A Sad Anniversary

a monologue


Ryo Sanada

I married her today. Three years ago today. Mia and I were so happy together; were.

I can remember the way she looked in her wedding dress. She was amazingly beautiful. When I first saw her, I couldn't breathe. Her red hair was pinned up so perfectly, and there wasn't the slightest smudge in her make-up. She was a porcelain doll. My porcelain doll.

We were married for about two years when it happened. Mia found out she was pregnant. And again, we were happy. Even the guys and girls helped out. Cye, Karyn and Jax made sure she ate right. Sage and Nikki put the nursery together; and Mac made sure they didn't kill each other. Rowen, Kento and myself did all of the running around for Mia and everyone else.

Mia was in her last month when everything came crashing down. Dr. Hung told us that if Mia had the baby, she risked death. Stubborn Mia fought Dr. Hung, and me until we let her have Mike and Bobbie.

The delivery was hard. No one expected twins, and Mia couldn't handle it. After the twins were sent to the nursery, I held Mia in my arms. I knew she wouldn't make it through the night. So, I made the only choice left to make. Mia died where she was supposed to.......in my arms.

That was a month ago. Everybody's been great. Jax and Kento keep the twins while I'm at work. Cye and Karyn let me stay with them just so I don't have to go back to that house. Our house.

The house we lived in together since we left Hi No Iri. The house I carried her into the first time we entered as Mr. and Mrs. Ryo Sanada. Every time I go in there, all I see is Mia. The pictures, the furniture, it was all her. In that house, I can hear all of her laughter and joy. But when I find the source of the noise, I remember, she's dead.

Kayura says that Bobbie looks like me. And we all say Mike is the split image of his mother, Mia Sanada. My wife. My love. My life.

Yeah, today's our anniversary. But she's not here with me.

Mia, I hope you know how much I miss you. You were everything to me. Now I have to be strong for the twins. But I just wish you were still by my side...

Mia's death was the first in a string.

This string will prove to be a great factor in

the years to come.

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