Duncan & Kayura

A Lord, and his Lady.

It was a long day of training for Lord Duncan. He was walking back to his chamber, when Nock pulled him aside. "So, young Lord. How did your training go today?" Nock asked.

"Go away, I'm not in the mood," Duncan said shortly.

Nock grabbed Duncan's hand, and pulled him down a long corridor. "Today, master Talpa is giving you a Lady. You know this right?"

Duncan pulled his arm away from Nock. "Stay out of my business," he snapped. "Don't you think that it's bad enough you and your father share my sister? Master Talpa is giving me a Lady only because Anubis requested it." Duncan turned, and stormed away from Nock.

Once he reached his chamber, Duncan heard a bath being drawn. "Who's in here?" he called as he drew his saber.

A young slave girl wearing a grey kimono walked out into the chamber. "Forgive me Milord. I took the liberty of drawing you a hot bath for you to soak in. I heard Lords Anubis and Cale talking about how much you have been training lately," she said quietly.

Duncan looked at the beautiful girl, and was amazed. She was short, with long dark purple hair. Her eyes were big, and matched her hair perfectly. Duncan shook his head, and walked closer to her. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Kayura, Milord." She bowed deeply, and began to walk away from him. "Your bath is waiting."

Duncan looked at her. "How can someone so beautiful, be so terrified of someone else?" he thought. Duncan walked into the bath room, and saw the bath she had made. Duncan quickly got out of his clothes, and climbed into the huge tub. He looked at Kayura as she hung her head, and began to remove her kimono. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Kayura looked at him, then to the floor. "I'm sorry Milord. Anubis told me that...."

"Anubis knows nothing about me. I know it's not easy for you. Any of you. So, I refuse to take advantage of an innocent girl, just because they say she's mine."

Kayura raised her head, and looked at Duncan. She looked into his face for the first time, and her eyes widened. "You're Nicolea's brother, aren't you?" she asked.

Duncan nodded, ashamed. "Yes, I am. So, you don't have to follow Anubis's direction anymore."


"Talpa says that you are mine now, and I am free to do with you as I wish. Taking you is not what I see fit." Duncan looked at her, and smiled. "Now, could you please come over here, and scrub my back?" he asked.

Kayura closed her kimono, and walked over to Duncan. "You are a lot like your sister said." Kayura began to wash the days sweat off of his back. "You are a very noble man. And I thank you."

Duncan closed his eyes as Kayura washed his back. "Why do I feel like this? I have never been so relaxed. Could it be my new Lady? I shall ask.....I don't know. Maybe Milady Michelle will have some answers for me. Yes. Tomorrow we shall go and I'll speak with Michelle."


The next morning, Duncan and Kayura walked through the Nether-realm to the lair of the Warlord Backao. They were taken out to the main garden, and saw two women. One was a young slave girl, like Kayura, and the other was an older woman, with blue hair. "Come you Lord, I won't hurt you," the blue-haired woman smiled.

Duncan looked at the slave girl, and his jaw dropped. "Nicolea?" he whispered.

Nicolea looked up at her twin brother, and smiled. "Hello again Lord," she said. "It's good to see you again." Nicolea looked as if she hadn't eaten in days. The black rings under her pale-blue eyes showed that she hadn't slept in about that much time either. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at Michelle. "Milady, I must return. If Lord Backao finds me out here, he will surely punish me."

Milady nodded, and Nicolea stood, and ran inside. "She will be fine," Michelle said, trying to comfort Duncan's shock. "Nicolea is a strong willed person. It may not show, but she is a true warrior."

Duncan dismissed Kayura from his side, and sat next to Michelle. "Milady, I have been having these feelings about my new sla.....about Kayura. Do you know what they could be?"

Michelle looked at Kayura, and smiled. "She is strong willed also. I can see why you may be falling in love with her."

Duncan looked at Michelle strangely. "What is.......'love'?"

Michelle laughed. "Love is an emotion. It is the most powerful emotion. It can make someone's heart fly, or it could make you do the most unthinkable things. Dear, sweet boy. You are too pure to be here. So are Nicolea, and Kayura. I just pray that your stay here will end soon."

"Milady, I don't understand."

"In time you will."

In time, anything is possible.

One hundred years from that day

Duncan and Kayura meet again, fall

in love over, and create a small life of happiness.

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