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Part 1- She's Akira's Cousin???

   Akira shifted slightly. His grandfather sent Seiji, Korin and himself to the airport. He didn't even know what his cousin Sam looked like. "I feel like a fool," Akira thought looking at the sign he was holding. "I don't even remember a Kanazaka Sam in the family."
    He was brought out of his thoughts by a beautiful teenage girl with medium length black hair, and China blue eyes. She wore a pair of tight black jeans, a black bike bra covered only by a pale blue button-down shirt, which was completely open. She looked at him and smiled. "Hey, you must be Akira," she said putting her bags down. His silent, shocked nod made her laugh. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Akira. I'm Sam," she said bowing.
    The sign slipped from his hands as his mind slowly started to function. "Sam? You're Kanazaka Sam?"
    "I told Gran'pa about that," she sighed. "He used to always call me Sam. But my name's really Samantha. You can call me Sam or Sammy if you want."
    "Okay," Akira said slowly. He saw the bags Sam had dropped and started to pick them up. "We'd better get going. Seiji and Korin are probably debating which one should drive home."
    "Don't you drive?" Sam asked tossing her backpack over her shoulder.
    "No. But I'm learning. My friends are teaching me." Akira's eyes widened. "Oh no, Hi-chan's going to kill me," he said lowly.
    "Who's Hi-chan?" she asked as they walked out of the airport.
    "She's my girlfriend," he answered, blushing lightly. "And when she sees my cousin Sam is really Samantha, she's going to think the worse."
    "I'll talk to her. I'm sure after I explain everything to her, she'll understand." Sam looked at the twins Akira was leading her to. "Besides, we're family."
    Akira smiled as he brothers ran over to them. "Akira, you were supposed to be waiting for Sam-kun," Korin scolded lightly.
    "Yeah. We'll escort this beautiful flower to her car," Seiji said looking Sam over.
    "Um... guys," Akira started.
    Korin started to take Sam's bags away from Akira. "Akira, go and wait for Sam-kun."
    Seiji took sam's backpack and smiled his most dashing smile. "So, what's your name?"
    Sam fought to keep a straight face. "Sam-kun," she laughed, losing her battle. She and Akira broke down laughing as Korin and Seiji looked at them stunned. Sam straightened slightly. "Gomen, gomen, I just wasn't expecting everyone to think that I was a guy. I kinda figured that Auntie Tenshi would have called me a 'she' at least once," she said. She looked at the stunned looks Korin and Seiji still wore and sighed. "Akira, you wanna be my guide?" she asked.
    "What?" Korin and Seiji asked in one voice.
    "I asked if Akira wants to give me directions to the house."
    Seiji waved the car keys in front of Sam's face. "I have the keys, I drive home."
    Sam quickly grabbed Seiji's wrist and twisted it. She easily caught the keys and smiled at the Date twins. "It's crystal clear that you  two are too busy drooling over yourselves and each other to drive home without getting into an accident. I'll drive, and Akira'll sit next to me giving directions."

    "Moshi, moshi," Hiroko chimed.
    Akira felt a slow blush creep onto his face. He and Hiroko had been dating for a while, but he's still shy with her... sometimes. "Hi, Hi-chan."
    "Akira-kun! I wasn't expecting your call. I thought you'd be helping out your cousin... Sam was his name, right?"
    "Um... that's what I wanted to talk to you about. It seems that my mother left out one very important fact about Sam."
    "What is it, Akira?"
    "Sam's a girl."
    Akira heard Hiroko choking on her drink and sighed inwardly. She seemed to be taking the news well.

    Kenji folded his arms in thought. The beauty sitting alone in the food court looked approachable, but still taken. Besides, he wasn't into red-heads... except Ryoko, but she's in a class all by herself.
    Onto the vixen sitting with a notepad in front of her. She had raven black hair that fell around her face and shoulders. He was too far away to see her eyes, but had a feeling that they were a deep blue. Her jeans were like a second skin, making Kenji want to see her first skin. Kenji's eyes trailed up her body. The black top under the pale blue shirt was showing off her voluptuous chest very nicely. Hashiba Kenji has just found the woman of his dreams.
    He walked over to her and smiled charmingly. "Hello, may I sit with you?" he asked.
    "Kenji-kun!" Hiroko smiled. she walked over to Kenji, who was eyeing Sam, and sat down. "I didn't know you were coming to the mall. I see you've met Akira's cousin, Sam," she smiled. "Sam-chan, this is Hashiba Kenji. One of our friends. Kenji, this is Kanazaka Samantha."
    Kenji bowed politely. "Yes, it's very nice to meet you Samantha-san," he said trying to recover from his shock. When Sam nodded, Kenji cleared his throat. "So, Hi-chan, do you know where Akira is?" he asked, still gazing at Sam.
    "He's in the bookstore," Sam answered. "Why don't you tell him to meet us by the car please?" she asked sweetly.
    Kenji looked into her deep China blue eyes and smiled. "Anything for you Samantha-san." He took her hand and kissed it. "I am at the beck and call of your beauty."
    As Kenji walked away, Sam rolled her eyes. "Oh, please," she sighed. "That's the one with the fan club?" she asked.
    Hiroko finally broke down with laughter. "Hai, that was Kenji... and is looks like he's set his eyes on you as his next girlfriend."
    "Or conquest," Sam said lowly.
    Hiroko sighed, trying to slow her giggles. "Sam-chan, Kenji is really a good guy... once you get him to drop his image. Yoshio too."
    Sam shrugged as she grabbed her bags. "I swear, it's like Auntie lives for me to date. I'm here for three hours, and she's all ready trying to fix me up with Korin and Seiji's friends."
    "And what cute friends they have," Hiroko sighed also standing. "And that's all they are. Looks."
    Sam got an evil gleam in her eyes as a thought popped into her head. "Then I'll have to do like I did at my last school," she said simply.
    Hiroko raised a silver eyebrow. "What did you do?"
    "I made a challenge. If a boy wanted to date me, he'd have to beat me."
    "In what?"
    Sam smiled. "In a fight, silly."

    Akira lost himself in the world of Horror in the bookstore.
        Mika frowned as she heard someone upstairs in her parent's bedroom. "I know I heard something that time," she mumbled to herself. She stood and started to walk to the kitchen. "Better safe than sorry," she said just as she reached for one of the sharp knives.
        The killer had been seen in the area, she saw sure of it. Mika fit the profile of the victims perfectly. She was young, stubborn, and left alone a lot.
        She gripped the knife as she made her way up the stairs. She could feel her heartbeat in her teeth as she reached the top of the dark staircase. Mika walked to her parent's room and slowly opened the door, not realizing the killer was right behind her.
        Mika turned around just in time to see a flash of silver pass across her throat.....
    "Akira!" Kenji said breathlessly as he grabbed the youngest Ronin by his shoulders.
    Akira screamed, and quickly covered his mouth. He looked at his friend with narrowed eyes. "Kenji," he said trying to calm down. "What is your problem?"
    "Why didn't you tell me your cousin was a goddess?" Kenji asked. "Does she have a boyfriend?"
    Akira lowered his head and sighed. "Kenji, I didn't know Sam was a girl until this morning; so you can't yell at me for that." Akira but the book back on the shelf and turned to Kenji. "And I don't know if she has a boyfriend." Akira shook his head as he picked up his purchase. "And before you even ask, I will not ask her is she would go out with you. I refuse."
    "Akira, come on," Kenji pleaded. "You have to fix me up with her."
    Akira paid for his book and sighed. "I don't have to do anything when it comes to Samantha, except give her directions."
    "You're not following me," Kenji said brushing his forelock out of his eyes. "Your cousin is a Goddess. Do you understand? She is the kind of girl that you can only do one thing to."
    "And what might that be?" Akira growled.
    "Get on your hands and knees, and beg." Kenji grabbed Akira by his shoulders and practically shook him. "You are my in. You have to get her to go out with me."

    Sam leaned against the hood of her aunt's white car. "So, I've always fought. I was a tournament champion in Osaka."
    "And everyday guys would try and ask you out?" Hiroko asked.
    "Yeah. but all of the guys tried too hard. I'm not a difficult girl to please. And I won't be won by pretty words and roses."
    "So, where'd you come up with the idea of fighting every guy that wants to go out with you? That seems kinda extreme."
    "I was watching this really old movie called Red Sonya."
    Hiroko shook her head and shrugged. "I've never heard of it."
    "It was a hit back in my great grandpa's day."
    "Wow, that is old."
    "Where is Akira?" Sam sighed. "I wanna get going. I'm sure the twins are hogging up all the good practice equipment."
    "Not likely," Hiroko said as she saw Akira walking along with a pleading Kenji. "Here's Akira now."
    Sam frowned. "Why'd he have to bring Blue boy with him?" she groaned. "He's probably trying to get Akira to fix me up with him."
    Hiroko smiled as she watched Sam slide off the car. "How about you come out to Sanada-san's tomorrow. You can challenge Kenji and the others so they'll leave you alone."
    Sam saw Kenji shoot her a dashing smile. "Yeah, that sounds good," she said getting into the driver's seat.

    Akira sat in his room reading later that night. How could Kenji ask him to set him up with Sam? She is an adult, and can make her own decisions. She doesn't need his interference in such matters. But for some reason, Akira wanted to see Sam and Kenji get together. It was like they belonged together. But from the way Sam was acting towards Kenji, she felt as if they belonged apart.
    "Hey Akira, why didn't you get some pizza?" Sam asked standing at the door.
    Akira looked at Sam and saw that she wore a pair of gray and white boxer shorts, and a white tank top. He smirked to himself. "Korin and Seiji must be ready to hang themselves," he thought. "I really don't like pizza."
    Sam frowned. "Can I come in? I'd really like to talk with you."
    "Sure." Akira moved over on his bed as Sam closed the door behind her. "What did you want to talk about?"
    "Tomorrow, I'll be going with you and Hiroko to your friends house. I wanted to let you know something. A couple of things really." She saw the concern in his eyes and sighed. "I know things. I can't see the future, but I can see the past."
    Akira shifted nervously.
    "And I all ready know about Talpa, the Dynasty, and the Ronin Armors. A couple of days before I came out here, I had the dream telling me about you and your friends. I spoke with Gran'pa, and he wanted me to talk with you." She said a question forming on his lips. "A few years ago, I also had a dream about Gran'pa and his friends. So, I know just about everything that happened."
    Akira sat watching Sam. She was slightly uncomfortable, but she was otherwise okay. "What else did you want to tell me?"
    Sam smiled. "This also has to do with tomorrow. How many friends of yours is single?"
    "Well," Akira cleared his throat. "You already met Kenji."
    "Blue boy?"
    Akira choked back a laugh. "Hai. Yoshio calls him a smurf every now and then."
    "Who's Yoshio?"
    "Torrent. He was also the school's bad boy. He's single too. Along with Seckmet and Cale."
    "Four, huh?"
    Akira raised an eyebrow as a smug smirk crossed her face. "What are you thinking?"
    "Oh nothing much. I'll tell you tomorrow. How 'bout we go downstairs and I fix us something to eat?"
    "Like what?" he asked as they started to walk to the door.
    "Burgers and fries?" she asked.
    Akira smiled. "That sounds good."
    Just as they left Akira's room, they heard a dull banging from Korin and Seiji's room, followed by Seiji's distraught voice crying out, "Why did she have to be related?"
    Sam and Akira looked at each other and started to laugh.
    "It seems you've caused quite a stir here Sam," a soft old voice said.
    Sam and Akira turned to look at Sage. "Hi Gran'pa," Sam smiled. "Akira and I were just about to go and get something to eat. You wanna join us?"
    Sage smiled. The little girl he used to give Kendo lessons to had really grown up since the last time he saw her. "Sure, why not."
    "You guys go ahead. I want to peek in on the twins for a second." As Sage and Akira left, Sam stuck her head into the room. She smiled as Seiji looked up from banging his head on the desk and Korin looked up from his pillow. "Guys, be happy I'm related. Otherwise, I'd have to beat the snot out of you."
    As she closed the door, Sam heard Seiji bang his head on the desk and again, and both wine, "Why us?"