So, Bad Boy

On the back of the book, to be returned to the library,
There is a little memo pad instead of the return card.
There is one handwritten sentence in you special handwriting. I felt something just behind my ears.

The people gave me some advice
And ran away.
The friendship was destroyed in the locker room
In the school building too.

So, bad boy, showing your back
And smoking a cigarette,
Caressing the scar from the fight.

So, hey, bad boy you are
just a little klutzy
compared with others, bad boy.

Because of a promise you force me to make,
You told me to to go look at the sea in the night by motorcycle.
It is an old- fashioned way to say
Even in the TV drama.

The red shoes in the dark.
The waves are accusing the two of us.
I can see your hidden motive through you back in the moonlight.

So, bad boy, I don't think
You are a knight in shining armor
Riding a white horse.

However,Bad boy, when you give the first kiss,
You should be more gentle to me, bad boy.

So, bad boy in you coat
Pocket we are holding hands and
Your hand is still cold.

Bad boy, you are
Just a little klutzy
Compared with others, bad boy.