”

He thought for a minute and said “All will be reveled soon,” and walked away.

“I am sorry” Lita called after him. “Now I guess I’m out of a job” Lita said getting home, totally forgetting about Keith. “Now what will I do.”