Ronin Warriors II

The Next Generation

part two

Suliaís Return


Fragment 2-Music of the Night


Rowen and Anubis sat with Sage in Nikkiís music room. The trio had been speaking about what happened to Sulia, and all they were getting were headaches. "So, she doesnít remember any thing about the entire month she was gone?" Rowen asked.

"Yes," Sage said restlessly. "Sulia only remembers what went down in the Core. Thatís it."

Anubis looked at a piece of music, which hung on the wall. He walked over to it, and began to read it. "Are you sure Sage? She could be not telling you what happened to her, because maybe sheís too hurt to remember."

"Selective amnesia?" Rowen asked.

Anubis nodded.

Sage shook his head. "Why would she have that?"

"Stop thinking like a father, and think like a doctor," Rowen sighed. "Sulia watched Cale walk to his death. They both knew he was going to die, maybe that missing month was just her seeing the whole thing over and over again."



Sulia sat in the front room, at her piano. She lightly brushed the keys. As the highest note rang, she remembered a conversation she and Cale had that day she found out who he really was.

"You play the piano?" he asked as he held her in his arms.

She blushed slightly. "Yeah. My mother taught me how."

"I never knew Nicolea knew such things." Cale looked into Suliaís eyes, and kissed her. "One day, I hope youíll play for me," he whispered.

"Let me guess, you love the Phantom of the Opera?" she asked jokingly.

Cale raised an eyebrow. "Why? Do you find that funny?" he asked.

"Oh, no. I just guessed. I guess itís because the whole idea is just so dark. It kinda had you written all over it."

Cale looked at Sulia, and smiled. "What is your type of musical?" he asked.

Sulia looked at him, and sighed. "I have two that I always try to see at least once a year."

"And those are?"

Sulia laughed. "Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera."

Sulia looked at the keys in front of her, and began to play. Pretty soon, she was completely lost in what she was playing.

Nikki and Mac walked into the front room, and saw Sulia playing. Mac looked at the worried expression on Nikkiís face, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Sheíll be okay Nikki. You have to believe that," Mac whispered.

Nikki looked at Mac, and sighed. "Thatís ĎMusic of the Nightí sheís playing. Itís from one of her favorite musicals."

"I know." Mac looked at Nikki, with the same look Nikki gave Sulia. "Like mother, like daughter."



Sakura walked into the Pao Pao Nightclub, and saw Hiro standing at the front door. "Hi Hiro, Howís it going?" she asked.

Hiro looked at Sakura, and sighed. "Okay, I guess. Whereís your sister?" he asked.


"What happened?" he asked. Hiro looked at the blank look on Sakuraís face. "Donít look at me like that. Whatís wrong with Sulia? She hasnít been around since she got back, and now youíre avoiding talking about her."

"Hiro, calm down." Sakura looked at him, and sighed. "Sheís going through a really bad time right now. That guy that she was with the last time she was here, heís dead."

Hiroís eyes widened. "What? How?" he whispered.

"Iím not going into detail with you. Just know that heís dead, and Sulia watched him die."

Hiro looked to the ground. "How terrible. Is Sulia okay?" he asked.

"For the past few days, all sheís been doing is playing the piano. She barely speaks to anyone, Iím beginning to worry about her."

A short blonde woman walked over to Hiro, and wrapped her arms around one of his. "Hi Hiro, what are you doing tomorrow?" she asked.

Hiro looked at the woman, and shook his head. "Iím going to see a sick friend," he answered politely.

The woman looked at Sakura and knew what friend he was going to see. "You know, there was this rumor going around saying that your sister was raped," she said to Sakura.

Sakura looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Really? Funny, I hear that you sleep with any one you can. Male, or female. It doesnít seem that youíre too picky, now does it, Maxine?" Sakura said bitterly.

Maxine looked at Sakura bitterly. "If you ask me, what ever happened to your sister, she deserved it."

Sakura grabbed Maxine by her throat, and slammed her into the wall. "To see the man you loved killed right in front of you, to know that you couldíve done something to prevent it, or to find out youíre pregnant by him. Which one did Sulia deserve? I advise you to choose wisely. Pick the wrong one, and Iíll rip out your entire chest cavity," she said grinding her teeth.

Hiro grabbed Sakura, and pulled her away from Maxine. "Let her go, sheís not worth it Sakura," he said.

Maxine looked at Hiro insulted. "Excuse me?" she said in shock. "Who are you to tell some one Iím not worth anything? Just because you were in love with the little tramp...."

Hiro turned and looked at Maxine through ice blue eyes. "Shut up," he said calmly. "Just because Iím keeping her from ripping you apart now, doesnít mean that Iíll do it forever. And the next bad thing you say about Sulia, Iíll have no problem with letting Sakura beat the shit out of you."

Devon walked into the club, and saw Hiro holding an extremely upset Sakura. She walked over to the pair, and crossed her arms. "Whatís going on?" Devon asked.

Sakura looked at Maxine with narrow eyes. "Why donít you tell her? I want a reason to kill you."

"A word of advice," Devon said as she cracked her knuckles. "If it has to do with Sulia, shut up right now. I know Hiro wonít be able to hold the both of us back."

Maxine looked at Devon, and rolled her eyes. "Do you really think that Iím afraid of you?" she asked Devon.

"If youíre not, you should be," Sakura said. "Cause if she doesnít get you, I know I sure as hell will."

The bartender walked over to Hiro, and put her arm on Maxineís shoulder. "Leave them alone Maxine. You should know better."

"But...she.......they...." Maxine stuttered. She looked at the cold expression in Hiroís eyes. "Get me a drink Dy," she sighed.

Dy looked at Hiro and smirked. "Hey Hiro, I was supposed to tell you that you have the rest of the afternoon, and tonight off." She then walked back to the bar, and got Maxine her drink.

Hiro smiled as he looked at a still upset Sakura. "If I let you go, do you promise not to go over there and kill her?" he asked.

Sakura pulled her arms away from Hiro, and walked out of the club. Devon looked at Hiro, and sighed. "You know sheís protective of Sulia. Especially now."

"Is she that sick?"

Devon shook her head. "No, Suliaís not sick. At least not in the way you think."

Hiro then thought about what Sakura said to Maxine. "She watched him die, and sheís pregnant. God, why do things have to be so difficult for her?" he thought. Hiro then looked out of the door, and saw Sakura getting on her motorcycle. "Devon, Iíll see you around. Iím going to see Sulia," he said before running out of the club.

Devon slightly smiled. "Well, itís about time," she whispered.



Mac and Nikki sat in Nikkiís private music room. "So, has she gotten better in the past few days?" Mac asked.

Nikki sighed as she put her violin down. "No. She barely speaks to anyone. She hasnít said two words to me. She only talks to four people now. Sage, Sakura, Kathy, and Devon."

Mac looked at Nikki, and shook her head. "Sheíll be okay Nikki. Just give her time. Sulia may take after Sage, but sheís like you in a lot of ways."

"But Iíve never shut out everyone. Iíve shut down, but I never did what sheís doing."

Sakura walked into the music room followed by Hiro. "Ma, you remember Hiro Amoi, donít you?" Sakura asked.

"He was one of my best students," Nikki smirked. "Hi Hiro."

"Konnichi wa, Sensi Date-san," Hiro said as he politely bowed. "Hashiba-san."

"Hi Hiro," Mac smiled. "What brings you here?"

Hiro sat next to Nikki. "I wanted to see Sulia."

Nikki looked at Sakura, then Hiro. "You know Hiro, Sulia hasnít been herself lately."

"I know. Thatís why I what to see her. Thereís a few rumors being spread about her at the club, and I want to put a stop to them before Sakura rips out someoneís organs."

Nikki looked at Sakura with disapproving eyes. She then smiled at Hiro. "Okay, howís Tia?" she asked.

"Momís doing okay. Sheís a little down because of Dadís leaving town on her birthday. But otherwise, sheís still the same overprotective mother I grew up with."

Mac and Nikki laughed. Nikki looked into Hiroís eyes, and saw how worried he was for Sulia. "Well, Iím sure you didnít come over here to talk to us. Suliaís upstairs in the front room," Nikki smiled.

Hiro stood, and smiled. He looked at Nikki, and Mac, and bowed again. "I should go and see her. Excuse me."

As Hiro walked out of the music room, Nikki looked at Sakura. "That Maxine girlís been saying things about you sister?"


Hiro walked up the stairs and heard music coming from the front room. Hiro stopped walking, and saw Sulia playing the piano. "Phantom of the Opera?" he thought. "Sulia," he said softly.

Sulia jumped up, and looked at Hiro. "What are you doing here?" she asked in a whisper.

Hiro walked further into the room, and saw Sulia slightly back away. "I wanted to see you. Everybodyís worried about you, and so am I." Hiro watched Sulia as she sat back down at her piano. "Sakura say that you hardly talk to anyone."

"I donít want to sound mean, but leave me alone Hiro," Sulia said as she looked at her hands.

Hiro shook his head. "No," he said walking over to her. "Is what that guy did to you that bad?" he asked as he made her look at him.

Suliaís eyes narrowed. "Donít you dare. Cale was a good man," she said as her eyes filled with tears.

Hiro sat next to Sulia, and touched her hand. "I know. I shouldnít have said that. Sulia, Iím sorry," he said softly. As Sulia began to cry even more, Hiro pulled Sulia into his arms. "Itíll all be okay Sulia. Iím not going anywhere."

Sulia shook her head as she pulled away from Hiro. "You donít understand."

"I know that Cale died, and that you saw it happen. I also know that youíre pregnant, with his child."

Sulia looked at Hiro as he wiped her face. "And you still want to help me?" she asked.

Hiro smiled. "Yeah, I do. What ever you need, or want, all you have to do is ask me, and Iíll do it."


"Because, weíre friends. And I want to help you Sulia." Hiro looked at Sulia and brushed her hair away from her pale blue eyes. "And because I love you."

Sulia looked at Hiro and hugged him. "Thank you," she whispered.

Hiro held her tightly, and looked at the sheet music in front of him. "Donít worry about it, Sulia. Donít worry about a thing."




A little long for a fragment, I know.

But, everything had to be said here and like this




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