Cye walked into Kento and Jax's penthouse, and saw Kento playing with two babies, no older than two. "Hello, I'm here," he called.

Kento looked up, and smiled. "Hey, you made it."

One of the two babies walked over to Cye, and fell at his feet. "Hello Kathy," Cye said as he picked her up. "Are you ready to go?"

Jax walked out into the front room, and saw Cye. "Hi Cye. We'll be ready in about ten minutes," she smiled.

Cye smiled as Kento picked up the baby boy he was still playing with. "Oh, Kento, you guys don't know how lucky you are," he thought.


Finding out.


Karyn walked over to the nurses station at New Tohama General Hospital. She walked over to a tall brunette, and smirked. "Hey Tiff. You got anything for me?" she asked.

She handed Karyn a chart and smiled. "Karyn, did you see that other new resident?" she asked.

"What other resident?" Karyn smirked.

"There's this guy, who's really, I mean really, cute."

"Tiffany, behave."

"Turn around. That's him,"Tiffany whispered.

Karyn turned around, and saw Sage walking with an older doctor. "He's okay. For a hairball."

Tiffany's jaw dropped. "Are you joking? He's gorgeous."

Karyn rolled her eyes. "What ever you say."

Sage walked over to Karyn, and put his arms around her waist. "Hello," he smiled.

"Hey," Karyn smiled. She finished looking at the chart, and turned to Sage. "I thought you were doing your first year across town?"

He shrugged. "I was switched. I was getting ready to head out. You wanna ride?"

"Give me ten minutes."

As Sage walked away, he smiled at Tiffany. She then looked at Karyn in shock. "You know him?" she asked.

"He's my brother. My married brother. The one that's the father of my two nieces." Karyn looked into Tiffany's eyes. "So, get your hormones in check." She then sighed the chart, and walked away.

Karyn walked into the doctor's lounge, and saw Sage waiting for her. "So, how many women were you flirting with today?" she asked as she walked to her locker.

"Five, twenty. I don't know," he teased.

Karyn's eyes widened as she suddenly felt the room spinning.

"Ren, you okay?" Sage asked.

"I'll be fine as soon as the room stops moving," she answered.

As she began to fall to the floor, Sage ran to her side. "Ren, come on. Let me get you upstairs."


Telling Everyone.


"They should be here by now," Nikki said. She, Mac, Jax, and Kayura sat at a picnic table, each holding a little girl. "Sage said he'd be here as soon as he got off."

Kayura looked over her shoulder, and saw Kento, Rowen, and Duncan each playing with a baby boy. She then saw Ryo and Cye playing with three babies. "Look at Cye. He's in love with all of these kids."

"Yeah. He and Karyn've been too busy with their jobs to start trying," Jax said.

"He does have Ryo's pair. I'm surprised that Cye got him to come outside," Nikki said.

"Duncan and I got Ryo to come out," Kayura said. "He's still upset about Mia."

Mac looked over at Ryo and sighed. "Is he still blaming himself?"

"I don't know. Nikki, you can get into his mind."

Nikki shook her head. "That's one part of his mind I can't get into." Nikki's daughter grabbed her I love you charm, and pulled on it. "Sakura, let go of Mommy's charm." The little girl let the charm go as Nikki gave her a cookie. "Mia's death is something Ryo keeps all to himself."~~~~~

Ryo looked at his twin son, and daughter. "They're getting so big. I wish Mia could see them," he said.

Cye looked at Ryo. "She can. You have to believe that she can."

Ryo smiled at the thought. He then looked at his son. "Mike looks like her, doesn't he?"

Cye smiled. "All of the boys take after their mothers. Except for Marc."

Karyn and Sage slowly walked over to Cye and Ryo. "Hi Honey," Karyn smiled. She kissed Cye, and looked at Ryo. "Hi Ryo."

"Hi Karyn. What happened?" Ryo asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You look tired, and worn. Was work that bad?"

"No." Karyn looked at Sage, then turned to Cye. "Cye, can I talk to you?" she asked.

Sage took the little girl out of Cye's arms. "Come here Sulia. I haven't seen you all day," he said.

Cye stood as Sage sat next to Ryo. "Karyn, what's wrong?"

Karyn took his hand into hers, and walked towards the lake. She was silent as they walked past everyone. "I have to tell you something," she said.

"Tell me," he said. Cye looked at his wife, and began to worry. "Karyn."

"I'm two months pregnant," she said without looking into his face.

Cye raised an eyebrow. His eyes then widened. "Pregnant?" he whispered.

"Yeah," Karyn said.

Cye then passed out. As he fell to the ground, Karyn looked at him wide-eyed. She began to smile as everyone came running over to her, and Cye.

"What happened?" Jax asked.

Karyn knelt besides Cye, and smiled. "I told him that I'm pregnant, and he passed out."

"You're what?" everyone asked in one voice.

Sage looked at his sister, and smiled. "She's pregnant. And I think Cye reacted the same way I thought he would."




Cye opened his eyes, and saw Karyn sitting at his side. "Karyn, oh Sweetheart, what happened?" he asked. Cye then looked around, and noticed that he was in their bedroom. "How did we get back here?"

Karyn pushed some stray hairs away from Cye's face. "Ryo and Sage brought us home after you passed out."

"But what happened? The last thing I remember, was walking by the lake with you."

Karyn nodded. "While we were walking, I told you I was pregnant, and you passed out."

Cye sat up, and looked at Karyn. "You're pregnant? And you're up and around?"

"Cye, relax. I'm fine. It's only been two months."

Cye stood up, and laid her down. "If you need anything, I'll get it for you."

Karyn sighed, and shook her head. "There is one thing you can get me."


"A sane husband." Karyn moved over, and motioned for Cye to sit next to her. She smiled, and hugged him. "We're having a baby," Karyn laughed. "Wait, we're having twins. And I want you to be happy, not driving me crazy. I said I'm fine, so, let's just leave it at that."

Cye looked at her and smiled. "Are you sure you don't want me to take care of you?"

Karyn kissed Cye deeply. "I'm sure." She pushed her hair away from her face. "I love you," she smiled.

"I love you," Cye smiled. He then began to laugh. As he stood, he picked Karyn up into his arms, and began to spin around. "We're going to be parents," he laughed.

"He looks like a child at Christmas,"Karyn thought.




Three months later, Karyn sat in the doctor's lounge. Sage and Kayura both walked in, and saw her. "Ren, you okay?" Sage asked.

Karyn rubbed her face, and shook her head. "Not really. I've been too sick to do anything. If I stay on my feet for more than fifteen minutes, the room starts to spin..."

Kayura walked over to Karyn, and felt her forehead. "Karyn, I think you should go home." Kayura looked up at Sage. "She has a fever."

"Guys, I'm not feeling too great." Karyn stood, and passed out into Sage's arms.


Cye ran to the nurse's station, and saw Sage. "Sage, where is she?" he asked.

Sage pulled Cye away from the station. "She's in her room, resting."

"What happened? All Kayura told me was that she passed out."

"Ren's been working herself too hard. She's been here on her feet all day, and not taking care of herself. Dr. Hirohama's assigned her to bed rest for the next four months."

Cye nodded. "I'll see if Jax can get us a suite and I'll make sure someone's always with her."

Sage nodded. "You can always stay with Nik and me."

"I don't wanna impose on you guys."

"Nik's always home, and she loves hanging out with Ren."

Cye raised an eyebrow. "I'll see what Karyn says."


"No," Karyn said shaking her head. "If I have to stay in any bed, it's going to be mine. In my house."

Cye took Karyn's hands into his. "I'll talk with Ryo. We'll see if we can get someone to take care of the house." Cye looked up at Karyn's face, and saw her crying. "What's wrong, Love?"

"I'm scared Cye," she whispered.

Cye stood and sat next to her. "Karyn, calm down. You'll only make yourself feel worse." He hugged Karyn, and held her tightly. As Karyn cried uncontrollably, Cye closed his eyes, and tried to soothe her.

Jax knocked on the door as she walked into the room. She looked at the couple, and her heart broke. "Cye, can I sit with her for awhile?" Jax asked.

Cye looked into Karyn's eyes, and painted a smile on his face. "I'll be right outside, okay?" he asked.

"You look like you haven't eaten a while. Why don't you ask Sage or Kayura to take you to the restaurant across the street?"

"I'll be right back," Jax said. She walked out of the room, and saw Kento, and Ryo sitting in the hallway. "Guys, when Cye gets out here, take him to get something to eat," she whispered.

Both Kento and Ryo nodded. As Jax turned back into the room, Kento sighed. "I don't think Cye'll be able to deal with this," he said.

Ryo crossed his arms, and stood silent. "Please Torrent, if you care anything about Cye, don't take Karyn away from him. No one deserves to lose someone the way I lost Mia."

Cye walked out of the room, and looked at the shut door. He then fell to his knees as tears flowed freely from his face.

Kento walked over to Cye, and knelt beside him. "Cye, she'll be okay," he whispered.




Ryo walked into Cye's kitchen, and saw Cye sitting at the table. "Cye, you okay?" he asked.

Cye looked at Ryo, and shook his head. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost her."

Ryo sat across from Cye, and saw that Cye was looking at his wedding picture. "Cye, she's coming home tomorrow. You don't have to keep worrying about her."

"She's my life, Ryo. I can't lose her."

"You want to know something?" Ryo asked. "I told Karyn, and Kayura the same thing when we found out about Mia and the twins." Ryo looked at his wedding band, and sighed. "You have to believe that she's going to be okay. She has three lives on the line, and you have to support her."

Cye wiped his tear-soaked face, and sighed. "I know. But I have to wonder, would I be as strong as you, if Karyn..."

Ryo looked at Cye. "Never think that," he said shortly. "Never think the worst. You never have, don't start now."


Special Delivery


Karyn sat in her bed, reading. She then felt one of the twins kick. "I know, I know. I'm tired of being trapped in this room too. But just wait. In about three weeks you two can show up," she thought. Karyn then smiled as she rubbed her stomach.

Sage walked into the room, and smiled. "Hello, hello," he smiled. He carried two big shopping bags over to Karyn's bed, and sat next to her. "How are you today Dr. Mouri?" he asked.

"What'd you get me?" she asked wide-eyed.

"I don't have anything," Sage smiled.

Karyn picked up a spare pillow, and hit him with it. "You know what I'm talking about."

"These are for the twins." Sage reached into the bags, and pulled out a small bag of candy. "And this is from your loving Auntie Gwen."

Karyn took the bag, and opened it. "Your mom's the best. Make sure you thank her," she smiled as she began to eat a piece of candy.

Gwen Date knocked the door as she walked into the room. "Anyone up for a visit?" she asked.

"Auntie Gwen," Karyn smiled brightly. Her smile then quickly disappeared.

"Ren, are you okay?" Gwen asked. She walked over to the bed, and sat next to Karyn.

"The twins are just trying to get out," Karyn smiled.

Gwen and Sage looked at each other. "Are you sure you're okay?" Gwen asked.

"I'm fine." Karyn's eyes widened as she felt another contraction. "On second thought, maybe you better get Cye."

Sage ran to the door, and looked down the hall. "Cye, come here," Sage called.

Cye walked out of the new nursery, along with Jax, Mac, Nikki and Ryo. "What's up?" he asked.

"Oh God, Sage. Her water broke," Gwen called.

"She's in labor?" Cye asked. He looked at Sage nod, and a feeling of dizziness came over him.

As Sage walked into the room, there was a thud in the hallway. Sage turned around and saw Ryo, and Nikki over a passed out Cye. "We've gotta do something about his fainting problem."

"Sage, get over here and deliver these twins," Gwen ordered.


Cye opened his eyes, and saw Ryo, and Nikki standing over him. "Wha..... where is she?" he asked.

"Take it easy. She's upstairs," Nikki smiled.

The cries of two babies could be heard down in the living room. Cye jumped up, and ran up the stairs. As Cye reached the room, Jax was just walking out. "Jax," Cye whispered.

Jax looked at Cye, and smiled. "You're a Daddy," she whispered. "A beautiful little girl, and boy."

Cye's face lit up. "Is it okay to go in?"

"There's a lot of blood, and Karyn's really worn out. But I think it's okay. As long as you don't pass out."

Cye walked into the room, and saw Gwen, and Mac, holding the two newborns. He then saw Karyn sleeping on the bed. Cye walked over to Gwen, and Mac, and looked at his two new children.

"Congratulations Sweetie," Gwen smiled. "Say hi to your daughter."

Cye's eyes widened as he looked at his daughter. She had a head full of auburn hair, and huge sea-blue eyes. He then looked at his son, who had a head full of blonde hair, and huge grey eyes. "They're so beautiful," Cye whispered.

Sage walked over to Mac, and Gwen, and sighed. "Let's give Mom, and Dad some time alone."

Gwen and Mac walked out of the room with Sage, as Cye walked over to Karyn. As he sat next to her, Cye gently pushed her sweaty hair away from her face. "You did really good Karyn. The twins are beautiful, just like you."

"I love you," Karyn whispered. She slowly opened her eyes, and looked at Cye. "Our baby girl's the next Torrent. Did you see her? She looks just like you."

"Yeah, I saw her." Cye leaned over, and kissed his wife. "I want you to get some rest, okay?"

Karyn nodded. She took Cye's hand's into hers, and drifted back to sleep.

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