Ronin Warriors III:

The Next Generation

part one

A Fatherís Worse Nightmare



Chapter 2- Meeting the Folks.


Jake walked into his parents penthouse the next morning. He looked around and saw Kento and Sage sleeping on the sofa. "Well, I guess you two didnít find the girls, huh?" he whispered.

Jax walked out of her bedroom and saw the same sight her son saw. "Canít they ever learn?" she asked Jake.

Sage opened his eyes, and looked at Jax. "Good morning," he smirked.

"Were you and he looking for the girls again?" she asked.

Sage sat up, and looked at Jake. "Do you know if they got home okay?" he asked.

Jake looked at Sage and laughed. "They were at the Pao Pao. They got back here safe." Jake looked at Sage and smiled. "I just saw them down at the pool."

Sage got up, and walked out of the penthouse.

Jake looked at his mother and shrugged. "They were just lounging with a couple of guys," he smiled devilishly.

"Youíre are so mean to Sulia and Kathy," Jax smiled.

"Well, itís only because they used to torture me."



Sulia and Kathy sat with Cale and Dais on the pool deck. "So, what are you guys doing today?" Sulia asked.

"We donít know yet. Do you have any ideas?" Cale asked.

Kathy sat hand and hand with Dais. "I donít know. I really donít know what you could do," she said.

Dais looked at Kathy strangely. "Youíre not coming with us?" he asked.

"Weíre stuck working here for the day."

"Sulia Corrine Date," Sage called from the bar. He walked closer to the table, and saw Cale and Dais. Sage stopped walking, and looked at the four. "Sulia, Kathryn, both of you, get over here now," he ordered.

All four stood. "Hello again Halo," Cale smiled.

Sulia looked at Cale strangely. "You know him?" she asked.

"Yes. We all know each other. Girls, now." Sage looked at Cale with an evil gaze.

"Wait a minute," Kathy started.

"No minutes Kathryn. Get over here now."

Sulia looked at Cale, and Dais, in shock. "You were the warlords?" she whispered.

Cale reached for Suliaís hand, but she pulled it away. "Were, being the operative word," he said. He then looked at Sage. "What are these girls to you Halo?"

"Suliaís my daughter. And Kathyís Hardrockís daughter," Sage answered.

Cale looked at Dais in shock. "You had children?" Dais asked.

Sulia looked at Cale with wide eyes. "I donít believe it," she whispered.

"Sulia, come on, letís get going," Kathy said as she took Suliaís hand.

A tear ran down Suliaís cheek as she still stared into Caleís eyes. "What are you two really doing here?" she asked bitterly.

Cale lower his eyes.

"The Hellís mouth is going to open if we donít stop it," Dais said. He looked at Kathy, and lowered his head. "Weíll be leaving this afternoon." Dais then walked away from the table to the hotel, followed by Cale.

Sulia looked at her father, and hugged him. Sage held her tightly as she cried on his shoulder. "Itís okay Princess. Itís okay," he whispered.



Tali walked into the her parentís kitchen, and saw Karyn and Cye. "Morning," she said lowly.

"Good morning, Honey," Karyn smiled. She then saw the cold expression Cye received from their daughter. "Did something happen that you two need to tell me about?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing much. Just Daddy and Ryo following Mike and me to the docks, thatís all," Tali answered as she poured herself a glass of orange juice.

Karyn looked at Cye in shock. "What?"

"We went looking for the kids, to tell them about what Anubis found. Ryo and I found Tali, and Mike, making out on the docks."

"We just kissed," Tali argued. "Is there a law saying that no oneís allowed to kiss another person?"

Karyn looked at her daughter, and then to her husband. "They are so much alike that they canít even argue without looking like a pair of children."

"And whatís this business about Anubis finding something? Last night it was todayís the anniversary of when you two started dating," Tali said.

"Would you have stayed and listened to me?" Cye asked.

"No. And frankly, I donít want to listen to you now." Tali walked over to the doorway.

"Crystal, sit down," Karyn said.

Tali walked over to the table, and looked at her father. "I donít believe that you donít trust me."

"I do trust you. But I just donít like the idea of you kissing someone out on the docks." Cye looked at his daughter, and sighed. "What we wanted to tell you is, Anubis found out that the Hellís Mouth is going to be opened in about five days."

Tali looked at her parents, and rubbed her eyes. "So weíre leaving in four days, or something?"

"Yeah, something like that," Karyn said.

"Does Kevin know?"

"Yeah. He got home just after mid-night last night." Cye then looked at his daughter. "When did you get here?"

Tali looked at Karyn, and stood. "I teleported in after two."

"I thought I told you not to..."

"I was upset Ma. Besides, I went to bed as soon as I got in. Iím fine." Tali looked out of the window, and saw the beautiful view of the harbor. "Iíll be at the gym if anyoneís looking for me." "Tali, get something to eat first."



At noon, Kathy sat behind the front desk. She looked at the guest list, and saw Daisís name. She then looked at the woman sitting at the phone. "Maggie-san, Iím going to take my lunch hour now," she said standing up.

The little woman nodded as Kathy ran to the elevator. "I have to know why we seem to be so perfect together. I donít care what Dad said," Kathy thought.

Within five minutes, Kathy was at Daisís room. She gently knocked on the door, and fixed her uniform. Dais opened the door, and looked at her strangely. "I didnít order anything from the front desk," he said.

"I know. Iím on my lunch hour." Kathy looked into his face. "Oh, if you only knew how much I wanna kiss you," she thought. "Can I talk to you?" she asked.

Dais opened the door wider, and let her into the room. "What do you want to talk about?" he asked.

"Why do you seem so cold all of a sudden?" she asked.

"Your father doesnít want anything to do with me. I wouldnít be surprised if he told you I made you and Sulia want to be with me and Cale."

Kathy hung her head. "That sounds about right." She looked at Dais, and stepped closer to him. "I know thatís not the truth. And I want to have something with you. And itís my opinion that counts." She gently kissed him, and ran her hands through his hair.

He fell back into the door, shutting it. Dais wrapped Kathy in his arms and held her tightly. He then turned, pinning her against the door. Kathy took his hands from around her, and guided them to the bottom of her skirt. As he ran his hands up her skirt, Dais began to kiss her neck. Kathy smiled as she felt him removing her panties. As her undergarment fell to the floor, Dais picked her up and carried her to the sofa. He stood her up as he sat down. Kathy straddled him as she opened his pants. Dais kissed her passionately as he opened her blouse. Kathy moaned as she felt him inserting himself into her. "I love you," he whispered.

Kathy kissed his neck, and removed his shirt. Dais removed the strapless bra she wore, and kissed each of her breasts. Kathy held him tightly as he made love to her. She arched her back, almost falling backward, when Dais wrapped her arms around her tightly. He pushed her hair out of her face, and kissed her. Kathy ran her hands through his hair, and pulled off his patch by accident. She looked at where his eye used to be. She gently kissed where his eyelid was sewed shut. He looked at her strangely, but continued to make love to her, for what seemed only a few minutes. Kathy fell against his chest. She looked at her watch, and sighed. "Shit. I have get back," she whispered.

Dais looked at her and kissed her. "I thought you wanted to talk?" he teased.

"Donít check out tonight, and we will," she smiled. Kathy stood, and began to fix her clothes. "Tell Cale, that Suliaís in the park, when you see him."

Dais looked at Kathy as she pulled up her underwear. "All right," he said. As she opened the door, he sat up. "Kathy," he said.

She smiled as she turned to him. "I love you," she smiled.

He looked at her and smiled. "You knew I was going to say that, didnít you?"

"Yeah. And itís the truth." Kathy ran over to him, and kissed him deeply. "Iíll see you tonight?" she asked.

Dais nodded.

"Iíll see you then."



Sulia sat on a park bench looking across the lake. She folded her arms, and hugged herself. "Why him of all people? I thought he was different. He seemed like the perfect guy. To find out that heís married, or even gay would be one thing. To find out that heís 40, that would be one thing. But to find out that heís over 600 years old, and he tried to kill my father on countless occasions, thatís another thing all together." She lowered her head, and began to silently cry. She then felt a flower brush against her hair. She looked up, and saw Cale. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I wanted to talk to you," he said. He looked at her, and his heart broke. "Could I be doing this to her?" he thought.

"About what?" she asked bitterly. "About the fact that youíre over 600? Or just maybe about the times you tried to run my father through with your no-datchi?"

"Iíve changed Sulia."

"Iím sure you have, Cale. But I just donít care right now." Sulia stood, and began to walk away.

Cale grabbed her hand, and pulled her close to him. "Give me a chance to explain. Thatís all I ask."

She looked into his eyes, and began to cry. "Let me go before I make you."

Cale looked at her. "She is crying because of me. Gods, I thought I was the only one who felt this way." He ran his hand through her hair, and kissed her.

Sulia returned his kiss, just before flipping him over her body. As he fell to the ground, Cale released her. Sulia looked at him, and walked away. "Iím sorry. But I canít follow my heart this time."

Cale stood, and ran after her. He grabbed her by both arms, and pulled her back into his chest. "Sulia, I love you," he said.

"You donít even know me."

Cale held her closer to him, and smelled her shampoo. "I know that remembering what I did to your father is a curse that I have to deal with for the rest of my life. I know that you are the only person to ever want to be with me since I left the Dynasty. I know that youíre the only light I want in my life," he whispered. "Iíve never felt this way about anyone else before."

"You killed Kathyís mother. And you sent my mother back with that monster Backao," she whispered trying to resist him.

"I was a different person back then. I was a monster too. Was." He then kissed her hair. He wrapped one arm around her, and held her close to him. With his free hand, he pulled her hair to one side of her neck. As he kissed her neck, Sulia leaned her head back. She turned around, and kissed him passionately.

Sulia held him closely, as she held either side of his face. She then broke their kiss, and hugged him. "Why are you doing this?" she cried into his shoulder.

Cale held her, not knowing what to say. He knew he loved her, and he knew she felt the same. He also knew why he was after her love. "Youíre my last shot at love," he thought. "Because I love you, and I want to be with you," he told her.



Becky walked into a gym, and saw Tali working out with a large punching bag. "So, Cye told you about the Hellís Mouth?" she asked.

Tali kicked the bag, and then punched it three times. "What gave you that idea?" Tali answered between breaths.

"Simple, youíre here. You only come here when youíre really upset, or confused. Whatís wrong? You donít want to go, or something?"

Tali looked at her friend. "He kissed me last night."

"What?" Becky looked at her in shock. "Mike Sanada? Michael of the Wildfire, kissed you?"

"Yes, Rebecca." Tali looked at the expression on Beckyís face, and shook her head. "How was your date last night?"

"How was the movie?"

"Boring. Marc fell asleep, and that really pissed off Sakura."

"Sheíll get over it." Becky put her bag down, and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. "Jake and I might start going out."

Tali looked at Becky. "Itís about time." She then kicked the bag five times.

Mike and Jake walked into the gym, and saw the girls. Jake looked at Becky, and kissed her. Mike looked at Tali, and pushed some of her sweaty hair away from her face. "You okay?" he asked her.

"Did you hear about the Hellís Mouth?" she answered.

Mike nodded. "Thatís why weíre here."

"Yeah, we wanted to get some extra practice before we leave," Jake said.

Becky then looked at her two friends, and smirked. She grabbed Jakeís arm, and flipped him over her back, and onto the floor. "Well, it looks like you need it," she teased.

Jake jumped to his feet, and took his fighting stance. "You think you could hurt me, Babe?" he asked.

Beckyís eyes narrowed. She then smirked at him. "You havenít got a prayer."



Cale looked at Sulia as they walked along the lake. "So, youíre going to the Hellís Mouth too?" he asked.

"Yeah," she answered. She then took his hand into hers. "Iím the new Halo."

Cale stopped walking and looked at her. He gently touched her face. "Iím glad I no longer serve evil. Then you and I would be arch enemies."

Sulia kissed him passionately. "Donít say things like that to me. I donít think Iíd ever be able to fight you."

"Youíll never have to." Cale held Sulia close to him.



There was a knock on Daisís hotel door. As Dais walked to answer it, he fixed his patch. As he opened the door, he saw Kento standing on the other side. "Hardrock, hello," Dais said.

Kento used all of the control he could gather to keep from jumping around the ex-warlordís throat. "Iím only going to say this once. Stay away from my daughter, or Iíll kill you."

Dais looked at Kento.

"How dare you," Kathy said from behind the door. She stepped from behind Dais, and gave her father a cold stare. "You canít just come down here and demand him to stay away from me. Who the hell do you think you are?" she said to her father.

Kento looked at his daughter, and saw that her clothes were messed up. He then grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the room. "Iím your father," he said.

"Let me go," Kathy said as she tried to pulled away from Kento. "Iím not a child."

Dais looked at Kento and put his hand on his shoulder. Without a second thought, Kento slammed his fist into Daisís face.

Dais fell back into the room, and onto the floor. He reached up and felt blood running from his nose.

Kathyís eyes widened, and she forcefully pulled her arm away from Kento. She ran over to Dais, and knelt at his side. "I donít believe you," she yelled.

"Kathryn, letís go," Kento said.

"Iím not going anywhere with you." She helped Dais to his feet, and looked at her father bitterly.

Jax walked off of the elevator, and saw Kento standing in front of Daisís room. She walked over to him, and saw Dais, and Kathy. "Whatís going on here?" she asked.

Kathy looked at her mother. "Were you about to come here and tell him to stay away from me too?" she asked.

Jax looked at Kento. "Can you go down stairs, and make sure everythingís straight with the paper work?" she asked him.

Kento looked into her face, and sighed in anger. He then looked at Kathy, and Dais. He walked away without saying another word.

Jax then turned and looked at Dais, and Kathy. "Let me tell you something Kathryn. Your father may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he will always be there for you."

"But to come down here and tell Dais, if he doesnít stay away from me, heíll kill him." Kathy looked at her mother, and began to fix her skirt.

"I should have left when I planed," Dais said. He looked at Kathy, and stood straight up. He kissed her cheek, and walked over to his closet. He grabbed a duffle bag, and walked to the door. Dais looked at Kathy and kissed her deeply. "Goodbye," he whispered.

Kathy shook her head as he began to walk out of the room. Before she could say anything, he pressed his fingers against her lips. He walked down the hallway to the elevator.

Jax kept Kathy in the room as Dais left. "Let him go Kathy," she said.

"No," she whispered. Kathy ran out to the hallway, and saw the elevator monitor just reached the first floor. She fell to her knees, and cried into her motherís arms. "Why canít Daddy believe that heís changed?"



Sage, Ryo, Cye and Rowen just walked out by the pool, and saw a very upset Kento. "Whatís wrong" Sage asked as he and the others sat around the table Kento was sitting at.

"She was with him," he said bitterly.

"Who was with who?" Cye asked.

Sage read into Kentoís face. "Kathy and Dais?" he asked.

Kento nodded. "She was actually taking his side too."

Sage looked up as he saw Jax, and Kathy walk out to them. They were followed by Nikki, Mac, and Karyn. "Well, sheís not with him now."

Kento looked up and smiled. He then saw the tears in Kathyís eyes. "What happened?" he asked.

Kathy gave her father a look of pure evil. "Thanks to you, he left."

Sage glanced over to the door, and saw Dais, with Anubis, and Cale and Sulia, who were holding hands. "He didnít go to far," Sage said. He looked at Cale, and began to grind his teeth.

Kento looked at Dais, and stood. "I donít want any guy whoís trying to sleep with my little girl staying here."

Kathy looked at her father. "Iím 19. And who said he was trying?" she asked bitterly.

Jax looked at Kathy, and pulled her away from Kento. "Thatís still your father youíre talking to," she said.

Kathy looked at her mother, and lowered her eyes. She then looked at Dais, and saw a creature appear over him. It was about to shove a tachi blade into his back. "No!" she screamed before disappearing. She reappeared between Dais and the creature, taking the blow herself.

"Kathy!" Dais screamed as he saw the tachi blade peirce her back.

The creature laughed as it shoved the blade into her stomach until the hilt was against Kathyís stomach.

"Son of a bitch!" Sulia screamed as she rammed the Halo sword into the thingís head. She then sliced the thing down the middle of its body.

Kathy fell into Daisís arms, and looked into his eye. She smiled as she gently touched his face. "I love you," she whispered.

"Donít you leave me. Not like this," Dais told her.

Kento was about to reach for Kathy, when Jax stopped him.

Dais took Kathyís hand, and looked into her eyes. "Kathryn, donít leave me," he whispered.

Anubis and Cale stood in shock. Dais was actually crying.

Kathy closed her eyes, and her body went limp. Daisís eye widened as he held Kathyís lifeless form in his arms. "Kathy!" he screamed.


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