Yoake's Stories

I've been getting off track lately with the other story line that I have going for me... {And I haven't been getting any E-mails about it either} So, for now, I'm leaving everything as is. I'm making this page because I've started another story line, and hopefully I'll get some feed back on this one. I'll also be sending this story line out to other places besides here, Dev-chan's, Tatsu-chan's and Star-chan's pages. I hope you enjoy!!!

Here'a another little note, if you've already read "A Special Place", that's okay, but I'm going to be putting up a few other stories that's an adventure of their own. My first project is started right below. I'll try to keep it in order.

Before you go and read my stuff, here's a little note for all of you to read... I suggest that you do.

Child of Piety
Part 1: Rebel's Submission

Part 2: A Mother's Confession

Part 3:Captured

The Warrior & The Lady

A brief tale about two loves realizing what they mean to each other.

Here's another side note... (I know I'm just full of these) but this story was written before everything else, and now, it really doesn't fit into the story line. I'm not taking it down for the simple fact that a few people seem to like it.

A Special Place

A Short Story about Rowen and his new love, Anya Douji

Oh, by the way, if you want to read any of the old stuff, you can go  here to read them. I think a lot of people will like "Little Lessons" . Let's just say Sage gets more than he bargins for on a vacation to the States.