Konnichi Wa Minna!!!!!!

I've moved!!
Hi Everyone!!
And Reiko's happy about it.
Due to major problems with my other home, I've decided to move here. If you had the other place book-marked, Please change it. Arigato ^_^

As you can see, I'm trying to give the place a new look, hey, change is good ne? Backgrounds will be changing, and I may be putting up more pictures in Ronin Warrior and Sailor Scout Hall. Also, I have now put in new images to guide you.... Okay, I was wandering around and saw them and thought they looked really cool, happy?

will tell you in which hall there's something new...
{Cool ne?} will tell you who has new stories...
will show you which stories are new...
will bring you back here. Well, now that you have your guides, go ahead, read and enjoy!!!

Last Update: 8/9/99

Dragon Ball Z Hall

Devil Hunter Hall
Ronin Warrior Hall

Sailor Scout Hall

Fatal Fury Hall.

Just follow Devon to the Second wing of the palace.

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This site is owned an operated by Yoake Halo, with the assistance of Devon Masterson. We are just two college students who are just trying to make our work known, and if we insult someone, we are sorry. But, we are here, so if you see anything that you might not like up, let me know, and we will handle it. I admit, I haven't scanned any of the images you see, they were all given to me. Please, if you have a problem with anything that I do, TALK to me. Devon and Yoake pictures were made at Barbie.com with the help of Mattel(c). If you sue, you just might end up getting Reiko.
Thank you.

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