Rowen's the Third

a monologue by

Cye Mouri

This is getting out of hand. Things have got to start getting better. People always say that tragedies come in threes, but this is ridiculous. First, Mia dies, then Duncan, now Rowen's in the hospital.

At least I can sat there was a four year difference between Duncan and Mia. But it's been only a year since Duncan died.

This has been really hard on Mac. Karyn and I have been taking care of the Becky and Marc. And Mac's been staying at the hospital with Rowen.

This all really happened out of nowhere. No one expected Rowen to have an attack that badly. We all knew that he had a slight asthma problem. He was always having attacks when he was growing up, but we all thought he grew out of his condition. We were wrong.

Becky was climbing a tree, and she slipped. Rowen ran from the house, and caught her. Rowen was terrified for Becky, and the fact that he was already winded from a long workout with Sage, and Marc didn't help. After he and Becky walked into the house, Rowen was still wheezing. He told Mac to think nothing of it, but she asked Sage, Nikki, and the girls to stay over (a good move).

It was the middle of the night when Rowen couldn't breath. His wheezing woke up Mac, and if she wasn't there.....I don't want to think about what could have happened. But anyway, Mac instantly ran and got Sage, and Nikki.

This was last week. Mac hasn't eaten much or slept. I'm really beginning to worry about her...... and Nikki.

Rowen is Nikki's best friend. She saved his life as a baby, and as an adult. But this was something that she couldn't save him from. I spoke with Sage. He told me that Nikki's been keeping to herself, and that violin a lot. I know it worries him, but that's the way Nikki is. It worries all of us.

Rowen just woke up yesterday. He's still hooked up to a respirator, and he still looks like Hell. The doctor says he'll be okay, then again, I think they said the same about Duncan. I can't think like that. Rowen IS going to be okay. He WILL watch his children grow up. And HE will be the one to turn over the Armor of Strata to Marcus. I have to believe that. I have to.

This is the last of the String of Sorrow.

Rowen does live!!!

Don't worry.

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