Scene 1

We see a house in San Francisco in the morning, it is about 10:00 am, Saturday morning.

Now we see the inside of the house, in Serena's room. She is a typical teenager. Her room is full of stuff animals and posters of cute rock musicians. Serena is sleeping peacefully in her bed when the late morning sunshine shines in through the window. All the sudden...

Serena: Wha...[As she wakes up and looks at the clock seeing what time it is..] Oh, no! I'm late for practice.

As she is running across town in a hurry and trying to make it to practice, she encounters many obstacles; groups of people, skaters, little kids, etc. She manages to gracefully dodge them all. She finally makes it to the dojo beside the Shinto temple. She goes inside after removing her shoes and runs toward her friends. She falls and slides on the newly polished hard wood floor past her friends.

Rei: There goes "Hurricane Serena."

Serena: [mumbling] A perfect beginning to a perfect morning.

Rei: [As she walks up to Serena] Good one, Serena, and you're late as usual. I swear if you were on time just once the Earth...

Serena: Don't start with me, Rei!

Ami: Oh, Serena, you know you deserved it. You are always late.

Serena: [pouting] You're gaining on me too, Ami. You are so mean!

Lita: Hey, guys, give her a break!

Mina: Yeah, she's here now so lay off. Let's practice.

Ami: I'm sorry, Serena. Let's just practice. [She then looks at Rei]

Rei: Well I'm not sorry. She's an hour late. [She then sees everyone staring at her with disapproval]

Rei: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry, Serena.

Serena: [happily] Thank you, Rei. Now let's practice.

[Lita walks over to a boom box and cuts it on. "Plowed" by Sponge starts playing]

Roll opening credits while they practice

Scene 2

They have just finished practicing and are coming out of the dojo.

Mina: That was a good practice.

Lita: Yeah, but I need to work on my back throw. It's really terrible.

Serena: Well at least you didn't slip doing your round house.

Lita: That's true.

Rei: Look there's Darien.

Serena: Where? Where?

Ami: He's coming across the street.

Serena runs over to Darien and tackles him.

Serena: [panting] Did you miss me?

Darien: Of course, Meatball head. He then kisses her.

They then get up and walk towards the rest of the group.

Rei: [quietly] I can't believe she tackled him like that.

Mina: [quietly] That's Serena for you.

Ami: [quietly] She's always so over dramatic.

Lita: [quietly] But she's are leader.

Rei: [quietly] If she was not the Moon Princess, I wouldn't bother to listen to her.

Ami: [quietly] Come on, Rei. Even though she is not perfect you have to admit that she has never let us down.

Rei: [quietly] That's true.

Mina: [quietly] Shhh. They're coming!

Darien and Serena approach them.

Darien: Hey, guys!

All: Hi, Darien.

Lita: How was you trip?

Darien: It was great.

Ami: I hear England is lovely this time of year.

Darien: It is. I took lots of pictures in my spare time so that you guys could see. There are so many sites to see Big Ben, The Tower of London, and the Piccadilly Circus. I enjoyed every minute.

Serena: It sounds great. I would like to go there some day.

Darien: [Looking at Serena] I would like to take you some day.

Mina: [Feeling out of place] Well, Darien... Serena, we gotta go. See ya' around.

All: Bye! [They walk off]

Darien: Would you like to go on a walk, Milady. As he gallantly offers his hand.

Serena: [curtsies] Why yes, kind sir. As she accepts his hand, they start off on there walk.

Scene 3

Serena is walking down the hall of Cross Roads High School towards her friends.

Rei: I don't believe it...

Ami: [Filling in a part of Rei's sentence]... Serena, you're on...

Mina: [She finishes]... time.

Lita: An actual first.

Serena:[annoyed] You guys act as though I am never on time.

All: You're not!

Serena:[pouting] Why do you always gain up on me.

Rei:[agitated] Give it a rest, Serena.

Serena: [Changes the subject from her] Who's the new girl?

Mina: I don't know.

Ami: Maybe we should introduce ourselves to her.

Lita: Great idea! I remember when I was new. The only one who talked to me was Serena.

Serena: Come on, let's go say hi.

They walk over to a tall black girl standing at her locker.

Serena: Hi, my name is Serena and this is Ami, Rei, Mina, and Lita.

All: Hi!

Shara: Nice to meet you all. My name is Shara.

Ami: It's nice to meet you, Shara.

Lita: Where are you from?

Shara: Oh, all over. I'm a navy brat. My mother was recently stationed here. And since she's staying here now, here I am.

Mina: So you have seen many places.

Shara: Yep.

Serena: Have you ever been to England?

Shara: I was born there.

All: Whoa!

The warning bell rings.

Serena: Who's your homeroom teacher?

Shara:[Studies a sheet of paper] Mmmm...a Ms. Haruna.

Serena:[excitedly] You have homeroom with me, Ami, and Lita.

Shara: Great!

They start walking. Mina and Rei go in the opposite direction. On their way to homeroom

Serena is jabbering about this and that.

Shara: [quietly] Does she always go on like this?

Ami:[whispering] Always.

Lita: [giggles]

Serena: Wha..what are you guys talking about.

All: [giggling] Nothing.

Serena: You are mean! She walks in to the room and the others follow after her.

Ms. Haruna: Good morning, Class.

Good mornings are murmured throughout the classroom.

Ms. Haruna: I have a few announcements, before you all go to class. First I would like to introduce a new student. Her name is Shara Quinn. [ People look around and wave to Shara and some introduce themselves.] This week there is a basketball game on Friday against the Tigers, so come out and support the Chargers. Also the French Club is...[She continues talking]

Molly:[whispering] Serena, are you going to the Halloween Masquerade Ball on Saturday.

Serena:[whispering] You better believe it! I have been waiting all year.

Molly: [whispering] Is Darien coming?

Serena nods.

Molly:[whispering] What are you going as?

Serena: I don't really know. Darien just told me not to pick out anything stupid.

Molly: Well, I am going as Sailor Moon.

Serena:[surprised] Sailor...Moon.

Molly: Yeah. She has helped me out so many times. I admire her.

Serena: You admire her.

Molly: Of course! She's so pretty, smart, and brave.

Serena smiles at the compliments.

Molly: Besides it will be a perfect to go with Melvin's Tuxedo Mask costume.

Serena: What!

Ms. Haruna: Serena!

Serena: Sorry, Ms. Haruna. [She lowers her voice] Melvin is going as Tuxedo Mask?

Molly: Yes, it will be so perfect.

Serena:[mumbles] Yeah right, the most gorgeous guy on the planet is going to be played by the biggest dork on the planet.

The bell rings for them to go to first bell and everyone get up to go class.

Scene 4

Serena and Rei are practicing at the dojo.

Rei: She's going as who?

Serena: Sailor Moon.

Rei:[looks around to see if anyone is listening] Why is she going as you?

Serena: Because I'm beautiful, brave, and smart.

Rei laughs at the last attribute.

Rei:[laughing] No, no, really?

Serena: Ha. Ha. Just put these sparring gloves on, so I can practice. Throwing the gloves at her.

Rei: Don't get so offensive, Meat...

Serena: Don't even say it. That name is reserved for Darien only.

Rei: Alright, practice all ready.

It is Saturday night and they are at the Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Chad: Darien and Serena, your King Arthur and Queen Gwenivere costumes are the best so far. You two are sure to win the "best dressed couple" award.

Rei:[Hitting him lightly] Chad! We are trying to win too.

Chad: Sorry.

Serena:[laughing] Don't worry about it, Chad, you look nice as Clyde.

Chad: Thanks.

Rei: How do I look?

Darien: You look great as Bonnie.

Serena looks at him disapprovingly.

Serena: How do I look?

Darien: You look just as beautiful as ever, my queen. He bows to her and kisses her hand.

Rei clears her throat. Instead of saying anything Chad kisses Rei.

Rei:[breathless] That was a surprise. Let's go get some punch, Chad. They walk away.

Mina and Ken walk in as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Serena and Darien wave to them so

that they will come over. A few seconds later, Lita and Andrew come in as Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

Mina: Lita!

Lita: Mina!

Both: You have on my dress! [Looking at each other] I can't believe you! [Circling each other] Oh no you didn't!

Andrew: Girls, girls. Stop it!

Ken: Come on. He pulls Mina away before either one got any ideas.

Andrew: You two are friends. You shouldn't be fighting.

Ken: Yeah, think of how the other Maid Marians must feel.

They look around and see at least ten other Maid Marians and Robin Hoods.

Lita: You're right...

Mina: I'm sorry! They hug.

A couple of hours later, everyone is at the party mingling and dancing. When all the sudden there is a crash heard outside. Everyone rushes to the windows to see what is happening, Serena, Darien, and the Scouts sneak away. Outside they see a man hovering in the air and a centaur.

T'ken: [roaring] Where is Sailor Moon?

Everyone inside is frightened as they try to figure out what to do.

T'ken: So you think that you can hide amongst these humans and not be noticed. T'ken appears behind Molly and Melvin.

Molly:[frightened] I-I-I'm not Sailor Moon.

T'ken: Then who are you? The Tooth Fairy, I am not like these foolish humans you can not fool me with you cheap tricks.

Molly: But I'm not Sail...

T'ken: Silence! I will finish you and please my mistress. [He begins to power up his Geo Wave.] Geo...Wave! He sends an earthquake through the floor towards Molly.

Sailor Moon jumps down and saves Molly before the earthquake hits. Everyone else runs out of the room. They other Sailor Scouts then jump down to cover as she gets ready to face off T'ken. Molly thanks Sailor Moon and runs to safety outside of the gym.

T'ken: Who are you?

Sailor Moon: I'm Sailor Moon.

T'ken: So you are the one who destroyed Queen Beryl. Malice was not pleases that you killed her sister and because my queen demands it you will be punished. Get her, Sagittarius!

As T'Ken disappears, the centaur begins to rush Sailor Moon. She dodges his attack.

Sailor Moon: You are going to have to better than that. She surprises him with a round house and knock him down.

Sagittarius:[Laughing arrogantly as he gets up] You have nothing to worry about, because this ends now. [He pulls out a bow.] Here's looking at you.

He fires an arrow at Sailor Moon. It is about to hit her when a rose flies through the air and snaps it in two.

Tuxedo Mask:[Looking at Sagittarius] Not a chance.

Sagittarius:[Powering up his bow for his sure kill] Sonic...Boom! He fires an arrow at Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask! She and the other Scouts are helpless to counter Sagittarius's sure kill.

All the sudden a figure in a purple cat suit that covered her face pushes Tuxedo Mask out of the way. When she does, she catches the blast for him. She knocked to the ground by the force of the blast.

Tuxedo Mask: Are you okay?

Lady Haze does not answer as she struggles to her feet. She notices that Sagittarius is arming his Sonic Boom again. She gets into her fighting stance, pulls back as she focuses her chi, then pushes it out.

Lady Haze: Chi... Shock...Wave! Her attack knocks the wind out of Sagittarius.

The Sailor Scouts use this opportunity to combine their attacks to destroy Sagittarius while he is weak.

Sailor Moon: Moon... Tiara...Slice!

Sailor Mercury: Mercury...Bubbles...Blast!

Sailor Mars: Mars...Fire..Ignite!

Sailor Venus: Venus...Crescent...Beam...Smash!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter...Thunder...Crush!

All of their attacks come together around Sailor Moon's tiara and destroy Sagittarius.

All: Yes!

Tuxedo Mask: Thank you for help! [He turns around and finds Lady Haze gone] Where did she go?

Sailor Mars: I don't know.

Sailor Moon: I don't know where she went, but I do know one thing, I am glad she came.

Across town...

Mrs. Quinn:[Calls from downstairs] Shara!

Shara:[weakly] Yes, Mom.

Mrs. Quinn: Honey are you all right I have been calling you for over hour. What's going on?

Shara: Nothing, I am just tired.

Mrs. Quinn: You look whipped! To bed now! You need a good nights sleep.

Shara: But Mom, I have to finish my homework.

Mrs. Quinn: Now, I know you are sick. She feels Shara's head.

Shara: Mom, I'm fine!

Mrs. Quinn: I'm your mother. I'm the one that carried you for nine months, your sick. But you don't have a fever so I guess you only need some sleep. Lights out. I don't expect to see your light on! No late night novel reading for you, do I make myself clear.

Shara: Yes Ma'am. Goodnight.

Mrs. Quinn: Good night, honey. She gets up, cuts the light off, and the shuts door behind her.

Shara:[Looking at the time] Impossible. How could I have lost a whole hour?[She yawns.] I must have been more tired than I thought.

Scene 4

At Rei's temple the girls and Darien are having a meeting to fill in Luna and Artemis on the battle at the Halloween Masquerade Ball and the mysterious warrior.

Luna: Do you know the name of the of the warrior, Darien?

Darien: No, she never told me. I tried to thank her after the battle, but she was gone.

Artemis: What kind of attack did she use on the centaur?

Serena: Some sort of cheese attack.

Ami:[Correcting her.] It was a chi attack.

Serena:[mumbles] Excuse me!

Ami:[remembering] Yes, it was called the Chi Wave Attack.

Luna and Artemis: Lady Haze!

Lita: Who's Lady Haze?

Luna: She is the protector.

Mina: Protector of who?

Artemis: Prince Darien.

All of the girls stare at Darien.

Darien: Me?!

Luna: Yes. You might not remember, but your court once had many knights. The most noble and the wildest of them all was...

Darien:[interrupting] ...Sir Timothy. I remember, he had a daughter.

Luna: Yes. I don't know her name unfortunately. All I know is that you have a special bond with her, that must be why she is here now.

Serena:[Suddenly very interested.] What kind of bond?

Luna:[sighs] A sort of telepathic bond. He can communicate with her through telepathy that's how she knows that she is needed.

Darien: So I could call her right now.

Luna: I believe so.

Rei: Do it, Darien, so we can thank her.

Serena: I don't think it's a good idea.

Rei: I do. It might clear up some things. Go ahead, Darien.

Serena sulks.

Darien: I'll try. He then tries to focus his mind to reach Lady Haze.

At home Shara is tossing and turning in her bed. She hears someone calling her but she does not know how to answer them. She then sees a battle. She sees a man dressed in a tuxedo about to be attacked. She pushes him out of the way and takes the hit for him. Then Shara wakes up and sits up in bed. She has a listless look on her face as though she reacting and not really thinking. She then transforms into Lady Haze and disappears.

Everyone is surprised when Lady haze appears.

Lady Haze: Yes, my prince.

Darien: Who are you?

Lady Haze: I am your protector, Lady Haze.

Darien: No, who are you really? Your formal name.

Lady Haze: I..I don't know.

Serena:[agitated] How could you not know who you are?

Darien:[Defending Haze] Uh, Serena for a long time I didn't know that I was Tuxedo Mask.

Serena gives him a look that could kill.

Lady Haze: I am not sure, your majesty. I know who all of you are and my mission here, but when it comes to myself...She touches her head as though suddenly nauseated.

Darien: What's wrong?

Lady Haze: I'm not sure. I don't feel so well. She starts to sway.

Darien rushes to catch her before she falls, but she fades away before he has the chance.

Mina: Where did she go?

Darien: I don't know. I guess our bond isn't developed enough yet.

Rei: I hope she's okay.

Lita: Me too.

Shara awakens in her room and sits up in her bed. She then passes out on her bed more tired than when she first awoke.

Scene 5

Malice is sitting in her throne room surrounded by her servants. She is waiting for T'ken's report of the battle between Sagittarius and Sailor Moon. T'ken enters reluctantly.

Malice: Well, T'ken you are finally back. Tell me of your victory. Does she live?

T'ken:[Answers reluctantly] My Queen...Sagittarius has...failed.

Malice: WHAT!

T'ken: Sailor Moon is more powerful than we thought and she has allies.

Malice: [angrily] Are you telling me that my best general is defeated and sent home with his tail between his legs by five little girls.

T'ken: No my queen, it-it's nothing like that. She has allies other than the Scouts, a man in a tuxedo and a warrior in purple.

Malice: That sounds like Tuxedo Mask, but the other warrior must be investigated.

T'ken: I will attend to it now, my queen.

Malice: No, I have another job for you. Mirage!

A small woman with light hair appears.

Mirage: Yes, mother.

Malice: Go to Earth and find out more about this warrior in purple and report back to me.

Malice: Yes, my queen.

Mirage disappears from the throne room and T'ken looks to Malice to see if he would be punished or not. She dismisses him and goes to her private chamber to wait Mirage's report.

Everyone is crowded around the school gym discussing the damage done by the strange beings after Sailor Moon. People are also crowded around Molly asking her about her experience with them.

Molly: I was so scared, I did not know what to do. I am glad that Sailor Moon showed up when she did or I'd been toast.

Student #1: I don't know what I would have done, if it were me.

Student #2: You are so brave.

Molly: I really didn't do anything.

Student #2: Of course you did. You stalled for time until Sailor Moon was able to get there.

Molly: Not really, Sailor Moon is the hero.

Student #2: Still, you didn't run away, that makes you a hero in my book.

The students gathered around Molly murmur in agreement.

Molly:[blushing] Thanks.

A couple feet away Serena is sitting with her friends under a tree.

Serena: I can't believe it she's the hero. What happened to me---us? We are the ones who destroyed that monster.

Ami: Serena, you can't expect to get credit and a pat on the back for everything you do.

Rei: You'd think she'd know that by now judging by her grades.

Serena gives her look and sticks out her tongue.

Serena: I just think that the credit should go where it's due.

Mina: Well if you think about it, she was kind of brave she could of ran off.

Serena:[Ready to face off] How do you know she wasn't going to?

Lita: Serena, think of it this way with all their attention focused on Molly, no one is going to notice that we were no where in sight.

Serena: I guess you have a point.

Rei: Besides the real hero is Lady Haze she saved Darien and weakened Sagittarius.

Serena: Don't mention that name.

Rei: Why not?

Serena: Just don't. I don't trust her and you guys shouldn't either.

Ami: What has she done for you not to trust her?

Serena: Lots of things.

Rei: Name one.

Serena:[thinking] Well... she wears a mask. How can you trust someone who wears a mask.

Rei: Darien wears a mask.

Serena: That's different, it does not cover his entire face.

They all look at Serena wondering if she could be more pathetic.

All: Oh please!

Rei: You don't like her because you think she might try to move in on Darien.

Ami: You have nothing to worry about, Serena. Darien loves you and always will. Lady Haze knows that you are betrothed to him.

Rei: I hate to say it but she is right, Serena. Darien has always liked you.

Mina: So that means you have nothing to worry about.

Lita: Yeah.

Serena: Thanks, you guys.

The warning bell rings for the to go class. They all get up and head to their prospective classes. Serena and Mina go one direction, Rei and Lita go in another, and Ami goes off by herself.

Once inside her science class she goes to sit down in her usual spot. She spots Shara in the next seat asleep.

Ami: Shara...Shara wake up. Class is about to start.

Shara:[sleepily] Oh hi, Ami.

Ami: Shara how long have you been here?

Shara: Oh [Checking her watch] about an hour. I came in early to do some homework I didn't finish this weekend.

Ami: Oh.

Shara: I don't know what it is, but I have been tired all weekend. Maybe I am too stressed or something.

Ami: Don't let stress get to you.

Shara: Usually when it does, I chill a couple of hours in front of the tv or dive into a good novel.

Ami: Maybe that's what you should do.

Then the their teacher walks in and class begins.

Scene 6

Serena and Darien are watching a movie on the couch. She is resting in his arms as they watch an old black and white movie.

Serena:[suddenly] Why do you think that Lady Haze is here?

Darien: Where did that come from?

Serena blushes.

Serena: I was just wondering.

Darien: I don't know. I mean she just came out nowhere.

Serena: I see.

Darien:[Sensing something was wrong.] Come out with it, what's bugging you?

Serena: Nothing, really. I was just curious.

Darien: Only curious or jealous?

Serena:[defensive] What are you talking about jealous of what?

Darien: I see it now. You think Lady Haze will take your place.

Serena: I don't know what you are talking about. She gets up and starts to pace the room.

Darien: Serena, then why are you pacing?

Serena: Because.

Darien:[Gets up and goes over to her] Serena, you never have to worry about me and someone else. It will always be you and me.

Serena: You mean that, Darien.

Darien: Of course, I do Meatball head.

He then kisses her. While they are kissing a clock chimes 10:00 PM.

Serena:[reluctantly] I guess I better go.

Darien: I guess.

Darien walks Serena to her car.

Serena: I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Darien: Yes--oh no I can't I have a last class that I can't miss. I'm sorry.

Serena; [crestfallen] Okay.

Darien:[He hugs her and kisses Serena on her forehead] I'll call ya'.

Serena gets into her car and drives off. Darien waves.

Scene 7

Shara walked down the hall and saw Rei and Mina standing outside of their class.

Rei: Hey Shara. What's up?

Mina: Yeah, you didn't seem like yourself this morning. Is everything okay?

Shara: It's nothing major. I've just been thinking too much.

Rei: Really, about what?

The warning bell rings for their next class. Shara fixes her bag on her shoulder, and a small card falls out.

Shara:[not knowing about the card] Well, I better get going. I'll see you guys around.

Rei: Yeah, later.

Mina notices the card and picks it up.

Mina: Rei, take a look.

They open the card.

Rei:[reading] Shara, I'm so sorry about missing your birthday today. I have to go out of town and you'll be sleeping when I leave, so if I can't call you tonight, happy birthday. Mom.

Mina: Oh man. That must really suck.

Rei: Yeah, not having your mom around for your birthday? We can't let this just go down in the history books like this. Let's do something for her.

Mina: Who could plan a party in less than five hours?

Both: Serena!

Cut to lunch. Every one is gathered outside under a small tree. Ami and Mina are having a small conversation, while Serena, Rei, and Lita (who is sitting in the tree) are talking about the up coming party.

Serena: Lita, you get her to your house. Tell her you need help with last nights English homework.

Lita: Gotcha.

Serena: The rest of us will go shopping for presents and things to decorate your house.

Rei: This is going to be great. But wait, is this going to be a sleep-over, or what?

Lita: Shara's new here. Her mom's outta town, and it is her birthday.

Serena: Yeah, you're right it screams sleep-over.

Ami and Mina bring the others into their conversation.

Mina: So exactly what are we going to get Shara? We have only known her a week.

Serena: I never of thought that. What does like?

Ami: I think the best thing to do is to buy something we think she'll like, but that reminds her of each one of us.

Lita: Good idea!

Rei: Only one thing, what if she doesn't like it.

Serena: I think she'll like it because it came from us.

Rei: You are probably right.

Cut to Lita to Shara walking up the drive way of Lita's house.

Lita:[unlocking] I am so glad you could sleep over. I could really use the help in math.

Shara:[confused] Math? I thought you needed help with English.

Lita: Oh...well I have been having a lot of trouble in math too.

Shara: But you got a B on your last test.

Lita:[changing the subject] Here we are. Home sweet home. You thirsty?

Shara: Um...actually I am.

Lita: Let's see what I have in the fridge. She turns on the light and everyone jumps out.

All: Surprise! Happy Birthday!

Shara: How did you know?

Rei: I read your card that fell out of your backpack, I hope you don't mind.

Shara: I don't know what to say.

Serena: We hope you like it.

Shara: I don't believe it. [She looks at the food.] I am starving, let's eat.

Serena: You are speaking my language.

They all start eating and talking. "Just a girl" by No Doubt begins to play to in the background while they are hanging out.

Cut to Mirage making her report to Malice in her private chambers.

Malice: What do you have to report?

Mirage: My queen, I have the identity of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask.

Malice:[Her eyes glowing lavender with anticipation.] Tell me!

Cut back to the sleep-over. They are settled on the floor in their sleeping bags.

Shara: I am having a great time, thanks.

All: You're welcome.

Shara: Lita, how did you convince your parents to let you have the house to yourself?

Lita:[sadly] Um... I am an emancipated minor. My parents died about 4 years ago.

Shara: I'm sorry.

Serena:[Changing the subject] Why don't you open your presents.

Shara: I have presents?

Ami: Of course!

Rei: When you have a party, you have to have presents.

Serena:[Handing Shara a present] Open mine first!

Shara: I can't wait to see what it is![She opens it and finds a teddy bear in a pink dress with an ice cream cone in its hand.] That is so sweet. [She hugs Serena] Thank you.

Serena: Your welcome.

Rei: Wow, Serena, you actually picked out something decent.

Serena: Thank you, Rei.

Lita: Open mine.

Shara opens it all pulls out a cookbook.

Shara: Thank you, I could use it for those nights have to cook. She hugs Lita.

Rei: Here's mine.

Shara: Oh, snap! An autographed tape of Phoenix, how did you get it?

Rei: I kinda' know the former lead singer.

Serena: Kind of!

Rei:[blushing] Shut up, Serena!

Ami: This is for you.

Shara: Madame Bovary, I haven't read this one. Thank you. She hugs Ami.

Mina: I saved the best for last.

Shara: A book of poems, thank you, Mina.

Mina:[As they hug] Your welcome.

Shara: You guys are great. You threw me a party.

Lita: We were happy to.

Serena: No one should be alone on their birthday.

The others nod in agreement.

Rei: Now that the presents are opened, let's get to the good stuff.

Serena: Yeah, twenty questions!

Cut to Mirage and Malice in her private chambers.

Malice: So the Scouts are high school students. Who is Lady Haze?

Mirage: They do not know.

Malice: Why don't you no? That is what I sent there you for.

Mirage:[calmly] I know Princess Serena's weakness.

Malice:[Very interested] What is it?

Mirage: Her fiancee, Prince Darien. She would do anything for him. She even doubts the loyalty of Lady Haze for fear she will lose her place in his heart.

Malice: Of course. I will have him killed right before her eyes before I kill her. I will let you handle it, my daughter. You are much more competent than T'ken.

Mirage: Mother, T'ken is eager for your approval. He would prove himself most worthy in capturing Tuxedo Mask.

Malice: You are right, besides I need to be rid of Lady Haze and you'd be perfect for that job.

Mirage: Thank you, my queen. I will do my best.

Malice: You may go.

Mirage bows and disappears.

Malice: T'ken.

T'ken:[Appears and bows] Yes, my queen.

Malice: I have a little assignment for you.

Cut to the girls sleeping in their sleeping bags. Everyone is sleeping peacefully. Serena has a pillow over her face to cut down the amount of snoring.

Shara is little fussy in her sleep, but basically calm. In her dream she hears someone call her name. Then all of the sudden she is in a room. She sees a man in a room waiting for her.

Darien: Who are you?

Shara: I'm...I'm Lady Haze.

Darien: I am Prince Darien.

Shara: You are the one who has been calling me.

Darien: That's what you look like under the mask.

Shara: How did I get here?

Darien: Don't you remember, Shara?

Shara: do you know my name?

Darien: We have a telepathic bond between us. You are a member of my court.

Shara: Your court?

Darien: Yes. You are the daughter of Sir Timothy. Your my...

Shara:...protector. I remember.

Darien: I am glad. I have been having a hard time getting through. You have been so tired.

Shara: My body was getting use to my powers.

Darien: I am glad you're okay now, I was worried.

Shara: Thank you. She yawns.

Darien: Sorry for keeping you up so late.

Shara: It was worth it, your majesty.

Darien: Call me Darien. We're friends now.

Shara:[grinning] Okay, Darien.

They both fade out. Shara is sleeping on the floor peaceful now.

Scene 8

Darien is walking down the street when he sees Shara walking toward him alone. They see each other, and stop.

Both: Do I know you?

Shara: You're Darien, right?

Darien: Yes...and you are Shara, right?

Both: I had a dream about you last night.

Shara: This might sound weird, but, are you a prince?

Darien: [a little shaken] Yeah.

Shara: How did this whole thing start?

Darien: Some how I summoned you and all this began.

Shara: I am glad I finally know most of what's going on. I was beginning to think that I was ready for a room with padded walls.

Darien: Now that you know what is going on, you can help us fight Malice.

Shara: I don't know if I can, before when you called me, I reacted like it was instinct. Now I don't know if I could do it by will.

Darien: Don't worry your powers are probably are like mine. At first I didn't even know I was Tuxedo Mask. I just reacted to Serena needing my help. Later on I found out that all I have to

do is think about it and I change. Maybe it's the same for you.

Shara: Maybe you're right.

Darien: The girls can't find out about you being Lady Haze yet. Shara nods. [Changing the subject] Where are you headed?

Shara: I was just taking a walk to clear my head. I don't live very far from here.

Darien: Okay.[Looking at his watch] I have to go or I'll be late. Bye.

Shara: Bye.

They continued on their ways in opposite direction. Shara was so happy about figuring out what was going on that she did not realize a man was coming around the corner towards her.

Shara: Ouch![Rubbing her knees] I am so sorry. I should be more careful.

It is T'ken in human form.

T'ken:[Angry] Don't' worry about it. [ He gets up in hurry after spotting Darien, he is trying to keep up. While getting up he realizes how beautiful the stranger is and his tone softens] It was my fault.

Shara: It is nice of you to say that, but I know it's not true.

T'ken: What is your name?

Shara:[embarrassed] Shara Quinn.

T'ken: Well, Shara Quinn, it is nice to meet you.

Shara: And your name is...

T'ken: Kayin Mcloud.

Shara: Interesting name.

T'ken: So is Shara Quinn. [Looking around] I am new here and I need a guide, could you help me?

Shara: Well... I just moved here myself. So I probably wouldn't be much help.

T'ken: I am sure you will be very helpful.

Shara: [Blushing] Well okay then.

They go off in the direction that Darien went in. T'ken tries to get her to lead him places where Darien is so that he can keep Darien in sight.

T'ken: Thanks for the tour it has been very helpful.

Shara: Your welcome.

T'ken: Maybe I can call you sometime.

Shara: Um... sure. She writes her phone number down and hands it over to him.

T'ken: Thanks, I'll see you around.

Shara: Bye.

T'ken walks off in the direction he saw Darien going in. He gets around the corner out of the sight when Mirage appears.

Mirage:[indignantly] What do you think you are doing?

T'ken: Following Darien

Mirage: I am not talking about that. I am talking about that little episode back there.

T'ken: I used her as a cover so Prince Darien would not notice me following him.

Mirage: I stuck my neck out for you. Don't make me a liar by getting involved with some little human tramp.

T'ken: Yes, your highness.

Mirage: Carry on.

T'ken continues to follow Darien trying to get him alone.

Mirage:[Talking to herself] I swear if that little tramp gets her claws into him, I will kill her myself. She disappears.

Scene 9

Serena, Rei, Mina, Lita, and Ami are sitting on the temple steps with Luna and Artemis.

Artemis: We called you here so that we could discuss Lady Haze. With a battle on the horizon, we need to know who our friends are, and who aren't. Plus we need to know how to reach her.

Serena: Do we really need her? [She gets glares from everyone else]

Rei: Serena, we've already been through this. We need all the help we can get.

Luna: That's right. We know nothing about this Malice except that she is Beryl's sister.

Artemis: She could be capable of anything.

Ami: Maybe I could use a computer program to find her.

Mina: Well we already know she's in the Negaverse.

Artemis: We could use it for locating Lady Haze.

Ami: It didn't work last time.

Lita: Try the last two times. [Looks at Ami] No offense.

Ami: None taken.

Luna: We have to figure something out.

Scene 10

Darien and Serena are walking in the park. Serena is telling about the meeting and the rest of her day.

T'ken: Well, well isn't this romantic.

Darien:[Immediately steps in front of Serena] What do you want?

T'ken: You know what I want.

All of the sudden a cat monster appears behind them.

Claw: Talon...Strike. His claws begin to glow and he charges at Darien.

Darien and Serena transform to even the odds.

Darien: Watch out, Sailor Moon. He pushes her out of the way and barely misses the blow.

Claw: I won't miss you this time. He takes out his grappling hook and begins to swing it at Darien.

Serena: Oh no you don't. She does jump kick toward Claw's chest. Claw knocks her down

and she is knocked out.

Claw then turns toward Tuxedo Mask and starts to swing again.

Tuxedo Mask: You are going to pay for that.

Claw: Bring it on!

Tuxedo Mask charges him with his cane and starts to spin it like a staff. Claw deflects

the blow with his arm and knocks Tuxedo Mask down.

Claw: Pathetic! I don't even need a weapon to finish you off. Claw raises his paw and his

claws retract. He is about to kill Tuxedo Mask.

Lady Haze: I don't think so Hair-Ball! Lady Haze jumps between Claw and T.M.

Let's see who's the really the pathetic one?

Sailor Moon: [still dazed] What's going on? She looks up and sees Lady Haze fighting Claw.

Oh her. Looks over and sees T.M. lying on the ground. Darien? Crawls over to him. Darien, get up.

Darien slightly moans. He opens his eyes and looks at Sailor Moon.

T.M.: You have to help her.

S.M.: You just rest. Brushes hair away from his face and stands. She looks at both L.H., and

Claw. All right Hair-Ball. That's enough from you.

S.M. pulls off her tiara and it aims it at Claw.

S.M.: Moon....Tiara....Slice!!!

She throws the tiara at Claw and L.H., only L.H. is quick enough to duck.

Claw:[Screams out in pain] Aaaahhh!

T'ken: NO! This can't be. [He then turns towards L.H. and S.M.] You will pay!

Lady Haze: Bring it on!

T'ken disappears.

Serena: Darien, wake up.

Darien wakes up but is incoherent.

Serena: You're okay. [Suddenly turns toward L.H.] This is all your fault, you are supposed to be his protector and not only could you not do the job, but I had to protect you!

Lady Haze:[Embarrassed and upset] I-I-I'm sorry. Then she disappears.

Darien: Serena, don't be so hard on her. It's my fault I should have called her, instead of...

Serena: Shhh. Don't talk.

Across the park L.H. is attacking a boulder out of anger. She focuses her chi and levels the boulder to dust.

Lady Haze: Why! Why, didn't I go as soon as I felt something? I knew something wasn't

right. Sailor Moon is right, I can't protect Darien, and I can't protect myself. [She

throws down her mask] I quit! She then disappears.

Scene 11

Shara is walking down the street in deep thought.

Kayin: Shara, what's wrong?

Shara:[Looks up and sees Kayin] Oh, hi, Kayin.

Kayin: Why are you so sad?

Shara: I let a friend that really needed me down and now he probably hates me.

Kayin: Is it your boyfriend?

Shara: No, nothing like that. Just someone very close.

Kayin: I don't see how anything you could have done would cause him to hate you.

Shara: I don't know. This was pretty bad.

Kayin: Well if he does not forgive you, then he was not a good friend anyway.

Shara: Thanks. Well I better go.

Kayin: Do you have to? I was hoping that you might want to go see a movie and get a burger or something.

Shara: That would be great.

Kayin: Let's go!

They begin to walk down the street. After they go around the corner, Mirage comes out

of hiding. Her eyes glow with anger.

Mirage: I will fix that little tramp.

Cut to a couple of hours later. Kayin and Shara are walking up the drive way of Shara's home.

Shara: Thank you, for everything.

Kayin: The movie? It was my pleasure.

Shara: No for everything.

Kayin: Your welcome. He then kisses her.

Shara: What was that for?

Kayin: For being you and this is for me. [He kisses her again, but more deeply this time.]

I'd like to see you again.

Shara:[dazed] Sure.

Kayin: I'll call you. Then he turned down the drive way and started down the street.

Shara walks in the house, leans against the door, and slides down on to the floor.

Shara:[sighs, then a couple seconds later] Yes!!

Scene 12

At school the next day. Rei and Lita walk over to Shara's locker. They smile as they see her as she hums a song.

Lita: So, Shara, who is he?

Shara: [closing her locker] Who's who?

Rei: Well, all day you've had your head in the clouds, and you're not paying attention. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were hanging around Serena too much.

Lita: But since we know that, that's's not the case, we figure that it's a guy. Now spill. Who is he?

Shara: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lita: Oh, come on, you're just so happy about having a lab practical today, right?

Shara: We had a lab practical today?

Rei: The suspense is killing us.

Shara: Okay, fine. His name is Kayin.

Both: And?

Shara: And he is the finest guy I have ever seen.

Lita: Ooh! Sounds like love.

Shara: I'm not sure but I do feel something.

Rei: That's great.

Lita: When are you going to see him again?

Shara: Today at the park. He said he had something to tell me.

Both: Ooh!

Serena comes up to the group of girls.

Serena: Hi, what's up?

Shara:[Not looking into Serena's eyes] Oh, nothing. I have to go see you later.

All: Bye.

Serena: What's wrong with her?

Rei: She's in love.

Serena: How come she told you guys and not me?

Lita: I don't know.

Serena: I am going to find out. She then follows Shara.

Rei: What do you think she meant by that?

Lita: You don't think she'd follow her and snoop?

Rei: Let's go. They follow Serena.

Scene 13

Kayin: Shara, I am glad you came.

Shara: I came straight from school. What did you want to tell me?

Kayin: I don't know just quite how to say this.

Shara: [getting a little nervous] I was always told to spit it out.

Darien jogs over to Shara and Kayin.

Darien: Hey Shara.

Shara: Hey, Darien. What's going on?

Darien: Nothing much. Looks at Kayin. Well, I see you're in the middle of something, so, I'll talk to you later.

Shara: Alright. See you later.

Kayin looked at Darien and waved as Darien jogged away.

Mirage appears by a far tree, and sees T'ken, Shara, and Darien.

Mirage: I don't believe him. Not only is he kissing up to that little slut, but he's letting the perfect opportunity to capture Prince Darien slip right through his fingers.

Serena walks up to a far tree and sees Shara and Kayin. She leans over and sees Darien jogging away, and sees Mirage by the other tree.

Serena:[looking at Mirage] Who is she? And why is she watching Shara?

Shara: [to Kayin] So, you were going to say, what? [jokingly] You love me or something?

Kayin: [looking into the trees] We can't stay here.

Kayin stands and grabs Shara's hand. He starts to pull her away when Mirage comes flying out of the trees.

Mirage: Traitor!

An energy blast flies from her hands and hits T'ken/Kayin in his chest.

Shara: Kayin!

Mirage turns to Shara and becomes surrounded by a dark pink light.

Mirage: And you. You little slut. How dare you take the heart of the man I was to rule with?

Shara: What?

Mirage: Dark...Lightening....Strike!

A bolt of energy flies to Shara's chest, and T.M. tackles Shara to the ground.

Mirage: Well, well, well. Look who finally decides to show up. I've been looking for you Prince Darien. You're a hard guy to catch.

T.M.: [to Shara] Are you okay?

Shara: [nodding] Where's Kayin?

T.M: Sailor Moon has him. Everything'll be fine.

Mirage: That's what you think.

A large army of shadow soldiers appear around Shara and T.M.

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter....Thunder....Crush!

Sailor Mars: Mars....Fire......Ignite!

Half of the soldiers are destroyed. And double that amount appear.

Serena's scream echoes the park.

T.M.: Serena!

Mirage: Well it looks like I have my man back. [looks at Shara] Sorry, slut.

Mirage disappears, leaving her shadow soldiers.

T.M. runs to help Serena. But finds her and T'ken/Kayin being attacked by Mirage.

Cut to Lita, Rei, and Shara.

Jupiter: Just out luck. We come looking for Sailor Moon, and we find trouble.

Mars: We have to get rid of these guys. Other wise, that lunatic's going to go after the princess.

Shara looks at her friends protecting her and she stands.

Shara: THAT'S IT! There's a bright burst of light, and Shara transforms into L.H.

Jupiter: She's Lady Haze?

L.H.: Hey, Jupiter, Mars. Brace yourselves.

Mars: I don't like the sound of that.

Both Scouts quickly find something to grab onto, as Shara is engulfed by a bright purple light. She is then raised high in the air, and begins to spin.

L.H.: Raging.........

Her feet slam into the ground as she finishes saying her attack.

L.H.: Storm!!!!!

The light energy which surrounded L.H. began to swirl around her then opened up and destroyed all of the shadows soldiers.

Rei and Lita look around in shock. They then turn to Shara.

Jupiter: Whoa!

Mars: That really packs a punch.

Shara dropped to her knees.

Jupiter: Are you alright, Shara.

L.H.: Yes-yes...I catch my breath.

Mars: You rest here. We'll take care of Darien and Serena.

L.H.:[Still struggling] I have a responsibility.

Jupiter: Are you sure you are up to it?

L.H.:[standing] If I am or not, I have to.

They run in the direction of the battle and are joined by Mercury, Venus, Luna, and Artemis.

Mirage: Well, well we have more for our little party. [Attacking] The more the merrier.

Everyone dodges the blast.

L.H.: Well then here is my little contribution. She uses her attack through her whip. Chi...Shock... Wave! The whip strikes the ground and a channel of energy hits the ground and knocks Mirage off her feet.

Mirage: Why you, I have something better for you. T'ken, or should I say Kayin destroy her.

L.H.: [looking at Kayin] Kayin...It's not true.

Mirage: But it is.

T'ken: [in shock] Shara...

L.H.: Save it. I won't fall for anymore of your tricks. She attacks Mirage, punching her in the face .

Mirage:[counter attacks] Dark...Lightening...Strike

The attack hits L.H. in her chest and throws her to the ground.

T'ken: [running over to her] Shara! He kneels at her side and slowly picks her up. Shara, look at me.

Shara: [softly] Kayin, She cringes in pain as her carries her away, it wasn't true, was it? You're not one of her men are you?

T'ken: Don't worry about that. All you have to worry about is the fact that I love you.

Mirage:[appearing in front of the pair] You don't mean that T'ken. You can't mean that. Mirage looks at T'ken bitterly, and teleports to Darien and Serena. After everything I did for you, this is how you repay me? You ingrate. But at least I'll have what I came for. A bubble appears around Darien, and he and Mirage disappear.

Moon: Darien!

T'ken then falls to his knees and drops L.H. as he goes into convulsions he changes back into Kayin. L.H. also changes back into Shara, and grabs him and tries to hold him.

Shara: Kayin, stop.

Moon: [crying and to Shara] How could you? How could you come here and let her take Darien like that? You were supposed to protect him.

Mercury: Serena, leave her alone. She has enough to deal with now with this guy.

Venus: She's right and you know it. Come on. Let's go to the temple and start trying to get Darien back.

As the Scouts begin to walk Sailor Moon out of the park, Shara stays with Kayin in her lap.

Luna and Artemis walk over to her.

Luna: He's going to die Lady Shara. You do know this, don't you?

Shara pushes Kayin's hair away from his face.

Shara: I love him. A single tear falls from her eyes, and she begins to glow in a soft light. And I won't let him die.

Scene 14

At the temple, Rei, Lita, Ami, and Mina are comforting Serena.

Serena: And to think, I thought she was my friend.

Lita: Serena, you can't blame Shara. She didn't even know she was Lady Haze for a while.

Rei: Yeah. And besides; we were all there when Darien was taken and I don't see you pointing fingers at any of us.

Ami: Well, at least we know why she's been avoiding Serena over the past few days.

Mina: I think one us of should have stayed with her. Just in case she needed a friend.

Luna and Artemis walk into the temple.

Artemis: She still needs a friend. Shara just passed out at the bottom of the stairs.

Kayin staggers into the room with Shara in his arms. All of the Scouts jump into their fighting stances.

Kayin: Do you think you can help her?

Lita, Rei and Mina walk over to Kayin. Lita takes Shara, while Rei and Mina help Kayin.

Serena: [bitterly] What do you want?

Luna: Serena, he's a friend.

Serena: Oh really? Then why did our friend attack us the night of the Halloween Ball? Why did our friend try to kill us at the park the other day? Why was our...

Shara: [weakly from the other side of the room] Serena, stop it. I'll go and get Darien back. She tries to stand up, but she falls to her knees.

Lita and Kayin both stand up.

Kayin: You need your rest.

Shara: I have to get to Darien back.

Kayin: You're no good to Darien like this. You don't even have the strength to stand.

Shara: I have to get to him.

Kayin helps her into a chair.

Kayin: If you go, I go with you. I won't leave you alone.

Shara: You don't have your powers anymore. You're human now, Malice will kill you.

Kayin: I don't care. I have to fix this.

Shara: I won't let you.

Kayin starts to protest.

Shara:[hypnotically] Sleep.

Kayin sinks into the floor unconscious.

Rei: What did you do to him?

Shara: Saved his life. She struggles to her feet more sure this time then transforms. We have to go now. Every second is precious.

Ami: You're in no condition.

Shara: Doesn't matter.[Looks to Serena] I made a promise. And friends don't break promises.

They all join form circle and teleport to Malice's dimension.

Scene 15

They end up in the throne room.

Malice: I am glad you have finally come to visit me, Sailor Moon. Oh and you bought company too! [Looking to Lady Haze] So you are the elusive Lady Haze. Mirage and a two special guests are waiting for you.

Lady Haze: No! Shara concentrates and disappears.

The group is then surrounded by shadow soldiers. The Scouts get into there fighting stances ready for the soldiers to attack.

Malice: Sailor Moon, if you want me, come and get me. Malice turns into a dark smoke cloud and leads Moon to a way from the others.

Mars: Sailor Moon, don't go with her.

Mercury: It could be a trap.

Moon: I don't have any other choice.

Venus: Be careful.

Jupiter: Kick her butt!

S.M. follows Malice and the scouts begin to fight the shadow soldiers.

Cut to Lady Haze materializing in a chamber.

She is wary of her surroundings knowing it is a trap.

L.H.: [calls] Darien, Kayin. She hears a noise and quickly turns around only to see a small rodent scurrying across the floor.

Mirage: My aren't we jumpy.

L.H.: Where are you?

Mirage: Oh, no. Let's not rush these things. You just got here, let me introduce you to my guests. You know them, Prince Darien and T'ken the traitor. One side of the chamber is illuminated slightly to reveal the two prisoners.

L.H.: Let them go!

Mirage:[mocking] No.

L.H.: I know you want a piece of me, let them go and it will be just you and me.

Mirage: Yeah, right.

L.H.: Are you afraid, that you are going to lose to me, after all, you did lose Kayin to me.

Mirage: How dare you, you snippy, little, upstart. I am not the slightest bit afraid of you. Mirage morphs from the mouse, L.H. saw earlier, to her true form.

L.H.: You should have kept it, that form suits you.

Mirage begins to attack. L.H. dodges the blow and counter punches. Mirage is hit and knocked to the ground. L.H. takes the opportunity to free Tuxedo Mask and Kayin.

L.H.: You alright?

T.M.: Yeah, but I don't know about him.

L.H.: I handle him. [to Kayin] Wake!

Kayin stirs.

Kayin: What happened?

L.H.: Long story, don't have time to tell it. [seeing Mirage getting up] You have to get out of here.

Kayin: I'm not leaving you.

L.H.:[ignoring him] Darien, you have to help the other Scouts.

Darien: Right! He then runs out of the chamber to help the scouts.

Mirage: This ends now![to Kayin] Starting with you. Dark...Lightening...Strike.

Lady Haze tackles Kayin and takes some of the blow.

Mirage falls to her knees trying to recover before L.H. counter attacks.

L.H.: I'm okay, Kayin. [struggling to her feet] I know what I have to do. I love you.

Kayin:[realizing] No, I'm not going to let you do it. She knocks him to the ground he's not unconscious, but he dazed.

L.H.:[Powering up for her sure kill. Her costume transforms into a dress fit for a lady in waiting. A purple light is glowing around her.] Mirage, you are right this ends now and I'm going to finish it. Purple...Haze...Strike! L.H. clasp her hands together and then spreads them apart and purple sphere of energy forms in her hands and she pushes it towards Mirage.

Mirage:[screaming in pain] NO! Her body is consumed with light then it disperses leaving nothing but burn marks where she stood.

Lady Haze transforms to her normal costume and falls to her hands and knees.

Scene 16

S.M. looks around the void that she followed Malice into. It is complete nothingness.

Malice: Sailor Moon, you don't know how long I have waited for this day. I will rule the Negaverse and your's.

S.M.: Over my dead body.

Malice:[Pulling out a scepter] My sentiments exactly.

S.M.:[Gets into a fighting stance] Perhaps I was a little bit hasty.

Malice: No, I don't think so. I think you had it just right. How about I break the ice?

She strikes the ground with her scepter. The ground shakes and Sailor Moon is knocked off her feet.

S.M.: Now here's a little something from me. Moon...Tiara...Slice! She throws her tiara at Malice.

An energy field goes up around Malice and the tiara ricochets of the field.

Malice:[laughing] The frisbee's been out for the past couple of years, Sailor Moon. But here's something from me. A small energy bubble begins to surround Malice's scepter. To you!

A blast is aimed a S.M. but she is knocked to the ground by T.M.

Serena: Nice save.

T.M.: I try.

Jupiter: She is too powerful for you to take alone, Sailor Moon.

Mars: She's right. Your tiara didn't even scratch her.

Mercury:[activating her visor] Her power level is way above anything I've ever seen. She's a lot more powerful than Beryl ever was.

Malice:[laughing] Ha! My sister wasn't even close to my power level.

L.H. and Kayin slowly walk into the void. L.H. looks at Kayin and kisses him.

Kayin: What was that for?

L.H.: I might not make it back. [smirks] One last kiss for luck. That type of thing. Now stay here.

Kayin reluctantly nods.

T.M.: The only chance we've got is if you combine your powers.

Malice: Try all you like, but you're not going to win. You barely beat Beryl.

Jupiter: Enough talk. Let's show her what we're made of. Jupiter...Thunder...Dragon!

Moon: Moon...Tiara...Slice!

Mars: Mars...Celestial...Fire...Surround!

Venus: Venus....Meteor...Shower

Mercury: Mercury...Ice storm...Freeze!

Their combine attack starts to weaken Malice.

Shara:[to Kayin] It's time. Kayin looks at her sadly, but does not try to stop her.

Shara begins to focus all her life force. Her body drops to the floor and a purple cloud of energy

floats towards the Scouts. They are filled with new energy as they power to their princess dresses. Their power increases ten fold and they destroy Malice.

Jupiter: We did it!

Mercury: I can't believe it.

Venus: I am glad it is over.

Moon: Me, too![turns to Darien] Darien...

The rest of the Scouts turn to what T.M. is looking at.

Jupiter: Oh, no Shara! She and the other Scouts run towards Shara.

Kayin is holding Shara's body in his arms.

Serena:[changing back] What happened?

Kayin: She used her bio energy to boost your powers.

Darien: Will she be okay?

Kayin: I don't know.

There is a bright flash.

Scene 16

T.M. and the Sailor Scouts are teleported into the Temple.

Mars: How did we get back here?

Jupiter: I have a better question. Where's Shara and that Kayin guy?

They all look at T.M.

T.M.: She's not dead. But I don't want to try a mind link with her. That might hurt her even more.

Mercury: Well then, let's go and see if she's at her house.

As they all transform back, Darien looks around.

Darien: Hey, where's Serena?

Scene 17

Serena drives up to Shara's house, and gets out of her car.

Serena: [whispers to herself] I hope I'm doing the right thing. She rings the door bell and Kayin answers.

Kayin: What do you want?

Serena: I wanted to make sure Shara was okay.

Kayin: Why? So you don't have to feel guilty when you say how much of a friend she's not?

Serena: Kayin...I ...I'm sorry.

Kayin: Save it Serena. You and I both know that Shara saved our lives back there. She put her life on the line for you, even after you slammed her, and said how much of a friend she wasn't just because you didn't know she was Lady Haze.

Serena: Kayin, I'm trying to say I was wrong. People are wrong you know. Even princesses. I know I had no right to say those things, but she's still my friend...

Kayin: [cutting in] But are you hers?

Serena's hurt by that remark and begins to back away.

Serena: I see I was wrong about a lot of things. Tell Shara that I'll see her around.

Kayin slams the door.

He walks up to Shara's room and sees her sleeping peacefully.

Kayin:[brushing back her hair] Well, at least your mother's not here to ask too many questions.

Shara moans and opens her eyes.

Shara: [weakly] Kayin? Where are we?

Kayin walks over to her and sits on her bed.

Kayin: We're at your house. Everything's over.

Shara: What about the Court?

Kayin: [taking her hand] Everyone's fine. Now you just take it easy and rest.

Shara looks at Kayin and touches his cheek.

Shara: I love you.

Kayin: [leans over and kisses her forehead] I love you too. Now go to sleep.

Cut to Serena.

Serena pulls up to a small park and gets out of her car. She wipes away the tears that have formed in her eyes, and begins to walk around.

Darien: [calling] Serena.

Serena lowers her head and hugs herself as Darien sees her.

Darien: [running over to her] Where have you been? He then notices that she was crying. Serena, what's wrong?

Serena: Oh Darien. Wraps her arms around his waist and cries into his chest. I was so stupid to think that they'd forgive me just like that.

Darien: What are you talking about? He lifts her head up. You went to see Shara, didn't you?

Serena just lowers her head and cries.

Scene 19

Mina walks up to Shara's house. She's about to ring the doorbell when Kayin opens the door.

Kayin: [under his breath] Not another one. Can't you all just leave her alone?

Mina: [raising an eyebrow] I'm not here to talk to Shara. I wanted to talk to you.

Kayin: Why?

Mina: Not all of the Scouts think the same way Serena does. We are Shara's friends, and if you're a part of her life, then I guess that makes you our friend as well.

Kayin:[sarcastically] How noble.

Mina:[indignantly] Look, I came here to see if we could work past our differences. But you can't exactly expect us to just be instant friends with you.

Kayin: You're right, I'm sorry. It's just... that she's all I have and I don't want to see her hurt.

Mina: I understand. We all care about Shara, even Serena. It's just that sometimes she does not use good judgement.

Kayin: You're good friend. Would you like to come in?

Mina: Thanks.

Mina walks into the house and Kayin shuts the door behind her.

Cut to the temple later on that day.

Mina: Hi, guys what are you up to?

Lita: Nothing, we're just thinking.

Mina: About what?

Rei: About Shara.

Mina: Well I went over there today to check on her.

Lita: How is she?

Mina: When I saw her, she was still out. Kayin said that she came around long enough to ask about us and make sure everything was okay.

Ami: Does he think she'll be alright?

Mina: He thinks all she needs is rest and some tender loving care.

Rei: How do we know we can trust him?

Mina: I talked to him.

Lita: So what does that mean?

Mina: Lita, think about it. He had plenty of opportunities to kill us, but did he?

Lita: No, but that doesn't mean anything.

Mina: He loves Shara and would never do anything to hurt her.

Lita: I don't know.

Mina: What about you, Ami?

Ami: It sounds like he can be trusted.

Rei: But how can we be sure.

Mina: All can you do is try for Shara's sake.

Scene 20

Monday after school Shara is walking down the hall to her locker. She has missed a week and half of school and has just collected the last of her assignments. While walking by she sees Molly.

Molly: Shara, hi. I haven't seen you all week.

Shara: I've been sick, the flu or something. My aunt was getting over it when she came to see

us last week.

Molly: Oh, well I am glad you are feeling better.

Shara: Thanks.

Molly: Well I have to go now, I have a drama club meeting to go to.

Shara: 'kay, bye.

Molly: Bye.

Shara watches Molly walk off and then opens her locker. As she is twirling the combination, she hears laughter. She turns around and sees Serena and the rest of the group walking down the hall. They all make eye contact. The girls stop and stare. Shara embarrassed concentrates on getting her books out of her locker. As she picks up one of the books, a card and communicator falls out.

Shara: What's this? She opens the card. Shara, here's a communicator so that the next time you want to get in touch with us you won't fry your brains out. Your friends. PS-Lita's house. You and Kayin. At six. Shara looks up and see her friends smiling.

Serena:[walking over] Shara, I'm sorry. I let my jealousy get in the way of our friendship. I'm

the one who's not a good friend.

Shara:[hugging her] Oh, Serena, we all do crazy things... some more than others.

Serena: Ha. Ha. She's back girls.

Ami: We missed you so much.

Rei: Yeah.

Shara:[holding up the communicator and card] Who's idea was this?

Serena: Mine, I thought a communicator would help you feel like part of the team and be less of a strain on you while you get used to your powers.

Shara:[to Serena] Thanks. And what about the party?

Mina: That was me. I thought Kayin would like a chance to really meet everybody. He seems like a nice guy and should be given a chance.

Shara: I don't know what to say.

Rei: How about, see you at six?

Shara: See you at six.

Scene 21

Kayin and Shara are standing on the porch of Lita's house, music can be heard from the outside.

Kayin: Are you sure about this?

Shara: You have nothing to worry about.

Kayin: How can you be so sure?

Shara: Well I love you and my friends will too. For further incentive...She kisses him.

Kayin: I am seeing things your way.

Shara: Good. She rings the doorbell.

Serena answers it.

Serena: Hi. Come on in and join the party!

Shara: Thanks for inviting us.

Serena: No problem.

Kayin: Serena...

Serena: Kayin, don't worry about it. If it were me, I would've probably done the same thing.

Kayin: Thanks.

They enter the living room and everyone is dancing to a slow song. Shara and Kayin start dancing. Serena goes over to Darien and starts dancing.

Shara: I am glad I moved here.

Kayin: Me too! He kisses her passionately.

A fast song comes up. Kayin and Shara stop kissing.

Serena: Let's party!

All: Yeah!

They all start dancing and having a good time. The end credits roll.