Little Lessons

Part 2

    The next morning, Sage sat up, in his bed. He looked out of the window, and saw the nice summer weather. "Well, let's see... what can we do until we meet Mac's mom," he thought. Sage glanced across the room he shared with Rowen and Cye, and saw them still sleeping. "Well, we left Kento at home with Jax so Cye could get some extra sleep. Nik would flat out kill me if I woke her up and it wasn't an emergency. There's no way in hell that I'll get Rowen up. That leaves Mac and Ren. Mac was up late last night, so I doubt that she's awake. So now there's only Ren." Sage began to smell something coming from the kitchen. Sage smiled. "Ren's up." He knew that Kathy, as sweet as she is, could cook about as well as Rowen. Sage tosses his sheet off of his body, and realized how different his hands looked. He then looked down.
    Cye and Rowen jumped up in their cots, and looked at Sage. Cye's sea-blue eyes grew even bigger than they already were. "Sage? Is that you?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes trying to wake up.
    Nikki and Mac ran into the room, followed by Karyn. "What the hell...." Nikki began. She then saw a strange blonde woman sitting in Sage's bed with no shrit, and his boxers on. "Tell me that this is a dream," she whispered. "Sage, is that you?"
    Sage was in utter shock. "This can't be happening," he panicked. "This has got to be some terrible nightmare." He then looked up and saw Rowen, just starting at him. Sage looked down again and saw his two new, very large, breasts. As he pulled his sheet up to his chin with one hand, Sage threw a pillow at Rowen with the other. "Stop looking at me like that."
    Rowen caught the pillow just before it could hit him. "Sorry. It's kinda hard not to."
    Karyn walked into the room, and over to Sage. "I always wanted a sister, but I wasn't expecting this," she said touching Sage's now waist length hair. "What are we going to do?"
    Nikki walked into the room and sat next to Sage. "Sweetheart, can you answer one question?" she asked sweetly.
    Sage looked at Nikki on the verge of tears. "Don't yell at me Nik. It wasn't my fault. I just wanted to have my plam read," Sage said. His once deep and smooth voice was now high and frail.
    Nikki sighed. "All right," she said looking at everyone. "mac, can you get me that house coat over there?" she asked.
    Mac tossed Sage's hunter green housecoat over to Nikki. "Here you go." Mac looked at Rowen and saw him on the verge of breaking out in laughter. "Okay Blue Boy, out," she ordered.
    "I didn't do anything," Rowen protested. He looked at the evil gaze Nikki was giving him and jumped out of the cot and quickly walked out of the room. "Why does Cye get to stay?" he asked.
    "Cye, can you help me to the kitchen?" Karyn asked.
    Cye looked at Karyn and got out his cot also. He then walked over to Sage, and put his hand on her shoulder. "Everything's going to work out for the best," he said.
    Sage pulled away from Cye. "I'm a girl Cye. Things can only get worse if Aunt Kathy...." Sage let her sentence trail as her eyes widened.
    "Relax Sage," Mac smiled. She walked over to Sage and sat on the bed. "Kathy's at work. The only person we really have to deal with today is..... my mom." Mac bright outlook quickly changed. "You idiot, how could you do something like this when we have to go and meet my mother? Weren't you thinking?" she yelled jumping to her feet.
    Sage pulled the sheet over her head, and started crying uncontrollably. "I.... I didn't know.... this would happen!" Sage yelled between sobs.
    "Mackenzie, out. I'll handle this," Nikki said. As Mac stormed out of the room, Nikki sat next to Sage's curled up body. Honey, it's okay. I know this isn't your fault."
    Sage uncovered her tear-soaked face and looked at Nikki. "Really?" she asked.
    Nikki nodded. "Yeah." Nikki pulled the sheet off of Sage, and stood her up. She quickly quickly put the house coat on Sage, trying to save both from embarrassment. "You look to be about my size. I'll go and get some of my clothes, and you can wear that to the mall."
    Sage's eyes widened. "Ma...... ma....... mall?" she stammered out. "THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I'M GOING ANYWHERE LIKE THIS!!!!" she shreiked.
    "Sage, you can't fit into your clothes. You have to go to the mall, unless you want Kathy to tell your mother that she now has a daughter."
    Sage's eyes widened with terror. "No," She said shaking her head. "Mom can't find out about this."
    "Well then, listen to me, Mac, and Karyn, and you'll be just fine," Nikki smirked. "You and I are headed to the the girl's room."
    Sage looked at Nikki and began to follow her out of the room. "I don't believe this is happening to me."
    Nikki closed her eyes and sighed. "Sage, you're over doing the over emotional part just a little bit," Nikki said.
    "Okay," Sage whispered. She and Nikki walked into the "girl's" room, and Nikki quickly headed for her bags. "What are you looking for?" Sage asked.
    "Something quick and easy for you to get in and out of." Nikki walked ot the door, and gently pushed Sage over to the bed. "Mac, Come up here."
    "Mac's going to yell at me again," Sage said as he eyes filled with tears.
    "Keep up the water works, and I'll start yelling at you," Nikki warned.
    Sage quickly wiped her eyes and sat on the bed. "I'm sorry."
    Nikki looked at Sage, and took pity on her. "That's okay. Do you remember what that gypsy told you?"
    "She'll worry too much if I mention her," Sage thought. "She said that I need to learn a lesson about the treatment of women. After I learn it, the potion will wear off."
    Nikki sighed. "At least we know it's not permanent." Nikki then looked at Sage. "At least I hope it's not."
    "What's that supposed to mean?" Sage asked.
    "Sage, I love you, but you're one of the worse flirts I know."
    "I never flirted that much."
    "Second grade," Nikki said simply. When Nikki and Sage were first engaged, Gwen Date warned Nikki about her new fiance. Sage and Rowen were both thrown in detention because Sage was trying to teach Rowen how to flirt with the teacher. Even now, after being in college for two years already, Sage still can't live it down.
    Sage was at a lose for words. "I... it... it's not my fault that rowen couldn't stop laughing," she argued. "He's the reason we were in detention. Not me."
    Mac walked into the room. "Sage, I'm sorry I yelled at you," Mac said.
    Nikki looked at her best friend and smirked. "Hey Mac, which one got you? Blue eyes, or Grey eyes?" she asked.
    "They double teamed me," Mac said as she sat in her cot. "So, what are we going to do about Miss Date?"
    Sage shot Mac and evil look. "Don't call me that."
    Nikki walked Sage over to the full length mirror and showed her what she now looked like. "Does that scream Mr. Date to you?" she asked. "You are now a girl Sage. Deal with it," she ordered.
    Sage looked at Nikki and knew she was becoming annoyed. the only reason Nikki hasn't yelled at, or knocked out Sage yet, was because she loved him. Then there were the guilt trips Mac already got from Cye (Blue eyes) and Karyn (Grey eyes).
    "Now, what are we going to do about clothes?" Nikki asked.
    Mac looked at Sage and walked over to Nikki's bags. "Let's try the dress and tennies look."
    "Dress?" Sage asked in horror.
    Nikki looked at Sage with daggers in her eyes. "Is there a problem with a dress Miss. Date?" she asked bitterly.
    Sage began to shake her head. "No. Nothing's wrong with it."
    Mac tried to hold back her laughter. "For now though, let's get something that she won't need a bra for."
    Sage swallowed hard. Her eyes had now grown to the size of dinner plates, but stayed silent.
    Nikki looked into Sage's eyes and saw this. "Mac, you find something, and call me when you're done. I'm going to get something to eat."
    As Nikki walked to the door, Sage grabbed her arm. "Do you have to?" she asked.
    "I don't want to say anything that's going to insult you, and I don't want to yell at you. I have to go and cool off for a while. Okay?"
    Sage looked at Nikki and knew she was right. "Can you save me something food?" Sage asked.
    The bitter expression that Nikki wore eased as she looked into Sage's eyes. Sage may now have been changed into a girl, but her eyes were the same. "That'll be easy, Kento's not here," Nikki smiled before leaving the room.
    Sage closed the door and looked at Mac. "I think this is hard on her," she said.
    Mac looked at Sage almost in shock. That was the first thing she said all morning that didn't concern her little problem. "Sage, Let's get you dressed, okay?" she smiled.
    "I wonder how Rowen would react if this was him," Sage said as Mac looked through Nikki's clothes.
    "Rowen would act almost exactly the way you are. But he would be looking at different books trying to reverse what ever it was that did this to him in the first place." Mac pulled out a small purple sundress and held it up. "What do you think?"
    "Purple's Nik's color. I know that she has a green dress in there somewhere...." Sage then looked at Mac. "I can't believe I just said that," she said in semi-shock.
    Mac laughed as she found the dress Sage spoke of. "Don't worry about it. I won't tell Rowen. He's going hysterical over the whole situation as it is."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Nikki sat at the coffe table drinking a cup of tea. "He has to learn about the treatment of women? What did he say to this gypsy to make her do that to him? Americans. I don't think I want to figure them out. But then again, Sage is half-American. If I can't figure out the culture, a future with him could fall apart. I guess," she thought. Nikki then looked over into the kitchen, and saw Rowen and Cye sitting at the table. "And those two. No, wait, not Cye, Rowen. What am I going to do about Rowen? I know he's going to laugh at Sage, and make her cry... wait a minute. Her? Sage is my boyfriend, and I just referred to him as her? After everything that happened with Milady and Talpa, I thought I could handle anything. Boy was I wrong."
    "Nikki," Rowen said. "What's wrong?"
    Nikki looked at Rowen and stood. "Take a wild guess Rowen," she replied. She looked at him and shook her head. "If you do anything to make Sage cry, or shriek, or anything over emotional, I swear, you'll live to regret it," Nikki threatened.
    Rowen looked into Nikki's eyes and knew she was worried about Sage. He was too; he just didn't want to admit it. "Okay Nikki," he said.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Sage stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself in Nikki's green spaghetti strap dress. "You know, for a girl, I'm not that bad looking," she smiled.
    Mac fell onto the bed laughing. "And then you wonder why you're cursed. Sage, never go into any type of gypsy or voodoo place in New Orleans. You never know what they could do to you."
    "Thanks for telling me now Mac," Sage said dryly. She then turned to the mirror and looked at her hair. "What about this?"
    Mac walked over to her bag and pulled out a hair brush. "Take a seat," she answered with a smile.
    Sage walked over to Mac's cot and sat down. "What are you going to do?"
    "Your hair," Mac laughed. "You know, ever since I met you, all I wanted to do was cut off all of your hair."
    Sage quickly stood and turned on Mac. "You, Mackenzie Ann St. John, will never cut my hair," she protested.
    Mac laughed as she sat Sage back down. "Relax Sage. I was just joking. You have to look at this a little less seriously. For Nikki's sake; and your life."
    "I hate to say it, but you're right. Nik's really been cool with all of this, so far."
    Mac started to brush out Sage's hair. "Cool isn't the word. I know that I wouldn't be able to handle this if Rowen was in your place. You got a real winner with Nikki."
    Sage sighed. "Yeah, I know. I just hope that she can get through this with out killing or hurting anyone."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Karyn looked at Nikki and smiled. "Sage can handle this," she said.
    Nikki looked at Karyn and shook her head. "She has to learn about the treatment of women before she changes back." Nikki then realized her mistake again. "Damn it. I have to stop doing that."
    Karyn laughed. "You know, knowing Mac, she probably has Sage laughing about this whole situation by now. And knowing Sage, she's probably checking herself out in the mirror."
    Nikki looked at Karyn and started to laugh. "You know something, I think you're right."
    Rowen and Cye walked into the kitchen. "Are you okay now?" Rowen asked Nikki.
    "I guess. Waking up to find your boyfriend turned into a woman can just be so draining."
    "Like I told Sage, everything is going to work out for the best," Cye smiled.
    Mac walked into the kitchen, smiling. "May I present, the new Sage Date," she said walking over to the counter.
    Sage followed Mac into the kitchen and smiled. "So, how do I look?" she asked.
    Rowen and Cye both stood speechless. Sage did actually look good as a girl. The dress Sage was now wearing fitted her almost perfectly (the only thing wrong was the bust area was tight, and the waist was a little bit snug). Rowen wouldn't be able to tell Sage was Sage, if it wasn't for the front of her hair. Mac was able to comb out the back and put it up in a long odango to make it look shorter, but the front was a different story. Sage fought and argued with Mac to the the front of her hair in her face.
    "I... I don't believe it," Rowen said lowly.
    Cye walked over to Sage and circled her. "You look...." Cye let the sentence trail off when he saw Karyn standing by the stove.
    Nikki looked at Sage wide-eyed. "You look great," she whispered. "I doubt I'll ever be able to wear that dress again without thinking of this moment, but you're beautiful."
    Sage smiled at Nikki and shrugged. "It's a little tight," she said.
    Rowen walked over to Sage in Disbelief. "Well, that's no small front you're packing," Rowen said looking at Sage's chest. "You can't tell if you're on the inside trying you get out, or the outside trying to get in."
    "Rowen,"Mac and Karyn said as one.
    "It's true," Nikki said trying not to laugh.
    Sage looked at Rowen and punched him in his arm. "I may be in a girl's body, but I can still beat the hell out of you pal," she said.
    Rowen looked at his best friend and smiled. "Whatever you say... Bijin," he laughed, slapping Sage on her butt.
    Sage looked at Rowen in shock. "You... you...." she fumed.
    Rowen laughed as he ran out of the kitchen. "Catch me if you can," he called.
    "Gladly," Sage mumbled. She turned around and wsa about to run after Rowen.
    "Sage Date, if you do anything to that dress, Gwen won't have to worry about having a child anymore," Nikki yelled.
    Sage looked at Nikki and stopped. "But he hit me on my behind," she reasoned.
    "And you do the same thing to me. Am I wrong?"
    Sage stood and thought about what Nikki said. After a moment, she hung her head slightly. "I guess you're right. But when I get back to normal, he's gonna pay for that."
    Mac laughed as she picked up the keys to Kathy's mini-van. "Mall trip!" she called trying to get everyone's attention from the little Rowen and Sage episode.
    Cye's eyes widened. "I'll stay here, if you don't mind."
    Sage grabbed Cye's arm. "If I have to go, you're coming with me."
    "But this mall trip's for you, not me."
    Karyn took Cye's other arm and looked into his eyes. "Now Cye, you know Sage is going through a tough time right now. He needs the support of his friends."
    "That's not all the support she needs," Rowen laughed from the doorway.
    "That's it, I've had just about enough of you Baka." Sage turned and ran after Rowen. Nikki was about to run after her, when there was a crash.
    Everyone ran out into the living room to see Sage standing on the couch, and Rowen on the floor laughing. "What happened?" Nikki asked.
    "I said... there... a... mouse, and she... the couch," Rowen said in between fits of laughter.
    Sage looked at Rowen and picked up a pillow from the couch. "You baka," she said as she beat Rowen with the pillow. "That was a mean and cruel thing."
    Mac walked over to Sage and pulled her away from Rowen. "Would both of you stop?" she asked. "Rowen, leave Sage alone. And Sage, stop beating up on Rowen."
    The two Ronins looked at each other. "Yes Mackenzie," they said in one voice.

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