Ronin Warriors II

the Next Generation

part two

Suliaís Return


Fragment 1-A Not So Happy Homecoming


Sage and Nikki pulled up to their home with Sulia sitting in the back seat. "So, Princess, did you make any plans for tonight?" Sage asked.

"No," Sulia said silently. Nikki looked at Sulia, and tried to push her hair out of her face. As soon as Nikkiís hand was close enough, Sulia knocked it away. "Iím fine Mom," she said.

Nikki attempted to say something, but Sage stopped her. "Just let her be Nik," he said through their mind link.

"Let her be? Sage, sheís cold and withdrawn from the entire world. I canít have my daughter be like that. And frankly, I donít see who you can either," Nikki responded.

"You can stop talking about me," Sulia said as she folded her arms. "I said Iím fine, and I donít like the fact that no oneís believing me."

"We do believe you Sulia," Nikki started. "Itís just that weíre used to you being a lot more talkative, and outgoing than this."

Sage cut off the engine to the car, and looked at Sulia. "Are you sure you want the baby Princess?"

Sulia looked at her father with bitter hatred. "This child is the last thing that I have left of him. Of course Iím going to keep it." She opened the car door, and got out of the car. Sulia walked up to the house, and walked inside. She glanced in the front room, and saw all of her generation of Ronins, including Dais. Sulia looked at him with pure hatred, then saw Kathy holding his hand. Without saying a word, Sulia turned, and walked up to her bedroom.

Kathy looked at Dais, and kissed his cheek. "She doesnít blame you for what happened. She blames you for stopping her. Thatís all," she whispered into his ear.

Nikki looked at Sakura, and shook her head. "I donít know what weíre going to do. Sheís so, distant. Did you try to talk to her?"

"No. Sheís just too bitter for me right now," Sakura answered. She then saw the look on her motherís face. "I tried to stop her too Ma. Sheís too upset to try and reason with right now. All Sulia remembers is that night in the Hell Core, when Cale kissed her goodbye, and walked to his death. Sheís missing a month of her life, and she doesnít want it back. I wouldnít be surprised if she doesnít want her future either."

A crash came from Suliaís room. Everyone jumped to their feet, and ran up to her room. Kathy and Dais were the first there. They saw Sulia sitting on the floor, holding her armor orb.

"Sulia, what are you doing?" Kathy asked as she walked closer to her best friend. When Sulia didnít answer, Kathy touched her shoulder. "Sulia, are you okay?" she asked.

"Sulia," Dais whispered.

Suliaís head jerked toward the ex-warlord at a speed that made him flinch. "How dare you?" she asked bitterly. "How dare you come into my home, after what you did."

"Sulia, he was trying to save your life," Kathy said in Daisís defense.

"And I couldíve saved Caleís." Sulia looked at Dais as tears formed in her eyes. "Because you stopped me, my child will never know what his or her father was like, do you know that?"

Daisís eyes widened, as did the eyes of everyone else who was in the hall. "Youíre carrying his child?" Dais asked in shock.

Sulia held back her sobs as she looked at Dais. "Get out, all of you," she said in a whisper.

"Sulia," Kathy started.

"Get out," Sulia yelled.

Sakura stepped into the room, and nodded. "Letís get going, she needs her rest," Sakura said, pulling Kathy out of the room.

Dais stepped closer to Sulia, and touched her shoulder. "Iím sorry about what happened to Cale. But we were both ready to die."

Sulia looked at Dais, and punched him in his face. "But you came back, thanks to him. Can Cale say the same?" she asked before walking out of her room.







A hurt ,pregnant young woman

with no one to go to, and no where to turn.

Sounds like a play by Shakespeare.


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