Life Without

a monologue


Kayura Higashi

"I'm sorry Mrs. Higashi, but your husband didn't make it," the doctor said. I felt my legs give out from under me, but I didn't fall. Ryo had me in his arms the whole time. "Take it easy Kayura. Everything's going to be fine," he told me. Yeah, right.

Duncan was my life. He was the only man to ever love me, and be in love with me. Now, he's gone.

It's all my fault. I wanted to him to see a house for all us, he, I and our twins. As a surprise, he bought the for us, and was driving back when it happened. I don't know all of the details. And to tell you the truth, I don't want to know.

All I know is that I'm a widow, with two four year olds. Now I have to explain why their Daddy isn't coming home. Home. He was my home for what seemed to be an eternity. Now what am I going to do?

I can't stay at that apartment, or in that room. I tried to, but I stay awake at night waiting for Duncan to walk through the door.

Nikki and Sage have been looking after Kameron and Devon. Me, I've been trying to move everything into our new place. But it's not easy.

At least I have Ryo's help. He knows what I'm going through. It's been four years since Mia died. Our kids are getting along great. I guess that because they're all the same age.

Ryo said if I wanted, he, Bobbie and Mike would move into the house. I would like that. It would be like old times at Hi No Iri, where we all lived together. All. All twelve of us. Mia and Duncan included.

Damn it. Why him? Why did fate strip me of the man I loved for over a hundred years? We were supposed to grow old together, not apart. We were supposed to pass on the armors to Devon and Kameron together. Now that will never happen.

Once he told me how much more he loved me since we were out of the Dynasty. He said I was stronger. I could decide things for myself. Duncan said that I wasn't as weak and frail as when we met. That was because I knew he was with me. I'm just as weak now as I was then. Back then, Talpa stripped me of all of what I had known. Now, fate has done the same thing. Not only to me, but to my children as well.

Now, they have to grow up with out a father. Now, Kam will never learn how to play football from Duncan, but from Kento, or Ryo. Now, Devon will have no one to take her to the Father-Daughter Social at school. Why fate? Why?

Damn you Dragon! He served you well. He wore your Armor and this is how you repay him? Us? You kill the father of the Future bearer of your precious Armor? Why? Why couldn't you protect him? You saved his from a death at the hands of the Dynasty a number of times. But why make all of us suffer? Two innocent children. One of whom will wear your beloved grey armor and yield your cariburn saber. Make them suffer needlessly, for what?

All we have now is a life without. Without a father, husband, and a friend. What I have now is a life without Duncan.

The second piece to the String of Sorrow.

Two warriors are gone,

ten remain.

In the years to come, everything will be connected.

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