Dynasty Ladies

the story of who the girls


Lady Mai of the Stars

Mai woke up in a small, dark chamber. She saw a girl , a little older than herself with long dark purple hair. "Where am I?" Mai asked.

The girl looked at her, and smiled. "You're awake," she said. "Lord Anubis will be glad for that," she smiled.

"What's going on?" Mai asked. She looked at herself, and saw that she wore a long pink kimono. "Where are we?"

The girl looked at Mai, and smiled. "We were picked to be Ladies and serve Master Talpa," she said. "Do you have a name?"

"Yes, Mai. What are you called?" Mai asked as she sat up.

"I'm Kayura," she answered. "I'm glad Lord Anubis got another ward. It was lonely being the only one."

Mai touched her forehead, and remembered what happened. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

Kayura looked at Mai strangely. "You don't know?" she asked.

Mai shook her head.

"Well, we are the wards of Lord Anubis, who is in command of Master Talpa's forces. Soon, Master Talpa will have all of his ladies. Us."

"But what does all of this stuff about us being wards mean?"

"That's simple. All of us have to be wards of a Warlord and begin our training. When we are of age, we will be given to another Lord, and hopefully we will become his Lady in waiting."

"What does that mean?"

"We become like their wives."

Mai looked at Kayura through her long red bangs. "I'm still confused. How long have you been here?"

"All of my life."

Mai looked at Kayura, and ran a hand through her hair. "That's why all of this seems so simple to you."

"And in time, it will seem that way to you too." Kayura looked at Mai, and smiled brightly.


Mai and Kayura were the slave girls of Anubis. Compared to everyone else, that was the best thing to be.

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