Ronin Warriors III:

The Next Generation

part one

A Fatherís Worse Nightmare.


Chapter 3-The Power of Love.


Sulia walked over to Dais, and a dead Kathy. She deactivated her armor, but kept the Halo sword in her hands. As tears poured from her eyes, a green mist began to appear around her body. She raised the no-datchi over her head, and the mist began to enter it.

Dais held Kathy tightly as Cale pulled the bloody tachi out of her stomach. Dais didnít notice that her blood stained his clothes, and hair. All he knew was that the first woman he ever loved, was now in his arms, dead. He pushed some stray locks of her hair out of her face. His blood stained hand left a small trail of blood on her face. Dais looked at his hand, then buried his face in her neck, and cried.

Sulia touched the blade of the Halo sword to Kathyís forehead. The kanjis of Wisdom and Justice glowed brightly in their foreheads.

Sulia closed her eyes, and felt dizzy.

She opened them, and was in some type of dark void. At the other end of the void, she saw a bright light, and Kathy standing in front of it. "Kathy," she called.

Kathy looked at her friend, and smiled. "Thereí s no pain in there Sulia. It must really be nice in there."

"Listen to me, you have to come back with me."

"Why? So Dad can yell at me, and punch Dais? Or so Dais can leave me all over again. It hurts too much Sulia. Donít you get that?"

At her friends words, Sulia began to cry. "Things are going to change Kathy, you have to believe that."

Kathy turned toward the light again. "No, I canít. Just let me go."

Suliaís eyes widened. "Kathryn of Hardrock,, I wonít let you die on me like this!" Sulia grabbed Kathyís arm.

Sulia fell into Caleís arms, and opened her eyes.

Dais looked at Kathy, as he felt her shallow breaths. "Kathy?" he whispered.

Kathyís breaths became deeper as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Dais, smiled, and passed out again.

"Sheís alive," he smiled.

"She wanted to die," Sulia said lowly. "Kathy didnít want to live in a place where her father hates the man she loves, or in a place where the man she loves leaves because of her father."

"What?" Nikki asked. She and Sage walked over to Sulia and Cale.

"Kathy doesnít want her father to make all of her decisions her. She loves Dais, and she wants him to stay around. The fact that Kento didnít understand, didnít like, what ever you want to call it, tore her apart." Sulia looked at Cale, then her father. "I know how she feels."

Sage looked at Sulia, and sighed. He then looked at Cale, and hated what he was about to say. "Cale, can you take her up to her room?" Sage asked.

Sulia removed her sub-armor, and looked at her father. She smiled as she leaned her head against Caleís chest. Cale picked her up, and carried her inside.

Jax looked at Kathy, and Dais. She looked at him and saw how much he truly loved Kathy. "Dais, can you take her up to her room? Iíll be up in a little while."

Dais looked at Jax in surprise. He nodded as he picked Kathy up into his arms.

As he carried Kathy into the hotel, Kento looked at Jax. "What did you do that for?" he asked angrily.

Jax looked at her husband, and shook her head. "Donít start with me," she said.

"How could you trust someone like him?"

"Well, itís obvious that Kathy does trust him," she yelled. "Or did you forget you just watched your daughter die in his arms!" Jax walked over to the table, and put her head in her hands. "Her last words to him were ĎI love youí. That has to mean something to you. He held her and looked at her as if he wanted to die himself. Donít you think that if she has feelings that strong for him, you should give him a chance?"



Sakura walked up from the gym, into the upstairs apartment. She looked at the picture window, and sighed. She sat on the couch, and put her feet up. The sun was just beginning to set. Sakura felt the pain that Sulia was going through. She hugged herself as she felt the sorrow Sulia was going through also.

Marc walked up and saw her sitting alone. "Sakura, whatís wrong?" he asked.

She looked at him and shook her head. "Nothing. I was just think about something. Whatís up?"

He walked over to her, and sat next to her. "Sheís lying to me," he thought. "Sakura, are you sure youíre okay?"

"Iím fine. You donít have to worry about me."

"I do, yaí know."

Sakura looked at him strangely. "What?"

"I worry about you." He looked into her visible eye, and smiled. "She is so beautiful. I canít help but worry about her."

She looked into his blue eyes, and sighed. Sakura then leaned her head into his shoulder, and hugged him. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Sulia tapped into your energy when she brought back Kathy, huh?" he asked as he put his arms around her body. "What am I thinking? Sheís been my best friend since we were five."

"I guess so. But Iím fine."

Marc looked at her, and shook his head. "No youíre not." He ran his hand through her hair, and sighed. "I can tell you need your rest."

"You can tell? How?" she asked.

He looked into her face, and smiled. "I have my ways."

"Would he be upset if I told him? Heís just so kawaii."

Marc noticed that she was staring at him. "Sakura, whatís wrong?" he asked.

Sakura leaned up, and kissed him gently on his cheek. As she pulled away, he turned his head, and looked into her eye. "What did you do that for?" he asked.

"It was something I felt like doing," she answered shyly.

Marc pulled her close to him and he kissed her gently. Sakura parted her lips slightly and melted into the kiss. It was better than either one could have imagined. The kiss grew more passionate as Sakura ran her hands through his hair. Marc pushed her hair out of her face, and looked into both of her eyes. "And that was something I felt like doing," he whispered.

Sakura climbed onto his lap, and kissed him passionately. She felt him running his hands up and down her back. Marc leaned over, and laid her down on the sofa. He kissed her neck as he laid on top of her. His kisses turned into gentle bites as Sakura held him close to her. She felt him trying to slide his hands under her shorts.

"Hey, guys, weíre about to...." Becky started as she reached to top of the stairs. She saw Marc, and Sakura jump up. Marc sat on one end of the sofa, and Sakura took the other end. "Umm....we were about to leave and go to the hotel and see if Kathy and Sulia are alright."

Marc looked at his twin, and nodded. "Weíll be down in a sec," he said.

Becky pushed her sweaty hair out of her face, and nodded. "Okay."

Sakura looked at Marc, with wide eyes. "So, where do we go now?" she asked.

"Where do you want it to go?"

Sakura crawled across the sofa, and kissed him passionately. "How about here?" she whispered into him mouth. She kissed his neck when the phone rang. She jumped at the start, and looked at Marc. "After we go to the hotel, I want you all to myself."

Marc looked into her green eye and smiled. "You got it."



Cale sat next to Suliaís bed as she slept. He held her hand, gently. He knew how Dais felt when Kathy sacrificed her life for him. That was his greatest fear. Cale knew that Sulia would have done the same if he was the target. He looked at her, and gently pushed stray locks of hair away from her face. Cale watched Sulia sleep, and would gently caress her face from time to time. "I love you so much. By the Gods, I hope you donít interfere."

Sage stood at the door, and watched Cale. He didnít want to leave him alone for one minute with his daughter. But he knew that she was right. "Please donít let anything happen to her," he silently prayed.

Cale turned around, and saw Sage standing at the door. "Hello Ha....Date-san. I didnít know you were standing there."

Sage looked at Cale strangely. "Itís Sage. And I wanted to see if she was awake yet."

Cale looked at Sulia, and touched her hand. "Sheís been sleeping for awhile now, hasnít she?"

Sage looked at Cale, and his eyes widened. "Oh, Gods, he does love her." Sage looked at the ex-warlord, and ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah. Can you do me a favor, can you tell me when she wakes up?" he asked strangely.

Cale nodded. He heard Sage leave. He couldnít take his eyes off of Sulia. She looked so at peace, almost like an angel. "My little angel of light," he whispered.



Dais sat with Anubis just outside of Kathyís room. Dais had just finished cleaning Kathyís blood off of his face, hands, and clothes. He looked at her door, and sighed. "Why did she do that Anubis? Tell me?"

"Itís called love my friend. You donít remember what that emotion was like, do you?" the red haired ex-warlord answered.

Dais looked at him, and turned back to the door. "I could have stopped that thing before it could do anything to me. She didnít have to teleport between us."

"Maybe, that was the only course of action she could have taken. You heard Halo say that she wanted to die."

"No. Kathyís too precious to let her just die like that."

Jax walked out of Kathyís room, smiling. "Dais, she wants to see you," she said.

Dais looked at Jax, and walked over to her. "Whatever I have done to upset you today, Iím sorry."

Jax looked at him, and smiled. "To make up for it, love my little girl until you die," she said.

Dais nodded. "And that I will do." He then walked into Kathyís room, and saw her leaning against a pile of pillows. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Kathy smiled at him. "A little weak, but otherwise, Iím okay." She motioned for him to sit on the bed next to her. "How are you doing?" she asked.

"Me?" he asked strangely.

"Dais, I was dead. I died in your arms, then came back to life. Thatís gotta freak you out."

He smiled. He was never known for Ďfreaking outí. Dais leaned over, and kissed her gently. "Promise me, youíll never do something so stupid ever again."

Kathy looked at him and smiled. "Us Hardrocks are always doing stupid things. I get it from my father."

Dais smiled as he poured a glass of water. "Even Kento didnít get himself killed."

"Not for your lack of trying," Kento said as he stood in the doorway. He walked into the room carrying a huge plate of food. "Cye made this for you," he said to Kathy.

Kathy looked at her father strangely. "Dad, are you okay?" she asked.

Kento sat the plate gently on her lap, and picked at the food. "Iím fine, now that youíre going to be okay."

Kathy looked at her father eat some of the food on her plate. "I thought you said Cye made that for me?" she asked.

Dais tried to hide a small grin. "If you want, Iíll go and get you another plate," he told her.

"But I want that one," she whined pointing to the plate Kento took off of her lap. "Iím the sick one."

Kento looked at his daughter and smiled. "Sheís feeling better," he laughed. He then put the plate back on her lap. He kissed her forehead, and looked at Dais. "Make sure she eats everything."

Dais nodded, and smiled. "Donít worry, that plate will be empty when she says sheís done."

Kento looked at him again, and walked out of the room. Kathy looked at Dais as she ate. "What happened? This afternoon, he knocked you on your butt, and now, heís trusting you? With me?"

Dais looked at Kathy, and kissed her forehead. "He watched you die too Sweetheart. He realized, Iím a part of your life now."

Kathy shook her head. "You are my life," she said.

He looked at her strangely. Dais then touched her face. "Just like you are mine. So no more hair-brained teleporting, okay?" he asked.

She looked at him, and smiled. "I love you," she said sweetly.

Dais laughed as he looked at Kathy. He kissed her cheek again. "And I love you."



Sakura walked into Suliaís room, and saw Cale. "I take it youíre Cale?" she asked.

Cale looked at Sakura in shock. She looked exactly like Sulia, with only two differences. Suliaís hair was longer, and she had pale blue eyes, not green. "You must be Sakura. Itís nice to meet you," he smiled.

"Yeah, nice to meet you." She looked at him, and saw the love he had for her sister. "Howís she doing?" she asked.

"Suliaís resting." Cale watched Sakura as she walked over to Suliaís side. "Sheís been sleeping for...."

"Three hours, I know," she cut in. Sakura looked at Cale. "I know how much she loves you. And I can see that you love her. But donít think that I donít know about what you did to her in the park. Suliaís fragile. She doesnít need you fucking with her heart."

"Sakura," Sulia moaned lowly. She opened her eyes, and looked at her sister. "He does love me. And Iím not a fragile flower that needs to be protected."

Sakura looked at her sister, and sat next to her. Sakura put her hand on Suliaís forehead, and closed her eyes. As both Date twins began to radiate in their armor colors, Cale slowly backed away to the door. He watched as the kanjis of Wisdom, and Honor glowed brightly. As the light faded, he walked back into the room. "Are you two alright?" he asked.

Sakura looked at him, and smiled. "Weíre fine." She looked at her sister, and smiled. "I better get going. Marc and I are going to go to the woods for a little training. Iíll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Sakura," Sulia smiled devilishly.

As Sakura walked out of the room, Cale walked over to Suliaís bed. "Are you feeling better?" he asked.

She sat up and kissed him deeply. "Does that answer your question?" she asked.

Cale looked at her and smiled. "Donít ever scare me like that again," he said. He gently touched her face, and smiled. "I better go and get your parents. They wanted me to tell them when you woke up."

Sulia nodded as Cale got up, and walked out of the room. She laid down, and thought about what happened. "I brought her back . She was dead, and I brought her back. Damn this is scary. I donít know if Iíll be able to handle shit like this, itís just too hard."

Nikki and Sage walked into the room, and saw Sulia. Nikki walked over to her daughter, and hugged her. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Fine Mom. Sakura just left. What happened while I was out of it?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just a bunch of old people wondering if two young girls were going to die, thatís all."

Sage looked at his daughter. "You used entirely too much power Sulia. The only reason why youíre still alive is you have links with two other people."

"Look, I said Iím fine. You donít have to keep going ballistic over every little thing that I do," Sulia argued.

Nikki looked at her daughter. "I want you to know something. What you did, could have cost you your life, Sulia."

"Yeah, but I couldnít let Kathy die."

"She was dead, Honey. You brought her back. That was a caring, loving, and very stupid thing to do."

"So, you were expecting me to just let her stay dead?"

"Thatís not what your motherís saying," Sage interrupted. "You know how to use your armor, but you donít know how to use all of itís powers."

Sulia hung her head, and looked at her hands. "Iím sorry. But canít you two just let this thing go?" she asked. "Iím okay, Sakuraís okay, weíre all fine."

Sage looked at the door, and saw Cale sitting just outside of the room. "Alright. I think someone wants to spend some time with you alone," he said.

Nikki looked at Sage with wide eyes. "I donít believe you just told her that," she said through their mind link.

"Neither do I Nik. But he does love her. For her sake, we have to give him a shot."

"No talking about me via mind links," Sulia smiled.

Nikki and Sage looked at each other and smiled. "Okay," they said in unison. They each kissed Suliaís forehead, and walked out of the room.

Sage looked at Cale, and sighed. "Take care of her, okay?" he said. Sage walked over to his jacket, and put it on. "Nikki and I are going to head home. If she needs anything, find Jax."

Cale looked at Sage, and smiled. "Thank you Sage," he said. "Sheíll be fine."

Nikki looked at the two warriors, and smiled. "Only Sulia could do something like this," she thought to herself.

As Sage and Nikki left the hotel room, Cale walked into Suliaís room. "Your parents just left," he said.

"I know," she said. "I was thinking, you and Dais could stay here with us, Kathy and me, after all of this is over."

Cale sat next to her, and looked to the floor. "If only we were to come back. Our returning is the only problem." He then looked into her eyes. "Iíd like that," he told her.

Sulia looked at him and smiled. "Heís hiding something, I know it." She gently touched the scar on his face, and traced it with her finger. Sulia then leaned over, and kissed him gently.

Cale put his arms around her body, and pulled her close to him. As Sulia ran her hands through his hair, their kiss quickly grew. "I hate knowing that Iím going to hurt you." He then ran his hands down her back. He began to kiss her neck, intoxicating her.

Sulia laid back, pulling Cale on top of her. She kissed his neck, and began to remove his shirt. Cale pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Following my feelings," she responded. Sulia then pulled his shirt off. As she dropped the shirt to the floor, she kissed him again. This time, their kiss was one of unchained passion. Cale ran his hands under her blouse. He began to fondle each of her breasts. Sulia let out small moans of pleasure, as he opened the blouse. Her hands found their way to his pants, as his found the clasp of her bra. She moaned louder as she felt him tasting each of her breast. Sulia looked at him and smiled. "I love him so much. I hope that Iím doing the right thing." She undid his pants, and slid her hand down under his boxers.

Cale grabbed her hand, and looked at her. He took both of her arms, and pinned them over her head. "I please you tonight," he whispered. He then kissed her deeply. His hands slowly made their way down to her skirt. As he lifted her skirt, Cale kissed her stomach. Suliaís moans were becoming louder. He removed her underwear, and skirt. He looked up at her, and saw that she closed her eyes. "Thatís the look of a virgin," he thought. He smiled at the thought. "She wants me to be her first. Alright, I just have to remember, gently."

He removed his pants, and boxers, and climbed on top of her. "I love you," he whispered into her ear. As he inserted himself into her, he heard her cry out. He looked into her face. Her expression of both pleasure, and of pain. He began to move gently inside of her.

Sulia touched his face as she looked at him. She pulled his face closer to her, and kissed him passionately. With each thrust Cale made, she moaned louder, and louder. He then began to kiss her neck. Soon, his kissed turned into gentle bites, and his movements began both quicker, and more powerful. Sulia held him closer to her as she began to tremble. Her moans turned into cries. Cale kissed her. He felt her heart racing with each short breath she took. He slowed his pace to try and comfort her. Sulia began to bite at his neck. "Faster," she whispered.

"Youíre trembling," he responded.

"Iím fine." Sulia kissed him deeply to silence him. She felt him pace quicken again. She smiled as he made powerful thrusts into her. Cale kissed her to silence her cries. He held her tightly as his thrusts became even quicker. Sulia cried out in pleasure as Cale made love to her. She felt him run his hands up to her neck. As he held her neck, he sat up, with her in his lap. She ran her hands through his hair, and kissed his scarred eye. Cale turned his face down, and tasted her breasts again. Sulia leaned back in pleasure, and held him even closer to her. She turned his face to hers, and kissed him. Cale held her tightly as she kissed his neck.

He laid himself on the bed, keeping Sulia on top of him. She ran her hands down his chest as they kept their steady pace. She leaned down, and kissed his chest, and neck. As she sat up, Sulia looked at him, and smiled. She took his hands, and put them on her sides. She pulled him into her arms, and kissed him. Cale looked at her. He didnít want to let her go. "Iím sorry for damning you this way. But I do love you, Sulia Date."

They made love for two hours before both fell to the bed, exhausted. Cale looked at Sulia, who was laying on his chest. "Are you okay?" he asked.

She smiled as she looked up at him. "Yeah."

Cale saw that her eyes were full of tears. "Whatís wrong?" he asked.

"I love you," she said as a tear ran down her face.

He brushed the tear away from her face, and kissed her. "I love you too."



Tali and Mike walked to a small building. "What are we doing here?" she asked. She looked at the huge sign and smiled. "ĎHouse of Water?í" she read. "What are you up to, Wildfire?" she asked.

Mike put his arm around her, and walked to the door. "Youíll see, Torrent." He walked with her to a small desk. He looked at the man sitting down, and smiled. "Hey, Isaimu, whatís up?" he asked.

Isaimu looked at Mike, and Tali and smiled. "Is this the young lady that what you wanted to bring over with you?"

Mike looked at Isaimu and tried not to blush. "Yeah. This is Tali. Tali, this is Isaimu."

Isaimu looked at Tali, and smiled. "Konnichi wa Tali-san," he smiled.

"Hello," she blushed. She looked at Mike, and smiled. "You wanted to bring me here?" she asked.

Mike looked at her, and smiled. "Well, yeah. Itís really nice in here, and you should see what they have in here."

Isaimu looked at the young couple, and laughed. "You two go ahead in. The place is closing in about five minutes. Do you have your key Mike?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah. I got it."

Tali looked at Mike strangely. "You have a key?" she asked.

"Yeah. Mike always comes by and tells me about this amazingly beautiful woman. Iíd listen to him until I had to get going, and Iíd let him lock up for me."

Mike began to blush even brighter.

"Can you tell me what this Ďamazingly beautiful womaní looks like?" Tali asked.

Isaimu looked at Mike and smiled. "Tell me if Iím right. She has long auburn hair. Her bangs fall just around her, huge, beautiful, sea-blue eyes. Her skin..."

"Thatís about right," Mike cut in.

Tali looked at Mike and saw that his face matched his bright red shirt. "Heís been talking about me? And he described me as amazingly beautiful?" She took his hand into hers, and smiled at him. "Mike, who were you talking about?" she asked. Mike whispered something, but Tali didnít hear him. "Mike?" she asked.

Mike looked at her. "I was talking about you," he answered.

"Well, it looks like my work is done," Isaimu smiled. He stood, and walked over to the door. "You two go ahead, and have fun. I have to make sure everyoneís gone."

Mike waved as his friend walked away. He couldnít take his eyes off of Tali. "If I embarrassed you..."

Tali silence him with a kiss. "Thatís so sweet," she smiled.

Mike looked at her, and smiled. "Youíre not mad?" he asked.

"Why? I just found out that you think that Iím beautiful." Tali looked at him, and kissed him again.

He put his arms around her. "That was amazingly beautiful."

She looked at him, and smiled. "So, what do you want me to see?" she asked.

Mike took her hands, and lead her down a long dark hallway. "Thereís all different types of halls you could have parties in and stuff. All of the themes have to do with water." They reached a large door. "But this is the room I wanted you to see first."

He opened the door, and Taliís eyeís widened. "Mike," she whispered.

"Welcome to Atlantis, Torrent," he smiled. Mike lead her into the huge room, and watched her face light up. "Do you like it?" he asked.

Tali looked at him, and jumped into his arms. "I love it," she laughed.

The room was covered in what appeared to be gold. At the far end, a castle was painted on the wall. On two walls, there were huge fish-tanks which took up the entire wall. The floor was covered in something that appeared to be sponge. In the background, Tali heard what sounded like whaleís singing. She looked at Mike, and hugged him. "I love it," she whispered.

Mike took her hand, and lead her down to the castle. Taliís eyes widened. There was a door just under the castle. She followed Mike into the room, and saw that it was an indoor pool. Mike looked at her, and smiled. "Did you ever want to go swimming in Atlantis?" he asked.

Taliís love for water got the best of her. She walked over to the edge of the pool, and looked in. Her eyes widened as she saw countless fish in the pool. She put her hand in the water, and the kanji of Trust, appeared on her forehead.

Mike stood amazed as he watched all of the fish in the pool swim over to Taliís hand. "She is so great," he thought.

Tali looked at him, and smiled. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked.

Mike walked over to her, and sat down. "Iím fine." He looked at her, and pushed her hair away from her face. He and Tali looked into each otherís eyes. He leaned over to her, and kissed her deeply.

Tali pulled away from him, and blushed deeply. "What was that for?" she asked.

"I......Iím.....kinda. Damn it, Tali, Iím in love with you," he said.

She kissed him and smiled. "I love you too," she whispered.

Mike pressed his lips against hers, and pulled her closer to him.



Dais walked into Kathyís room, and saw her sleeping. "You are so beautiful. Kathryn of Hardrock. Why does this have to be so hard? I didnít want you to leave me. Now, tomorrow, Ihave to leave you."

Kathy looked at Dais, and sat up. "Whatís wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," he smiled. He walked over to Kathyís side and sat. "I was just thinking about how beautiful you are."

She looked at him, and smiled. "Can I ask you something?" she asked.


Kathy reached over, and removed his patch. "What happened?" she asked touching his sewn eye.

Dais looked at her. "Youíre the first person to see under that in over five hundred years." He hung his head, and sighed. "Youíre also the first person not to become repulsed by itís appearance."

"Dais, I love you. That means, I love all of you." She lifted his face, and kissed his eye. "All of you," she repeated.

Dais smiled at the thought. "Before I served Talpa, I was a samurai in feudal Japan. I was chosen to become a warrior against the Hellís Mouth back then as well as now. I fought a man named Hirosagi. He took my eye in our fight, and I took his life."

Kathy looked at him, and wrapped her arms around his body. "Iím sorry," she whispered as she hugged him.

He turned his head, and looked at her. He felt her warm tears run down his arm. "Kathy, donít cry for me," he said.

Kathy looked at him. "I love you," she said.

Dais kissed her deeply. He held her closely, and caressed her back. Kathy looked at him, and climbed into his lap. She was about to say something when he kissed her again.

There was a knock at the front door.

"Stay in here," he said as he stood. Dais sat her on the bed, and put his patch back over his eye.

She watched him go, and stood. Kathy felt her legs give out from her. As she fell to the floor, she grabbed the side of her bed. She then pulled herself up to her feet. She stood again, this time, her legs were more stable. She walked to the door, and saw Anubis standing at the door.

"I was just checking to see if the two of you were alright," Anubis said.

Dais looked at his friend, and smiled. "Weíre fine. You donít have to check up on us every half an hour."

Anubis smiled. He then looked into the room, and saw Kathy. "Iíll leave you two alone then. Good night."

"Night," Kathy smiled.

Dais turned and looked at her. "I thought I told you to stay in the bed?" he said. He then looked at Anubis and nodded.

Kathy leaned against the doorframe, and crossed her arms. "Yeah, so? You know I donít do what Iím told."

Dais closed the door, and walked over to her. He looked at her, and smiled. Dais gently touched her face, and kissed her. He felt her wrap her arms around his neck. He picked her up, and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down, and looked at her. "You are definitely my life Kathy."

She kissed him again, and pulled him to her. Dais laid next to her, and kissed her neck. She felt his hand sliding up her skirt, and smiled. "What are you doing?" she smiled.

Dais looked at her as innocently as he could. "Trust me," he smiled. He kissed her deeply as he slid his hand underneath her underwear.

Kathy slightly flinched at the feeling of his hand between her legs. She moaned as Dais inserted one finger inside of her. That was a different, new kind of pleasure she wasnít used to. She then felt another finger. As he played with her, Kathy held him closer to her. She ran her hand down to his pants, and undid them. She reached under his briefs, and tried to pull both garments down.

Dais removed his fingers, and pulled down her panties. He removed her skirt, and his pants. He then climbed on top of her. As he kissed her, the phone rang. "Damn it," he said. He leaned his head against her shoulder.

Kathy reached over to the night stand, and picked up the phone. "Hello?" she asked.

"Kathy, are you busy?" Devon asked.

"Kinda, yeah. Whatís wrong?"

"I was just wondering. You were barely awake when we were all there, you had us worried."

Kathy smiled. "Iím fine. Listen, Iím getting tired, and itís late. Can I call you in the morning?" she asked. She felt Dais removing her bra, and kissing each breast.

"Alright, Iíll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

"Okay, bye," Kathy said hanging up the phone. She looked at Dais and laughed. "Why do you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?" he asked playfully.

She kissed him. "Drive me insane," she answered. Kathy rolled on top of him.

"Thatís because you do the same to me." He pulled her close to him, and kissed her deeply.

She smiled as she slightly pulled away. "Youíre such a little devil, you know that?" she asked him.

"And youíre my angel."

"Thatís sweet," she smiled.

Dais looked at her, and kissed her.

The room changed into a beautiful scene of a fairy tale. The floor was covered with cherry blossoms. The walls turned into huge trees. As the wind gently blew, Kathy looked at Dais, and smiled. "Whatís all of this?" she asked.

Dais turned over, laying on top of Kathy. "This is for you. An illusion of pure beauty, just for you."

"Oh, Dais," Kathy whispered. "Thatís so sweet," she said before kissing him.



Marc and Sakura fought in the woods. Marc jumped into the air, and landed just behind Sakura. He fell to the ground, and swept her feet from under her. She fell on her back, and deactivated her Phoenix sub-armor. "All right Sakura. Whatís wrong?" he asked as they both stood.

"Nothing," she said.

"Bull," he responded.

Sakura looked at him, and wiped her forehead. "I just have something on mind. Thatís all." She looked up to the sky, and smiled. "Itís beautiful out, isnít it?"

Marc looked up, and smiled. "Yeah, it is." He deactivated his ring, and walked over to her. "Whatís on your mind?" he asked. She looked at him, and hugged him. She began to silently cry as he held her tightly. Marc felt his heart break as he held her in his arms. "Itís Sulia, isnít it?" he asked.

Sakura nodded. She then pulled away from him. "Sheís so in love with this guy, but I know heís only going to break her heart."

Marc looked at her, and wiped her face. "Some people have to learn things on their own." He wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her again.

She put her arms around him, and looked into his eyes. She kissed him deeply. She felt Marc hold her tightly as she ran her hands through his hair. Sakura moaned as he began to kiss her neck. She kissed his neck, and leaned her head back. As he kissed her throat, she ran her hands down to the waist of his pants. She began to remove his shirt.

Marc laid her down on the ground, and looked into her eyes. "I love you," they whispered in one voice. They looked at each other, and smiled. Sakura pulled his shirt off, and ran her hands down his chest. She looked at him, and smiled. She sat up, and removed her shirt. Marc kissed her passionately. He ran his hand down her back, and began to unhook her bra.

"Marc, Sakura," Jake called from the woods.

The couple grabbed their shirts, and quickly put them on. Jake, and Kameron walked out into the clearing, and saw the pair, with their shirts only half on. Both boys began to blush as they turned away. "Guys, we were wondering if you two saw Mike, Tali, Kevin, and Bobbie," Kameron said covering his eyes.

Sakura fixed her shirt, and stood. "No, we havenít," she said bitterly.

Marc watched her as she walked off into the woods. He then looked at Jake, and Kameron. "Thanks a lot guys. We wanted to be alone," he said.



Bobbie and Kevin laid alone, in each otherís arms. They were in an large house half way across town. "So, you think our dads would have a fit?" Kevin asked.

"I donít know about Cye, but I know mine would," she answered. Bobbie kissed his bare chest, and smiled. "I love you," she smiled.

Kevin leaned up, and kissed her passionately. "I love you too," he whispered.

"Should we get going?" she asked.

Kevin looked at his watch, and sighed. "Yeah. Itís after eleven. If you donít get home soon, Ryoíll have twenty fits."

"And Iíll just have to tell Ma, that heís being highly unreasonable."

"Does that work?"

Bobbie looked at him and smiled. "Yeah. Sometimes."



Cale ran his hand down Suliaís back. He looked at her sleeping body, and smiled. "I forgot how much joy one person can bring another. She makes me so happy, I hate having to what I have to. In time, I hope sheíll be able to forgive me."

Sulia turned her head. She curled her body up, and buried her face in his arm. Cale looked her, and smiled. "My life, get all of the rest that you need. Youíll have me here, at least for the next few hours."



Mike and Tali swam in the pool. He ran his hand down her back, and kissed her. Tali pulled away from him, and smiled. "What was that for?" she asked.

"Just because," he smiled.

Tali kissed him again. She felt him pull her body to him. "Mike," she said pulling away from him.

He moaned as he kissed her neck.

"Mike, we better get going," she whispered. "My dadís gonna flip if he finds out Iím out this late."



Tali and Kevin teleported into the living room of the Morui household, at the same time. They looked at each other, and crossed their arms. "What are you doing getting in so late Kevin?" she asked.

"I could ask you the same question Crystal."

They looked at each other, and smiled. "Donít tell Mom and Dad," they said in unison.



Love can bring so many people and things together.

Take a look at what love did for Kento and Dais.



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