The 108th Devil Hunter Yohko is Here!

Hey Guess What!
I now have the words to ALL of the song in "Devil Hunter Yohko 4-ever"Isn't that so cool?
Well, anyway, if you want to go and see, go down to where Yohko and Azusa are in great need of a sewing machine. Ja Ne!!!

Don't flater yourself. I'm not Yohko

This is Yohko's cousin Ayako Mano. She may look like Yohko, but believe me, that's ALL they have in common.

I'm the REAL Devil Hunter of the family.
This is Yohko.
She's a little on the dizzy side of her family. A trait she aquired from her mother, I'm sure of it. But when she has to get down to business, she's there 100%

This is a great shot of Yohko, and her good friend, and fellow Devil Hunter, Azusa. We're bad, and we know it.

UMMM...Yohko, I think that demon liked you... Songs from Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever!

It just runs in the family, I guess.
The beginning, and the end. Haruka Mano, the first Devil Hunter, and Yohko and Azusa, the 108th generation.

I love the Fall Come on and have some hot chocoa.

We live in Japan, yet we're wearing British flags...Go fig.
Why'd Azusa get to drive?

Who came up with these stupid lines? At the studio, *AGAIN*. I just can't seem to get these lines right.

This is a really nice view. If I'm lucky, a really cute guy will want to pick me up, and want to run away with me...

Okay, Rowen, I'm sorry. I'll give you your bandana tomorrow!!!
Now I know how Marylin Monroe felt.

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