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As you've noticed, there's a new style to the place. Everyone has a picture in here, and Devon isn't the only Writer in here either!! I found the time and got something of my own, and Billie's to put up here. We hope you like it!!! Enjoy ^_~

Yoake Halo's Stories

Devon Masterson's Stories

Billie Lee's Stories

Blue's Stories

Soooo, how was she?

Trapped like a bird...

Do you want to be 'Terry the Lonely Wolf' Bogard or what?

Don't say anything.

Not bad... and here I thought you were dead...

It's a new day.

Wow look!!!

Well, here's the end of the tour. Andy and Terry will show you the way to Sulia.
Hope you enjoyed your visit!
Please stop by again soon.

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