She-Ronin's Stories

Ronin Warriors: The New Generation

A short Character Guide.

Chapter 1-Something Wicked This Way Comes
Chapter 2-The Hunters and the Hunted
Chapter 3-The Call to Arms
Chapter 4-Conflicts and Introductions
Chapter 5-Wildfire Resurrection
Chapter 6-Clashes, Contractors, and Propositions
Chapter 7-Training,Training... And The Occasional Break... Not To Mention A Vision or Two!
Chapter 8-Voices of the Past
Chapter 9-Shower Wars
Chapter 10-Blood and Tears
Chapter 11-First Doubts
Chapter 12-Hiroko's Resignation
Chapter 13-The Party's Over
Chapter 14-Welcome Home, Warriors
Chapter 15-School Is Hell
Chapter 16-Therapy, Games of Chance, and Other Exciting Things