Character Descriptions

The following may contain spoilers (they tell parts of the stories that aren't written yet), so read at your own risk.

Son Kyoko:
                Kyoko is the descendant of Cale, Former Warlord of Corruption. She's 17 years old when we first meet her. Kyoko is also the daughter of an abusive father. One of her best friends is Date Sage, an old friend from elementary school. One day, Cale and Sage rescue her from her father, and Kyoko is taken to live with Cale. She also starts dating Sage as a result. Kyoko tends to keep to herself a lot in the beginning. Even though she isn't living with her father, the fear of him is still there until she claims the Armor of Winter from Cale. She also had dark blue hair, and sapphire blue eyes.

Douji Anya:
                Anya is the next bearer of the Armor of Spring.  The first thing that the guys notice about her is her resemblance to Anubis. She tends to be on the quiet side. Anya's second love is a thick book, especially when she's upset. Her first love however is a good workout. Anya is a good listener, and is very slow to anger, but when it comes to her family, or friends, Anya will fight anyone to the bitter end. After the battles with Talpa are over, Anya finds herself falling in love with Rowen. She of course denies any feelings for him, and say that they are just friends, but when she learns that she feels the same way, she loses her fears, and goes for it.

Asakura Chiyo:
                "Chi" to her friends, Chi will bear the Armor of Autumn. She is also Anya's step-sister. Chi is very stubborn, and loves a good fight. She and Anya are always fighting, racing, or anything that proves to be a challenge between the two. Chi has a love of life that draws her friends to her... even though she and Kento can't seem to get along for a while. The pair eventually fall in love. Chi is also a great cook. She and Cye sometimes spend mornings just trading recipes, and then trying them out (much to the delight of everyone else).

Tashiba Tama:
                Tama is the descendant of Seckmet, and future bearer of the Armor of Summer. She has his green hair, but instead of having his small black eyes, she has large yellow, almost golden eyes. Tama becomes friends with Cye after a little incident walking home from her all girls school. She lives alone. Her mother died when she was five, her father passed away when she was ten, and she only has one living relative, who just pays for when she lives. She has never seen him, and only knows that his initials are "T.S." Tama hates thunderstorms. She doesn't tell any except Cye the reasons behind her fears. But after being around the others for a while, she starts to open up a lot more than anyone thought.

Yamamoto Nariko:
                Here is the young woman that makes Lady Kayura seem friendly. Nariko is Talpa's finest Warlord, but has always left her out of battles. She is a descendant to one of the most powerful Japanese families in the 1300's. She has battle skills that have only ever been rivaled by Talpa himself. Nariko was taken as a small child from her family and raised as Talpa's daughter. She grew up in secret, not even the former Warlords knew of her. She first makes an appearance in one of Ryo's nightmares. He dreamt she killed the others and then him. Nariko almost makes his dream a reality when an unseen force stops her... Kayura and the Ancient's staff. Nariko learns from Kayura that Talpa was only controlling her, and he doesn't care about her at all. Nariko runs off leaving all of the fighting to her father and his troops until she can figure out some things for herself.

                After Kyoko moves in with Cale, Cale brings home a new friend for Kyoko in the form of a black wolf. Reiko is very protective of her mistress. The wolf doesn't even let Sage kiss Kyoko without growling at him. When Kyoko and Sage take the wolf out to Ryo's house to meet Whiteblaze, the tiger and wolf become fast friends.

Of course, there are more characters that you meet. But these six are the ones that count.