Dynasty Ladies

The story of who the girls


1848-Mountains of Japan

The twins of fate were born today. Nicolea, and Duncan. How proud their parents must have been. A beautiful set of twins, a perfect day. Everything was wonderful, until that night.


There a knock at the door. As Master Higashi opened the door, a tall man in a purple armor crashed into the house. He looked around, and quickly found the twins, who were only hours old. "What are you? Why have you come here?" Master Higashi asked.

The huge man turned, and looked at Higashi with a bitterness that struck fear into the old man's heart. "I am here for the twins," he said.

"Are you a demon of some kind? What do you need the children of fate for?"

The dark demon looked at Master Higashi, and laughed. "If you think I am a monster, than that is what I am."

The twins began to cry as a loud thunder clap rings in the air. The man-demon looked at the twins and smiled as he reached for them.

"Leave them be!" a young woman yelled. She stood with the aide of a broom, yet tried her best to appear well. "I will not let Talpa take my children."

"That is not for you to decide. Either they come with us now, or, they come with us after you are dead. That is the only thing you have to chose, Mao-Ling."

Master Higashi looked at the man-demon, and then his daughter. "Leave this place, now."

Mao-Ling took the basket the twins were in, and ran out of the back of the house. She soon reached a brook and glanced at her father's home.

"WEB OF DECEPTION!" she heard the man-demon yell. She then saw the entire house explode into flames.

She turned, and was about to begin her run again, when another armed man, this one wore a red and green armor, appeared in front of her. "Going somewhere, Mao-Ling?" he asked.

Mao-Ling looked into his black eyes, in terror. "Why are you doing this? I have done nothing wrong. Please, I beg of you, leave my children alone," she pleaded.

Another armored man appeared behind Mao-Ling. "You knew we would come for them," he said. He held a dark no-datchi in his hand, and looked at the young woman with hatred. "Give them to us."

"No. You will have to kill me first Cale."

Cale raised his no-datchi over her head. "That has all ready been arranged."

Mao-Ling looked at her twins as tears quickly filled her eyes. "Goodbye my little ones," she thought as she felt the no-datchi enter her back.



A small child played with a jump rope just outside of a huge circus tent, in England.


"Jasmine, stay close," a man called from inside the tent.

"Yes Father," the child responded. She looked at her small doll, and picked it up. "Jetta, tonight Father says that I can be in the act," she smiled.

A tall young man, with fire red hair, and emerald green eyes walked over to Jasmine. "That must be quite an accomplishment."

Jasmine looked at him, with curious eyes. She looked at him, and smiled brightly. "What can I do for you?" she smiled.

"My name is Anubis. And I was looking for a girl here named Jasmine La'Piont. Do you know her?" he asked.

"I'm Jasmine."

"What? You can't be her. She's a tiny little thing, and you are such a big girl."

Jasmine looked at Anubis, and folded her arms. "I can prove who I am, if you want."

Anubis smirked. "There will be no need." He then looked at the four year old's doll. "You have a pretty doll. What was her name? Jetta?"

"Yes it is. Do you like dolls?"

"I've never really played with them before."

There was a cry from inside. Jasmine looked to the tent, and then looked at Anubis. "That's Father," she said. She then ran inside of the tent to find her father, dead. He swung in the air with a high wire rope wrapped around his neck. Jasmine's eyes filled with tears, as Anubis walked in after her. "Father?" she asked silently.

Anubis walked over to Jasmine, and touched her shoulder. "Where's your mother Jasmine?" he asked.

"She died last year."

A slight smirk crossed Anubis's face, as he knelt to Jasmine's small height. "Do you have any family?"

"No," she cried.

Anubis put his arms around her, and hugged her. "That's okay. You can come, and live with a friend of mine."

Jasmine looked at Anubis, and then looked at her dead father. "Do you want me too?" she asked.

"Yes. You and Jetta, can both come with me, and live with my friend Seckmet." Anubis hugged Jasmine again, and picked the small child into his arms.


1875-Shores of Japan

A lone sailor washed up on the shore of Japan in 1874. He was found by a young girl, Ming-Na. As he was nursed back to health, Robert learned a lot about the culture of the country he was now in. Soon, Robert and Ming-Na, fell in love. Months after Robert washed up onto land, the shogun's men found him, and killed him.


"How could you?" Lo-Pan shouted at his granddaughter. "You know better than to hide a foreigner from the shogun. Now you have had his child also?"

"Grandfather, please, let me explain," Ming-Na pleaded. The small baby girl in her arms began to cry. "It is all right Katerina. Everything will be fine."

"I will not have a konketsu child in this house."


"Get out before I get the shogun's men to drag you out."

Ming-Na looked at her grandfather, and ran out of the house with Katerina in her arms. She ran into a tall, handsome man. "Pardon me, I did not mean to..." she began.

"Are you alright?" he asked. His long white hair fell around his blue eye. He looked at Ming-Na, and saw that she was crying. "Why are you crying?"

Ming-Na looked at him, and shook her head. "I'm fine. I just have to get away from here."

The man looked at her, and held out his hand. "Come with me," he said.

Ming-Na looked at him strangely. She then reluctantly took his hand. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Dais. Is that your child?" he asked pointing to Katerina.

"Yes. Can you please help me?" she asked.

Dais looked at both Ming-Na, and her daughter, and smiled. "Follow me," he said.


1712-Hills of Scotland

A member of a Scottish Clan walked through the woods when he saw a small baby. He took her in and raised her as his daughter, Tabitha.


Tabitha ran into her father's hut, and saw her father sleeping on his side. She stopped moving, and watched her father for a few moments. She then took a blanket, and covered him with it. "There. Now he cannot blame me if he gets sick," she thought to herself. She then walked over to her saber, and picked it up. "Tomorrow's the day. My thirteenth birthday. Then I'll show that rotten Conner, I can handle myself in a fight."

The cries of horses could be heard coming from outside. Tabitha jumped to her feet, and ran to the door. She saw four horsemen attacking her clan. "Father," she called.

"Aye, I see Tabitha," her father said as he picked up his sword. He walked over to the door, and looked at his adopted daughter. "Stay in here. No matter what happens."

"Father," she began.

"Just do it Tabitha," he yelled. "I do not want my only child fighting in a fight she won't win. Stay in here, where you belong."

Tabitha's eyes widened. Her father never told her she belonged inside, leaving all of the fighting to the men. She then looked at the fear and worry in her father's face. "Aye Father, I'll stay here."

Tabitha watched her father walk out of the hut. She then walked over to the window, and looked at the four horsemen.

One wore an all black armor. He fought with a huge staff made of metal. Tabitha watched as she watched him kill Angus, her father's best friend. She then turned to another horseman. He wore a purple armor of some kind his weapon was like none she has ever seen before. He then killed Rachel, her only friend. Tabitha tightened her grip on her saber, and looked at the third horseman. His armor was red, green and black. The helmet he wore, had the face of a snake. He struck down Conner, the only boy of the clan who thought of Tabitha as an equal, instead of just an unruly girl. Tabitha then looked at the last horseman, who fought her father. The armored man wore a brown armor, and a long black cape. He easily beat Tabitha's father to his knees, only to raise his huge sword over the poor man's head, and kill him.

"Father! No!" Tabitha screamed from the hut. She then ran out of the hut, to the man who killed her father, and ran her sword into his shoulder.

"You little bitch!" the armored warrior yelled as he struck Tabitha across her face. He raised his sword over her body, when another warrior stopped him.

"Master Talpa will not like it if you kill one of his Ladies before he orders it," the newest horseman said. He picked up an unconscious Tabitha, and threw her onto his horse.

"If anything, maybe Master Talpa will allow you to break her," the black armored knight chuckled.

The brown armored man looked at Tabitha with cold blue eyes. "And break her I would do."


1745-Japanese forest

A young child walked along by herself in the woods she called home. She reached a small hut, and walked in.


"Grandmother," she smiled. The girl was no older than ten years old, and she carried a small basket of flowers. "Grandmother, are you here?"

A strange man walked out to her, and smiled. "You must be Mai," he said brightly.

"Yes, and you are?" she asked.

"My name in Seckmet. I was a friend of your grandmother's." He looked at Mai with black eyes. "I hate to tell you this, but she passed away twenty minutes ago."

Mai looked at him in disbelief. She knew her grandmother was sick, but she didn't know how sick. She ran through the house, and found her grandmother's body, lying in bed, dead. "Grandmother," Mai whispered.

Seckmet walked over to Mai, and put his hand on her shoulder. "She wanted me to take care of you," he said.

Mai looked at him, and pulled away. "I don't believe you."

"Mai, I know you are upset right now, but listen to me. Where are you going to go now?" he asked her. As he looked at Mai, Seckmet sighed. "This is never going to work. This child is too stubborn to believe anything I tell her." He then took Mai gently by the back of her neck. "There's nothing left for you now. Not here."

Mai looked at him, and shook her head. "She would have told me about you," she said.

Seckmet looked to the floor, and quickly rammed Mai's head to the floor, knocking her out. "I want to return to the Dynasty, Brat. I don't have the time to sit here and argue with you."

He then picked Mai up into his arms, and carried her bleeding body back to the Dynasty.

Oh, don't worry, this is only the beginning.

It gets better.

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