Little Lessons

Part 5

    Sage woke up the next morning in the Davenport house to see a dozen red roses on the night stand. "I hope those aren't from who I think they are," she said to herself.
    Mac walked into the room and saw the flowers. "Well, the rose bandit strikes again," she smiled.
    Sage got out of bed wearing a long baseball shirt, and a pair of bike shorts. "If he keeps it up, I'll strike him. Really, does he actually think I'll go out with him just because he's a good flirt?"
    Mac looked at Sage and folded her arms. "That sounds a little familiar," she said.
    Sage looked at Mac. "I wasn't that bad."
    "And that's why you can't learn anything." Mac looked out of the window and saw the mini-van drive up. "Come on. We're going to the fair on Bourbon Street."
    Sage looked at Mac and smiled. "He isn't going, right?"
    Mac smiled as she heard the hope in Sage's voice. "I wish I could say no, but Remy's going to be with us all day. He's going to meet us there."
    Sage closed her eyes and sighed. "Can I hurt him? Please Mac, can I?" Sage pleaded.
    Mac laughed. "Come here and put this on." Mac held up a half shirt, and a pair of green shorts. "Do you want me to help you with your hair?"
    "I'd rather you help me get your cousin off my back. Or even get Nikki back."
    "Sorry, can't help you in either place." Mac looked at Sage and gave her the outfit. "Look, I'll see what I can do about Nikki. As for Remy, you're on your own," Mac said before walking out of the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Nikki sat in the back of the mini-van as Rowen, Mac and Sage climbed in. "Aunt Kathy's going to be out of town for a few days," Nikki said.
    Sage looked at Cye, who shook his head. Sage then sighed and turned around to Karyn. "So Ren, everything was okay at the house?" she asked.
    "Everything's fine," Karyn said as she drove to the fair.
    Rowen glanced next to him, and saw Nikki gazing out of the window. "So Nikki, you never told us who that guy you were with, was last night," Rowen said just trying to make conversation.
    "His name's Max. He's a Blues musician." Nikki looked at Rowen. "Why?" she asked.
    "We just wanted to know," Sage answered.
    Nikki looked at Sage bitterly. "You stay out of it."
    "I'm already in it Nik." Sage turned and looked at Nikki. "Why are you so defensive about that guy? We were just worried about you."
    "Is that so?" Nikki asked as her anger started to show. "Well, you didn't seem too worried about me when you were flirting with that gypsy, what's her name... Natalia. And getting changed into a girl, were you?"
    "Both of you calm down," Mac said from the front seat.
    "You stay out of this!" Nikki and Sage yelled as one.
    Sage turned and looked at Nikki again. "I thought you knew that this wasn't my fault?"
    Nikki looked at Sage and shook her head. "All I know is, my fiancee, the man that I love, was turned into a woman. All I know, is that I'm in a strange country, and the only time I'm not being driven crazy is when I'm not with you!"
    "Do you hate me that much? Huh Nik? Do you hate being with me so much that you'd rather go off with a complete stranger?"
    "I wasn't going off with him. We were just talking. And he did something you never did."
    Sage looked at Nikki with wide eyes and a pale face. "What did you just say?"
    "Max did something you will never be able to do." Tears were running down her cheeks as she looked at Sage. "He was able to tell me his dreams for the future. All of his dreams for the future."
    "But you know everything I want out of life."
    "Damn it Sage, it's not the same thing!" Nikki screamed. "You say you love me. You say you want to be with me forever. But how can I be sure of that when you look at every other girl hat comes around."
    "You can look into my head at any time."
    Nikki loowly laughed. "I know that. And I do." Nikki looked Sage in the eye. "But that really doesn't tell me what's in your heart, now does it?" she asked quietly.
    Sage looked at Nikki and shook her head. "This doesn't have a thing to with me being a girl, does it? You're scared."
    "Sage, don't," Cye whispered.
    "You Nicolea, are terrified to marry me. To have to spend every day with the same person. Day in and day out, nothing but the same face."
    "Rowen say something," Mac said over her shoulder.
    Rowen looked at Nikki and shook his head. "They need to get this over with."
    Nikki closed her eyes and balled up her fist. "I'm not scared of that," she said bitterly.
    "Then what is it Nicolea?" Sage asked.
    "I... I'm..."
    "What Nik?"
    "I'm afraid to lose you!" she yelled. Nikki sat looking into Sage's wide eye and nodded. "And by the looks of things, I already have."
    Sage still looked at Nikki in shock. "You what?" she asked in a whisper.
    Nikki looked at Sage bitterly. "You made me say it once. I'm not going to say it again." Nikki turned and looked out of the window.
    Sage was about to say someting when Rowen interfered. "How long before we get there?" Rowen asked.
    "A few more minutes," Karyn answered.
    Nikki wiped her face as she refused to look at Sage. "I'm sorry. But I can't do this," she thought.
    "I was never expecting you to Nik," Sage said. "I know that you have your strong points, and your weak ones. So I was never putting any pressure on you. You should know that." Sage looked at Cye, who raised an eyebrow. "As for losing me, that's never going to happen."
    Nikki looked at Sage. "You may say that. But don't be insulted if I don't believe it."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Remy walked into the restaurant Mac had taken everyone to. "Hey everyone," he smiled brightly. Remy then noticed Sage sitting between Rowen and an empty seat. "Hello Sae," Remy said as he sat down.
    "Hello Remy," Sage said. She then turned and looked out of the window. Her eyes widened as she saw Max playing on the corner. "Nikki, there's your friend."
    Nikki looked up and saw Max. "oh, I'll talk to him later," she said.
    Karyn looked at Nikki's face and saw that she still hadn't calmed down from the argument on the way here. "So, Remy, where were you today?" Karyn asked trying to avoid anything that had to do with Nikki.
    "I was helping out a friend." Remy then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small charm. "And I got this for Sae," he smiled giving it to her.
    "What is this?" Sage asked. The fight hadn't worn off her either.
    "It's a charm. I thought of you when I saw it." Remy smiled as he pointed to the thin rope which hung around Sage's neck. "I thought you might put it on your rope."
    "I don't think so. I already have a charm for it." Sage looked at Nikki and stood. "I think I'll go and enjoy the fair."
    "Don't let any gypsies find you," Nikki said as she folded her arms.
    "Nikki, that was uncalled for," Cye whispered.
    Nikki looked at Sage as she walked out of the restaurant. "There were a lot of things that were uncalled for," Nikki responded.
    Remy stood and ran after Sage. "Sae, wait," he called.
    "Leave me alone," Sage said still walking.
    "Not until you give me the time of day."
    Sage stopped walking and looked at her watch. "It's 3:30. Now, go away and stopbugging me."
    Remy ran over to Sage and grabbed her arm. Sage then turned around and flipped Remy over her shoulder. "I don't want anything to do with you. Can't you get that through your thick skull?" Sage yelled. "I'm not the kind of girl who wants a guy to buy things for her all the time. I'n not the kind of girl who falls for a guy simply because he smiles at me. But most of all, you need to know, not every girl in the world wants to date someone just because they're charming!"
    Remy looked at Sage wide eyed. Tears ran down her cheeks as she was screaming at him. "All right, I'll leave you alone," he whispered.
    Natalia walked over to Sage and put her hand on Sage's shoulder. "There's no need. When you go inside, tell her friends that Sae is with Natalia, and that she'll be home by tonight."
    Sage looked at the gypsy bitterly. "Now why would I go anywhere with you?" she asked.
    "Well, have it your way." Natalia looked at Sage and began to walk down the street. "But if you want to learn the rest of your lesson by tonight, come with me."
    Sage looked at Remy and nodded. "Tell everyoone that I'll meet them at Aunt Kathy's house later."